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It's About Sports, Clearly

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“I’m home.”

When she’d first moved into this apartment back in high school, announcing her arrival really only served as a sad joke at her own expense, a reminder of her loneliness and isolation that at the time she thought she was deserving of. By now though, halfway through her first year of college, it had taken on another purpose.

“Welcome home!” Came the reply from deeper within the apartment, a high-pitched, chipper voice that Fumi had long since familiarized herself with. She smiled softly as she stepped into the living room.

“Ichie, what a surprise to see you here,” She said, too genuinely pleased to properly communicate the sarcasm in her words.

Ichie, sprawled out comfortably on the couch as if it were her own furniture, grinned back at her. “Surprised? But I’m here almost every day.”

“That you are,” Fumi chuckled as she moved to settle down in the space on the couch that wasn’t taken up by her little freeloader. Even before Fumi had just given her the key to the apartment Ichie somehow always managed to find a way in every so often, and now that she didn’t need to break and enter every time she’d taken to treating this place like a second home. The days that Ichie was there to answer when she announced her arrival outnumbered the days where she wasn’t, and Fumi had noticed that she would feel a small pang in her chest whenever the silence would greet her instead.

Having noticed that Fumi was now seated and that her lap was now open real estate, Ichie had shifted herself so that she was now lying across it, looking up at her with those big, bright golden eyes of hers. She seemed almost expectant, like a cat awaiting its scheduled treats and affection. Well, she supposed she could give the cat what she wanted, Fumi thought as she tugged her fingers through Ichie’s fluffy hair and gently massaged her scalp.

“So is there a reason you’re looking up at me like that or do you just want to be petted?” Fumi said as Ichie nuzzled into her hand.

“I was just thinking...” Ichie’s eyes started to shimmer slightly as she bit her lip, “you wanna watch a movie together? ‘Cause I rented one earlier today and I wanna watch it with you.”

“Did you really need the puppy dog eyes for this one?” Fumi said with an amused sigh. Not that she was all that bothered by the puppy dog eyes.

“So that’s a yes then?” Ichie hopped up out of Fumi’s lap, her eyes wide and full of sparkles.

“Sure. Sounds like fun.”

“Yay!” She threw her arms up in victory before bounding out of the room. “Hang on, it’s in my bag!” Fumi remained seated on the couch, smiling warmly. Ichie seemed awfully excited just to watch a movie, but this was Ichie. She was excited over just about anything, it was like her default state.

“Here!” Ichie dashed back into the room, holding a DVD box. “I know what I’m into, but I spent a lot of time picking it out because I wasn’t sure about you, so I hope I got your tastes right!” She said as she shoved it into Fumi’s hands. As she examined the box Fumi’s warm expression started to falter, slowly being replaced by a look of utter bewilderment. So this must have been why she was so excited about this, huh...

“Ichie,” Fumi said, holding up the DVD, apparently titled ‘The Shy Sakaki Joins the Volleyball Team Full of Aggressive Alpha Lesbians! Bullied and Dominated by She-Jocks at an All-Girls School!’ “this is porn. You know this is porn, right?”

Ichie’s lips were curled into that self-satisfied little smirk again, the one she made when she absolutely knew she had done something that would get her yelled at. “Yep!”

“Right, okay.” Fumi closed her eyes and took a deep breath in an attempt to steady herself. She loved Ichie probably more than she loved breathing, but that little scamp could really shove some bullshit onto her. “So this is the ‘movie’ you were talking about earlier?”


“And you want us to watch...this...together?”



Ichie started pouting, and Fumi would have given in immediately if she didn’t know by now that pouting was just one of the many ways Ichie would trick her. “I thought it would be a fun couple thing! Some good girl bonding, y’know? Just gals being pals!”

“If you want to have sex we can just go to the bedroom right now.”

“Fuuuuumiiiiiii!” Ichie threw herself forward and wrapped her arms around Fumi’s midsection, looking up at her with the puppy dog eyes dialed up to eleven. “We can do that tomorrow! Can we please just try watching it together? Pleeeeeeeeeeease?” God she was so cute, Fumi almost wanted to vomit.

“Fine,” Fumi sighed, pushing Ichie off of her. “You’re lucky I love you so much.”

“Eheh, I know,” Ichie said as she quickly pecked Fumi on the cheek before grabbing the DVD and leaving Fumi to sit and gather herself. She’d always considered watching porn to be such a...such a personal thing, something you did by yourself alone in your room. What did you do while watching porn with another person? Do you jerk off? Do you jerk the other person off? A blush creeped up her neck and across her face at the thought, and she shook her head vigorously to clear it. She blinked a couple times for good measure, and then blushed harder at the sight that greeted her.

“Why are you stripping?!” She stammered, screwing her eyes shut and looking away so she wouldn’t have to see Ichie lifting her shirt up over her head any more than she already had.

“I mean, the clothes are gonna come off anyway, so I might as well take them off now.” There was a soft sound of fabric hitting the floor, followed by another, before Fumi felt a small pair of hands on her shoulders. “Hey, you should get naked too! It’s only fair!”

Fumi timidly cracked an eye open, briefly caught the sight of Ichie in an adorable set of frilly pink underwear, and shut it tightly again. “I...” She slowly opened her eyes and turned to face Ichie, swallowing her embarrassment as she came to accept that yes, she was about to watch porn with her girlfriend, and things were probably going to escalate. “F-fine, okay.”

“Yay! You’re the best, Fumi!” Ichie moved to hug her, but Fumi pushed her away before she could get a chance.

“No, no touching until I say so,” She said as she rose from her seat. Ichie groaned in disappointment.

Given that Ichie was already half undressed, it wasn’t long before she was completely naked, and Fumi found herself pausing in removing her own clothes to admire her. Her skin was smooth and soft-looking, and in spite of a life of rigorous dance training her body was still padded with a slight layer of plush. Her nipples were a deep pink and nicely sized, and seemed to be hard already, possibly from the contact with the air. As she removed her pants probably way too slowly, Fumi’s eyes trailed down Ichie’s stomach, her gaze resting on the patch of lavender down between her plump, squishy thighs, and below that...

“Hey Fumi, you okay? You’re doing a lot of staring.”

“S-sorry,” Fumi said as she tore her eyes away and finished undressing. Probably a little too hurriedly, since pulling down her pants so quickly almost caused her to trip.

Now standing in her living room very very naked, with her equally naked girlfriend looking at her expectantly, Fumi once again blushed crimson before sitting down on the couch once more. Before she could even parse the situation she was currently in Ichie practically jumped into her lap and settled there, the bare skin of her back pressing against her breasts as she made herself comfortable. Fucking hell, they hadn’t even hit ‘play’ on the DVD title screen yet and somehow Fumi was already feeling uncomfortably hot. This was a mistake. Everything was a mistake.

“Hey Fumi, you doing okay? Because you’re feeling real warm all of a sudden.” Ichie’s tone of voice was fairly convincing, but as she looked back at Fumi there was a very subtle ‘I know exactly what I’m doing’ smile on her face again. Fumi let out a long sigh.

“Yeah, I’m...I’m fine.” Another deep breath. Seems no matter what she did she wasn’t able to get her heart rate to slow down even a little. She loved Ichie, she really did, but this girl was terrible for her blood pressure. “Just...just start the movie. Let’s get this over with.”

And so, completely naked, with her just as naked girlfriend seated cozily in her lap, Fumi resigned herself to watching what she guessed was probably three hours of lesbian gym uniform fetishism. To her slight relief the video started off fairly innocuous. Sakaki, new to this particular school, approached her teacher and asked about what kind of clubs she should join. Fumi knew better than to critique the acting in a JAV - the acting was hardly the point, after all - but her more theater-oriented instincts couldn’t stay down long enough as she noted that “Sakaki” wasn’t hiding the fact that she was probably thinking about her paycheck quite well enough.

“Man, this is so boring !” Ichie said as she leaned back against Fumi, in the process pressing their bodies together even closer. “When’s the good part coming?”

“Would you stop squirming?” Fumi said through her teeth as she felt herself blushing again. Meanwhile, Sakaki had been pointed in the direction of the volleyball team, and had decided to check things out for herself. The team captain, who looked absolutely nothing like Akira yet still reminded Fumi almost uncomfortably of her old on-and-off friend, had shoved poor Sakaki up against a locker and was now cupping her face lecherously while monologuing about how she was much too weak and soft for this school’s champion volleyball team. Unlike Sakaki’s actress, this one was getting a little too into it. Fumi pursed her lips to stifle a laugh.

Any sense of amusement quickly faded as the captain started groping Sakaki through her uniform, mocking her for her little squeaks of fear and embarrassment that were honestly the most convincing bit of acting she’d done so far. Convincing enough that there was an odd tugging sensation below Fumi’s stomach. She shifted her position so it wouldn’t bother her so much...or at least, she tried. Ichie was kind of in the way. Fumi sighed again as she resigned herself to her fate for what was probably the fifth time in the past hour.

With no other options, Fumi watched as the situation between Sakaki and the captain heated up, all while doing her damndest to ignore the other thing heating up as well. By now Sakaki’s shirt and bra had been lifted up, her breasts exposed as the captain pressed a knee between her legs. There was another jeering, mocking comment before she took Sakaki’s lips in a kiss with way, way too much tongue. Realizing that watching this was making her breathing a little too quick and shallow for her liking, Fumi tore her focus from the video to check up on Ichie. Just to see how she was doing during all this. Her breath caught in her throat, and she thought to herself that at this rate she might as well have just kept watching.

Taking slow, shaky breaths, Ichie was intently focused on the action onscreen, biting her lip adorably as she carefully pinched and teased one of her own nipples, mirroring what the captain was now doing to Sakaki. Fumi, helplessly hypnotized, watched as Ichie tugged at her nipple a little too hard, letting out such a cute little whimper that Fumi almost reverted to her base animal instincts and pounced on her before sternly reminding herself that she was a human person and she should behave like one. Still, watching a (admittedly pretty good, Fumi thought begrudgingly) JAV was one thing, but seeing your girlfriend pleasuring herself while seated on your lap? Not something anyone could just brush off. Something in her gut was absolutely burning right now, and that fire needed to be put out. Swallowing hard, Fumi reached around with both hands and cupped Ichie’s breasts, squeezing gently. The little squeak of surprise made everything she’d been put through today suddenly worth it.

“F-Fumi! You’re...ahhh...” Ichie trailed off into a series of high-pitched moans and squeaks as Fumi’s hands slowly massaged her breasts, leaning back into her and resting her head against Fumi’s shoulder.

“I take it you’re enjoying the movie so far?” Fumi said directly into Ichie’s ear, speaking in the lowest, huskiest voice she could manage. Just for the hell of it, she followed up by running her tongue over the shell of her ear, grinning proudly at the moan she received in response.

“Mmmm, it’s good,” Ichie panted, wiggling helplessly as Fumi lightly tugged at both her nipples at once. “Ah, but I like what you’re doing too! Keep going!”

Fumi chuckled before lightly nibbling the ear she’d been teasing. “I really should. Awfully impatient of you to start touching yourself when you get horny instead of letting me know. I am literally right behind you.” Keeping one hand occupied with one of Ichie’s breasts, Fumi trailed her other hand down her stomach, gently stroking the soft skin as she took her time reaching her destination. Ichie, predictably, started whining and squirming upon noticing her slowness.

“Come oooon, Fumi, just touch me already!”

“I’ll get to that,” Fumi said as her fingers finally reached the now somewhat damp curls just above her destination. As her hand slid further downward Fumi’s fingers split apart, deliberately avoiding Ichie’s clit and instead moving to rest on the outside, just barely avoiding contact with her lower lips. As she spread Ichie open, Fumi could feel how utterly soaked she was even from here. Still not satisfied with enough teasing, Fumi started lazily spreading and massaging the soft area around Ichie’s core, coming dangerously close to touching it but never close enough. Ichie, clearly sick of this, whined very loudly.

“Fuuuuuuuumiiiiiiiii!” A hand grabbed at her wrist and tried to guide her closer to the slick heat she was so carefully avoiding. “Stop teasing and fuck me!”

“Well, not if you ask like that,” Fumi said, continuing to tease. “And you call yourself an idol with that kind of mouth...”

Iche groaned exaggeratedly. “Please fuck me!” She corrected herself.

“Eh, I suppose that’ll have to do,” Fumi said with a playful sigh before spreading Ichie wide and running a finger over her slit. Ichie moaned in relief as Fumi quickly rubbed up and down along her entrance, occasionally dipping her fingertip inside. As soon as she figured everything had gotten nice and wet, she moved upwards toward the little pink bud poking out of its hood and began rubbing it in tight circles. Ichie leaned further back against Fumi as she moaned, conveniently exposing the soft skin of her neck. Fumi grinned before leaning down to lightly nip just below Ichie’s jaw.

“Nnnh...You just had to bite me, huh?” Ichie said, sounding pretty smug for someone currently getting their clit played with.

“Keep talking and I’ll bite harder,” Fumi said as she took Ichie’s clit between her index finger and thumb, rolling and pinching it somewhat roughly. Ichie twitched under her touch.

“Is that a challenge? You know me, I love a good challenge!” Ichie yelped in surprise and not-so-subtle delight as Fumi, as promised, bit down on her shoulder hard, hard enough to leave bright red teeth marks.

“You’re a challenge,” Fumi mumbled into Ichie’s ear as she kept her thumb on her clit but moved her other fingers lower. Ichie was probably more than wet enough for something to go inside, she figured as she prodded at her slit. Sure enough, she was plenty hot and slick, and Fumi swore she her finger was actively being sucked in as it pushed its way inside. Experimentally she wiggled it around a little bit, hoping to loosen Ichie up just a little further, before starting out a steady rhythm of pumping in and out, all while continuing to rub at her clit.

It wasn’t long before Ichie was wiggling and moaning in her lap, and that was probably a sign that she was good to add another finger. Easily slipping the second digit into Ichie’s slick folds, Fumi did away with all restraint as she picked up the pace. Ichie’s various moans and squeaks, the slick sounds of Fumi stirring up her insides, and the noises from whatever was going on in the video that was still playing (it sounded, shockingly, like sex) were all cramming themselves into Fumi’s head and not leaving much space for anything else. Slightly frenzied, she leaned down to lick at the bite mark she’d left on Ichie’s shoulder, before picking a different spot and leaving another identical one. Ichie spasmed around her fingers as she soothed the second bite with her tongue as well, and Fumi had enough presence of mind to make a connection. Finding yet another patch of unblemished skin, Fumi moistened it up with her tongue before opening her mouth wide and biting down hard, harder than either of the previous bites. Instead of just letting go, she sucked at the skin, quickly and roughly enough that she hoped would leave a nice, big black-and-blue mark right on Ichie’s shoulder. Did Ichie have a shoot of some kind this week? Whatever, if she did there was always foundation.

Regardless of what Ichie’s professional schedule was right now, Fumi was definitely getting the desired result. Ichie let out a long, high-pitched whine and wiggled helplessly as she came, her insides squeezing and clamping down around her fingers as her hand was soaked in a small spray of liquid. She squirmed around for a little longer before falling limp, her chest heaving up and down as she came to. Releasing Ichie’s shoulder from her mouth (and quickly glancing downward to determine that oh yes, that was one hell of a mark there) Fumi pulled out her fingers and examined them, grinning proudly as she observed the slick strings stretching out between them.

Absentmindedly lifting her fingers to her mouth to clean them, Fumi turned her attention back to the video, just out of curiosity. Apparently Sakaki was now naked and being held down by two girls in volleyball uniforms, while another girl was stepping on her and berating her for her terrible athletic skills. Hold on, Fumi thought as she suddenly took an interest in Sakaki’s current predicament, this was actually kind of hot. Against her better judgement she found herself watching with rapt attention as the two girls holding Sakaki down started licking and sucking her nipples.

“Fumi?” Fumi’s focus was quickly and unexpectedly broken, and she would have jumped in surprise had Ichie not been in her lap. “Hey, Fumi, what’s up?” Fumi refocused, this time on Ichie’s flushed and sweaty yet happily grinning face, which was now right in front of her own. “You know you’re soaked, right?”

“Ichie, I...” Fumi trailed off as she suddenly became aware of just how sticky her thighs felt right now. Glancing downward to look between her legs, her eyes widened as she noticed a strikingly large dark patch on the couch’s upholstery. In the back of her mind she was groaning as she realized that she was going to have to clean this up later, but more presently she was wondering how long she’d been like this to make a stain that big.

Ichie giggled as she crawled out of Fumi’s lap, and Fumi yelped in surprise as she grabbed one of her shoulders and shoved her backwards, leaving her lying down on the couch. “Heh, don’t worry about it!” She said, beaming. “I’m gonna take gooooood care of you, Fumi!”

“Ichie, wait, you--” Ichie had effectively tuned her out as she dove between Fumi’s legs, wasting no time in peppering her inner thighs with tiny little bite marks and hickeys. Probably revenge for earlier, Fumi thought as she closed her eyes and gave in. She groaned and buried her fingers in Ichie’s soft hair as she felt a tongue rapidly swipe at her core, just enough to feel good but still leave her wanting. She squeezed her thighs down on Ichie’s head and pulled her in deeper by the hair, and if Ichie somehow missed these very clear and obvious signals to hurry the fuck up she would give up ponzu for a week.

Fortunately Ichie seemed smart enough to figure out what she wanted, and Fumi soon felt her tongue wiggle past her entrance before twisting and probing around her insides. Ichie started altering between thrashing her tongue around inside her like this and pulling out to give quick, broad strokes along the entire slit, and it wasn’t long before Fumi was seeing stars. She was barely holding back from crushing Ichie’s head between her thighs as her tongue made sure to poke and prod every corner of her pussy, inside and out, and there was an intense burning feeling in her belly that was quickly growing unbearable.

“Ichie...oh, fuck, I’m about to--” Fumi’s vision momentarily faded to black as the burning, tingling feeling spread throughout her entire body, leaving her groaning and panting as she rode out her high, all while Ichie just kept licking. Her limbs were numb as she swore and gasped for breath, and by the time she started to regain feeling in them they just felt way too heavy. Opening her eyes, she noticed Ichie staring right back at her, looking very satisfied with herself. A proud, toothy grin on her face, she lifted herself from between Fumi’s legs and crawled up her body, giving her a quick yet very enthusiastic kiss before flopping down onto her. Fumi honestly did not mind the lingering taste of her own arousal on Ichie’s lips.

Too tired to move or speak, Fumi contented herself with just lying motionless on the couch, occasionally glancing back at the TV to see what Sakaki was up to. Oh, right now the captain seemed to be pounding into her with a strap-on while another girl was sitting on her face. Interesting. If she wasn’t already so spent she’d probably be getting horny again from seeing that. Oh, that did remind her...

“Ichie,” She said, forcing herself to sit up and placing her hands on Ichie’s shoulders.

“Yeah, Fumi?” Ichie said, beaming at her lovingly.

“Get dressed. You’re helping me disinfect the couch.”