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Wait What?

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It’s been six months since you last saw Michael.Since anyone saw him. Dr. Loomis hounded you with questions about him while you were recovering at the hospital. Who could blame him? You were the first person the shape let off the hook, and it was driving the doctor insane as to why.
After being in the hospital for a couple weeks you returned home and hit the resume button on your life. The problem is Michael has completely turned it around. Even when he wasn’t here you couldn’t stop thinking about him. You went back to school in April and got bombarded with questions and concerns. Most of them awkward and inappropriate.

One girl asked if you and Michael did the horizontal hula and your face went scarlet. Sure, these girls were seventeen or eighteen years old but Jesus Christ. Why on earth would Myers be interested in that?

The only one person that cared about how you were doing mentally and physically was your best friend Evelyn. She was out of town with her family the night shit went down.

Evelyn saves you from the crowd of teenagers and the you into first class.”Mother wouldn’t let me out of the house to come see you with that maniac still around” Evelyn wrapped her arms around you in an embrace.

“It’s okay Eve, I’m fine now” you hugged her back and when you two pulled away you could tell she had more questions.

“Did he hurt you?” She must’ve spotted the faded dark lines around your throat You would’ve thought they’d be gone by now.

“Okay, so maybe he choked me a little” you shrugged. Eve raised a brow in concern.”Look the doctors said I’m cleared stop worrying” you took her hands in yours and pleaded to her gently.

“I’m just glad you’re safe” she smiles.

The two of you went to the first three classes of the day and it wasn’t until lunch time that you felt eyes on you.”So, when we were out that night guess who I saw?” Eve grins mischievously.

“Hmmm could it be Tony?” You matched her grin.

“Yes! He asked me to dance, and we were dancing the night away in this quaint little restaurant” she went on telling you about her crush.You didn’t mind though, it was a sense of normalcy for once and not constantly being asked if you were okay.

As she rambled on you could see someone out the window of the cafeteria. Even if for a split second you saw the familiar pale face. Wait was that? Nah can’t be.You saw a hand waving in your face and realized Eve trying to get your attention.

“Hello? Earth to y/n”

“Sorry I thought I saw something” you returned your gaze to her.

“Was it him?” She turned to look out the window and saw nothing.

“I don’t think so, just my mind playing tricks” you waved it off, but your friend was not convinced.

“Sure” was her only reply.

Neither of you had the same classes after lunch so you separated and met back after school.


“Come on let me give you a ride home” Eve insisted.

“Look, I love you and all, but I kinda want to be alone” you were grateful of course.You just wanted peace.

She sighed.”You better call me if something happens. I’ll be there in ten seconds flat” she promises.

“I will” you watched her get in her car and drive off before you made your way back home. A set of eyes burned into the back of your skull and you looked behind you.No one.

“Michael?” You find yourself speaking his name. If he was there he sure didn’t make himself known.

You continue your walk down the streets of Orange Grove until you see the house the attacks took place.Across from that was the house you live in.It’s a cream colored one story house.

Once inside you threw your book bag down on the couch and flopped down with a sigh.Homework was the last thing you wanted to do.Yes the teachers gave you homework on the first day back.Science and history, fine, but the math could go to hell.You turned on the Telly, grabbed a bowl of Chef Boyardee, and got comfy to watch a few of your favorite movies.

About half way through the third movie you were dozing off. The sun had gone down and the clock read 9:00pm. “Damn, I didn’t know I was that tired” you murmured to yourself with a yawn.

The empty white bowl was still beside you on the couch so you turned off the tv and took it to the kitchen sink. You turned off the lights in the living room and trudged to the bathroom. You debated whether or not to do your nightly routine with half lidded eyes on the toothbrush.

The thought of garlic breath in the morning didn’t sound too pleasant so you opted for brushing. You open the cabinet over the sink, grab the toothpaste and upon closing it you saw someone in the mirror standing behind you.The lights dimmed for a moment and you couldn’t make out who it was.You drop the toothpaste in the sink and whip around with your only weapon being a toothbrush.

“Michael” you sigh in relief as the lights magically came on. Without thinking you wrap your arms in an embrace around his neck.

Michael tenses up and you immediately drop your arms. “Sorry” you awkwardly spend the next few seconds trying to explain some bullshit as to why you did that.

He just stared at you almost amused. “I missed you” there you said it, was that so hard to say. Your face flushed in embarrassment. Michael reaches out a hand to your throat, gently this time and pulls you to him.At first you weren’t sure what he was doing, but then he put his arms around your frame and holds you.

A bit odd for the shape to be hugging but you didn't care.You rest your head against his chest and hear his steady heartbeat. The light breaths through the mask soothe you right to sleep. He notices you snoozing and picks you up in his arms. You knew right then and there he wasn’t going to leave you again.