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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

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It was still dark outside when Ellie woke up. The full moon from two nights ago was waning now, but still bright enough to illuminate the room. 

Ellie mapped the parts she could see from her angle so she could ignore...the other thing for a few moments longer. It was a perfectly average bedroom, white walls, dark furniture, namely a dresser and a wardrobe. Clothing was strewn about on the carpet, probably from their former owners hastily packing a suitcase to evacuate.

She was sharing the bed with way too many pillows, why did people back then need so many damn pillows? Though, she wasn’t complaining about the amount of blankets piled on top of her…them.


She had passed out last evening but she hadn’t lost her memories. There was some residual confusion but it did make sense. She was naked, laying in a bed with Abby who was spooning her from behind and breathing softly in her sleep. That certainly was a thing that was happening to her right this moment. Ellie propped herself up and turned around halfway, Abby’s limp arm falling to her lap in the process. 

Ellie bit at her bottom lip when she saw Abby was down to her underwear, likely so she could pass her body heat more effectively. (Because just like Ellie, she was that much of a golden retriever of a person when it came to saving someone else's ass.) She hadn’t left Ellie that last dignity, who was stark naked, obviously her own underwear had been soaked with river water. For a moment her mind pleaded with her to get back under the covers, to ignore the awkwardness that would ensue when Abby woke up later, at least for a little while longer. To be greedy and take what she could get for as long as possible. 

She didn’t act on that impulse however. (nor the other impulse to go back to the river and chill -heh- with the sunken bison carcass) Instead, she was transfixed by Abby’s peaceful sleeping form. Staring at the other woman’s relaxed features and gently rising and falling chest as if in doing so an answer to all of Ellie’s problems would present itself any minute now. 

Just don’t hate me for this later. Ellie clearly remembered Abby saying that before climbing into the bed behind her. Hate her. For what? Making sure Ellie got to live and see another day?

Frozen, Ellie kept still when Abby started to shift. The arm left Ellie’s lap and there was a blissful half minute where Abby wasn’t aware of anything yet, only occupied with waking up in the comfort of their shared warmth under the covers and stretching herself long like a big cat. 

The moment passed too soon.

It was unusual for Abby to wake up like this in any case. Ellie’s sample size was small, but she’d seen her either gain full consciousness and be finished getting dressed, washed up and cranking out a million push ups before Ellie had even gotten a hold of a single sock herself. Or the same thing but with a suppressed startle at the beginning. As if she’d had a bad dream and trained herself out of waking up screaming and kicking. 

Ellie dimly realized her upper body was completely uncovered and...reacting to the chilly night air. She couldn’t bring herself to be embarrassed now and so didn’t bother pulling a blanket upwards. Why should she be embarrassed after all, it kind of was too late to start with that now. Abby had seen all there was to see already. 

Abby didn’t share her sentiment it seemed. She looked pointedly at the dresser behind Ellie and it was hard to tell in the low light but Ellie thought she was blushing furiously. Which, under different circumstances, Ellie would have found quite endearing. Abby could take out a clicker in a single blow but some exposed anatomy had her incapacitated? 

It wasn’t as if there was a whole lot to see in the first place, Ellie thought soberly. 

Abby cleared her throat.

“You’re better. Good. I should go.”

Fury was cutting sharply into Ellie’s I-don’t-even-care-anymore mood at that. 

Ellie knew she wasn’t the best with words, hell one time Dina had almost slapped her because of it. It was when she was coming out to her, or had been trying to, between awkward mumbly coughs and fumbling with her own hands and ripping the bread they’d been sharing as their patrol provision into tiny flakes onto the ground. 

So no. Ellie wasn’t the right person to ask for a grandiose declaration or a poetic baring of the soul. To her, feelings were a sticky hot mess of a brain-tangle and most of the time she was fine with sweeping them under the carpet for her future self to stumble over on another day and break a leg in the process.

But god was she sick of Abby’s bullshit. She needed to know. Now . So she could face the rejection head on, take it in stride, maybe, definitely mope about it to Dina or Jesse for a while and then get over it. If she’d allow it to build up for weeks or months when they were back in Jackson she’d go insane. She was going insane already.

She didn’t even allow herself to think about the other possible outcome to this whole fucked situation.

And so Ellie grabbed Abby by her arm as she was about to abscond once more, and…

...and she hadn’t thought any further ahead, actually.

Abby let it happen, she could have easily pulled away by now, walked out of the room, packed up Lev and set this house on fire with Ellie still in it. 

Instead she stood there, halfway out of the bed.

A few seconds ago, Ellie had been prepared for everything. A punch to the guts, a slap, an angry fucking let go of me , a joking taunt to ease the tension. 

She hadn’t been prepared for Abby’s gaze. It was disarming in the literal sense of the word, Ellie was already naked, now she felt stripped down to her soul. It teemed with the prickling alive-ness of Abby, behind those eyes was a woman that had shared meals, supplies, even warmth and her own painful past with Ellie. Behind those eyes was a woman as vulnerable as she was strong at the same time.

Ellie met that gaze. Unwavering. 

It was hard to say whether Ellie pulled Abby or Abby pushed Ellie, whether it happened in the blink of an eye or at a glacial pace, it didn’t matter either way, when they met on top of the bed it felt like the voltage-heavy air before a thunderstorm finally finding its release. 

They both hissed from the intensity of the skin on skin contact. 

For a few moments their foreheads touched lightly as they did nothing but breathe the other in, reeling from what would, what needed to happen next. 

When Abby’s lips found Ellie’s at last it wasn’t sweet or gentle, they’d been starving for it after all. Ellie raked her fingers into the downy hair at Abby’s nape, tugging to get a better angle. The baritone rumble she received for it surged through Ellie’s entire body. Ellie felt the surprised shift of a tendon under her fingers when she opened her mouth and offered a quick sweep of tongue over Abby’s lips. Abby leaned closer still, deepening the kiss as well, and while their chests weren’t touching, Ellie could sense the heat radiating from the other woman’s skin. 

The need for air offered a brief reprieve. When those eyes landed on Ellie once again though, she became certain she wouldn’t make it out of this bedroom alive, they’d burn her to a crisp. The only solution to that was for Ellie to lean up again, for a second round. No preamble to it this time, the slide of tongue and hint of teeth had been too satisfying. She still needed more, though, she needed to press her lips to every last square inch of Abby’s skin. Her current position was counterproductive for that however and so she trailed one hand down Abby’s flank, raising goosebumps on her way. Her grip became firm on Abby’s hip and in a flash she flipped them both over, onto the pile of pillows. 

That blatant display of dominance must have roused something between them that had been at rest before because Abby didn’t stay put. Instead she sat up, which made Ellie subconsciously retreat so they wouldn’t smash their heads together. 

The next few minutes were incohesive. And electrifying. 

Half the pillows fell from the bed as they both scrambled for leverage, each pushing their advantage whenever one presented itself. 

Abby, pressing her down into the bed, nipped at the skin somewhere between Ellie’s neck and shoulder, always skirting the edge to truly painful.

Ellie left red welts down Abby’s back, eliciting a delicious contracting of muscles on her path. And a sigh right against her ear which her own body responded to in an entirely different place. 

The whisper of sheets, a change in position again and Ellie was left gasping when Abby took a fistful of her hair and tugged her head backwards just enough to gain access to her jugular. She could only helplessly palm at Abby’s abs when the other woman started laving her pulse point with torturously light kisses, no hint of teeth this time. 

Ellie managed to wrench herself away. She wanted to up the ante. And she needed to act fast because Abby underneath her looked poised to attack again. 

Abby was still in her plain black bra. Front clasping. An easy kill. 

Ellie had seen her share of breathtaking natural spectacles. Waterfalls seemingly made of liquid fire when the sun hit them at dawn. Steaming pools of rainbow, their colors too bright to be real. The northern lights even, that one time. 

They paled in comparison to Abby’s body laid out for Ellie to take in. The generous tone of muscles she must have worked so hard on, especially in this world that wanted nothing more than strip you to your bones. Every last scar on her skin, telling a story of its own. Her smoldering eyes. The soft wisps of hair that had gotten out of her braid and the swell of her exposed breasts, begging to be touched. God, she was beautiful.

“What are we even doing.”, Abby breathed more than asked.

Ellie thought it was all pretty self explanatory at this point but still offered: “Nothing you don’t want to.”

“I don’t want nothing.”, Abby looked at Ellie expectantly.

Ellie, not wanting to disappoint, cupped one breast in her hand, and covered the other with her mouth, eagerly circling the areola with her tongue.

Ellie could actually feel the moan that followed against her lips. 

“I didn’t think you’d be so sensitive.”, she grinned against Abby’s hot skin.

“F-fuck you. It’s just...been some time.”

She wanted to remedy that.

She spent some more time with Abby’s nipples. Sucking or twirling them until they stood stiff. Only then did she move on, kissing a trail downward from her sternum, feeling her abs actually flex involuntarily when she added her blunt fingernails to scratch lightly down her sides. All the while Abby could only groan and gasp helplessly. Her hands busy clawing at the sheets. Ellie didn’t even have to ask. Abby opened her legs all on her own for Ellie to further follow the path she was on. 

One last piece of fabric stood in Ellie’s way. She playfully tugged at the band of Abby’s boy shorts with her teeth, then switched to her hands and with some assistance in the form of Abby lifting her hips they were gone. 

She'd noticed the dampness of the shorts when she threw them away but seeing what they’d concealed was something else entirely. 

Abby was soaking wet.

Ellie repositioned herself on her belly, resisting the urge to briefly relieve some of the building pressure between her own legs with a quick touch. She wanted to savor the moment despite her own growing need, and so she went to firmly stroke the other woman’s taut thighs before switching her fingers for her lips. 

It was as if Abby had had doubts where exactly Ellie would be putting her mouth in the near future. And in the few seconds when Ellie was parting the field she heard a subdued “Oh, you’re really-” that turned into an entirely differently pitched “ Ooh! ” when she offered a slow, dragging lick all the way along Abby’s folds with the velvety flat of her tongue. 

She arched upwards and Ellie actually had to hold her hips down or she’d end up with a broken nose. 

Ellie snickered. Which wasn’t very sexy of her but she couldn’t help it. “Calm down bronco.” Then something dawned on her and her smile fell. “This can’t be the first time someone-”

Before she could finish with “-eats you out.” Abby interrupted her tersely “It is. I’ll...behave now, sorry.”

The only one who should feel sorry in Ellie’s opinion were the person or people who had had this gorgeous cunt in front of them and not thought of applying their mouth to it when given the chance.

Before Abby could get weird about her lack of experience in this particular field or realize that Ellie had just compared her to an unruly horse, Ellie returned to the task at hand. 

She let her breath ghost over Abby’s slickness, taking in her salty, musky scent before using her tongue again. She was careful not to overwhelm her right away, instead Ellie relied on even strokes and made wide berths around her clit. When Abby’s hands found and gripped her hair she gave an appreciative groan in response. The vibrations of which drew another of the rare moans from Abby Ellie quickly became addicted to. 

Ellie fought hard to keep her pace even, all the while trying not to start straight up dry humping the bed underneath her for some sweet, sweet friction. 

Her endurance soon paid off, where before, Abby had been writhing against the sheets, trying desperately to stifle her trembling and quaking against Ellie’s mouth -As well as the sounds she made. Ellie had a suspicion she could be louder. Way louder- she was now turning rock solid. Getting closer.

Ellie adjusted accordingly. She gave one last hungry lick and then went to give Abby’s clit some direct contact until it was swollen and hardened. Abby couldn’t take it much longer, her whole body seemed to draw into itself, Ellie stole a quick glance at her face, her eyes closed tightly and her brows knit together in rapture.

She keened once and with a choked “Oh, ohh fuck Ellie-” her abs bunched up under Ellie’s hand and she came pulsing against her mouth. 

Ellie let her ride it out patiently, despite the fact she’d almost followed suit at the sound of her name. 

When she was spent, Ellie leaned back, wiped her mouth with the back of her hand unceremoniously and crawled up to lay down next to Abby against the pillows. 

She leaned in for a kiss, Abby obliged her but she scrunched her nose when she tasted herself.

“That’s fucking weird.”

“Get used to it, sunshine.”, she answered lightly.

Abby moved to punch her in the shoulder but it was less than half-assed. She looked almost bewildered at her own arm for a second. As if she couldn’t believe it had betrayed her and turned into post-orgasmic pudding. 

“Just give me a minute.”

“Until you punch me?”, Ellie asked with a sneer.

“Until I rail you.”

That gave her pause. Not for long, though. “I don’t think dirty talking works if you threaten the other person with it.”

Abby rolled her eyes. “I liked it better when you shut up.”

She was about to move but Ellie stopped her. “You don’t have to. You know. I’m not expecting anything.”

Abby briefly glanced downwards, at Ellie's upper thighs. Where a glistening sheen betrayed her words of “not expecting anything.”

She raised an eyebrow, gave a small crooked grin. “Are you sure about that?”

Then, a genuine smile that made something deep in Ellie ache . “It’s okay. I want to. I really do.” 

And then she rolled over and on top of Ellie in one fluid motion, pushing her into the mattress with a splayed palm on her chest. The act made Ellie ache again, from anticipation.

She cried out when Abby nudged a knee between her legs and applied some pressure that wasn’t nearly enough. Ellie couldn’t help but grind against it. She was so very grateful when Abby got the hint that Ellie had moved beyond the need for foreplay about half an hour ago. 

Abby pulled Ellie closer by her thighs as if she weighed nothing at all and after Ellie had locked her legs instinctively around Abby’s hips, the other woman leaned forward, propped on one arm and started palming roughly at her breasts with the other one. Distracted from that, Abby sucking and biting at her neck and the sheer towering, sweltering presence of her above Ellie, she hadn’t noticed Abby’s free hand had wandered lower.

Until suddenly there was the pad of a thumb dancing over her clit and the heel of a palm spreading her wetness further. She caught herself clutching at Abby’s back and shoulders, adding more red welts to the ones she’d left there earlier. 

The hand was gone again. This was worse than foreplay would have been.

“Quit teasing.” Ellie glowered.

Abby angled her head, her nose brushing against Ellie’s temple. A light bite at her earlobe and then in a whisper:

“Where are your manners.”

Oh she would make her suffer next time, Ellie thought bitterly.

The hand returned, skirting, not touching anything Ellie really needed to be touched.

Ellie tried to chase it, in vain. 


And finally, finally she felt the tip of a finger at her entrance. Abby hesitated no more and pushed. It went in with an easy glide, that had Ellie gasping, so she added a second one and the way she started to fuck Ellie was completely ruthless.

Her movement didn’t stop at her wrist or arm, she put her whole body into it, Ellie felt the muscles and sinews of her back flow and ebb from it. Her pace was steady, and measured. Ellie wanted her to pick it up, go faster already but the plea died on her lips. She realized Abby wanted to draw it out for Ellie and was it ever working. 

She bit the inside of her cheek in order to muffle a moan. She wasn’t the most vocal person in bed but right now sound was threatening to spill freely from her as she came apart underneath Abby. 

Abby wouldn’t let her keep quiet though. “I want to hear you.” 

Ellie allowed it. 

There it was again, that gaze. This time Abby offered it like a life line.

She still hadn’t quickened her pace and if she were to stop moving now, Ellie was sure she’d die on the spot. 

Abby didn’t stop moving, instead she curled her fingers upwards inside Ellie with each push, drawing another series of moans, making her clench her legs and bear into the penetration. 

And then it was happening at last, she could think of nothing as heat flared under her skin, could only feel her own body shoot sparks and clench around Abby from the force of it, every nerve singing out in blissful relief. 

When she finally slumped down  after an eternity and Abby slowly pulled out one last time, Ellie was still twitching. 

They’d collectively kicked most of the blankets and pillows from the bed at this point and Ellie was treated to the sight of Abby’s firm butt as she leaned down and pulled one of said blankets up to cover both of them. 

When they’d both settled down laying close and facing each other, basking in each other’s presence, Ellie mused: “I should fall into rivers more often if this is what I get from it.”

Abby gave her a look of horror “No. Oh hell no, you don’t.” 

Dawn was still a way off. They were both utterly spent and there was still time to share more warmth and sleep some, too. They could figure the rest out tomorrow.