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A Healthy Release

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A Healthy Release

Tish’s POV

It’s a funny thing. I mean, back in high school, when I was in Mrs Dunphrey’s class, I remember doing a journal for her, and she promised she wouldn’t read the entries that were marked “Don’t read.” I also remember this note she left after one of my entries, too. It sounded odd at the time, but now, I’ve since taken a liking to it. Here it is:

These are fine. I’m glad to see you’re writing so much. I hope this journal is serving as a release for you. I know life can sometimes seem very difficult when you’re in high school. It’s very healthy to write things out.

Now that I think about it, maybe Mrs. Dunphrey was right when she said that it’s very healthy to write things out. I should know, because at the moment I’ve been doing plenty of it. And so far, I’ve been feeling much better than ever.

Well, Mrs. Dunphrey, I want to say thanks. You were right when you said in that one note that it’s healthy to write things out. After all, you probably did lots of writing when you were in high school, and I’m sure it served as a release for you, just as it’s doing for me right now.