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Noo don't murder Red you're so sexy aha

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The first time she meets another Lupo at Rhodes Island, it's six months into her time there. Well, that's not quite true. She's seen Provence around, but she's been avoiding her. Most operators have been avoiding her, but Provence turns on her heel and leaves the room the minute Red walks in, so it's a bit more blatant. Whatever. She doesn't care for her anyway.

Plenty of them were scared of her, and she relished it. She's not even sure where it comes from, Kal'tsit had made it pretty clear she could only join as an operator when she turns 18, so they hadn't even seen her on the battlefield yet. Sure, she'd sent three operators to the hospital while sparring before they started refusing to spar with her, but that was their own fault. They shouldn't have gotten hit. Kal'tsit may disagree, but at the end of the day, those who get hurt deserve it.

So when she's walking down one of the hallways at Rhodes and spots another Lupo, she's surprised. She has deep blue hair, telltale ears, and is dressed in a sleek white coat. Penguin Logistics, she'd overheard they were coming for a joint operation of some kind. She's accompanied by a red-haired Sankta in a matching outfit, halo glowing as they laugh and elbow their companion.

Red's filled with a white hot pool of something in her stomach she can't quite identify, and she balls her fits in her jacket pockets, pulling her hood tighter over herself so they wouldn't notice. Kal'tsit had locked her in her room for a whole day last time she'd lashed out at a guest, and she has no desire to experience that hell again.

They're approaching each other, passing in the hallway, when it happens. The Lupo, Texas, according to her jacket, steps in front of her companion, growling, then lunges at Red. Red instinctively puts her arms up to shield her face and tucks her chin in, hoping to stand her ground, but Texas barrels into her and slams her into the wall, knocking the wind out of her, shoulder slamming into her sternum. She blocks a flurry of punches, Texas too close to get any leverage with them, and slides along the wall away from her to make some distance.

Texas is fast though, and she's on her, throwing a vicious left hook that connects with her jaw, slamming her face into the wall, and she puts her hands back up, stepping backwards as her head clears, familiar coppery taste in her mouth.

Well, if it's a fight she wants, it's a fight she'll get. She pulls a knife out of her jacket, and is about to slash when her companion, the Sankta, wraps her in a bear hug from behind. Red thrashes in their grip. They're strong, but she's stronger. She bucks back, pulling her left arm free, then drops the knife, catching it out of the air with her free hand, and slams the pommel of it over her shoulder and into their halo. The arms around her go limp, and the angel goes down, stunned.

Texas growls again, pulling out her twin sabres, and Red drops into a defensive crouch. She draws another knife and blocks the first few slashes, delivering a jab at her throat to force her back, standing her ground.

"What the fuck do you want with me," she spits, staring her down. Texas doesn't respond, eyes narrowing into pure malevolence, preparing for another attack. She's a strong fighter, but Red's dealt with plenty like her. This time, Red's prepared. The right blade comes high in a strong swing, and she steps back, then the left blade comes low, and she finds an opening. She deflects the left blade down, low enough to step on, wrenching it out of Texas’s grip, and slashes at her other arm as she recovers. Texas lets out a grunt of pain, shock making her lose her grip, sabre clattering on the ground to join its twin. Red places one boot behind her feet and shoves her, and she trips, losing her balance, landing on the floor, the first flicker of fear in her eyes. Finally, some fear, like she deserves. She grins, baring her canines, and advances on her, knives out, as Texas scrambles backwards.

There's a gunshot, a bullet ricocheting off the wall right above her, and she whips around to see the Sankta standing again, hands shaking, submachine gun pointed directly at her face. Exusiai, according to her jacket. "Get the fuck away from her or I'll shoot I swear to God."

Red smirks, pinning Texas down under one knee, knife pointed at her throat. "Do it. I don't fucking care. I'll take her with me."

It's a stalemate, then. Exusiai's hands steady as she keeps the gun trained on Red. Red holds her knife to Texas's throat in morbid delight. Texas looks up at her with equal parts terror and disgust, staying perfectly still.

No one moves. For a second, it's silent, then there's the sound of boots clattering on the ground, and Liskarm turns the corner, surprise coming over her face for a second before she composes herself.

Her horns spark, and then there's a flash of electricity, arcing between all four of them, and Red loses her grip on the knife, convulsing on the ground, paralyzed. She's dimly aware of more footsteps, the gun falling to the ground, but the last thing she sees before passing out is the hatred in Texas's eyes, burning into her like she'd give anything to have her dead.