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Lung's Princess

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Dean is welcomed in the Wards headquarters by an onslaught of frustrated anger, and he doesn’t need to look at her to know it’s Missy.

Maybe she lost a fight with the Youth Guard about patrols again. Or maybe it’s something about her parents. Again.

Or, given how apologetic Chris is as he tries to calm her down, maybe it’s something else.

“What happened?” Dean asks Nate as discreetly as possible. He’s learned his lesson about trying to mediate without knowing the situation.

Namely, it makes things worse.

“Apparently, one of her friends from school convinced her to read a fic about Vista, in which she plays the role of damsel in distress until Kid Win rescues her, and now she’s pissed because people don’t take her seriously,” says Nate, and Dean suppresses a wince. Yes, that would do it.

“This is stupid!” screams Missy. “I’m not weak, I’m not powerless, I’m not a stupid princess, and I don’t need people to save me!”

She takes a step and the room twists to let her out, door slamming behind her. Chris sighs.

“The worst part is she’s right,” he says. “She’d definitely be the one to save me

Dean can’t say he disagrees.