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what if w. what if we cuddled and you checked out my sweet voice :flushed:

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Gordon watched and listened as sweet voice occasionally spilled over his shoulder out of Benrey’s mouth, filling the room in a colorful poem he could only guess at.


Wiggling one of his arms out of the hug, he reached out to the nearest light, an opalescent ball at the start of a row that ended in a shade of pink.  When he tried to grab it, he passed right through it, his hand tingling where it slipped through.  Trying to swat it towards himself didn’t yield much better similar results.


With a breath of a laugh, Benrey sang a few notes that hovered closer to Gordon.  A murky green slightly tinged with yellow.


One of the orbs closer to his ear caught his attention.  He leaned his head closer, pressing against it as best one could press anything against pure light, and he heard it; a lingering song.  A faint tone, with singing fading in and out, wrapping around that central, constant hum.  An aftertaste of the sound that sparked the light in the first place.


He turned his head to the side, glancing behind him.  As they looked at each other bathed in the multi-colored glow, Benrey sang something on the greener side of beige.


One stray ball hit Gordon square between the eyes, and he felt…


He snorted.  “Is that so?”


Benrey nuzzled Gordon’s shoulder as he squeezed a little.  “Bro, shut up…”