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Kederalia's Oneshot Collection

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Title: I want to make it come true, my Dream with You!

Main Ship(s): SayoTsugu

Word Count: 2138

January 7th

Today was the day, Tsugumi pumped herself up, today was the day .

It was her birthday for one, but, more importantly, it was the day she had resolved to finally, finally , ask Sayo to marry her. To say that she was nervous would have been an incredible understatement. She was absolutely terrified. She had had the ring for far longer than she would be willing to admit, but she had chickened out of asking every time that she had planned to. But she wouldn’t get cold feet this time, she had told all of AfterSelia - excluding Sayo, of course - that she was going to ask Sayo today. And she didn’t want to disappoint them.

She just wished she hadn’t woken up at four in the morning because of her nervousness. She looked at Sayo, stared at her, sleeping soundly next to her. How someone as plain as her had been lucky enough to end up with someone as incredible as Sayo, Tsugumi didn’t think she would ever understand, but she would always be grateful. She debated whether or not she should get up, but she didn’t want to wake Sayo so early, even accidentally. She should just try to get back to sleep, she did not want to fall asleep on their date later…

Thankfully, she had fallen asleep again, so she wouldn’t have to worry about having a lack of sleep later. It had, however, done little to soothe her nerves. She could still feel that familiar tightness in her chest, the same one she had used to feel when she and Sayo had gone out when they had first started dating.

“Happy birthday, Tsugumi,” she almost leapt out of bed when Sayo walked into their bedroom, “I made you breakfast. Would you prefer to eat it in here, or at the table?” Sayo smiled at her, a plate in her hands.

“I’ll eat at the table, I wouldn’t want to get any crumbs in the bed.” She slid herself out of bed, glancing over at the clock. Half-past seven, so she had managed to get in a decent amount more sleep. Tsugumi stretched a little before she followed Sayo into the kitchen, where she took her usual seat at the table.

“Is there anything else that you would like, Tsugumi? Coffee?”

“Ah, yes please. Has Hina messaged you asking to come over, yet?” Hina always asked. No matter how many times Sayo told her that the day was only for them, Hina always asked. But she had never actually interrupted them - well, excluding the very first birthday that Tsugumi had shared with Sayo, but that one time had been forgiven.

“She actually did it last night ,” she could hear Sayo’s smile as she made the coffee, “apparently she had to get the tradition out of the way, as she has something important to do this morning.” Tsugumi laughed. That sounded like Hina, all right, as eccentric as always. “Though, she didn’t give me any more information than that, unfortunately.” Sayo sat back down opposite Tsugumi, passing the mug to her. The rest of their breakfast went by just as it always did, in a warm and comfortable silence whilst they both enjoyed each other’s company, before it was broken by Sayo offering to take Tsugumi’s dishes to the sink. “Your presents are in the living room. The same as always.” Tsugumi couldn’t remember when Afterglow’s little adage had made its way into Sayo’s vocabulary too, but it had never gone away. To Tsugumi, it reaffirmed just how inseparable their little AfterSelia family had become over the years. The idea of a life without even a single one of them felt so alien to her now, she thought, smiling to herself as she walked into the living room. Inside, she saw three presents wrapped neatly, sat on their little living room table. “I know that I never get you very much, but I hope you like it all.”

“I always do, don’t I?” Sayo worried too much, she always had. It was a remnant of the past, she supposed, of the Sayo that Sayo didn’t like. Sayo carefully lifted one of them and brought it over to Tsugumi.

“You should open this one first,” she stated, placing it on her lap with an intense stare, and Tsugumi laughed. Sayo sat down next to her, her hands in her lap and her eyes locked on Tsugumi.

“Ah, these chocolates.” She smiled as she pulled the wrapping paper off.

“At Christmas, you said that you liked the apricot ones,” said Sayo, “so I looked around and managed to get these in time.” Tsugumi looked down at the box, lifting the lid to reveal the sweets beneath.

“Wow, they’re so pretty. Where did you buy them?”

“There’s a small, family-run chocolatier that opened up nearby recently,” she answered with a slightly red face, “I was quite happy to find they had the perfect set.” Sayo picked another of the remaining presents off of the table, putting it too in Tsugumi’s lap. She gently tore into the paper, revealing a box with a brand name that she didn’t recognise. She stared at it curiously, but the only response she received from Sayo was a gesture encouraging her to open it. Her heart skipped a beat when she opened the box up.

“Sayo—” she gasped, lifting out a stunning, silver necklace, “it’s beautiful.”

“I’m glad.” Sayo’s smile was definitely Tsugumi’s favourite expression that Sayo would wear. And the one that she wore at that moment, Tsugumi would forever swear, was even more beautiful than usual.

“I love you, Sayo.” Sayo’s face flushed a very faint red again.

“I love you too, Tsugumi.” She replied, glancing over at the third, larger, present that was left on the table. “This is the last one. I… made them myself.” Tsugumi unwrapped the last gift to find a plastic tub filled to the brim with light brown, neatly shaped cookies. Many were shaped like keyboards, whilst the rest were guitars. The two of them, represented in cookie form.

“Sayo, when— when did you find the time to make these? They’re amazing!” Tsugumi beamed, repeatedly looking between the box and her girlfriend.

“I stayed up late last night, after you went to bed. I had some cutters custom-made,” she said, and Tsugumi’s heart swelled with joy. Sayo was just so… so incredibly thoughtful. “They’re coffee-flavoured, and… the keyboards have chocolate for the flat and sharp keys. Do you like them?”

“I love them. Almost as much as I love you.” Tsugumi shuffled closer to Sayo on their small sofa, giving her a swift kiss on the cheek. “Thank you, Sayo.” Tsugumi grinned as Sayo went just a little redder.

She and Sayo spent the rest of the morning, and the afternoon, comfortably lounging around the house. The schedule for Tsugumi’s birthday, for many years, had been relatively set in stone. Sayo would prepare breakfast, which would lead into her giving Tsugumi her birthday presents, and then, after spending a relaxing day together at home, it was all capped off with a romantic dinner at one of the several nearby restaurants.

“Sayo, are you ready? We wouldn’t want to be late for our reservation.” Tsugumi called out to her.

“Almost. I just want to make sure that I’ve dressed perfectly—”

“Sayo,” Tsugumi giggled, “you look amazing no matter what you wear, you don’t need to worry so much.” The door to the bedroom opened, and out stepped Tsugumi’s earthly angel. She was wearing a gorgeous dark blue dress that stopped at her knees, complemented with a seasonally-appropriate thick grey jacket. “See, I told you.” Tsugumi gently nudged her, which brought a near-imperceptible smile to Sayo’s face as well.

“And yet, you always manage to look better yourself.” Sayo returned the compliment, and Tsugumi felt her face warm slightly. “Shall we be going, Hazawa-san?” The smile on Sayo’s face widened as she held out her arm. Tsugumi linked her arm through Sayo’s, leaning in to her.

“I think we shall, Hikawa-san.” Not too much longer now, Tsugumi thought to herself, her nerves suddenly returning to her. No, she steeled herself, she knew that she had nothing to be worried about. Sayo loved her, she had known that for years and today had done nothing but reinforce that, and she had almost no doubts that Sayo would accept her proposal. She just had to be strong, push forward without worry, and be Tsuguriffic. The same as always. “Sayo,” she started as the two of them made their way to their car, “would you like to go on a walk… after we’re finished with dinner?” Tsugumi asked, and Sayo looked over at her, a curious expression on her face.

“As long as it’s with you.” Tsugumi blushed at the sudden charm, directing her gaze towards the ground. And, not that Tsugumi could see it, Sayo’s face grew redder too. “Sorry,” she coughed, “I would love to, Tsugumi.”

“Welcome,” they heard as they entered. Tsugumi could have sworn that the restaurant only got more and more lavish with each time they visited. “Do you have a reservation, ma’am.”

“We do, under Hikawa Sayo.” There was a brief moment as the waitress flicked through the reservations list.

“Ah yes, Hikawa-san. If you would please follow me, your seats are this way.” The two of them had come here for Tsugumi’s birthday for several years at this point, and still Tsugumi was awed by the dazzling appearance of the place. It just seemed to be endlessly impressive, especially for her, who grew up in a pleasantly small café. Once the waitress gestured politely for them to sit, they took their seats.

“Will you be having your usual, Tsugumi?” Sayo asked, taking a quick glance at the menu.

“Ah, I think so. And you?”

“It hasn’t let me down yet.” Sayo smiled at her. They quickly called one of the waitresses over to order, and Tsugumi gazed out of the window.

“Ah, Sayo, look!” She pointed out at the white specks that were lazily drifting down to the ground. “It’s snowing.” She looked back over at Sayo, whose own eyes were locked to the snow as it fell outside. This made it perfect, she thought, watching her mesmerised girlfriend stare intently at the snow. She looked incredibly cute when she was so focused, Tsugumi told herself silently.

“Your meals, ladies.” The arrival of a waiter carrying their orders brought both of them out of their trances.

“Thank you very much.” They ate their food slowly, savouring each bite as they chatted idly and gazed out at the snow as it fell. And, it seemed, that their time at the restaurant had ended just as quickly as it had arrived. Perhaps that could simply be the nerves getting to her once again, Tsugumi reasoned. Sayo paid the bill, as she always did on Tsugumi’s birthday, and they headed back out of the restaurant. Thankfully, just across from the restaurant was a nice park. It had a lot of trees, it was generally empty - especially at this time of day - and now was beautifully dusted in a thin covering of snow. Tsugumi couldn’t have asked for better.

“You said that you wanted to go on a walk, Tsugumi?” Sayo asked, and she nodded meekly.

“Yes, so just…” she grabbed Sayo’s hand, “come with me?” They headed across to the park. Tsugumi quickly reached into her pocket, checking one final time that she had remembered to bring the ring with her. Which she had, mercifully. She walked them far into the park, the soft crunch of the snow beneath their feet reassuring her. Then, she stopped them in the middle of the path, far from anyone else who may have happened to have been there. “Sayo.” Tsugumi said, spinning on her heel to face her. She hid the ring behind her back, fiddling with the box. “Sayo,” she sighed.

“Tsugumi.” Her voice was soft, warm, understanding. She could do this. She knew she could do this. She had already got this far, she refused to back out now.

“Sayo. You’re the most beautiful, most incredible, most wonderful person whom I’ve ever had the chance of knowing. You’re kind, and caring, and loving, and you always see the best in people.” Sayo stared at her in silence, and Tsugumi continued. “Years ago, I never could have imagined that someone as amazing as you would ever confess to someone as plain as me, but you did, and I am eternally grateful. So, Hikawa Sayo,” Tsugumi dropped to one knee and looked up to the person she loved, “would you marry me?” And there, stood upon the soft white of the settled snow and bathed in the silver light of the moon, Tsugumi’s earthly angel gave her her answer.