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Let Me Escort You

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It's Saturday night, half an hour to attack
Looking to make sure everyone gets back
Cuz' I'm feeling like making the rankings
The zombies are coming and they're pretty mean
Log in the site, nobody in the IRC
So I scope out the scene

That's when I saw her, saw her
She went outside and hasn't come back in
No zombies in her zone, but she ain't moving
She seems to be offline, offline
And she's running out of time
The gates will be closed soon
So I went out there and said...

Pretty lady you're out here all alone
Would I be wrong to say that I wanna take you home
If you're with it, then let me know
I can escort you

Baby there's so many zombies out here tonight
And if you stay out here you won't be all right
Don't need a taxi, I got ya ride
Let me escort you