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In Your Honor

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Of all the things Amity could be doing right now, going for a walk with Boscha of all people wasn't exactly what she had planned. She had planned to take a stroll to clear her mind and get some peace, before her attention was demanded elsewhere. What she did not account for was the Duchess Boscha to demand to go with her ‘just in case she fell ill again’. The two turned a corner as Boscha told Amity about her “daring” battle with another lower class royal and it took all of Amity's self control to not roll her eyes directly at the other girl. 


“You should have seen the look on his face, your highness.” A smug smile was plastered on the three-eyed girl's face. “He didn't expect me to pull out a third sword.”


“Where did you even hide a third sword?” Amity raised a brow but didn't take her eyes off the hallway in front of them. She wouldn't admit it but she was searching for a way out for sure. 


“A girl never tells her secrets.” The Duchess winks and this time Amity doesn't try to stop herself when she rolls her eyes as she lets out a soft chuckle. 


They enter a new hallway and Amity spots Willow, along with the human Luz, having a conversation near the end. It seems like they were finishing up as Luz turned to leave, waving goodbye to her friend. This was the princesses chance.


“Luz!” The princess picks up her dress so as to not let it drag on the floor, jogging right up to the human. Luz stops in her tracks at the sound of the princess’s voice, turning with a raised eyebrow at the girl running up to her. Thankfully her outburst followed by her slight speed up confused the redhead that accompanied Amity, giving her a chance to speak with Luz before she caught up.


“Play along, alright?” Amity hissed at the human girl as she slid an arm around the other girl's slightly muscular arm. Wow, that's not something she was gonna think about right now. 


Boscha finally catches up to them and raises one of her three eyebrows at the princess, her eyes focusing immediately on where their arms have linked. 


“Sorry, Boscha, but it looks like Luz is lost again and as heir to the throne it is my duty to help all those in need.” Amity smiles at her companion, nudging Luz in the process. 


“Wha-OH! Yeah, I get lost all the time in the castle, sorry about that.” Luz says, managing to look actually apologetic. 


“Are you sure you wouldn’t rather have me do it, your majesty?” Boscha held out her hand as if to take the human away from Amity. 


“No, no, it's alright. I can handle this simple task.” Amity responds, giving Boscha a specific look and a farewell curtsy before turning and pulling Luz along. 


Amity waited until they were out of sight before she let out a breath she hadn't even realized she was holding. She allowed herself to relax as she pulled away from Luz, the human girl rubbing at the back of her neck nervously. 


“So, what was that about?” Luz pointed back in the direction of Boscha. 


“Hmm? Oh, her,” Amity sighs. “Boscha is.. well, we were friends at one point.” The princess makes a vague gesture with her hand as she explains. “But ever since I turned 14, she's been extra clingy.”


“What's the big deal about turning 14?” Luz tilts her head in confusion. It's not like being 14 was anything important in human culture. Maybe it was different for elves?


“Nothing,” Amity gives the other girl a particular look. “It's about what happens when I turn 15.”  


“Oh! I get a quinceañera when I turn 15! Do elves have something like that?” Luz leans a little too close to the princess, causing the green haired witch to lean away in turn. 


“A what? No. When the heir to the throne turns 15.. they get betrothed.” Amity says as her face drops a little, unable to hide it. Luz has never seen her look like this, and she has no idea how to feel about it. 


“Okay, that sucks.” Luz says lamely as she stares at the other girl in muted shock, still trying to process this information.


“And since I turn 15 soon, Boscha has been trying for the title of my betrothed.” The witchling sighs, crossing her arms over her chest. “Not that she really has to try hard, I'm pretty sure my parents are going to pick her based on her family relations alone.”


“That's so dumb!!!” Luz shouts, slamming a fist into her open palm. “You should be allowed to marry whoever you want!! You're a princess for titans sake!” 


Amity’s so surprised at Luz’s outburst that she manages to accidentally let out a laugh. Luz catches her trying to hide it behind her hand with a cough, and that action mixed with the sound of the other girl’s giggle has Luz’s own face beaming back at the princess - almost like she’s excited she got to be the one to witness this rare event. Amity averts her eyes out of fear of being blinded by Luz’s shining smile, why was she so kind and caring? No one else has ever said this about her before. Saying she should be able to choose her own future?


That’s something she’d think more on later.


“Thank you, Luz.” Amity gives the other girl a genuine smile. “For lying for me, and for thinking I deserve some kind of freedom to choose who I want to be with.”


“No problem, your highness.” Luz says as she puffs out her chest and smacks a fist against it. “It's a knight's duty to care about her princess!”


The two talk for some time before Amity has to leave. She was a princess after all, and she had other duties to attend to. 


Luz left the castle that day with a new skip to her step. Her initial meeting with the princess had gone.. er.. bad. But now? She thinks she might be getting somewhere with the other girl. There’s hope for her yet, maybe they could be friends? Regardless, she couldn't wait to visit the castle again.



It had been a few weeks since Amity’s meeting with the human while on her walk. She hadn't seen her since and, honestly? The princess wasn't sure about how she felt about that. She had made a point to not think about it and avoid any mention of the other girl. Amity had returned to classes like normal and had acted as if nothing had happened last time she had graced them with her presence, and her teacher would often give her questioning looks but Amity would never acknowledge them. 


Amity found herself sitting in the empty classroom, hours after one of said classes had ended. She flipped through her tome absentmindedly as she allowed herself to think about the human. Where had she been for the last few weeks? Her mother and aunt both worked in the castle and she had made friends with Willow and Gus. Those were all decent reasons to visit. Was it something Amity had done? No, the princess thought, she had actually been nice to the human girl their last meeting. 


She lets out a sigh as she flips another page, a sound behind her getting her attention. The elf girl freezes as she hears shuffling footsteps behind her, and waits for the sound again before standing slowly. There are only three people in the castle who would sneak up on her and two of those were her siblings but there was only one set of footsteps she had heard. This meant that it had to be the only other person who would sneak up on her. 


“Boscha, I’ve told you not to sneak up on me.” The princess grumbles, not turning around. 


“I'm sorry, your highness.” A gruff male voice responds. “But Boscha isn't here right now.”


Amity whips around in time to see a large figure casting a magic circle. 


Before she can react, the circle wraps around her throat and vanishes. The princess tries to scream but when she opens her mouth, no sound comes out. Panic sets in as she realizes the man had cast a silencing spell on her. She tries to take a step back but bumps into the desk behind her. The tall cloaked man takes a step forward, a low chuckle leaves his throat. 


“I'm really sorry about this, princess, but you’re gonna have to come with me.” His voice holds no emotion as he approaches the small elf girl. 


He reaches into his cloak and pulls out a jagged knife, the blade glints in the low candle light. Amity feels across the desk behind her as the assailant approaches. Her hand lands on her inkwell and wraps around it. She waits until the man lunges for her before tossing the inkwell at his face. The glass shatters against his skull and ink spills into his eyes. He shouts, tumbling backwards, as Amity dashes around him and out the door. 


Out in the hallway she finds her guards unconscious, obviously under a sleep spell. She doesn't linger when she hears the man yelling from the study. With all the speed her dress would allow, she dashes down the hall. The frightened princess looks for anyone who could help her but the halls remain empty. Heavy footsteps echo behind her as she turns a corner. The man yells for her, as if she would stop for someone who had tried to kill her. 


In a blind panic, the young witch finds herself running head first into another person. They tumble to the ground in a tangle of limbs, Amity quickly pulls herself up and sees that it’s Luz of all people, who’s still sitting on the ground full of confusion. The human girl stands and shakes her head before her eyes meet Amity’s. 


“Amity!” She greets her, smiling brightly - and Amity has never been more happy to see the human in her life. “Is something wrong?” The human tilts her head, reading the fear on the princesses face quite quickly. 


Amity opens her mouth to respond but is reminded of the silencing spell as no sound comes out, and she motions with her hand that she can’t speak. She grabs onto Luz’s upper arm firmly in hopes the girl can see the panic in her eyes as she points in the direction of which she came. Just as Luz looks up to see what Amity was pointing to, the large cloaked man turns the corner. His hood hides his face, but Luz can see the smallest hint of a smile as he approaches. Luz moves to stand in front of Amity, her hand already pulling out her few premade glyph papers. 



“Who are you, and what do you want?” Her voice carries an uncharacteristically dark tone to it as she guards the princess, splaying her other arm out as wide as she can. 


“A commoner, just like you.” The man's gruff voice puts the human on edge, and she feels her heart rate pick up speed. “Just trying to make a point..” He takes a small step forward, holding out his hand while his other hides behind his back carefully. “Hand over the princess and run, you don't need to be a part of this.”


“What do you plan on doing to her?” Luz pushes Amity farther behind her, the princess clinging to the human. Luz can feel the other girl shaking with fear. 


“Let’s just say.. We’d like to use her to make an example .” He says, the last word coming out of his lips dripping with malice. 


“I don’t think I like what you’re suggesting..” Luz narrows her eyes at the man as he takes another step forward, hand still outstretched as if trying to get Luz to take it. 


The human's eyes flick between the man's hand and his barely visible face. Finally she lets out a sigh and reaches out for it, as if to take it. She can feel Amity pull on her shirt behind her but she doesnt turn to see her face. 


“That's it, just hand over the princess and you can go free.” The man chuckles as he goes to take the smaller girl's hand. 


Before he can grasp it, Luz slaps his hand with a piece of paper. The paper is quickly engulfed in flames before becoming a searingly white floating orb, and the man shouts as he’s blinded for the second time that night. 


Quickly, Luz grabs onto Amity's hand and pulls her away and around the man as he rubs at his eyes. She takes the princess to the only place she can think of, the healers hall where her mother was working a late shift. Behind her she could hear the man yelling as he chased after them. The witch in training curses under her breath, her light spell wasn't strong enough to blind him for long. Amity barely manages to keep up as they run, one hand holding onto Luz’s for dear life and the other holding up her dress so she wouldn't trip. 


The two round a corner as something comes whizzing by their heads. Luz doesn't stop to see what it was as she sees the healers hall just before her. She practically kicks the door down and pulls Amity in behind her. Her mother shoots up from her spot next to a patient eyes landing on her disheveled daughter and princess. 


Mija , what are you doing?” She whispers harshly at her daughter. “There are people trying to sleep!”


“Sorry mom but there's someone chasing us and I think they want to kill Amity!” Her daughter tries to keep her voice low as she pulls Amity close to her, scared out of her own mind. The princess still holds onto Luz’s hand, her grip tight with fear. 


“Woah, slow down Luz, who's chasing you?” Camilia tries to calm her daughter as another person enters the healers hall. The older woman's eyes look up to see the cloaked figure, dagger in hand. It all clicks together and she motions for the girls to get behind her. “Stay back, both of you.” 


“I'm getting tired of this game of cat and mouse, princess.” The man growls, grip tightening on his dagger. “Just come with me peacefully and these humans get to live. ”


“I wouldn't count me out just yet.” Camilia reaches into her apron pocket and pulls out a few vials of a dark red liquid. 


The older woman holds out her arm to guard the children as she tosses two of the vials at the cloaked figure. The glass shatters against his chest and the red liquid splatters over him, and he looks down at his drenched cloak before letting out a boisterous laugh. 


“Did you really think a weak human potion could stop me?” He hisses as he goes to take a step forward. Just as he moves he notices smoke rising off his cloak before the red liquid starts to bubble, and then foam. “What the..!?” 


“Not so weak now, am I?” Camilia placed a hand on her hip, a mocking tone to her voice as the man became completely covered in a thick red foam. 


Amity realizes her voice has returned as the man's concentration is interrupted, and squeezes Luz’s hand to get the other girl's attention as Camilia leaves to retrieve the guards. She finds herself incapable of meeting her eyes as she struggles to find the right words. 


“..Thank you, Luz.” She finally settles on something simple, her voice sounding a little horse from being locked away. 


“Don’t mention it. I mean, I am training to be a future Emperors Knight, this is just all part of the job technically!” Luz smiles at the princess in reassurance, looking a lot less shaken than before now that her mother has taken care of the threat.


Amity finally meets the other girls eyes and realizes just how close they're standing to each other. She takes a tentative step back and lets go of the other girl's hand. Luz frowns at the lack of contact but doesn't reach for the princess, knowing the girl might need her space. Before either of them can say another word the Blight twins come running into the healers hall, voices overlapping as they show concern for their younger sister. 


“Amity!” Emira rushes up and wraps her arms around the youngest Blight. “Are you okay?” She holds her sister close, stroking her hair. Amity clings to her sister and nods as Edric approaches and wraps his arms around both his sisters. 


Luz hears a small sniffle from the princess and decides to give her space and time to be with her siblings. She walks past the man covered in foam, his muffled shouts barely audible. The young witch in training sticks her tongue out childishly at the man before heading out into the hallway. As she opens the door she sees several Emperors Knights being led by Captain Wrath, and she moves out of their way as they enter the hall. She doesn't stick around to see what happens, instead she spots her mom at the tail end of the group of guards and runs to her. The young girl throws her arms around her mother and hugs her tightly, burying her face into her mom's soft apron. 


“You did such a good job, mija.” Her mother smooths out her hair and gives her a tight squeeze of a hug. “You were so brave and smart to bring the princess to me.” She reassures her daughter, rubbing calming circles into the girls back. 


“I was so scared, mami. ” The young girl's voice is muffled by her moms clothing. “He had a knife, and Amity couldn't speak, and he could have killed us!”


“Shoosh, it's all okay now sweetie.” The older woman hugs her daughter tightly, pushing the hair out of her face gently in comfort. ”Let's go home for the night, dear, no doubt your mother has felt this by now.” She pulls her daughter away from her and gives her a soft smile, the younger human nodding and taking her mom's hand as they head home. 


Luz takes one look back, eyes immediately falling on Amity several feet away. The princess gives her a soft wave goodbye as her sister drapes a blanket over her shoulders, and Luz’s stomach twists at seeing how small the other girl looks, remembering what had just happened. What if Luz wasn’t there for Amity to run into? What would’ve happened if the man had caught her and no one was there to help? She doesn’t want to elaborate on those thoughts at all anymore.


Luz returns the wave before leaving with her mother, trying her hardest to push those lingering thoughts away. 


The guards offer the two a ride home, which Camilia happily agrees to. The entire ride is silent, Luz leaning on her mother the whole way home - she watches her daughter stare blankly ahead the entire time, and tries to calm the worried tug in her chest. 


When they finally roll up in front of their house Eda’s waiting on the doorstep with frustrated worry written all over her face, arms crossed and foot tapping against the ground. The carriage pulls to a stop and Camilia opens the door, motioning Eda forward to carry their daughter who had fallen asleep during the drive. Eda enters the carriage and easily scoops up their kid to carry her inside, and Camilia follows close behind. Once inside the house they immediately put their daughter into bed, both giving her a gentle kiss goodnight before making their way back downstairs, King jumping up on the bed to cuddle at the human girl’s feet.


“So.. you mind telling me what happened?” Eda breaks the silence as the two women enter their kitchen, giving her wife a stern look.


The grey haired witch moves to the stove to put on a pot of tea while her wife takes a seat at the table. Camilia slumps against the table, head in her hands as Eda moves about the kitchen, waiting patiently for her to speak. 


Eventually Eda places a cup of black tea in front of her, and she lets out a shaky breath as she takes the cup, watching as the other woman takes the spot across from her. They sit in silence a little longer while Camilia blows on the tea before taking a sip.


“Someone tried to assassinate the princess.” She finally speaks up, her voice barely above a whisper. 


“What.” Eda sets her cup down a little too hard, causing the cup to rattle against its plate. 


“Someone tried to kill the princess.” Camilia repeats. “She managed to get away and found Luz.. of all people.”


“And the kid was only there because she was bringing you your overnight bag.” Eda blinks and looks at her wife, concern all over her face. Camilia solemnly nods her head. 


“You would have been proud of her, Mi Alma .” She smiles sadly into her cup. “She was so brave and she brought the princess right to me.” She continues to tell the older witch all about the assassin and how she stopped him. 


Eda listened intently as Camilia recounted the events of the last few hours for her. She sipped silently on her tea until her wife had finished completely. 


“I'm proud of both of you.” Eda smiles at the potion master who had won her heart. “I wasn’t even there to kick any ass for you, but what do I know? Clearly I was the one that married up.” She takes another sip from her tea as her wife hides a growing blush. 


“You certainly have a way with words,” Camilia chuckles, grasping her mug lightly between her fingers. Eda watches her ring glint in the low light of the kitchen.


“I knew you wanted me for this mouth,” Eda grins cheekily and chuckles, Camilia spares her a scandalous look and Eda laughs a little harder at that, before the laughter dies down and a more serious expression falls on her face. “I do have to admit though, when I felt that fearful tug right here..” She points to her chest, right where a heart would normally be. “I almost flew straight to the castle.” She lets out a small laugh. “But then I could feel the calm that settled afterwards and figured I shouldn’t risk going to jail… again.” This gets a strong laugh out of Camilia as Eda smiles softly at her wife.


“This soul bond between us better NOT be the reason you get caught by authorities, Edalyn.” Camilia gives the other woman a flat look, taking a long drink of her tea.


“Not the full name!” Eda whines. “You’re sounding like my sister.”


Camilia rolls her eyes at that, unable to help the smile on her face. “Come on dear, we should head to bed. I still have to go back to work tomorrow.”


“Yeah, you're right.” Eda sighs as she stands, stretching her back.


Camilia stands with her and takes their cups, placing them in the sink. The two older women head upstairs, stopping only to check on Luz and King before heading to their own room for the night. 




The next morning the street is filled with the townspeople as Camilia tries to head into work. Eda and Luz stand next to her as they all look to a hastily made stage. On the stage stood two Emperors Knights and Captain Wrath. A low murmur broke through the crowd as two more guards started to set up a guillotine on the stage. Captain Wrath cleared his throat to get the crowd's attention, the townspeople falling silent. 


“Last night an assassin made his way into the castle.” His voice echoed through the streets. “He made an attempt on the princesses life.” 


The crowd erupts into a cacophony of voices, the towns people shouting over each other to have their questions answered. The captain simply holds up his hand and the townspeople fall silent. 


“We do not know if he worked alone.” Captain Wrath explained. “Once we have extracted what information we can from him, he will be publicly executed.” He waited for the townsfolk to quiet down again before continuing. “His execution is scheduled tomorrow at sunrise. That is all.”


The captain is followed by his fellow Emperors Knights as they head off the stage. The crowd yells and demands more answers but receive none as the knights enter a carriage that takes them towards the castle. 


“Castle security is going to be more strict now.” Camilia comments as she turns towards the building in question.


“Will I still be able to visit my friends?” Luz frowns up at her mom as they continue their walk. 


“Of course you can. You’re my kid and Lilith's niece, they aren't going to keep you out.” Camilia ruffles her daughter's hair. 


“As long as they don't know I'm your other mom.” Eda adds with a wink which gets a laugh out of two humans. 


The three made their way to the castle, the unrest in the town more evident now than ever. The announcement of a public execution was the main topic of every conversation. There hadn't been one in over 10 years after all. The last one was when the Queen had found her husband's secret lover and had him publicly executed to make a point. Of course the King had not tried to stop her, his subjects are simply playthings to him after all. 


Luz felt uneasy as she entered the castle, the amount of guards more apparent now then they had been her last visit. She wasn't sure what she could do but she was overcome with the need to talk to the princess. Maybe together they could figure things out.