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Sander sides but as centaurs

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Logan isn’t sure what to do. The man has given him an order so he should obey right? But that man doesn’t own him. Thomas does. Then again this man is presumably Thomas’s guest. He doesn’t want to make Thomas look bad. Besides, he’s only been told to walk closer. That’s not so bad right? That was what he’d come to do in the first place.

Logan slowly walks closer, hoping this is the right course of action.


Thomas is both relieved and disappointed.

“Oh well, it isn’t like this day can get worse.” He murmurs under his breath. ‘I should stop thinking that. The universe seems to take that as a challenge to prove me wrong.’ Thomas hops to his feet and hurries towards his Uncle and the approaching Centaur. His Uncle whistles loudly. “Wow, you got yourself a fucking beast.” ‘So that’s where Lea’s cursing comes from. Also, RUDE.’

Logan doesn’t seem happy with this declaration either. Thomas imagines Logan feels the same as Thomas does when his Uncle mentions Thomas’s weight.

Thomas clears his throat. He opens his mouth even though he isn’t sure what to say. Then Aunt comes rushing over and tries to pull her kids away. They screech and whine.

“Come away kids! Don’t stand so close, it might kick you!” She turns sharply to Thomas. “How dare you let him roam around all by himself. There are children here! Is he even trained!?”

Both Thomas and Logan are taken back. Trained? What is he, a wild beast? He’s a Centaur, not a fucking dog! Thomas glares at her.

“He’s not a fucking animal. He’s not gonna run around attacking people!” Thomas has his hands clenched in fists. He no longer sees a reason to hold back from cursing in front of his cousins.

His Aunt gasps and covers her children's ears when she is interrupted by Logan.

“If by ‘trained’ you are implying that I will not cause bodily harm to anyone, baring self defense, then yes. I am trained. Though I find that to be an inaccurate and somewhat offending description. I believe ‘non threatening’ or ‘of standard temperament’ best fit this scenario.” Logan states this in a calm collected manner. He is completely composed and doesn’t seem at all upset. The same can not be said for Thomas.

Thomas’s Aunt and Uncle who are taken back. Thomas isn’t sure if they are more surprised at Logan’s vocabulary or that he knows how to speak at all. Either way they seem speechless. ‘About time. I haven’t been able to come up with anything to say since they got here. Lets even the odds shall we?’ Sadly, good things aren’t known to last in Thomas’s experience and his Uncle and Aunt find their tongues a minute or so later.

“Well I never!” “How dare you speak to my wife that way!” Thomas thinks his Uncle would have slapped Logan had he been tall enough and Logan closer. Instead his Uncle puffs out his chest and stomps right up to Logan, who seems a bit worried at this reaction.

“I did not intend to insult your wife. I am not even sure as to what I said that you find offensive but I assure you it was unintentional.” Logan does actually seem a bit apologetic, although Thomas knows he will not directly apologize. He never does. Logan hadn’t been aware of just how often he insulted and put down people until the pony had made a habit of pointing it out to him. Still, it’s a rare day when Logan is willing to acknowledge he’s made a mistake and rarer still for him to admit it aloud.

But Thomas’s Uncle and Aunt don’t care in the slightest. Thomas thinks that even if Logan had begged for forgiveness they would still rant and rave at him so it is no surprise when they begin shouting abuse and slurs at Logan.

Thomas tries to calm them down. “Uncle Owen, Aunt Patty, please! Lo- He wasn’t trying to insult you. Calm down!” Thomas is dismayed when his Uncle and Aunt continue shouting over him. They probably can’t hear him over their own voices.

“You are just a dumbass animal! You should only speak when told to!” “How dare you speak to me! You should be punished!” Then his Uncle and Aunt turn their focus on Thomas, giving him whiplash. “Well? Are you going to let him disrespect your Aunt like that?”

Thomas scowls. Since when did Logan owe anyone his respect?

“Even if he WAS insulting you, and trust me you would know if he was, I still don’t think he should apologize because YOU insulted him FIRST. Seriously, who asks someone if they are trained?” Thomas is ready to tear into his Aunt and Uncle about how terrible they have been this entire time when he is interrupted by the squeal of hyperactive kids. ‘Seriously, are these kids on a sugar only diet or what?’

Thomas reluctantly moves to see what Lea and Leo are yelling about this time. Thomas and Logan are equally horrified when they manage to make out what the kids are saying as they jump about. “A PONY! MOMMY, THERE’S A PONY IN THE BARN!!” “CAN WE RIDE IT?! I WANT TO RIDE THE PONY!”

Thomas looks over to see that, yes, the pony has left the barn. He’s only a few feet out of the doorway but he’s still notably a pony. For the first time Logan is looking truly worried. “Thomas I do not believe-” He tries to speak but gets cut off again by Aunt Patty.

“SHUT UP! I’ve already told you not to speak! Are you too much of a retard to understand that much? You fucking-” Thomas shoves past his Aunt, cutting off her words.

“No Lea. Don't climb the fence. Stay over here. You too Leo.” Thomas tries to gently pull Lea off the fence. She clings tightly. Her and Leo’s screams alert their parents who finally notice their children. They also notice the pony. “You have a pony too? How dare you try and hide it! The children could have been playing with it all along!” “A pony? Seriously? Let me guess, you couldn’t control the big bastard so you tried again with a small bitch.”

Thomas would be furious if he wasn’t so preoccupied trying to keep his cousins from charging over the fence and harassing the pony. Logan has him covered in the anger department. “Don’t speak of him that way. He has done absolutely nothing to you. It is incredibly judgmental of you to speak of someone you have never met. Also, he is male which turns your definition of him being a bitch null and void. If you intend to insult at least do so correctly.”

“Why you fucking-” Thomas’s Uncle hops up on the bottom rung of the fence and tries to slap Logan. Logan takes a single step back and Owen nearly falls off the fence and onto his face. Thomas snorts. Then, out of nowhere, Thomas feels a sharp pain in his hand. He yelps and releases Lea to check what hurt him.

Teeth marks? Lea bit him? ‘How dare Uncle Owen and Aunt Patty accuse Logan of being a wild animal when they are raising such little monsters. Monsters. Plural. I have two cousins. Where is Leo?! Thomas tears his gaze away from his throbbing hand only to see Lea and Leo rushing the pony while their mother shouts encouragement.

The pony balks as they charge him and looks incredibly frightened. He waves his hands a little while shaking his head no in an attempt to discourage the children from approaching but Lea and Leo charge on. Thomas’s head is spinning from the chaos that has been the past hour. He isn’t sure when to look, this has gotten entirely out of control and he has no idea what to do.

His Uncle is still screaming at Logan and Logan is responding in kind. His Aunt is alternating between telling Thomas to go get the pony’s saddle and telling him how irresponsible and selfish he’s been. His cousins have reached the pony and have started to pull and scratch at him. The pony is clearly terrified and trying to back away from them.

Thomas is torn on whether to pull Logan and his Uncle away from each other before his Uncle manages to punch him (Or Logan loses his temper and hits first), or whether he should pull his cousins off the pony first. In his split second hesitation his Aunt has unlatched the gate and is hurrying towards the pony. She is digging through her purse as she goes and pulls out something large and metal.

Later Thomas will find out it was a makeup case she accidently pulled out while looking for her phone, but in that moment of complete chaos it looked somewhat similar to that horrible mouth piece the pony had once been forced to wear.

The pony panics. He stumbles backwards frantically as fast as he can.

Now remember how Logan had been trying to find that gopher hole earlier? The pony found it. His back legs slip into it and throw him to the ground. He gives a loud cry of pain that halts every one in their tracks.

‘That. Is. It.’