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Anakin needs Obi-Wan's help. 

Anakin really needs Obi-Wan's help. 

His Galactic History homework is due in only two hours, and he's barely started it. He’s already in deep Bantha poodoo in the class. He'll take another lecture from Obi-wan if it means avoiding having to take the class all over again. 

But Anakin runs into another problem. Obi-wan isn't anywhere in the temple. Which doesn't make sense, since he makes sure Anakin knows if he leaves for a solo mission or anything like that. And yet, Obi-wan isn't in their apartment, or the Archives, or even the planetarium. Anakin searches the entire Room of a Thousand Fountains, and yet, no Obi-wan. 

Eventually he’s desperate enough to venture down to the Aquatic Levels Tunnel. He might have learned to swim now, but that doesn't mean having all that water around him with only transparisteel separating it from him doesn't make him a little nervous -- not that he shows it, of course. 

But unfortunately, Obi-wan isn't there either. 

"Anakin, what's wrong?" He turns to see Bant floating in the water on the other side of the glass from him.

"I'm looking for Obi-wan," he says. "I can’t find him, and he's not answering his comm!"

Bant tilts her head. "Don't you remember? He mentioned this morning he would be at Dex's for a long lunch today."

"Umm." Anakin thinks back to breakfast and remembers goofing off with Aayla and  Obi-wan saying something about Dex's that he definitely hadn't been paying attention to. 

Bant gives him a knowing look and grins. "Well, he should be at Dex's if you really need him. Anything I could help with though?" Bant asks.

Anakin quickly shakes his head. "No, thank you! I'll go find Obi-wan!" He waves to her before running off, glad to be leaving the Aquatic Levels. 


He heads straight for Dex’s diner, absently waving hello to Dex and FLO before looking around the room for Obi-wan. 

“Obi-wan!” he cries, finding his master seated in one of the corner booths almost tucked out of sight. Anakin slides into the seat across the table from him, ignores Obi-wan’s exasperated “ Anakin! ” and practically flings his datapad at his master. “I need help in Galactic History, and this is due in one hour , and you know I’m awful at it,” he says. “You have to help me, Obi-wan! You’re my only hope!”

He doesn’t even realize there’s someone sitting next to Obi-wan until the man, a stranger , pulls the datapad closer and, with a contemplative hum, starts answering the questions :

“The B’ankor Refuge was created because...the B’ankora’s planet was destroyed by a cataclysmic meteor collision in 869 Ruus.

“In 876 Ruus, the Senate declared the Outer Rim Territories...a free-trade zone exempt from taxation. 

The Diktat became the head of state for Corellia when…the monarchy was overthrown by a coalition of corporations in --.”

“Wait! Wait! Wait a second!” Anakin interrupts, snatching the datapad back from the man. He starts entering in the answers. "Okay, meteor collision in 869 zone tax exemption... coalition of corporations in...what year?"

"850 Ruus," the man says readily. 

" Anakin ," Obi-wan chides him, but Anakin ignores him, recording the date. "Jango, you really don't have to help him. If he'd done the readings for the week, he wouldn't be in this situation."

"I don't mind," the man said. "I've always wondered what they're teaching you Jedi."

"Okay, in 808 Ruus, what happened to the Fere?" Anakin asks.

"Wiped out by plague," Jango answers as Obi-wan sighs loudly but settles back in his seat, clearly resigned. 

Anakin takes full advantage of that, asking, "Okay, why did the Tarasin revolt happen?"

The next twenty minutes go by with Anakin reading off questions and Jango answering them, Obi-wan interjecting here and there for the more Jedi-specific topics. Between the two of them, Anakin finishes his assignment in what is honestly record time. 

“And...done!” he exclaims, saving and sending off the assignment with a good thirty minutes to spare. He looks at the time and hops out of the booth. “I have to get to class! Thank you for your help, sir! See you later, Obi-wan!” 

He runs off before they can say anything, though he’s sure Obi-wan plans to give him an excruciatingly long lecture in the evening, not just on procrastinating but on good manners


Anakin makes it almost into the Temple before he realizes that Obi-wan had been on a lunch date . He had interrupted a lunch date . That had definitely been an arm around Obi-wan’s waist. Obi-wan had definitely been leaning subtly against Jango. 

He nearly trips down the stairs in front of the Temple.

He doesn’t know what to focus on. Obi-wan on a lunch date ? Obi-wan dating ? Obi-wan apparently dating one person -- Jango -- for a while ? Obi-wan with a--a-- significant other ? Obi-wan openly cuddling with someone -- in public ? He interrupted Obi-wan’s date? With homework?

He feels like a droid with its programming stuck in an infinite loop, questions going round and round inside his head and freezing him in his steps.

He does not make it to class on time.