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Blood Oath.

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(Over in New York Mark's walking the streets talking and joking with one of his friends as someone comes out of the shadows feeling someone he quickly pulls his weapon

and spins around to point it at his head. Seeing who it is he laughs and puts the gun down.)

Mark: John!
John: Hey.
Mark: What's up?
John: I need a favor.
Mark: What's going on?
John: I want out.

(Mark looks at him and laughs off the shock.)

Mark: Dude are you serious?
John: Very.
Mark: Okay. Why?
John: I met someone.

(He looks at him and then looks off.)

Mark: What's their name?
John: Helen!

(He looks at him and nods his head at him.)

Mark: Okay. What you need?
John: In order for me to get out. I need to do an impossible task.
Mark: How many?
John: Over a hundred men.

(Mark looks at him and then looks off.)

Mark: That's that's a lot of men.
John: I know. That's why it's an impossible task. I don't know who else to go to.

(Mark looks around and tells his friends he'll see them later they nod their heads at him as they walk off once their out of ear shot Mark looks at him.)

Mark: You realize how dangerous this is?
John: I'm well aware of how dangerous this is.
Mark: Is this Helen worth leaving this life behind?

(He nods his head at him.)

Mark: Well there's really only one person i know whose going to be not so willing to help you out.
John: Who?
Mark: Santino D'Antonio.

(John looks at him and then looks around.)

John: He'll never help me.
Mark: You never know.
John: Yes i do.

(Mark looks at him and then looks off.)

Mark: What if i went to talk to him.
John: Seriously?
Mark: Seriously. If i can talk to him and see what he say's.
John: Okay.
Mark: I'll be in touch.

(He nods his head at him as he turns and walks off and Mark pulls his phone out and calls someone then they answer.)

Mark: I need to see Santino.

(Then they hang up along with Mark. Later over at his penthouse Mark walks up to it and knocks on the door as he waits for someone to open the door as he's waiting he

looks at the time on his watch and then puts his arm down as the door opens and he sees who opens it.)

Mark: Bobby!
Bobby: Mark!

(He looks at him and laughs as he walks into the penthouse as Bobby moved out of his way as he walks in he closes the door behind him.)

Mark: You look good.
Bobby: So do you.
Mark: Santino in?
Bobby: Yeah.

(They walk off towards his office as they get there he knocks on the door.)

Santino: có·me.

(Mark opens the door and walks into the office as he walks in Bobby grabs and closes the door.)

Mark: Santino!

(He looks up at him and laughs.)

Santino: Mark!

(He stands up and walks around the desk to shake his hand then he puts it down.)

Santino: What can i do for you?
Mark: I need a favor for a friend.
Santino: For a friend huh?
Mark: Yes.
Santino: Whose this friend?
Mark: John Wick!

(He looks at him and then looks back at Ares who looks off and Mark looks over at her and smiles at her but then looks back at Santino.)

Santino: And why would you be doing John Wick a favor?
Mark: He wants out and Viggo gave him an impossible task that could very well get him killed.
Santino: Why do you care?
Mark: He's one of my bestfriends Santino.
Santino: I know this.
Mark: I'm willing to do anything i can to help him get out.

(He looks at him and then back at Ares who looks just as surprised by what Mark said.)

Santino: Anything.
Mark: Anything.
Santino: Okay.
Mark: Okay.
Santino: Just to let you know what you're asking of me is no small thing.
Mark: I'm aware of that.
Santino: Okay. So right now you're a free agent.
Mark: Yes i am. And i love how you used the agent part.

(He looks at him and laughs.)

Santino: I had too.
Mark: Of course you did. And you shut up.

(She laughs at him.)

Ares: (Signs) What?
Mark: (Signs) What?

(She laughs at him.)

Santino: You two done.
Mark: Sorry.
Santino: It's are right. Anyway.
Mark: What you need me to do?
Santino: Sign up with me and be apart of my organization.

(Mark looks at him and then to Ares.)

Mark: You want me to join up with you?
Santino: Yes.

(Mark looks at him and laughs.)

Mark: And this is going to get you to help John?
Santino: More or less.
Mark: More or less.

(He looks at him and laughs.)

Mark: Anything else?
Santino: Maybe.

(Mark looks at him and then to Ares who looks off trying to keep from laughing.)

Mark: Okay let me hear it.
Santino: I want you to make a blood Oath that you'll be apart of this Organization and no one else's.
Mark: Okay.

(He looks at him and nods his head at him as he grabs out a marker and hands it to Mark. He takes it from him and opens it up once it's open he pushes his thumb down

onto the pin on the top of it in order to draw some blood once it's done he puts his thumb print inside of it once it's done he closes it up and hands it back to him.)

Mark: And i know the rules. I can't kill the man who holds the marker.

(He looks at him and laughs.)

Santino: Good to know.

(Mark looks at him and laughs.)

Mark: Trust me i know better then some people.

(Ares looks at him and then looks off. Then she looks back at him.)

Ares: (Signs) It was just once.

(Both Mark and Santino laugh at her as Mark turns to leave but he stops him.)

Santino: Quick question.

(Mark turns and looks at him.)

Santino: If i ever need you.
Mark: I won't say no.

(He nods his head at him as Mark turns and walks out of the room.)

Santino: Ares!

(She walks off with Mark to go and help John out with his impossible task. As he walks out she follows behind him and then gets her men to follow after them. As they

all walk out Mark looks at her.)

Mark: You good?

(She laughs at him.)

Ares: (Signs) So good.

(He smiles at her as he pushes for the elevator to open up as their waiting Mark's phone goes off he grabs it out to see who it is seeing the number he answers it.)

Mark: Reagan!

(Ares looks at him.)

Reagan: Mark i need your help.
Mark: What's wrong?
Reagan: I did something stupid.

(He looks at Ares as the elevator opens they all walk onto it once their on he pushes for the lobby.)

Mark: Where are you?

(She looks around and looks up at the building.)

Reagan: I'm outside of the Continental.
Mark: Okay go inside and head down to the lounge don't talk to anyone until i get there.
Reagan: Okay.

(He hangs up and looks at Ares.)

Ares: (Signs) Reagan!
Mark: She's an old friend.

(She nods her head at him.)

Marco: She cute?

(Mark looks at him and laughs.)

Mark: She's gay dude.
Marco: Oh. But still.
Mark: She's gorgeous.

(He nods his head at him as Mark looks around. Later over at the Continental they arrive and Mark gets out of the SUV and walks up to Ares window she rolls it down.)

Mark: (Signs) I'll be back.

(She nods her head at him as he rushes off inside of the building as he walks in heads for the reception desk.)

Mark: Charon!

(He looks up at him.)

Charon: She's in the lounge.
Mark: Okay.

(He walks off to go and talk to her as he gets there he walks in and sees her down there talking to someone as he gets down there he walks over to her.)

Mark: Reagan!

(She turns and looks at him as she stands up and hugs him as he gets to them then she pulls away from him and sits down.)

Mark: Winston!
Winston: Mark!

(He gets up and walks off as he kneels down in front of her.)

Mark: What happened?
Reagan: I was bartending at this club last night and i ran into one of Viggo's men.

(Mark looks at her and then looks off.)

Mark: What happened?
Reagan: He started hitting on me and i just.
Mark: What he do?
Reagan: After i got done with my shift i was leaving the club and he came back.
Mark: Was anyone with him?
Reagan: Not that i could tell.
Mark: Reagan!
Reagan: He forced himself onto me.

(Mark looks at her and then looks off annoyed.)

Mark: You said you screwed up?
Reagan: I shot him.

(Mark puts his head down and then looks around as his eyes land onto Winston who looks down.)

Mark: Who was it?
Reagan: I don't know. He didn't give me a name.
Mark: Okay. Um shit. Reagan!

(She looks at him and he can tell she's scared.)

Mark: Winston!

(He walks over to him.)

Winston: Yeah.
Mark: There any chance she can stay here until i finish what i'm about to do?
Winston: Yeah. Viggo's men know the rules.
Mark: Doesn't normally mean they will follow them.
Winston: I know.
Mark: Okay um. Get a room here and stay in the room. Don't come out until i come back got it.
Reagan: Okay.
Mark: And for the love of god do not your call your brother.
Reagan: I won't.
Mark: Okay.

(He kisses her forehead then pulls away from it.)

Mark: Call John.

(He nods his head at him as Mark rushes from the lounge as he walks out he calls Avi as he's talking to him he looks around annoyed.)

Avi: I'll talk to Viggo.
Mark: Are right.

(Than he hangs up and looks at Iosef.)

Avi: Iosef you fucken idiot. Sir.

(Viggo turns and looks at him then walks over to him.)

Viggo: What's going on?
Avi: Your son attacked a bartender last night.
Viggo: Who?
Avi: Oliver Queens sister.
Viggo: Fuck. Iosef!

(He looks at him and knows he knows who he went after last night.)

Iosef: Father.
Viggo: How stupid can you be to go after Oliver Queen's sister.
Iosef: She was working as a bartender how was i supposed to know whose sister she was.
Avi: You seriously can't be this stupid?
Iosef: Say's the man who once threw himself at one of Commander Kane's daughters.

(Avi looks at him and laughs.)

Avi: I was talking to her and i fell.
Iosef: Onto her lips.
Avi: This isn't about me. This about the dumb ass who tried to rape Oliver Queens sister.

(He looks at him and then looks off.)

Viggo: You realize going after her was one of the dumbest things you could of done?
Iosef: She's just a woman and he's just a man what the hell could he possibly do.
Mark: A lot worse then i can.

(He turns and looks at him.)

Avi: How is she?
Mark: Shaken. I came here to make sure you jack ass son doesn't pull the stunt he pulled tonight again.
Viggo: He won't be.
Mark: Good because i'm telling you right now.
Avi: What?
Mark: He ever goes after Reagan Queen again and he's a dead man.
Viggo: Understood.

(Mark turns and walks off.)

Viggo: Mark!

(He turns and looks at him.)

Mark: Yeah.
Viggo: You are right?
Mark: As long as he leaves my friends alone i'll be just fine.

(Then he walks off to go back down to the car. Later as he gets back to the car he gets in and closes the door.)

Niko: We good.
Mark: Yeah let's go.

(He nods his head as Ares has Aaron drive off. As they drive off Mark calls Reagan and has her remain in the room because he knows Iosef will more an likely try to go

after her again and he doesn't want that mainly given what her brother does and knows he wouldn't like it if he ever found out what happened to her.)

Marco: You are right?
Mark: I'm good.

(He nods his head at him as Mark looks out of the window. Later back over at the Continental they pull up and Mark gets out of it and looks at Ares.)

Mark: Come with.

(She nods her head at him as she gets out and they walk inside of the hotel as they walk in Winston tells him what room she's in as they get to the elevator he pushes

for it to come down and get em.)

Mark: You are right?

(She looks at him and nods her head at him as the elevator reaches them and the doors opens they both walk on and he pushes for Reagan's floor. Later as they reach her

floor the elevator doors open and they walk off towards her room as they there Mark knocks on the door.)

Mark: John!

(He opens the door and let's them into the room as they walk in he heads over to Reagan.)

Reagan: Mark!

(She hugs him getting him to smile at her then she pulls away from him and sits down.)

John: Well?
Mark: Well when i got there he was chewing him out. But with Iosef he's never been one to do as his father told him.
John: True. Her.
Mark: I think it's best if she went back to Starling city and stayed there. Because if i know Iosef.
John: He'll try again.
Mark: Yeah.
John: Okay.
Reagan: I'll grab my stuff from my place and catch the next light out to Starling city.
Mark: Okay. Let your mother know you're coming home until you're ready to come back.
Reagan: Okay. She's cute.

(Mark turns and looks at Ares and laughs at her.)

Mark: Oh my god.

(She looks at him and realizes something.)

Reagan: Oh.
Mark: She's single.
Reagan: I only said it because.
Mark: She doesn't see me that way.
Reagan: Oh.
Mark: You're going home remember.
Reagan: Yeah okay.
Mark: Are right. Come on we'll give you lift to your place and then take you to the airport.
Reagan: Okay.

(As she walks out both Mark and Ares follow her out and towards the elevator as they get there Mark pushes for the doors open as they open they both walk on he pushes

for the lobby as the doors close Mark looks at them and then looks off as he looks off Reagan looks at him and laughs.)

Mark: Something funny?
Reagan: For someone who say's she doesn't share the same feelings for you.
Mark: What?
Reagan: You're offly jealous by how close i am to her.
Mark: I'm not jealous. I really don't have much of a reason to be jealous.
Reagan: You sure?
Mark: Very.

(She nods her head at him.)

Mark: I'm gay Reagan.

(She looks at him and then looks off.)

Reagan: Oh.

(He starts laughing at her.)

Mark: She's like a sister to me.
Reagan: Oh okay.
Mark: So if you ever wanted to date her. I wouldn't stop you.

(She laughs at him.)

Ares: (Signs) Stop flirting.

(He looks at her and laughs.)

Reagan: What?
Mark: She told me to stop flirting.
Reagan: Is that what you were doing?
Mark: No. She was being funny.
Reagan: Oh. I didn't know she could make funny's.
Mark: She makes them more than you think.

(They start laughing then calm down. A couple of hours later after dropping Reagan off at the airport so that she could fly back to Starling city to go and be with her

family after they left her there Mark texted her telling her to let them know when she landed in Starling city and she texted him back letting him know that she would

after leaving her there they left to go John's in order to help him with his impossible task to get him out of the Assassin's life. Over the next couple of weeks Mark

along with Ares and her men help John figure out how to do his impossible task so that he can get out but as they continued to try and find away to get John out things

started happening around Mark's life starting with Reagan after just two weeks of being home in Starling city unknown to Mark and to Ares Viggo had sent some of his

men after Reagan which of course set both Mark and John off and they took off towards Starling city to go and get Reagan and take her back to New York as they reached

the Starling City limits they headed off towards the Queen estate as they got there they quickly came across a problem all of the Queens security was dead and lying

around the grounds as they reached the door Mark didn't bother to knock just kicked the door open and they all rushed into the house looking for any of Viggo's men as

they entered the house a gun fight started up and it continued until all of Viggo's men were down and dead. All but one he went to go after Mark but he actted quickly

and tackled him into the wall and started beating on him as he's beating on him the man gets his barrings and shoves Mark off of him once he's of he gets up and goes

after him only to have Mark get his barrings and throws him into a wall and grabs his weapon and fires at his leg sending him down as he goes down Mark kicks him in

the face knocking him out cold. Once he's out Mark looks around the house.)

Mark: Reagan!
Reagan: Mark!

(He walks towards the closet and opens it as he opens it she quickly comes out and hugs him getting him to smile at her then she pulls away from him.)

John: You are right?
Reagan: Yeah.
Mark: What the hell?
Reagan: I over heard them talking.
Mark: What they say?
Reagan: That this was John's impossible task.

(Mark looks at her and then to John who looks off annoyed.)

John: Shit.
Mark: If he wasn't a member of the high table.
John: Yeah really.
Mark: Anyway. Grab your stuff your coming back with us to New York.
Reagan: Okay.

(She runs up to her room to grab her things.)

John: So this was my impossible task.
Mark: Yeah. And it seemed it too given how many men were here.
John: Yeah.
Mark: At least you're finally free.
John: Yeah. I know i'm leaving a lot behind.
Mark: Just answer one question.
John: What?
Mark: She worth it?

(He looks at him and laughs.)

John: Yes she is.
Mark: Don't ever regret leaving all of this behind.

(He nods his head at him. Later Reagan came back down the stairs with her things and they leave the house to go back to New York. Shortly after getting back to New

York John left to go start his new life with Helen after leaving Mark looked at Reagan and laughed.)

Reagan: Shut up.
Mark: I didn't say anything.
Reagan: He was cute.
Mark: He was. But.
Reagan: I know i saw her. Wow.

(They start laughing as they walk inside of the building.)


Five years later.


(It's been five and half years since John left the life of an assassin after he left Mark took up time in Santino's organization and in putting himself in with Santino

it put one hell of a bullseye on him but with the protection detail such as Ares and her men it kept the people who were wanting to harm Mark at bay in doing so it

brought Mark a lot closer to Santino's second in command friend wise and a lot closer to one of her men as to which one of those men he never say's that is until

Reagan showed up one day and caught them together he looked at her made her promise not to tell Ares or Santino and she told him she would keep it quite. After finding

out about Mark and Marco she found herself growing closer to Ares who was trying her hardest not to show she's interested in Reagan but Mark can tell she really cares

about her and is trying very hard not to show it. All of this is leading back up to when John reappeared in everyone's life all due to one man and it all started at a

gas station. Mark and Reagan were headed back into the city and stopped off at gast station to get gas as they pulled in Mark saw someone talking with John and got

annoyed at who it was. And quickly got out of the car and shut the door along with Reagan.)

Mark: Mind fueling up?
Reagan: Of course not.

(He nods his head at her as he walks over to the man in question.)

Mark: ubiraysya. (Get lost)

(He turns and looks at him. Then he looks into the car.)

Mark: Hey Wick.