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A Gift for the Dragon

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Izuku could feel his heart try to escape his chest as the village priests finished securing his hands to the poles and lit the torches attached to them. They chanted a final prayer for his soul, and left him atop of the large hill, returning to their village miles from the base. All he could do was take in his final sunset against the mountaintops, as per the right of the human sacrifice, waiting to be taken by the dragon.


Hundreds of years ago, the lands were plagued by war. Lives were lost daily due to attacks by not only soldiers but also bandits taking advantage of the chaos. Only the mountain areas were spared because that’s where the dragons dwelled. Should they be disturbed, it would only result in death for the offender.


Growing desperate, a group of innocent bystanders turned to the dragons. They sought out any deal they could make in exchange for the protection of the mountains and beast. Somehow, a bargain was struck and a great village was formed in the valley by the mountains. The people in it would be protected, allowing only tradesmen and peaceful travelers to enter, and over the years they would provide the agreed-upon payment.


Every quarter-century, a dragon from the neighboring mountains would place a circlet, usually gold or silver with a brilliant gemstone in the center, in front of one of the front doors of the village in the dead of night. The oldest virgin, man or woman, of that household would be the selected human offering for the agreement. They would be forced to wear that circlet day and night for their remaining time.


At the following full moon, every villager would gather up the most valuable item in their possession and add it to the pile of gifts for the dragon. All except for the household of the selected virgin, for what could be more precious than a life? Any jewelry would be worn by the virgin. Necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings would all find a place on their body. Any plates, goblets, and other such valuables are placed in a sack and tied to the virgin's feet.


A week ago, Izuku and his mother woke up to find a golden circlet with a ruby and diamond in its center on their doorstep. He was the selected sacrifice.


For his remaining time, no one other than his mother could physically touch him, as any other human contact could “taint” the dragon’s specially selected prize. He was made to stop any work, including his usual gathering of herbs for their family apothecary shop, to be fully prepared for the ceremony. He was constantly observed by someone higher up to make sure he remained pure and wouldn’t try to escape his fate.


Finally, the day arrived. Izuku was washed with blessed water, to further purify his being, and dressed in a pure white silk loincloth with gold chains to cover his private areas. Days earlier his ears were pierced in several places so that he may wear the handful pairs of earrings that were given for the offering.


Izuku was allowed one final, tearful goodbye to his mother, then was placed onto a cart to be carried to the site where the sacrifices took place.


There was no grand celebration to sensationalize the tradition. It was to be kept quiet and understated to respect the families that would forever lose a loved one. The village would keep their lights unlit and remain silent for the entire night and would go about their business the next day. Never to speak of the sacrificed virgin again and let their families go through their grief in their own time.


Deep down though, Izuku knew that the villagers were relieved that it was him who was selected. Though he was considered kind and hardworking, he was a bit of an oddball in the community. He was constantly writing about, taking notes, muttering, and observing everything and everyone around him and keeping to himself. When he wasn’t studying the strange subjects around him, he’d be caught daydreaming about something even stranger, such as magic. While not illegal, it was very much frowned upon. As sad as it was for their apothecarist to lose her son, it was one less eccentric to worry about.


All too soon, the sun disappeared behind the mountains, and the valley was plunged into darkness, lit only by the eerie moonlight. Even though it was a warm spring’s night, not even crickets dared make a sound. It was as if every living creature could sense the tension of the evening. It seemed time itself stopped existing.


A strange shadow passed through the valley, making Izuku jump in shock. He frantically searched the sky to see its source. Up against the starry skies, a strange silhouette flew across getting closer by the second. The dragon had arrived.


Panic rushed through Izuku once more, as his fate finally approached. Will it be quick, or will the dragon drag it out in some sort of sick pleasure?


Nobody in the village has ever actually properly seen a dragon in generations. Only the founders had been recorded to have actually communicated with them. The most anybody in the valley had seen of the dragons were them from flying in the distance, making sure the lands remained undisturbed.


The figure rapidly came closer, the sounds of flapping wings becoming increasingly apparent. The wind force shook the plant life surrounding him. It hovered over Izuku for a handful of seconds, till it finally dropped down in front of him with a THUD, shaking the ground at their feet.


Izuku stared into the dragon’s eyes.


And the dragon stared right into Izuku’s.


The beast was smaller than Izuku expected, but still large enough to be intimidating. At least double the size of the largest horse he’s seen. In the moonlight, its red and white scales reflect like the gemstones upon his circlet. Its mismatching eyes shone brilliantly in the moonlight, one looking like the moon itself, the other a brilliant deep blue.


For a beautiful moment, Izuku forgot himself and studied the beast in front of him, thinking it to be the most gorgeous thing he’s ever seen.


When the dragon moved it’s head closer, Izuku was forced back to the reality of his situation and stiffened. The dragon sniffed him with great vigor, specifically at the precious metals decorating Izuku’s body. It gave a pleased huff and gracefully moved its body to behind Izuku.


Izuku forced himself to breathe evenly as the dragon continued to inspect his prizes, trying to reassure himself in some small ways. No record of even blood had ever been reported the morning after the sacrifice, let alone remains; So at least his mother won’t have to witness his carcass being cleared off sight. 


Izuku’s notion was then cut off by the feeling of claws gripping tightly against his shoulder and the wind picked up around him as before.


The dragon’s taking off he weakly thought just before he was forcefully yanked upwards, the ropes bounding him snapping clean off.


The world around him blurred as swiftly lifted toward the skies. He couldn’t even say the world had become smaller, they were moving so fast! The borderline freezing winds bite at his exposed skin. His cloth garment offered no protection whatsoever. Hell, the way it fluttered in the breeze exposed him more often than not.


Izuku tried to yell out, but whenever he tried to open his mouth, the winds would rapidly dry out his mouth and throat. Eventually, he decided to keep his mouth shut and quietly accepted his fate as they flew closer and closer to his final destination.


Despite it being terrifying, the journey wasn’t very long. The mountains where the dragonkind dwelled was approaching fast. There were several openings scattered the rocky sides, all of them dark. It seemed not even the moon could dare shine it’s light on dragons resting. The dragon carrying Izuku then made its way to one of the larger entrances, carefully navigating the narrow passages. Izuku had then shut his eyes in fear for whatever comes next.


He was abruptly yet delicately dropped upon something unexpectedly soft and plump. He collapsed onto his hands and knees, panting. Only once Izuku got his breathing under control was he able to crack open his eyes. They abruptly widened as he took in his surroundings.


Before, the largest collection of wealth he had seen was adorned on his person and currently tied to his feet. This blew it all out of the water. All around him were gigantic mounds of gold, silver, and metals he hadn’t even seen before with colorful jewels speckling throughout, illuminated by torches mounted throughout the cave. Izuku looked below him and saw just what the softness he experienced was. Piles and piles of furs, blankets, and silks spread out into a large, but cozy nest.


Wait… nest.


The reality of his situation once again washes over Izuku as he hears a keening rumble behind him and expeditiously turns around. The dragon was once again staring down at him while he sat there frozen with terror.


After several tense-filled moments, the dragon turns its attention to the bag at Izuku’s feet. It bends its head to sniff and starts pawing it with its claws. Izuku absentmindedly reached for the rope around his ankle and somehow managed to untie it. The dragon snatched the bag away and mercilessly ripped it open with its claws observing the riches within. 


Izuku flinched, standing and started scanning the cavern around him. His base instincts took over and desperately screamed at him to find a way to escape. He looked frantically around for the exit. When he spotted it, his heart fell. The entrance for the cave was a good 20ft from the ground. Even if he could somehow outrun the dragon, there would be no way he could climb the rocky walls safely or quickly enough to freedom.


With the dragon still being distracted by the treasures, Izuku took the moment to observe more, since that seemed all he could do. At the very back of the cave, was a shimmering waterfall breaking through an opening of the wall, forming a fairly large pond of sorts. Most likely a consistent source of freshwater for the dragon. There must be a whole system of hidden rivers of some kind throughout the caves.


Surprisingly, Izuku saw that the dragon had a large library within its hoard. Stack upon stacks of colorful books was carefully placed in a corner of the cave. In any other situation, Izuku would have loved nothing more than to run over and fly through the pages of knowledge before him. To write down notes of the tales of the world beyond the little community he’s called home for his entire life. Maybe take the time to figure out how these mountains work and where the water comes from travel to prevent flooding.


A grumbling pulled Izuku from his rambling thoughts as he forced himself to bring his attention back to the dragon. It was finished with the previously sacked treasures and had thrown them aside to join the rest of its hoard. The dragon was now looking at Izuku expectantly, seemingly waiting for him to do something.


Oh, it probably can’t eat me if I’m wearing its new treasures, huh?


Izuku shakenly began to remove the jewelry covering his body. The necklaces, bracelets, and rings were easily unfastened and were thrown over to add to the hoard. The earrings were a bit harder since they stung as he was sliding them off his ears. 


Curiously, the dragon seemingly let loose a noise of concern whenever Izuku let out a hiss of pain while taking off the earrings. It must have been his imagination, considering what was about to happen.


Just as he was reaching up to remove the circlet, the dragon let loose a displeased growl. Izuku paused and slowly lowered his arms. Why would the dragon want him to continue wearing the circlet? Wasn’t it about to devour him?


Izuku didn’t have long to contemplate because the dragon started to reach toward him with its white claw. Tears filled his eyes as the great beast’s fingers coiled around his waist, bringing him closer. One of the talons started teasing one of the clasps of his silk loincloth. After playing with it for a bit, the dragon quickly made a strike, shattering the chain letting the garment pool at Izuku’s feet.


He was now completely exposed to the dragon.


The tears started to completely fall from Izuku’s face as the dragon used its thumb to tenderly feel his body. His face, chest, arms, legs, back, and privates were carefully examined by it at its leisure, tail wriggling pleasedly. It’s grip tightened around him, and Izuku shut his eyes. This is it!


But to his surprise, instead of being lifted, he was being lowered and was gently placed once more on the nest; this time on his back.


Izuku cracked open his eyes to look at the creature and uttered his first word for what felt like days. “W-what?”


The beast had its front claws either side of him, caging him in, and looking at him up and down as if deciding what to do first.


That first thing was to lower its head right in front of Izuku’s. His heart was banging heavily, but he’s pretty sure it was no longer from fear. If the dragon had truly wished to eat him, it surely would have done so already, right? No, his heart was beating with…. He wasn’t even sure with what.


He didn’t even doubt his thoughts when the dragon began to open its mouth, exposing the razor-sharp teeth. Its slender tongue slithered out and began its descent toward him. He briefly flinched at its initial approach but managed to stay surprisingly calm. Then it started to lick him. Slowly at first, making sure no part of his face was deprived of attention.


It began to pick up speed and it descended his body. When the tongue reached his neck. Izuku let out a sharp gasp. He panted as it had given the same amount of attentiveness. It reached his chest and Izuku gripped the silks underneath him as the dragon began giving focus on his nipples.


Just what it is doing? He weakly thought to himself. It was getting harder to think as the adrenaline started to fog up his mind.


The dragon had finished with Izuku’s stomach without his notice and lowered itself to a more notable area. Izuku barely had time to process as it started to lick his length with special care and let out a choked cry. It seemed to have noticed his reaction because it let out a pleased rumble that was practically a purr.


Its rough tongue continued to play with his length as it hardened. Stroking it, bobbing it up and down. Sometimes the tongue would even wrap around it and tighten. Through the entire thing, Izuku groaned with pleasure and even found himself rutting against it, seeking more friction. He’s never felt so… good!


Even though he was a virgin, Izuku can’t say he’s unfamiliar with sexual exploits. He’s allowed himself the occasional “playtime” in the dead of night. But he was honestly afraid to finish himself off, worried for the mess he’d leave behind and possible mortification of his mother discovering it.


The two continued for several more minutes, though it felt longer to Izuku. Every moment that passed by he felt himself get harder and harder, rocking his hips forward more and more until he finally couldn’t stand it and cried out a desperate “ Please!”  


The dragon indulged him as it carefully wrapped Izuku’s entire length in its mouth as he let out one more thrust and allowed himself his first-ever release. His vision went white and every part of him locked into place while the dragon eagerly suckled every drop of his seed. There was quite a bit considering the years of neglect.


Izuku went limp and took the moment to catch his breath, his entire body was shaking from the aftershock. He felt tired, yet so awake at the same time. There was shuffling happening around him but he could barely register it.


Claws once again surrounded his body, and Izuku blinked open his eyes; He didn’t even realize he closed them in the first place. He was tenderly lifted and flipped, meticulously placed on a newly placed pile of fabrics and pillows with his rear high in the air.


Izuku was no longer confused about his role for the dragon.


He could feel the scorching breath of the dragon on his back as it continued. It once again began to smother him with its tongue, this time starting on his shoulders. Izuku forced his body to relax as it continued its sensual journey south. He could feel himself starting to harden again as the tongue explored his rear, occasionally teasing his entrance.


When the tongue unexpectedly entered him, Izuku cried out with a surprised gasp. The slippery appendage slowly slithered deeper and deeper. It made careful work wetting his insides and stretching him out. All the while Izuku could only groan in ecstasy. Gods, it all just felt so damn good! When it started to probe at a certain spot, his nerves set on fire. 


Just when he was about to come a second time, the tongue pulled out. Izuku whined at the initial loss but quickly quieted when the dragon moved forward. It advanced carefully where it was stepping, though it shortly paused to bring its face to Izuku’s own. 


They stared at each other for a heated moment, then the dragon placed a light lick on his cheek as if it were a tender kiss. It briefly nuzzled their foreheads together and continued on its original path.


It stopped when at a decent distance, with Izuku completely covered by the dragon body. It started to adjust its hind legs. Consumed with curiosity, Izuku took the moment to look back and- Oh! I suppose I should start calling the dragon ‘he’- he thought to himself. Right behind him, was a large red cock escaping its sheath carefully being lined up with his entrance.


Izuku had almost no time to contemplate it as he felt something coiling around his length. He quickly looked down to see that the dragon had sneakily crept his tail to wrap it around him. So he was still considering Izuku’s pleasure.


Then, something blunt entered into Izuku.


The tip of the dragon’s cock slid in easily enough but quickly grew as it entered deeper. Izuku groaned as his hole stretched further than he ever thought possible. It should have probably hurt more, but the dragon was being so gentle.  


Eventually, the cock managed to hit that one spot in him again and Izuku let out a shameful noise of pleasure. The dragon took note of his reaction and backed up slightly only the thrust forward again; simultaneously, the tail started to pump Izuku’s cock.


The two sensations practically sent Izuku into a whole new plane of existence. His cock as well as inner body experiencing such pleasure at the same time was overwhelming. It wasn’t long until his seed was spilled once again. Though he knew that they weren’t done yet.


After all, the dragon had yet to have his own release.


He allowed Izuku a moment to catch his breath, then continued his way deeper into him. Izuku couldn’t believe how gentle he was being. It was almost more painful than if he’d just rammed into him all at once! But the dragon was patient. He clearly didn’t want to damage Izuku and was being as cautious as possible.


Finally, their bodies connect. The dragon was fully sheathed in him. How he managed to fit his whole cock into his body, Izuku would never know. They stayed still for what felt like an eternity as the dragon allowed Izuku’s body to adjust to his size.


Eventually, Izuku couldn’t stand it anymore and let out an impatient whine. He was ready for more. The dragon, somehow able to understand him, was more than ready to obliged.


The rutting began slowly, but very soon increased in speed. Every movement set his nerves on fire. He quickly became overwhelmed by the sensation and completely submitted himself to the dragon’s will, allowing himself to be dominated by him.


Izuku could hear his whorish cries echo off the cave walls around them, but he didn't care. Every sound he made encouraged the dragon even more as he slammed his hips to Izuku’s even harder. Consumed with ecstasy, Izuku blindly gripped the fabrics underneath him, subconsciously seeking something to regain his bearings. Drool started to leak out his mouth as the act continued.


He barely had time to prepare himself as he felt the dragon grow practically frantic in the fucking, ready to release. Not soon enough, the body above Izuku froze as he spilled his seed into him. Izuku could feel his insides fill as the dragon stayed in place determined to have his insides consume every drop.


He remained inside Izuku for several minutes after. Izuku could register a stickiness underneath him from his previous release, maybe even more considering how large the area underneath was,


Izuku was left a limp, soaked mess. His body was covered in sweat, tears, and both the dragon’s and his own come. His muscles and insides throbbed in a satisfying ache as it came down the fulfilling high of intercourse.


He didn’t feel used though, not even defiled. Fe didn’t expect this outcome when the dragon selected him for the offering. Being a sacrifice brought expectations of just that. Sacrifice. The process of something being lost to contribute something greater. He was prepared to lose his very life. Instead of his life, it was his body. In any other circumstance, Izuku supposed he would have felt something akin more to a plaything. Something for the dragon to fuck to relieve himself and leave him as that. But through the whole experience, the dragon was so considerate. Caring more for Izuku’s pleasure than its own. Giving more than taking.


No. Izuku felt… claimed.


He wasn’t just being fucked. He had been mated.


Exhaustion was beginning to set in as he felt his eyes grow heavy. Izuku was ready to succumb to sleep, but he felt the dragon picking him up, using his wings to move them to a new location in the caves.


Using what remained of his consciousness, Izuku looked to see that his dragon had taken him to the stream he observed earlier. With great care, his new mate placed his body under the waterfall, allowing the surprisingly warm waterfall to cleanse him of the salty liquids that had caked onto his body through their act.


Izuku then realized just how thirsty he was. He opened his mouth to allow the refreshing water to relieve his aching throat. All that moaning and screaming certainly did a number on him.


Once he was thoroughly cleaned and thirst quenched, Izuku addressed the dragon. “I’m good now, thank you.” His voice was still a bit hoarse, but it was probably still recovering from his screams.


The dragon blinked in understanding and removed him from the water; then set him on a cool boulder, causing Izuku to shiver on impact. He produced a large drying cloth from… somewhere Izuku was too tired to have observed, and placed it over Izuku. Izuku did his best to dry himself off as quickly as possible, but it was going much slower than he'd have liked it.


Apparently, the dragon had shared that sentiment because it had decided to release a not-quite scorching breath to help speed up the process. Izuku could see bits of sparks emitting from the dragon’s mouth and could tell he had it well in control.


When satisfyingly dry, the dragon once more plucked up Izuku and set him again in the nest, the soiled top layer already removed. Izuku was quick to get comfy with the dragon also climbing in, curling himself around his human. But before properly settling, a cooling mist escaped the dragon’s mouth and swiftly made its way across the cave. The mist purposely surrounds the torchlights, and within seconds, the fires were dimmed, darkening the area only leaving a comforting glow.


Wow, he had both fire and ice powers! Izuku wearily analyzed. His brain would normally be running at impossible speeds thinking about the implications and possibilities of such an ability, but his entire being was melting its way to sleep.


His final registration was of the sensation of the dragon’s tail possessively coiling around his waist, keeping Izuku close and pleasantly warm to him the entire night.