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I Win. So Give In

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Kuroko Tetsuya. An average teenage boy that goes to Teiko middle school, a regular basketball player that excels in passing. Tetsuya may be describe as that one quiet boy that is hardly noticed by almost everyone because of his lack of presence. His face always impassive. He is not that much of a superstar.


He may look like that but those people doesn't know what's into his whole personality. Deep down, he can be as feral as a beast despite of his calm-looking nature. 


He had his eyes on his captain whose personality is opposite to him. Akashi Seijūrō, an excellent student and captain of Teiko middle school basketball team. One of the smartest and most respected people in school. Seijūrō excels in everything that made him look like he has it all. 


An intimidating, intense, and interesting person.


And that is why Tetsuya started liking him. Seijūrō is a very interesting character. Has a double personality that made him absolute. Thinks that he's always right and is never wrong. Speaks with confidence and class. Oh how Tetsuya wanted to see him break. How Tetsuya wanted him to crumble because of him some day.


"This is kinda making me sad.. Aominecchi and Murasakibaracchi weren't here again. Ever since Akashicchi changed, he doesn't even care about teamwork anymore. Just relying on their individual strength" Ryouta complained. Playing with the ball in his hand.


"Don't think about it too much, Kise-kun. I'm sure the day will come where everyone acts the same way again" Tetsuya assured him. Witnessing the day where Atsushi confronts Seijūrō, Tetsuya was even more interested on the redhead. 


"I hope so although graduation is near. Momoocchi is really sad as well. I feel bad for her.."


Tetsuya tried to hide his satisfaction as he thinks of the future events for him with Seijūrō.




"Akashi-kun" Tetsuya spoke as the redhead stopped his movements.


"I thought you wouldn't want to continue playing? So what business do you want to discuss with me, Tetsuya?" Akashi questioned him. Turning around and meeting the other's baby blue eyes.


"I just thought that I should say something to you before this school year ends" Tetsuya responded staring straight at Seijūrō's eyes.


"And what might be it?"


"Someday, Akashi-kun. Someday you're going to be kicked out from your throne. You'll realize that victory isn't the only that is important. You're going to realize what other things you don't pay attention at will get you off your high horse. It will be your breakdown" Akashi let out a little laugh as if he was showing him that he does not need such lectures from him.


"Is that all? I'm sorry but that won't happen. I don't need to hear you lecturing me. I know what I'm doing and I, Akashi Seijūrō, will never lose" As Seijūrō emphasized the last words, he turn around to walk away. Not giving Tetsuya a single glance. 


And because he didn't glance back, he didn't saw the mischief in Tetsuya's grin.




Now that they are in first year of high school, Tetsuya met new and awesome teammates. Kagami Taiga is one of them. His great light and friend. 


Here they are, after Tetsuya was called for a short meeting with his former teammates by Seijūrō. Taiga has a slight wound on his cheeks because of Rakuzan's terrifying captain. They are currently heading back with Kouki, still terrified about what Seijūrō did earlier.


"I forgot, I have some business to take care of" Kuroko suddenly spoke.


"What? Coach will be mad. We have to get there quick!"


"I'm sorry, you two may go on. This is just urgent"


"Huh.. Another one like earlier. Fine then, Furihata, let's go" Taiga said as he and Kouki walks away. Tetsuya immediately goes to the other direction where he could meet with Seijūrō. He increase his pace until he saw the back of Seijūrō's head in the distance. He was alone. As if he's waiting for someone. Tetsuya walk over to him.


"So what was that from earlier?" Tetsuya spoke. Seijūrō was a bit startled since he thought no one was around. 


"That's nothing" Seijūrō answered, turning around to face him. "What are you going to do now? Lecture me again like last time?"


Tetsuya just smiles mischievously at him. Something that Seijūrō rarely sees.


"Let's have a bet" Seijūrō raised an eyebrow. Tetsuya is suggesting of having a bet? And with him of all people?


"A bet? You're quite bold enough to challenge me, Tetsuya" 


"Like I told you, you won't always win. There's gonna be that day where you will lose" Tetsuya stated, not a trace of fear in his expression. Brave enough to challenge the beast in front of him.


"Alright, I accept. Supposed that you win the bet, what will you do?" Seijūrō questioned.


"Of course, I'll have you follow what I want you to do" He replied, trying to hide his grin as he thinks of a lot of things he could do.


"And if I win you'll follow me?"


"Yes. That would be it, if only you win"


"You sounded like you're certain that I'm going to lose huh?" Seijūrō said as he raised his eyebrow. He caught a small smirk on the bluenette's lips.


"If we win against your team, that means you'll have to follow me. Maybe you can even get your original personality back, Akashi-kun. We'll win. I will win. I have teammates that I can trust in order to defeat you" Tetsuya said that made Seijūrō's stomach churn. Suddenly, he felt like the atmosphere gets heavy as soon as Tetsuya dropped those words.




Today's the winter cup. Their final play against Rakuzan. Meanwhile, Seijūrō doesn't like how this play was not going according to his plan. Seirin was closing the gap quicker than he expected. This game started to frustrate him. They are too persistent. In a few seconds they will caught up to them. He doesn't want to lose against them. Seijūrō remembered Tetsuya's words back in their last year of middle school. 


Him, being an emperor. He'll be kicked out of his throne when the time comes.


Seijūrō doesn't want that. He still have to fulfill something. He's not going to allow it. Never. He'll also lose the bet with Tetsuya. Once again, he performs in the court as he mercilessly shut down his opponents. Creating a bigger gap than before. He saw some of their hopeless expression that made him smirk in triumph. But then, Tetsuya's strange reaction caught him off guard.


As if he was satisfied. As if this is going according to his plans. 


Taiga's determination is another problem. He'll have to wipe that off from him before he gets even stronger. Both Tetsuya and his light, he'll defeat them.




A few minutes passed and Seijūrō happens to have a talk with his original self during the game. Allowing him from taking over, and played with everyone after two years of being locked up. Seirin was quite frustrated that Rakuzan's captain got even stronger. Still terrifying but not as terrifying as before because he radiates some kind of "gentle" aura around him.


He noticed that Tetsuya was quite disappointed with it, but he tried to hide it. Seijūrō was a bit bothered but he shrug it off and focus in their game.




The sound of shout of everyone who supports Seirin rung through the gymnasium. They won and it's thanks to their teamwork and determination. Tetsuya was glad, of course he is. He didn't join the basketball team because he wanted Seirin to become the best in Japan. He joined so that he could witness the defeat of the proud Akashi Seijūrō with his own eyes and by his own plan. 


"This is defeat then.." Seijūrō muttered as he stared down on the ball that stays quietly on the floor. He's having mixed emotions but he's certain that he mostly feels happy now that he's back. He could also see his old teammates faces and they're all happy. Not only because Tetsuya's team won, but because he got back to his old self again.


They line up and went to shake hands with everyone. Seijūrō congratulate Tetsuya. He smiled and told him that they're going to play against each other next time. Seijūrō smiled, saying that they're going to win their next play.


Just when no one was really paying attention to them, Tetsuya dragged him closer to him and whispered something in his ear.


"Let's meet somewhere after this" 


Then he lets go and walk towards his teammates. Seijūrō felt himself shiver for a second due to Tetsuya's tone and voice.




When Seijūrō got into the address where Tetsuya gave him earlier, no one was around. He felt like he'll receive a prank later on. Seijūrō looks back at his phone and message the bluenette. What kind of stuff does Tetsuya wants? It gave him a bit of a bad feeling since this place gives off a creepy feeling.


"That's too bad. I actually hoped that you're still in your other personality" Someone spoke from behind. Seijūrō turned around to face the teen wearing casual clothing instead of the practice shirt.


"What do you mean, Kuroko?" It feels weird for Tetsuya to be called by his last name coming from Seijūrō's voice. Since it's been a long time that he's calling him by his first name. Tetsuya didn't answer and just walk closer to him. Seijūrō finds himself backing away due to the bluenette's strange expression. He began to feel uncomfortable.


"Hold up Kuroko, what do you really want me to do?" Seijūrō asked, feeling his heart beats louder when Tetsuya suddenly pinned him against the wall.


"W-Wait, we could talk this out. What are you planning to do?" Seijūrō was startled by Tetsuya's actions. This is not like him. Since he had a talk with him back in their last year of middle school, this is not how Tetsuya usually acts. Or is he wrong?


"I win, Akashi-kun" Seijūrō raised his eyebrow. Yes he did. But what the hell is this, pinning him against the wall in a place where nobody is around. What kind of consequences does he have to pay?


"The bet... You'll have to do what I wanted you to do. So, if I told you to give yourself in, are you going to do it?" Tetsuya asked getting the redhead more confused.


"Give myself in? What do you mean by that?" Seijūrō felt his breath hitched when Tetsuya lean closer. He could feel Tetsuya's hot breath against his neck.


"Give yourself to me" Was all Tetsuya said before Seijūrō finally realized what he meant. His knees trembles as he felt his lips on his neck.


"I can't—"


"You lost, remember? Don't complain" Tetsuya shut him up before dragging him out of the place. Going to a more secluded, and neat one. 




Grunts and moans filled the room along with the sound of the bed creaking. Tetsuya on top of Seijūrō. Touching him to all of his sensitive places. Ramming inside him that made Seijūrō screamed in pleasure.


What a sight. Seijūrō is in a hot mess. Looking good underneath him. Making him wanted to break him more than he already is. Tetsuya has been waiting for this moment. The day that he will really see the proud Akashi Seijūrō trembles underneath him.


"N-No.. No more..!" Seijūrō managed to say as he was being rammed inside ruthlessly. Tetsuya didn't listen. He ignored his cries in protest as he continue to thrust even harder. 


"Shhh. I'll do whatever I want because I win. So now, how does it feel to be defeated, Seijūrō?" Tetsuya asked, a mocking smirk on his lips as he watched the redhead break down.


"Stop.. It hurts already.." Tetsuya flashes a sadistic smile as soon as Seijūrō said those words.


"That's right. It hurts, yet you still keep on crushing them without mercy. Only thinking of your own pleasure. That's what you'd been doing these past two years right?" Tetsuya stated and it hit Seijūrō like a damn truck. He was right, but that was before! He's not like that anymore. He already got back.


"You're probably thinking that all of it is in the past now isn't? You already regretted those mistakes. But it isn't enough for me though" He said as Seijūrō squirmed when his hole was stretched too bad. 


"To answer your question earlier, “What do you mean?” I meant that I hope you're still that high and mighty Akashi Seijūrō, so that I could see you crumble by my own hands right now. But that didn't matter. This is way more satisfying" He finished before crashing his lips against Seijūrō's abused ones. Tetsuya has been biting them harshly for some reason. 


Seijūrō barely enjoys the sex that he was supposed to enjoy. Just like how his former opponents felt when they were supposed to enjoy playing basketball against him and his teammates. 


Everything he's done, are coming back to him even if he didn't really mean it. He never thought he would witness this dark side of Tetsuya.


'I should have listened to him back then..' He thought as a sharp pain shot through him while there's still no sign of Tetsuya stopping. 


Seriously, Tetsuya should feel guilty for enjoying this. But he just can't. Seijūrō's too beautiful even when he's already broken. His body abused, and his virginity stolen. His innocence about this had been tainted by Tetsuya's dark nature that he rarely shows to anyone. Seijūrō's the first one to witness it.


He moaned in pain and felt the bluenette cums inside him. He has never felt so beaten in his whole life before. Seijūrō should feel anger but he can't get himself to be angry at him. 


This is real victory. Tetsuya smiles as he stare down at the body underneath him before he pulls out and made Seijūrō rest.


"You did well, emperor. Now your era has come to an end"