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The Contractor

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You grew up in a setting that fostered your specialized skill set, you’re an infiltration and theft expert. Capable of picking locks, hacking some smaller electronics, cracking safes, scaling and breaking into buildings, planting bugs and all undetected of course. Today you’re on a simple task, break into a bank at night and steal the contents of a specific safety deposit box. The client is pretty new to this area but it’s not a big deal, everyone buys their first illegal favor somewhere.

First step was scoping the building out, you took a good bit of time early in the morning to look around when people were groggy and less likely to notice you. Using a hidden camera in your coat you snapped pics of camera positions and the general layout. The next thing you did was pull some city records for blueprints of the building, you had a contact so that was your early afternoon. The rest of the afternoon was spent pouring over the blueprints and approximating where the cameras would be based on the layout of the open customer areas. It wasn’t a big bank, but you know it has a big vault so it at least has some good security.

You set out that night parking a car about 2 blocks away then walking to the building, as you walk you do a quick check over. Bag, mask, gloves, lockpicking tools, zip ties, gun, knives, small hacking kit, ecm jammer, you’re ready. You take a deep breath and exhale through pursed lips and make your way to a blind spot on an outer camera. You don your mask, it’s simple wooden and painted black. You pull the hood up over your head and quickly pick the lock on the side door next to the camera then dip in quietly. The section you moved into luckily is quiet so you creep around the outer hallways keeping away from the lobby.

Finally you manage to spot a security guard and creep up on him, he goes to turn around and you go right for the throat pinning him to the wall by your arm until he passes out. You tie him up just in case and drag him under a nearby desk and grab his key card and work your way towards the stairs down. You plant an ecm jammer nearby and knock the stair camera out and head down using the key card to slip in.

You can see the vault in front of you but you have to get into the security room to open it, that’s mostly what the key card is for. You use the key card to open the door, you hear, “Back already Jeff?” as the security guard turns to you but as he realizes you’re not who he expected you check him into his own desk. While he’s still dazed momentarily you grab him by his head and slam it into the wall and hit the button to open the vault. You tie him up while he’s unconscious for the time being and head out.

The door slowly swings open and you walk in beginning to count boxes looking for the one you need. You find it pretty quickly and begin picking the lock, it’s a little tougher than usual but you know what you’re doing so it’s not a big deal. As you’re about to finish the lock you hear the alarms go off, did a guard find them? You don’t have time for this, you finish the lock and open the box only to find a small wooden box within’. The directions require you not to look inside so you don’t bother to unlock it and just stow it into your bag and step out. You look into the security room and the guard is still out, who set off the alarm?

You go up to the cameras and start clicking through and see a group of people setting C4 on the door. You duck under the desk with the unconscious guard and wait for the blast then hear people run into the next room. “Hey, looks like the vault’s already open. Think someone beat us to it?”, he says. “Might’ve, stay on your guard. Joy! Hoxton! Watch the door for police and any other thieves.” one responds. You hear the two of them move over next to the door and just barely peek over the desk and look at the camera feed. Clown masks, it’s the payday gang and you absolutely look conspicuous.

You start going over what you know, there’s one entry point into this area and that’s the door they’re guarding. They both have assault rifles and body armor plus the cops are coming, you have a silenced pistol and a gun. There’s a vent nearby but it’s in plain sight and they’d see you if you were trying to get it open. As you’re going over your thoughts you hear someone coming towards the room, you shuffle further under the desk and listen closely. You hear them enter, heavier footfalls meaning boots. They start to move around the room, looking at the shelves and walls when they stop in front of where you slammed him into the wall. You realize you knocked things off the wall when you hit him and now he knows where you’ve been.

You hold your breath trying to stay as quiet as possible but he knows and looks under the desk, initially seeing the guard then spotting you. “Come out, now!” you hear a gruff older voice. You slowly work your way out and make sure to put your hands up. He pushes his rifle against your back and grabs the bag off of you and looks in it only seeing the box.

“I was just here for a job, if you want you can trade it into my client. I don’t have a death wish so you can collect the money too just let me go please.”, you try to explain yourself as quickly as possible. He looks up at you and goes, “Oh yeah? Who’s your client?” He looks over the box with one hand for a moment. “It’s Vauban.”, you respond. He side eyes you for a moment, “Hey Hoxton! I found our thief, can we talk for a moment? Joy, come keep an eye on her.” He walks out of the room as Joy joins you instead while you watch he and the guy who was guarding the doorway talk for a moment.

They both come back in looking at one another and the guy he called Hoxton says, “Come on, we’re letting you go however before you leave.”, he pulls your mask off and takes a picture of you. “Just in case we need to find you, otherwise it’s your damn lucky day. Hurry before the cops show up.” He pushes you towards the door and you break into a sprint as soon as you can. You can only hope they put in a good word with him for you but you need to get out of this area now. You bolt out of the building and hear the swats showing up as you dip into the alley nearby.

You manage to get to your car and get in seeing more cops speeding by on the main roads. You’d better hurry before they start closing off roads, you start the car and make a break through the back roads and work your way to your little safehouse. Third floor of this garbage apartment complex, you crack the door and come in. You decide it’s best to get some rest for the night, the last thing you remember is laying down before you wake up in the afternoon.
You get up, get “breakfast” and check in on your computer for any messages and notice one from Vauban. He’s pleased to know things went well, and that he got his package. In fact he’s so pleased he got his package as expected he’s got another job for you immediately. He wants you to infiltrate a nearby gang, he gives you an address and tells you to give them a song and dance about how they’re being targeted. That you will gladly work with them and then use that to gather information on them and send it back to him. You are a little hesitant but you agree, you need the money after losing the last mission and figure how bad can it be?

After breakfast and accepting you pack things up, you figure you might as well do a bit of recon on this one before you go in. You pack up and head downstairs and back to your car, this had better be worth it. After a short drive later and parking your car a few blocks away you walk to the location and take a look at it. It’s a laundromat, a little on the nose don’t you think? You make your way into the quiet building across the street and chill out at a window. Before you begin spying you decide to do some digging on Vauban, you’re not the first he’s hired for sure but he’s still really new to the scene. All jobs within the last 2 months only, overpaid too. He doesn’t know the price of work or goods, something feels off about this.

You turn your focus on the building, watching for movement and while you can see vaguely in the windows movement you can’t tell who’s there and what’s going on. You continue to watch for a few hours when you spot a few people leave for a bit to move some stuff into the building from a nearby vehicle. You listen quietly to see if you can hear anything and you hear one of the voices from the heist last night. It’s the one who was wearing boots, of course it’s the fucking payday gang. You’re right, something isn’t right about this and of course this is just your luck.