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There was music in the air again, music only they could hear, Jared was in a dress again, and they were dancing again.

But this time they were dancing in a gazebo. And this time they were dancing as newlyweds.

Chris and Sophie were now betrothed, Jensen told Jared he had never seen his friend happier.

To Jared’s dismay, Chad had decided to stay behind as well. While helping serve at the ball Jared had not attended, Chad had met the daughter of a minor Earl, visiting from England. As it turned out, Jocelyn was as good as listening as Chad was as talking and was just as eccentric as Chad. Chad was already on his way to England to meet her father.

But Jared was not thinking about any of that as Jensen twirled him around and around the gazebo, the skirt of Jared’s wedding dress fluttering around his ankles, Jensen’s eyes sparkling up at him.

There was no music, but they did not need music.

“I wish this night could last forever,” Jared said as Jensen spun him and then dipped him. “I never thought it was possible to be this happy.”

“I would say our troubles are behind us, but trouble always seems to find you no matter where you are.“ Jensen teased. “But if trouble does find us, I promise to cheer you on while you save yourself.”

Jared accidentally stepped on Jensen’s toes. Hard.

“Hey, be nice to my feet, I need them to sweep you off yours.” Jensen spun Jared around several times until Jared was breathless and dizzy.

Jared took a moment to catch his breath. He looked at the ring on his finger, looked back at the man who gave him his last name. “I can’t wait to start our married life together.”

“Me either,” Jensen replied. They were no longer dancing as much as they were swaying, bodies melded together.

“No, I can’t wait,” Jared said again, voice pitched low. “I want to move the celebration inside.”

“I thought we were –” Jensen began and then his eyes opened wide.“Ohhh, here I was hoping you’d make an honest man out of me, and it turns out I have corrupted you.”

Jared leaned down, tasted Jensen’s lips“Please free to corrupt all of me.”

Jensen pulled away from Jared, only to offer him his hand. “Well since you said please…”

Getting a dress off quickly was much harder than getting a shirt and trousers off. There was a lot of tugging, a bit of wrestling, and some words used that sailors would have been proud of, but finally they were standing in front of each other. Naked.

Jensen was beautiful, every part of him. Beautiful in a way that made Jared self-conscious about his skinny body, his too-long legs. He bit his lower lip, wondering if Jensen would still want him.

Jensen’s eyes never left his as he reached into a bag and pulled out Jared’s tiara.

“No, no way,” Jared protested, embarrassment giving way to amusement. “If you like it so much, you wear it.”

“Please?” Jensen asked, holding it out to Jared. “It sparkles so pretty, shines almost as brightly as you do.”

Jared flushed a bit, but he took the tiara and affixed it on top of his head.

Jensen smiled. “Sweetheart, you are the prettiest thing I have ever seen, I can’t believe I get to have you.”

Jared flushed deeper and let Jensen lead him to the bed.

“And as happy as I am that you chose me over being royalty,” Jensen said, as Jared laid down and Jensen hovered over him. “I am still going to call you princess now and again.”

“I’m okay with that,” Jared admitted, nerves picking up. “I’ve never – I don’t know what to do.”

“It’s okay sweetheart, just relax, I’m going to take such good care of you.” Jensen kissed Jared softly, a press of lips.

“My beautiful, perfect boy,” Jensen continued, as he kissed Jared’s collarbone, a gentle press of lips to Jared’s nipples.

Jared could feel himself begin to harden, as Jensen continued his soft careful way down Jared’s body, lavishing a kiss to his belly button, his hands rubbing soothingly against his sides “So perfect everywhere.”

A kiss to the top of his cock, kisses to the inside of his thigh.

Jared had never felt so cherished before. The way that Jensen was lavishing attention to his body, the way Jensen’s hands roamed over his stomach, his sides, his fingers caressing wherever they touched.

He had never felt like this before, he could not lie still, his body writhing and aching for something so much more.

“This is easier if you turn over,” Jensen said, as he lifted himself up, claiming Jared’s lips once more, and this kiss was not so gentle, this kiss was hungry. Jared’s lips parted and let Jensen’s tongue in. A fire burned in Jared and he pressed his tongue in too, needing to taste as much of Jensen as possible, needing to devour Jensen and be devoured in return.

Jensen was breathing heavily when they broke the kiss. Jared could still taste Jensen in his mouth, he wanted more, wanted everything.

“As I was saying,” Jensen continued, and reached over to the bedside table, where there was oil. He dipped three fingers in the oil, the other hand rubbing against Jared’s hip bone. “It is easier if you are on your hands and knees but I don’t think I could bear not looking into those mesmerizing eyes of yours. You can see everything in your eyes Jared, what you think, how you feel, how deeply you love. I want what to see what you look like when I press into you, I want to look deep into your eyes as I take you, I want to see how you fall apart when you come.”

“Yes, yes, I want all of that. I want to see you too,” Jared replied.

“You are so good to me, so perfect.“ Jensen praised. “Are you ready sweetheart?”

Jared nodded, He let Jensen arrange his legs the way he wanted them, watched as Jensen settled between them.

Jensen talked to him soothingly as a finger slowly pressed in. “So pretty like this, so much more than I deserve. So beautiful, the way you let me in, the way you give yourself to me.”

Jared found himself lost in Jensen’s words, Jensen kept talking as he pressed one finger, then two inside of him and Jared let the words of praise wash over him, feeling his body relaxing as the words caressed him.

Jared was beginning to think the fingers pressing in wasn’t so bad, not great but he could get used to it when Jensen smirked down at him and then crooked his fingers.

The wave of pleasure almost lifted Jared off the bed, it was so intense and sparked so quickly and then was gone. Jared looked at Jensen, wide-eyed. “Can you do that again?”

“I can,” Jensen confirmed, and did so. It was just as amazing as the first time, maybe even more so and sadly just as brief. “And with more than just my fingers.”

Jared sat up in the bed and grabbed Jensen and pulled him into a kiss, this one was messy, frantic. Jared didn’t even notice when a third finger joined the other two, he was too busy drowning in the feel of lips, tongue, the sharp sting of a bite to his lower lip which he returned.

“I’ve got to get inside of you Princess,” Jensen said, as he dipped his fingers into the oil once more, rubbed his fingers over his cock.

The press of the cock against his entrance was terrifying at first, so much bigger than fingers. But Jensen was kissing his neck, cherishing him with words, caressing him with his fingers.

Jared found his body relaxing, his mind relaxing, his body giving itself over to the pleasure Jensen promised him.

“That’s it sweetheart, you are doing so good,” Jensen praised, and he pressed in a little further. “So perfect for me, every inch of you so perfect. And there are so many inches.”

Jared choked back a startled giggle, and Jensen pressed in further.

There was a little pain, but nothing he could not handle, and he trusted Jensen, trusted that the pain would fade into pleasure just like he promised. Still, he was glad Jensen was going so slowly, taking his time.

Jensen kissed him again, one hand was on the bed, one hand pressed against the back of Jared’s head, holding him steady, anchoring him.

Jensen stilled; he was fully inside. Jared pushed aside the pain to dwell in the wonder of it, the way he felt complete in a way he had never thought possible.

Jensen began rocking into him slowly as they continued to kiss, pulling out just a little before pressing in deep inside of Jared. He shifted a bit, pulled Jared’s legs until they draped over his shoulders, and then Jensen’s cock was pressed against that place that sparked so much pleasure.

“Oh,” Jared said, letting his head fall back for a moment, before looking at Jensen again. “So much better than fingers.”

“So much bigger too, gonna fill you up so good,” Jensen continued rocking into Jared, his hips grinding a little, and pressing hard against that sweet spot. Jared’s body was thrumming with pleasure, nothing in the world existed besides the two of them, this moment, the press of Jensen’s cock into his body.

“I’m not going to last long this time Jared,” Jensen admitted. “Are you close?”

Jared nodded, reaching a hand down to where his cock was trapped between them, but Jensen was quicker.

Nobody had ever touched him there, and Jensen’s hand was firm, sure, as he stroked Jared’s cock with just the right amount of pressure, perfect Jensen with his perfect lips and perfect hands and perfect cock and –

Jared’s orgasm did not build, it just exploded. His cock was twitching in Jensen’s hand, he was dimly aware that Jensen was thrusting more forcibly inside of him, jolting Jared’s body as his cock kept pulsing and then Jensen shuddered.

It took a long time for the world to right itself again, during which time Jared wondered exactly when they could do this again, and how often, and did they really need to leave this room for anything ever again.

“My Princess,” Jensen said, after they clung to each other for a few minutes. He kissed Jared’s forehead. “My Jared.” He kissed Jared on the lips. “Mine.”

“Yours,” Jared happily agreed, and pulled Jensen closer to him. They were so intertwined no one could have said where one began and the other one ended. Jensen mumbled something about cleaning up but there was no way Jared was going to let him go.

They fell asleep like that and awoke the next morning the same way, ready and eager to see what the future held for them.