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What The Pines Did This Summer

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Mason “Dipper” Pines was frustrated. It had only been two months since he and Mabel had returned to Piedmont but it felt like an eternity, compared to the wackiness of Gravity Falls home just felt so dull and boring.

“What’s up Dipping Sauce? You look bored?” Mabel asked as she poked his elbow, the brunette simply sighed as he closed his book and turned to face his sister.

“That’s because I am” He stated simply and a frown briefly appeared on Mabel’s face before it was replaced by a blinding smile.

“Then let’s go explore! It’s Saturday and mom and dad won’t be back until late, I’m sure we can find something interesting to do!” She said excitedly and despite himself, Dipper felt a smile form onto his face.

“That’s a great idea Mabs” He said warmly and Mabel’s smile somehow widened tenfold. However, before either twin could move there was a sudden bright flash of light that blinded both of them.

When the light faded they found themselves in a large room that looked like a movie theatre, only there were no doors and the chairs were replaced with lounge chairs and couches. Mabel without thinking about it reached out to grasp Dipper’s hand which he squeezed in reassurance.

They weren't alone for long as soon there was another flash of light and a group of people appeared in a giant heap which Dipper and Mabel couldn’t help but laugh at. As the group of people untangled themselves Dipper quickly scanned over the crowd to see who was all there, it looked like a majority of the people were from Piedmont including their parents but they weren’t who caught his attention and from the excited gasp that escaped from Mabel, she must have seen them too.

“Grunkle Stan! Grunkle Ford!” She shrieked as she ran forward and tackled the older gentlemen and pulled them into a bear hug. They both chuckled and returned the hug just as tightly, Dipper quickly made his way over and was pulled into the hug by Stan.

“It’s good to see you guys again” Dipper mumbled as he buried his head into his great uncle's chest. Once they pulled away Ford gave both twins a warm smile before he began glancing around the room.

“I must agree though I find myself wondering how we all appeared here” He mused, a thoughtful expression quickly appeared on Dipper’s face.

“I’m not sure” He muttered as he rubbed at his chin thoughtfully, but before he could think further on it his parents decided to make their presence known.

“Mabel! Dipper!” They both called out as they rushed over and pulled them both into a protective embrace. While Mabel smiled at their parents Dipper just grunted in displeasure, after everything he and Mable had been through he really didn’t like to be coddled.

“Good everyone is here!” A chipper female voice announced, everyone started to glance around the room earning them an amused chuckle from the voice.

“Sillies, I’m not really there that would be stupid” The voice said cheerfully, a few people huffed at this.

“Why are we here?” Dipper questioned only to be hushed by his mother which made his eyebrow twitch slightly.

“An excellent question Dipper, I would expect nothing else from my favourite” The voice stated and a cold chill ran down Dippers spine, that brought back way to many memories of Bill for his liking.

“The reason I have gathered all of you lovely people together is to show you what Dipper and Mable did all summer” Voice continued cheerfully. Their parents turned to stare down at them in confusion while Dipper and Mabel winced, they hadn’t quite figured out how to tell their parents about all of their adventures just yet.

“Why should we care about what those losers did all summer?” Gabriel Thorn questioned grumpily, earning him deep frowns from Dipper and Mabels, Gabriel Thorn was a massive bully who loved making Dipper’s life hell. Though ever since Dipper had returned from Gravity Falls he had been ignoring the boy which he definitely did not like.

“You should care because these two are heroes” The voice growled which made a chill to run down everyone’s spines. Dipper grunted when his parents tightened their holds on him and Mabel.

“How are they, heroes?” Willow Smith questioned curiously, she was an elderly lady who had lived next door to the twins since they were babies and though she had noticed that something had definitely changed about the twins since they had been away she couldn’t help but wonder what could have happened to them that would cause this mysterious voice to refer to them as heroes.

“You’ll see” The voice said in amusement as the screen came to life and it showed the words, Gravity Falls.

“The Pines will find their seats at the front, everyone else can sit where ever they want” Was the last thing the voice said before it went silent. Slowly everyone made their way to their seats. Dipper sighed in relief when he saw that he and Mabel were sharing a couch while his parents had the armchairs next to Mabel while Stan and Ford had the two armchairs on his side. Though he couldn’t help but frown slightly when he realized Gabriel had sat behind him.

Once everyone was seated the screen began to play.