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Surrender Yourself (To Me)

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It started with a drunk text.

Kiro had been busy with shooting some new promos for a company he was promoting and you had missed seeing his bright, smiling face. So, one night after a long day of work, you, Kiki, and Willow had gone to a club, and you decided to shoot your favorite superstar a text.

MC: Would you still like me if I was a worm?

Kiro: Haha, Miss Chips, nice to hear from you! Why would you be a worm?

MC: Because I’ve shriveled up under the sun on the warm sidewalk, waiting to see you again!

After that, for the next two weeks while Kiro was busy, you both took turns sending each other obscure texts. They ranged from outright silly to a little dirty, and each exchange left you yearning to hear his voice in person once again. You missed Kiro, and you knew he missed you too.

On a rare occasion that Kiro was able to get out of an obligation a little earlier than normal, he called you and was happy to find you were at home, just finishing up with work.

“Miss Chips, didn’t you know that playing hard to get when you’re already dating can be dangerous territory?” His laugh rang through the other end of the phone and it filled your stomach with warmth.

“I was just thinking about you!” Closing your laptop, you headed over to the couch and sat down, settling in and pulling your hair up so it was off your neck. “I’m sorry, it seems like we’ve been on different schedules these past two weeks.”

“I haven’t gotten my random question of the day from you today! I seem to recall it’s your turn.” You listened on the other end of the phone as Kiro’s keys jingled, and finally it slid into the keyhole as he unlocked the door.

Biting your lip, you twirled your hair around your finger as you thought for a moment. “What would you do if I was with you right now?”

Kiro dropped his keys and a small gasp left his mouth. Clearing his throat and regaining his composure, you could practically see his clear blue eyes darken in your mind. “Are you asking me what I think you are?”

“And just what do you think I’m asking?”

“Don’t play innocent with me, Miss Chips.” Kiro knew your routine well; you’d ask a seemingly innocent question, with full intent on him taking it in a sexual way, and then you’d play innocent, waiting for him to make the next move. “Tell me what you were thinking about when you asked me that question.”

You heard rustling on Kiro’s side of the phone and you could envision him shrugging off a leather jacket, not even caring that it was on the floor at that moment. “I was thinking about the last time we saw each other.”

You weren’t, not really, but that night was always playing in the back of your head; it was a night full of passion with Kiro, him whispering loving words in your ear as he sunk himself into you, caressessing your body as you rolled him over so you were on top of him, your breasts getting treated with the utmost care as they were fondled and played with which added to your pleasure, how you both reached a climax together and throughout, Kiro kept whispering how beautiful you were like that, coming undone around him. It was a great night, a wonderful way to spend the last few hours together before you wouldn’t see each other for a while.

“Oh really?” Kiro sounded especially interested now, his voice deepening as he got more aroused. “Is there a particular part you were thinking about?”

“Not anything in particular, just the whole night.” You sighed out, clenching your thighs together and hoping for a small bit of friction in that action; it didn’t give you much, but it gave you just enough to get you excited. “I miss you.”

Kiro laughed, almost a cynical kind of laugh, and it sent tingles straight down your belly and to your core. “You’ve been fantasizing about me fucking you all day, and you’ve just thought to tell me you miss me? What do you miss more, me or my cock?”

“Kiro,” you whined out and he laughed as you pondered over what to say. “I miss you, of course. Your face, your smile, the feel of being around you. It’s what made me like you in the first place. But right now, I’m also missing mini you a lot.”

“Mini me?” Kiro’s voice rang through the phone, shocked, and you could picture him leaning against the headboard in his bedroom, mouth open in an off guard smile and his eyebrows raised. “Guess I’ll have to remember the next time you’re beneath me, begging for my big-“

“Kiro!” This time you didn’t whine, your voice came out in a giggle and you found yourself laughing along with the blond headed boy. One of your favorite things about him was that he was constantly laughing, and that, in turn, always made you laugh. Being with Kiro was like a breath of fresh air. “So are you telling me you don’t miss me?”

“I never said that! And stop sitting there, pouting like that - I know you, your bottom lip is sticking out right now, making you look adorable.” Kiro groaned and that sound made you shiver and suck the lip in question into your mouth, careful to not make a sound. “Do you have any clue imagining what you look like right now is doing to me?”

“I’ve got no clue, why don’t you tell me about it?” You settled down on your couch even more than you were, propping yourself up against some of the fluffier pillows and peeled your leggings off in anticipation for what was to come.

“Is this what you wanted? Me all hot and needy for you?” Kiro finally cracked, his voice coming out in a breathless whine and you pictured him then, head thrown back against the headboard as his hand palmed against the crotch of his tight jeans.

That was one of your favorite positions to have Kiro in. When it had been weeks since you’d last seen each other and you just knew that any little form of sexual attention you’d give him would leave him a panting and wanting mess. And God, was it a glorious feeling.

“I always want you,” you replied, your fingers tracing soft circles on your collarbones. “Especially tonight.”

“You’re killing me over here, I hope you know that.” On the other side of the phone you could hear a zipper being undone and rustling, signaling Kiro was now as undressed as you were. “What are you wearing.”

“Your tee shirt that you left the last time you were here and some panties.” As he left out a ragged breath, your nipples hardened as you thought about how that kind of breath felt against your skin. Hot and sinful, but oh so wonderful.

“It’s official, you know exactly what you’re doing.” After a moment of listening to each other breathe heavily, Kiro cleared his throat. “Can I come over?”

Glancing at the clock on the wall, your heart dropped as you realized the time. “It’s past midnight. Any other time I’d invite you over in a second, but it’s late and I’ve got work early in the morning.”

“I understand, it was worth a shot to ask though!” Kiro laughed, seeming to forget about the problem in his pants for the moment. “But you’ve gotta help me out here, I feel like I’m actually gonna explode.”

Giggling, you bit your lip and took your phone away from your ear and opened Snapchat. As you took a picture of your pushed up cleavage in his shirt, you could hear Kiro whining in the background, asking where you had gone. “Babe,”

“Yeah?” You had silenced his complaints and you could practically feel Kiro’s buzzing energy surrounding you.

“Check your Snapchat.” Silently, you waited as he pulled up the app and clicked on your picture and as soon as he let out a loud, involuntary moan, you knew just how much he needed this. How much he needed you.

“You tease!” Kiro’s voice filtered back through the phone. “How wet are you?”

“I don’t know,” you admitted, shifting your phone from your left hand to your right. “But there’s probably a damp spot on my panties if you were to look.”

“Feel for me.” Kiro didn’t demand often, so when he did, it made your legs feel like jelly. That voice, usually so soft and sweet, demanding you to do naughty things to your body just made the position you were in seem all the more explicit. As you pushed your hand into your panties, your fingers raked lightly through your curls and once you reached your pussy, you moaned at the feel of yourself. “I can just imagine you sitting there, hand in your panties, so wet from the thought of me.”

“Yes, Kiro,” you breathed out, your fingertips dancing along your clit, making you jolt in the position you were currently in. “It feels so good.”

“What feels good, gorgeous?” You could hear rustling on the other end and you could vividly imagine Kiro repositioning how he was holding the phone so he could slip his erection out of the waistband of his boxers, finally fully giving into the feelings. “Describe it for me. Surrender yourself to the feelings.”

“My fingers on my pussy feels so good Kiro.” You moaned out and closed your eyes, trying to imagine that it was your boyfriend there with you. “So wet for you.”

“Fuck,” Kiro muttered under his breath and you could hear some shuddering sighs on the other end. “I wish I could feel it.”

“Are you hard for me, babe?” You asked as your fingers started slowly playing with your engorged slit, careful not to give into the temptation too fast.

“No, I have a girl on the phone telling me how wet she is thinking about me, and I’m not turned on in the slightest.” Kiro’s usually teasing tone was replaced with want, but that didn’t stop him from joking in the moment. “Play with your nipples for me. Through the shirt.”

Without saying anything you set your phone to the side and put it on speaker and took that free hand and used it to tweak both nipples before starting to play with one, your other hand rubbing slow circles on your clit.

“How’s that feel, beautiful?” Kiro asked, the end of his question being cut off by a moan and you pictured him yet again, leaning against his headboard and slowly moving his hand up and down his hard member, hips bucking up into his hand when his thumb rubs over the slit. “Oh god I bet you look amazing right now.”

“Kiro,” the noise that came out was barely audible but yet still formed the desired result as you hear Kiro on the other end swear under his breath. “Fuck, this feels so good.” Without further prompting, you stripped off your borrowed shirt and your panties went along after it, leaving you naked on your living room couch. Your fingers returned to their assault on your clit and your breath came out faster, muttering obscene words with every touch.

On Kiro’s side, he was listening to your breath speeding up, the sound of your wet pussy squelching around your fingers and it was all just too much. All the sensations mixing together on both ends were working their way up towards big releases for the both of you. It was only a matter of time before one of you would fall over the edge and the other would fall close behind.

As you continued to rub your pussy harder and faster, the knot in your stomach tightened and as soon as you heard Kiro moan out “come for me,” you let yourself go. Thrusting your hips up to meet your hand, you cried out Kiro’s name over and over as your climax crashed over you. Not too far behind, Kiro moaned out, begging for you and came as well.

You both laid there, catching your breath for a moment,  before Kiro was the one to break the silence. “That was….” he trailed off, seemingly speechless for the first time since you met him.

“Amazing.” You finished, moving to pick up his tee shirt off the floor, wiping your hands on it.

“Are you free tomorrow after work, we could have a dinner date at your apartment?” You could hear Kiro moving around on the other end and you were sure he was cleaning up the mess he made, same as you. “After this, I really need to see you, Miss Chips. I’ll have Savin cancel everything I’m supposed to be doing after five pm. It can be a night just for me and you.”

“Six pm works perfect for me. That gives you time to get back and shower before you head over.” You replied, making your way into the bathroom and pulling out a fluffy towel. After the events that took place that night, you’d need a cold shower to clean yourself off. “I’ll cook dinner.”

“And you can be the dessert.” Kiro offered and you both cracked up at the same time, your energies still high after your amazing orgasms. “Seriously, I can’t wait to see you tomorrow. I miss you.”

“I miss you too.” As you tucked your phone between your head and shoulder, you threw your soiled clothes in the hamper and made a mental note to wash them before Kiro came over the following night. “You should head to bed, you’ve had a long few weeks.”

“Yeah, and someone decided she needed to wear me out tonight!” Kiro teased, snickering as you mocked being offended. “Goodnight MC, I’ll see you in my dreams.”

Your stomach filled with butterflies as he said that and before you could respond, Kiro had hung up. “Goodnight, Kiro. I’ll meet you there.”