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Erotic Friend Fiction/Au's

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The bell sounded throughout the hall signalling that class was starting. Tina quickly shut her locker and ran as quick as she could to get to her metal shop class. Ever since her dad had been kicked out as substitute teacher for the Home Economics class, the kids had been put in metal shop class. Mr. Frond didn’t want another riot or that creaky lunch lady to yell at him again. Though, if you knew Tina Belcher, she could not run very well (though at least she did better than Jimmy Jr.). She quickly ran out of breath and started to freak out as the late bell rang.

“It’s okay. I guess it wasn't meant for me to have a good life,” Tina huffed as she made her way down the hallway. As she turned the corner she saw Zeke and Jimmy Jr. getting yelled at by their metal shop teacher. Good, maybe I can sneak in and not be noticed.

“I can’t believe you two! Why would you try to burn off your chest hair with a blow torch!” The teacher yelled sternly. He was so engrossed in yelling at them that he didn’t see Tina sneak behind him. Zeke and Jimmy Jr. on the other hand saw her. She froze and put an awkward finger to her lips trying to signal them to be quiet.

Jimmy Jr. must have mistaken her signal, though to her the signal was pretty damn obvious, because while the teacher was yelling at them he said, “Hey Tina!”

The teacher stopped yelling at them and started to turn around, but before he did Zeke said, rather loudly, “Hey teach, you got it all wrong man. We ain’t trying to burn off our chest hair, we ain't’ got any. We wanted to see if we could burn a dingleberry onto ourselves.” The teacher started yelling at Zeke and Jimmy Jr, but this time for being disruptive, gross, and immature. Zeke gave Tina a little wink as she slipped into the classroom and took her seat. Zeke and Jimmy Jr. ended up getting detention, again, but Tina didn’t get caught being late.

The next day in class Zeke and Jimmy Jr. were put with new partners. Tina wished to get Jimmy Jr., but he was put next to Jocelyn and Zeke was put next to her. She wished she could’ve been with Jimmy Jr. so she could get free access to look at his butt in those new jeans, but sadly she was paired with Zeke. He always got in the way of her and Jimmy Jr time, but he did help her out.

“Hey, T-bird!” Zeke said loudly and enthusiastically.

“Hey, Zeke,” Tina said softly and paused. “Uhhhhhhhh….Thanks yesterday- I mean, thanks for helping me out.”

Zeke smiled and got to work turning on the blowtorch, “No problem T-bird.” They didn’t talk for the rest of class Tina was glad it was finally over. Zeke kept to himself, but he was no Jimmy Jr. and was always too loud for her tastes. Just as she would gain the courage to ask Jimmy Jr. out, he would always interrupt and butt into the conversation. She smirked, butt.

Though, she never thought she’d be both so angry and flustered by Zeke. Two weeks after they were paired together, they were working on fixing pieces together to create a box. The theatre department was putting on a play called A B Seas and they wanted small metal boxes for some reason. Zeke, as usual, was humming to himself under his protective mask while he welded the pieces together. Tina, on the other hand, was struggling to turn on her welding device.

Tina raised her hand for help, but the teacher wasn’t paying attention. He was scolding Jimmy Jr. for setting fire to Jocelyn’s hair. Zeke cut off his welding device and took off his protective helmet. “What’s wrong T-Bird?” His hair was sweaty and his sweat glistened like glitter on one of her favorite horses' manes.

“I can’t turn this stupid thing on!” Tina said and kicked the machine.

“Woah! Someone’s got some fire in their britches!” Zeke said too loud. “Let me show ya how it's done.” Zeke stood closer to Tina and showed her how it was done. Soon, the welding piece was ready to go and Zeke was standing there proud. “See T-Bird, ain’t that difficult.”

Suddenly, Jimmy Jr. walked sneakily over to where Zeke was and jumped on his back. “Gotcha Zeke!” Jimmy Jr. lisped out. He hooked his arm around Zeke’s throat and Zeke choked, “Not yet J-Ju,” Zeke said as he flipped Jimmy Jr. off his back and sat on his back. The boys tousled on the ground a little before Jimmy Jr. kicked up and hit Tina’s elbow as she was trying, and failing, to weld.

“Ahhhh!” Tina yelled in surprise and pain. The welding device flew from her hand, cracking her glasses and singeing off her left right eyebrow. It fell to the floor along with Tina who almost fell on it. The whole class went silent as the teacher ran over to a yelling Tina. He turned the device off as she cupped her right eye.

When asked how it happened, so said she bumped her elbow and the device singed off her eyebrow. No one doubted her except for Zeke and Jimmy Jr. who actually knew what happened. They visited her at the nurses office to apologize, but Jimmy Jr’s apology was short and he quickly left for detention.

“Zeke, what are you still doing here?” Tina asked as she sat on the chair and waited for the burning to subside.

“I just wanted to apologize T-Bird. Burned off your eyebrow and broke your glasses, now how are you going to see?” Zeke said exasperatedly.

“I still have eye’s Zeke, it’s just blurry now.”

“I know that T-Bird. It’s just,” he paused and sat down in the chair next to her, “I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“I know Zeke. It’s alright. Eyebrows grow back, and then I’ll look beautiful again and Jimmy Jr. will want to go out with me.”

Zeke turned to her with eyes that confused her, “T-Bird, you’re already beautiful. If J-Ju don’t see it, he’s blinder than you!”

Tina flushed and felt the heat rise to her cheeks, “Thanks Zeke.”

“Well, I’m off to wrestle. Bye!”

“Wait! Zeke!” Zeke paused at the door and turned around. “Don’t you have detention?”

“Nah girl. It’s d.d.d.”

Tina’s brows would have furrowed in confusion, but she now only had one brow, “D.D.D?”

“Detention Ditch Day! Imma go pummel J-Ju for messing with my girl. I”ll getchu one day Tina girl. I’m gonna getchu.” Zeke said before he walked out the door and down the hall, hiding the blush that lightly spread across his face.

Tina still didn’t like Zeke, but now, maybe he was tolerable enough to make himself a love interest in her erotic friend fiction.