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Surviving Bucharest

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"Take your dick in your hand now," David said as soon as Joe had picked up.

Joe immediately unzipped and dropped his pants, taking his hardening cock into his hand. He'd known that David would react, but this was promising to be much better than he'd hoped.

"Stroke yourself," David ordered.

Joe couldn't call it anything else. And it was hot as fuck. He started jacking himself off, wishing that David was here watching him.

"Are you in the bathroom? If not, go there," David told him.

Joe stumbled out of his pants and into the bathroom. He started working his dick again, fast, hard strokes to get him off quickly. He panted into the phone, watching himself in the mirror and imagining David behind him.

"I wish I could fuck you right now," David said as if reading his mind. "Do you know what I'd do? I'd bent you over the sink, spread you checks, and shove my cock so deep that you'd feel it in your throat."

Joe groaned, spreading his legs and leaning forward. He could almost feel David's hands on him, his cock in him, pushing him, taking him, owning him.

His hand moved frantically on his cock, body vibrating with lust from David's words.

"I'd take your cock in my hand where it belongs and tweak those goddamn nipples until you scream for me."

"Fuck." Joe keened, coming all over the sink. He collapsed onto the counter, barely holding on to the phone, taking one harsh breath after another.

Eventually, he had calmed down enough to say, "David."

David hung up without another word, leaving Joe alone in the bathroom, still breathing hard. He looked in the mirror, imagining David softly kissing his back, his neck as they came down.

He wished...he wished for a lot of things. But he was going to make this one happen. Soon.