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Saving Simon AU

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It just occurred to me… in a world where Phoenix never gets disbarred, UR-1 probably goes down very differently, because there’s no way Phoenix wouldn’t somehow end up defending Simon in court. And, I mean… it’s Phoenix, like he’s going to lose a case like that, especially with little Athena there doing her best to help prove SImon’s innocence, and she’s eleven at the time, so that’s plenty old enough to get mixed up in all this, Pearl’s been hanging around since she was about eight, it’s all good.

I mean, just think about it… a world where not only does Phoenix never get disbarred, but also one where Simon never has to don his scary persona and just stays the cinnamon roll he was at age twenty-one. How did this never occur to me before, it feels so obvious now that I think about it?!?


onceuponymous  asked: I like no-disbarment BUT Phoenix still adopts Trucy AUs, bc the Gramarye Shitstorm is always going down. I was almost going to say something about Trucy insisting on attending Phoenix's trials, but then remembered what happened the last big time a nine year old came to watch his father in court. (if Trucy's connected to Phoenix, Phoenix goes to the space center to look for clues, Phoenix finds this young aspiring astronaut and his loud friend who hang out there all the time... sibling time)


greentrickster  answered:

Naturally, there is no world where Phoenix doesn’t adopt Trucy, it’s a fixed event in all timelines!!! And Trucy should be fine going to watch Phoenix’s trials, she’s already lost her inferior birth father due to the legal system. And, gods, yes, running into Apollo at the space center, Apollo ‘Phoenix Wright is my hero and role model’ Justice who would probably be all too happy to tell him anything and everything he knows pertaining to this case, and actually I’m planning to be a defense attorney like you, I’ve been watching your trials for years! And then panicking to Clay later that he came off like a crazy fan boy and now Mr. Wright will never hire him when he passes the bar-

Meanwhile, Phoenix was just glad to run into such a helpful young man while investigating.



onceuponymous  asked: *Cinnamon roll Simon* being the one interacting with a grieving Aura (whose fury hasn't built up to the point we see in DD, but she is NOT gonna just get over her gf dying and her baby bro being arrested)


greentrickster  answered:

Actually, thinking about it, there’s no reason for Aura to be really angry at all in this version of events - in canon her anger stems from the fact that she believed Athena murdered Metis and Simon went to jail to cover for her, so she lost her gf and brother in just about the most dramatic, painful way possible.

In this version, however, Simon’s in jail for like three days and then he gets proved innocent, so she can grab him by the ear and chew him out for being such a dumbass, does he have any idea what he put her through with this?!?! And she has literally no reason to be angry at Athena, because if anything Athena’s even more of a victim in these events than her, and with the real culprit caught and justice seen for her girlfriend’s death and her brother safe…

…holy crap, this is the world where Aura adopts and raises Athena in honour of Metis…

Like, yeah, she’ll have trauma to work through, anyone would in this situation, but with events moving as fast as they do in AA games there’s no time for it to truly settle in. I think in this version of events, her grief at Metis’s death is able to be just that - grief. No rage or resentment built up towards anyone but the person actually responsible for all this, and he’s on death row. Metis was overwhelmingly important to Aura, Simon, and Athena… I think this is the world where they get to be there for each other and heal from this tragedy together.


rjmeta at first simon's trying to throw the trial, pleading guilty and intentionally being the most unhelpful little shit he can be. then phoenix, in all of his cha 20 wis 12 glory, manages to (Through Great Effort, because it's simon) get him to crack, and simon spills, because at the end of the day he is still just a twenty one year old who lost his mentor and is looking at life and death in prison no matter how much he's convinced himself this is the right thing to do

rjmeta and also this is phoenix we're talking about.

rjmeta and phoenix is just like "ohhh what the fuck have i gotten myself into" but because he's a goddamn god of lawyering he manages to solve the case


@rjmeta Yes, yes on all accounts! And this is a Simon not yet hardened by jail and suffering, not to mention one who hasn’t had a lot of time to get his story really solid and straight. Heck, he’d barely done that by the time he finally got retried in Dual Destinies, two hours with Phoenix and he’s going to crack like an egg, especially once the magatama comes out!

Plus… Athena’s still running around. Athena, who knows for a fact that Simon didn’t do it, and who didn’t quietly accept him confessing to this nonsense in canon, you can bet solid money that the instant she sees Phoenix she’s going to latch onto him like a burr, because here’s someone else who finally believes Simon didn’t do it and who’s willing to help him and listen to her. Plus, Phoenix is pretty good with kids and younger people, and his experiences with Maya, Pearl, and Trucy at the very least mean he knows better than most how intelligent and invaluable they can be in these situations.

Actually, you know what? Heck with it - Athena’s probably his investigation partner in this world for this case. Her and Trucy, because yes please seeing those two interact at this age, that’s going to be one heck of an interesting potential train wreck!


rjmeta man, the idea of a trucy-athena double team on the phantom is both utterly terrifying (because that is an international spy and murderer and those are two kids), amazing (because there's no fucking way the phantom could withstand these two, especially with athena's far more powerful powers), and hilarious (because the mental image of an international spy get the metaphorical shit kicked out of him by two little girls is utterly sending me)



@rjmeta XD That WOULD be amazing! And it would be interesting, since Athena hasn’t fully come into her abilities at this point - she still needs those headphones and probably hasn’t gotten Widget working just yet, so she can likely get a good read on people, but hasn’t got that solid pinpoint accuracy she can achieve when she’s older just yet. Combined with Trucy’s ability to spot physical tells, the two of them would probably be a pretty formidable tag-team, just as Athena and Apollo are in canon and for similar reasons. It’s an interesting contrast, too - Trucy likely needs more practice to get her abilities to their full potential, while Athena’s are so strong that she’s swamped by them, like they’re approaching the same goal from opposite directions.


sunluvclub just imagining simon with his short hair and polite, quiet disposition trying so hard to convince the court that he’s guilty of a gruesome murder and being shut down at every opportunity by legend phoenix wright and simon’s best friend who happens to be like 11 years old + miniature magician trucy wright.... I Want To Cry. phoenix has had worse cases than this. it gets resolved cleanly. simon starts crying after the trials over and then athena starts crying because he’s crying

sunluvclub and aura has NEVER FELT MORE RELIEVED IN HER LIFE. bro just imagine AURA!!!! coming to terms with the fact that the love her life is gone but taking on the responsibility of taking care of her almost daughter and younger brother. quiet samurai simon properly being thena’s funky uncle. that would be so nice I’m sad


@sunluvclub How this good boy managed to convince everyone he was guilty of murder in the first place I will never know, I can only guess that it was because he confessed and must have had a sub-par attorney or something. But yes, it happens exactly as you say, Simon is crying and then Athena’s crying and then Aura’s crying, and, let’s be real here, Phoenix is also crying at this point because the man’s a crier and he might be better at keeping it in check these days, maybe he’s not full-on sobbing, but those eyes are not dry.

And Aura… Aura takes all this so hard, but this time she has strong reasons not to fall into despair and hate, and Simon’s there encouraging her to get help dealing with this despair, and things just… go more smoothly. Athena probably grows up friends with Trucy and Apollo thanks to all this and maybe starts learning how to manage her abilities faster. And maybe all this didn’t happen in canon, but it’s still happening here, and I think that counts for something. ;)



onceuponymous  asked: If Athena still does want to be an attorney without the deadline hanging over her, I'd kinda like her to spend a few more years before actually taking the bar. I worry for all these baby attorneys


greentrickster  answered:

If she does still choose the legal world in this universe, she almost certainly would do just that - she’ll probably still take it quite young, since she’s good at it, but most likely she’ll be closer to the ages Apollo or Phoenix were when they took the bar, so early 20s. Simon helps her study. :)



onceuponymous  asked: Given the opportunity, would cinnamon roll Simon still decide to prosecute an orca, do you think?


greentrickster  answered:

I was about to say ‘yes,’ on the grounds that he knows that if no one prosecutes, then there’s no chance for a not guilty sentence and she’d just be killed, but then I remembered that I really like Simon being friends with Klavier Gavin and Sebastian DeBeste (since they all join the Prosecutors’ Office within a year or so of each other and are in the same age range, so probably get lumped together) and also that Simon can have something of a wicked sense of humour, which he likely still has as a cinnamon roll it’s just less prominent.

So, this is the world where Klavier or Sebastian prosecute the orca, because Simon talked them into it. He helps out and was fully prepared to take the case himself if he’d failed, but one of those two made a joking comment saying Simon wanted to defend the orca because they have similar fashion sense (ie, black and white) and this is his revenge.



onceuponymous  asked: All versions of Simon as they learn psychology: "I will use this knowledge. For Evil" (but evil varies from psyching out the defense to convincing coworkers to prosecute a whale)


greentrickster  answered:

XD Yeah, basically!



In regards to Phoenix forging evidence, there’s one fact that I can’t believe the entire court system missed which would have definitively proven that Phoenix didn’t do it:

Forging evidence is a strategy that takes time, planning, and forethought, and Phoenix is not that organized. He’s known for taking clients maybe a day before the trial starts and bluffing like crazy when he gets in a corner. Heck, prior to his disbarment, I’m pretty sure the only real long-term plan he ever made was in regards to saving Edgeworth, and the sum total of that plan was, “Become a defense attorney, face Edgeworth in court, make him not evil anymore!”

What he should have done during that trial was go, “Judge, I know this looks bad, but please consider: I am a walking embodiment of the term ‘human disaster,’ there’s no way I could have done this even if I wanted to.” and the Judge would have gone, “Shit, you’re right, that’s decisive evidence right there, gonna let you off with a warning this time in light of your stellar track record, next time be more careful.” And then Phoenix could have adopted Trucy anyway and spent the next seven years trying to figure out who tried to frame him and where Zak buggered off to while also being a successful lawyer.

^ In light of the Saving Simon AU being a thing now, I’m bringing this back as a potential for how the Phoenix is still a lawyer in this world. Because, seriously, this should have been taken into consideration.



onceuponymous  asked: Also for the forethought-for-forging, I believe Phoenix literally found out about and took the case *the night before*


greentrickster  answered:

This is 100% true! Seriously, forget everything else in every game in the series ever, including any potential future installments, anyone seriously believing Phoenix Wright was capable of pulling this off is the biggest plot hole in the entire dang series, the cardboard badge thing is more believable than that if only because those badges are tiny and most people probably don’t spare more than a glance at them to ensure something’s there in about the right shape and colour, I cannot hecking believe I saying this, but I still am, because I know enough about this stuff to know I’m right!





Seriously, it’s the size of a freaking dime, it’s tiny, no wonder no one noticed!!!