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Looking for: Alpha to Match Swimsuit

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Castiel loved his niece, he really did. She knew what she wanted in life, she was unfailingly kind and she had no qualms about speaking her mind. Unfortunately, her charming and strong-willed way had the side-effect of making Castiel do things he knew he'd later regret.

"Come on, Cas! You said this would be your very first holiday alone, without Old Nick and Jack!" she said, standing on his porch, her jeep parked on the street. It was clear that Claire had no intention at all to come in even though Luke was at work. So either Cas would have to leave her standing on the porch, which she just knew he would be too polite to do, or he'd have to give in and let her drag him out.

"You really shouldn't call your uncle that," Castiel admonished her automatically, the argument being old enough for it to be an almost performative part of their greeting ritual. Claire groaned, her typical drawn out, impatient, petulant groan, that she had perfected around the age of 8. Luckily, it was something Jack had never picked up from her. "I don't know… I have everything I need."

Cas heard the stairs creak behind him and soon enough Jack was skipping into the entrance hall, curious to see who was at the door. He was popping his chewing gum.

"Hello!" he greeted cheerfully, lifting his hand in his signature gesture. Claire grinned at him and soon her expression turned calculating. This didn’t bode well for Castiel.

"I was just trying to get your dad to come shopping with me! Do you want to come along too?" she asked. Now it was Castiel's turn to groan, but he suppressed it as best as he could. Claire was already grinning enough.

"Oh? We just came back from grocery shopping," Jack said, dubious of Claire's plans.

"Not grocery shopping! Cas is gonna go on vacation soon, right? And I just think he should buy himself a nice new outfit for it! You know, to wear to the beach!" Castiel watched his son's carefree chewing slow down, as he mulled it over. He clearly was intrigued. "Do you remember when your dad last bought something nice for himself?"

"I buy plenty of nice things for myself," Cas muttered defensively, but Jack latched on to Claire's argument quickly.

"No, you don’t, Dad. You buy nice things for Father and for me, and basically everyone, but whenever you want to get something nice for yourself you put it back. Like the flowers earlier? You wanted them but you didn't buy them!" Jack argued.

"You know what your father thinks about flowers," Castiel said.

"That there are plenty of roses in the garden, yes I know," Jack said impatiently. "But the point is that you wanted them and you didn't buy them." Castiel looked at Claire, hoping that she would telepathically understand his sarcastic "thank you for this". From the way the kid grinned, she probably did.

"Besides," Jack continued, "I don't think I've ever seen you in anything else than the same black shorts and t-shirt whenever we were at the beach."

"Yes, every family vacation, Cas brings out the sensible black trunks that he probably got before we were born," Claire said and yawned exaggeratedly. "Boring."

"After Jack was born actually," Castiel mumbled, but he already knew that he had lost the battle of wills against the united power of these teens. "Fine. I'll grab my wallet," he muttered in defeat. Claire and Jack grinned at each other.

"Can I drive?!" he heard Jack call when he went to fetch his wallet from the coffee table in the living room. He did let his eyes travel over the photographs on the wall, some of them of beach vacations with his family, sometimes with Luke and his brothers or with Jimmy and Claire. And he did always wear the same outfit. But why fix something that wasn't broken, right?

"Nope! You drive like a grandma and we want to be there before closing time!" Claire yelled from outside.

Castiel took a deep, fortifying breath. Then he walked out of the house to go on a shopping trip with two teenagers.

As it turned out Jack and Claire had a whole lot of ideas about what a married man in his 40s was supposed to wear on a relaxing vacation to the beach. Castiel was sitting on the little sofa in the corner, getting increasingly more disgruntled and embarrassed, as the two went through the store. Castiel could have been in and out of the first department store he saw with another unassuming pair of shorts and maybe a sun hat, but no. For some reason Claire had decided that this would be a good moment to remember that he was a "beautiful, strong omega" and that he deserved to have some sexy lingerie. Jack's initial confused question if the lingerie store wasn't just for women, was met with Claire's firm assurance that everyone could wear lingerie, even an alpha boy like Jack!

"Just… don't show your dad, he's not very forwards thinking," Claire warned him and Castiel was disappointed to admit to himself that she was probably right. Jack however was still all smiles, intrigued to learn more about it.

"Oh, that's okay. I prefer my Star Wars pajamas anyway."

"You're such a nerd," Claire told him, boxing his shoulder playfully. "I swear if anyone bullies you in college, I'll go beat them up!" Jack tilted his head at her, his eyebrows drawn down.

"Max, Stacy and Eliot said the same thing. Why do you all think that I'm going to let anyone bully me?" he said with a frown.

"It's because you're sweet and you're a nerd. You get that from your dad," Claire said with a wink. Castiel had listened to the conversation with a bit of a heavy heart. The idea of Jack away at college, leaving him with an empty house, an emotionally (and usually also physically) distant husband and a job going nowhere was hardly something he wanted to ponder. But he'd have to face it eventually. His friends had more or less decided for him that he deserved a vacation so that he could take his mind off of it. Castiel was pretty sure sitting alone at the beach without his kid for the first time in 18 years would just make him miss Jack more.

He must have spaced out for longer than he thought, because soon he found himself with a lapful of fabric and a grinning Claire and Jack standing in front of him.

"We made a selection! Go on, try them on!" Claire said with an almost challenging tone. Castiel looked from the kids' faces down to the colorful pile in is lap. He plucked one item out of it, a fiery red thing that looked like it wouldn't cover anything. He lifted his eyebrows at the kids.

"It's from the men's section, your penis will fit in it," Jack said which had Claire recoil instantly.

"Ew! Don't talk about your dad's junk! Come on, Jack!" she said, shoving him towards the cabins, disregarding his protests. Castiel slowly got up, gathering the shorts and speedos and the swimsuits in his arms, making his way over to the changing rooms, like a man moving to the gallows. (Yes, okay, he was being dramatic, having two teenagers around has rubbed off on him.)

He caught the eye of one of the store attendants on his way there and she shot him an encouraging smile.

"I see you are in good hands already, but if you need help, just call. I'm happy to help find you the right fit," she said.

"Thank you," he said and he must have looked more haggard than he assumed because she laughed. It was a kind laugh however. "I assume you might get a couple of overwhelmed omega men…"

"Yes, more than you'd think," she said, "which is a damn shame. I wish more omega men would discover lingerie. Any men actually," she added with a wink. "Anyway, I'm Meg, and I'll just be over here if you need rescuing."

Fortified, though still not really sure he agreed that he was the kind of man who should discover lingerie for himself, he joined the kids.

Castiel had assumed that the kids had internalized that he was a boring guy who found comfort in routine. He had expected floral swim trunks, maybe even a tight speedo if they were being daring. But he'd been wrong and underestimated their eagerness to dress him up. Was this maybe a prank? A tictac challenge or whatever the name was? (Even though Jack loved to watch Youtube videos for hours, he wasn't all that interested in social media so Cas wasn't up to date.) Maybe a 'Pick an "old" person and make them wear "fashionable" stuff' challenge?

In any case, Castiel didn't even want to put on the thing that Claire had selected for him; it was a neon yellow bikini that was frilly on the bottom and nearly nonexistent at the top.

"I won't put this on," he told her when she and Jack pushed their heads into the changing room, at least holding on to the curtain to make sure nobody else could see him.

"I just wanted to see your reaction to that," Claire said and Castiel was tempted to throw the scrap of fabric at her, but he didn't want to get in trouble with Jimmy.

"Maybe the red bikini, it's sexy," Jack suggested, pointing at the equally offending looking item.

"Why not just a nice swim trunk?" Castiel asked instead but Claire instantly wrinkled her nose.

"You are going to the beach, Cas. You are a hot omega with a hot body, so you should put on something sexy and let everyone buy you drinks!" Jack looked at his cousin with a dubious expression but eventually he seemed to defer to her greater experience in all things omega fashion and omega beach vacations.

"I'm a married father in his 40s, this isn't the kind of beach vacation you're imagining!" Castiel argued, then he turned towards the pile of clothing.

"Being admired by alphas doesn't hurt, your ego could use the boost," Claire told him, her voice suspiciously careful. "No offense, Jack, but your dad isn't exactly the most appreciative husband."

"Oh, no, I know," Jack said, not bothered at all, though it caused a pang of sadness in Cas. The boy did idolize his father, or had for a long time. He didn't want him to lose that. Jack tilted his head, studying Cas.

"You don't have to flirt with others," Jack said, "or have sex." Cas definitely wouldn't be having sex, but he was sort of uncomfortable with the fact that his son was so casual about it. He had always been very open with Jack about sexuality, designation and gender, not wanting him to grow up feeling weird about his body or sex. But that was about Jack, not himself! "But this is a vacation for you, so you can feel good. I think you should buy something that you like and feel comfortable in."

"I appreciate the sentiment, Jack," Cas said, "but I don't know if bikinis are for me. I don't have the build for it."

"That's not true," Jack argued before Claire could start one of her speeches. "Try some of the things we selected. If you don't like anything, then we can go somewhere else." Cas heaved a sigh.

"Fine." Claire and Jack both grinned at him and then they pulled their heads back out of the cabin, letting the curtain fall closed.

Castiel studied the pile and then carefully hung all of them up on the various hooks around the cabin. Most of them were atrocious, something he wouldn't even have worn back in the 90s when there was a strong omega rights wave and Cas had tried to be a bit more daring. (That's how he met Luke but the daring didn't last past their wedding.) There were some that looked more normal.

And then there was one thing that did catch his eyes. It was two pieces. The bottom a pretty sunflower yellow with a modest cut that wouldn't show too much of his ass. The top looked like a regular halter top, cut a bit short, with thin straps. It was white with a sunflower print. Cas had to admit it was beautiful. He checked the tag. "Sunny Omega" it read, the O in the shape of the male sign. It was pretty corny but still Cas had to smile a bit.

He studied it for a while longer, hearing the kids chat outside, but then he took a determined, fortifying breath and put it on.

"It's amazing, Cas, you're going to be the hottest eye candy on the beach! For 40-year-olds of course," Claire assured him and he rolled his eyes. But he was glad that the kids talked him into it. The bikini had felt good and it had looked amazing as well, once Cas got over the initial internal barrier of seeing himself wearing something so feminine. But the kids were right, this was his first vacation alone in years, he did it for himself, why not also indulge a bit and try something new? He had a good beach towel, a hat, nice sunglasses, copious amounts of sunscreen and his e-reader. Together with this new swimsuit he actually felt ready for something new. And life after your only child leaves the house to live at college, that was as new as it was ever gonna get for Cas.

"Thank you for the shopping trip," he said, receiving a grin from Claire. "Say hi to your parents for me, alright?"

"Sure thing!" she said, then Cas got out of the Jeep. Jack was already at the front door, waiting there while sipping his Frappuccino. Cas took his shopping bag out of the trunk and then looked towards the house. Luke's car was in the driveway. They had taken longer doing the shopping than he had thought. But it was Pizza day, so he didn't have to worry about taking too long to prepare dinner. Still, he felt unease pool in his stomach. He'd just put the shopping bag away into his office. Not wanting to keep Jack waiting, he walked to the door, looking back at Claire who sent him an encouraging thumbs up.

"Don't let Old Nick ruin this for you! Drop him before you drop the swimsuit!" Claire called cheekily, then she rolled up her windows and drove away. Cas heaved a sigh.

He opened the door and got it. Jack followed on his heels, still slurping, and headed towards the stairs.

"Hello!" he greeted loudly and Cas wondered if he still had the time to dash to his office, but Luke came out of the living room. He still wore his work clothes, a ridiculously expensive white linen suit, though he had already discarded the tie.

"Hello Jack. Where were you?" he asked, then looked at Cas. His eyes travelled down, zeroing in on the shopping bag. So far there was no particular judgement on his face. As an accountant, Cas was the one who was responsible for the household finances, but that didn't stop Luke from frequently second-guessing Cas' handle of money. Of course, Cas in turn wasn't allowed to ask why Luke spent 200$ in a fancy restaurant or dropped 1000$ at a high-class hotel (there was no point in asking questions you knew the answer to anyway).

"Out shopping with Claire and dad," Jack said and when Luke nodded, he went up the stairs. And now Luke's eyes were on the shopping bag.

"Anything exciting?" he asked smoothly, flashing Cas his usual charming grin, but there was always a hint of intimidation in Luke's demeanor. Luke always said that it came naturally to him because he was an alpha, but Cas felt there was no need to wield it like a weapon against your own family. But Cas had learnt how to face it over the years.

"The kids made an argument that I have been wearing the same swimsuit for years. I agreed with them and got something new," Castiel told him, but still kept a hold on the bag. Luke studied him, then he crossed his arms, leaning back against the wall.

"So show me then," he challenge, which had Cas clutch the bag even tighter. Luke approached, reaching out his hands to put them on Castiel's upper arm. "Make it a little show." He winked at Cas, then he stepped away, patting Cas' cheek before he crossed his arms over his chest expectantly.

"Since when are you interested in my clothing?" Cas asked, one eyebrow raised. Lucifer's eyes dropped down.

"Since you obviously try to hide the bag from me. A bag which clearly reads Bellomega." Luke made a show of taking out his phone and typing on it. "Which, as a scroll through their website shows, is a lingerie brand for omega men." Luke put the phone back in his pocket and lifted his eyebrows expectantly. "And clearly the lingerie you buy is intended to be seen by me."

"It's a swimsuit, Luke, not lingerie," Castiel corrected him but Luke's smile only widened.

"All the more reason for me to see, isn't it? You've worn the same thing for going on 20 years and now you go on vacation without me and you buy a new swimsuit? From an omega lingerie brand? Surely I get to see it." Luke's eyes flashed red when Castiel didn't move. "Go on, pet, put it on," he said with a cool grin.

It wasn't worth the argument and Cas had nothing to be embarrassed of, so he went upstairs to their bedroom, Luke hot on his heels, but Cas locked him out of their bathroom. Even though he had no reason to, Cas already felt humiliated. This was just a swimsuit and it wasn't like Cas was afraid of Luke or compelled to follow his orders when he flashed alpha red eyes. But still… why bother. With a bit of a heavy heart he pulled out his sunflower bikini and put it on.

"I'm waiting, pet," Lucifer called. Cas rolled his eyes, but then he shot himself one more look in the mirror. He looked good. Reassured in this knowledge, he opened the bathroom door and stepped out. Luke was sitting on the armchair next to the wardrobe, his legs crossed.

Cas stood in front of him, then raised his arms from his sides a bit. He was no longer 20 and vying for Luke's approval and praise. He wasn't going to put on a show for him.


Luke looked him up and down, his expression hard to read, but then he burst out laughing.

"Are you serious?!" he managed to say between bouts of laughing. "Oh man, Cassie, you look ridiculous!" Cas flinched, but luckily it was anger and not hurt that followed in the wake of Luke's words.

"Contrary to what you must believe, I do have eyes. I know it doesn't look ridiculous," he told him. Luke chuckled some more, but then he looked at Cas with a pitying expression, still smiling at him.

"You are 44 years old, Cas. You've got no tits, your legs are hairy and you're covered in stubble. Of course you look ridiculous! Back when we met and you were a slip of an omega, then maybe you could have worn this. But now? A male omega in a sunflower swimsuit? Please, it screams desperate."

"I disagree," Castiel told him and even though Lucifer's words did hurt some part of him, the anger at his husband trying to humiliate him still far outweighed the hurt. "Claire and Jack both liked it and I do too. You're not going to the beach with me, so you don't have to look at it." At this Luke's face changed to a sneer.

"Oh, come on! You know Claire is a bad influence on our alpha son! Jack's already far too soft! Slurping ridiculous girly drinks! Accompanying you to an omega lingerie store! He's a proud alpha for god's sake! You're debasing him and I told you multiple times that I don't want those two to hang out!"

"You're being ridiculous," Cas scoffed and went into the bathroom to undress.

"Ridiculous?! I'm concerned about what kind of person my alpha son will grow up to be! And I'm concerned that you'll go to the beach dressed like a whore!" Luke shouted. Cas bit his lip to stop himself from shouting something obscene back or storming back out to kick him in the nuts. At least he could fantasize about it. He pulled off his bikini and swiftly got back into his shorts and t-shirt.

"It's a modest bikini," Cas said, once he came back outside, forcing his voice to remain calm. He wasn't going to stoop to Luke's nasty level.

"Take it back," Luke demanded and Cas turned his frown towards his husband.

"Excuse me?" he asked but Luke pushed past him to grab the bikini and the Bellomega shopping bag out of the bathroom. He then tossed them all at Cas, who at least reacted quickly enough to catch the things.

"You're going to take this thing back," Luke repeated, the order clear in his voice. Cas raised his head defiantly.

"I will not," he said and Luke looked like he was two seconds away from snarling at him, his eyes flashing red.

"You are my husband, my omega! And I will not be humiliated by you trying to attract some knotheads in this ridiculous thing! I won't allow you to wear this rag to the beach!" he shouted, stomping up to Cas, getting all up in his face. Maybe this would have impressed Cas years ago, but now?

"Allow me? Are you out of your mind?" Cas hissed at him, not backing down in the slightest. "And who are you talk about humiliation?" Luke narrowed his eyes at him. "What do you think I felt like when you cheated on me? When you continue to cheat on me? You never even tried to hide it. And I should have called it quits after the first time you asked me to pay your 3000$ weekend with that escort girl!"

"I'm an alpha!" Luke said dismissively. "And I'm important in my company. I have to attend plenty of functions and eye-candy on my arm is expected!"

"Yes, you've told me all about how you couldn't take your boring, bland looking accountant husband. It would tank your reputation," Castiel told him sharply. Luke merely shrugged.

"You're getting way to emotional about this, which is typical," he dismissed. Cas couldn't help but laugh out loud.

"You're unbelievable!" he said, then he put his swimsuit back into the shopping bag.

"Buy something useful once you returned it!" Luke called after him.

"I am not returning it!" Castiel shouted, ignoring Luke as he walked over to Jack's room and knocked. Jack opened after a moment, headphones around his neck.

"Jack, grab your stuff, we're having pizza night at Anna's place," he said. Jack didn't question it, chirping a quick "okay" before he went back into his room to grab his backpack.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Luke asked, grabbing Cas' arm and giving him a shake. "Do you want me to get angry?"

"I'm doing what I should have done years ago," Cas told him, freeing his arm. "We're done." Luke stared at him, so Cas walked past him.

"Good-bye father," Jack said, and then followed Cas downstairs and out of the house. And that was that.

Of course, a divorce was much more stressful than Cas would have wanted it to be, but he felt good about it, even if he was exhausted.

"I feel like an idiot," he muttered, lying on Anna's pull-out couch. Jack was spending the night at Jimmy's place, so that Cas could have an evening of lamenting and drinking wine with his cousin.

"Why? Because you didn't divorce Old Nick sooner?" Anna joked, already deep into her third glass of the evening. Cas groaned and looked up at her.

"Doing all of this over a stupid swimsuit," he said. "Divorce is complicated. At least Jack is no longer a minor… That's a small comfort."

"Cas, you didn't ditch Luke for the swimsuit. The swimsuit was just the latest of a long string of insults you had to suffer from your own husband. Cas, you shouldn't have to endure your husband humiliating you," she declared and toasted him. "Now drink up." Cas did then he licked his lips.

"I did for years," he muttered.

"And now you grew some balls and stopped it," Anna said sagely, but then she frowned and looked at him. "Figuratively. Since you don't have balls, do you?"

"No, I'm still an omega, Anna. Sending Luke packing didn't magically make me grow testicles," he said with a chuckle. Somehow this was very funny. "Luke's an assbutt but I got Jack out of it."

"Yeah… Jack's such a sweetheart," Anna said, her voice sounding exactly the way it did when she looked at cute kitten videos. She even had that touched face and was holding her free hand to her chest. "He seems to be handling the divorce pretty well."

"Yes… He is disappointed because you know how he idolized Luke, but I think hanging out with Claire as much as he did really helped him put things into perspective. He can still love his father and also understand that the way Luke treated me wasn't right and that we would all be happier if we weren't living together anymore."

"And are you? Happier I mean?" Anna wondered. At that Cas heaved a sigh.

"I don't know. I didn't really love him anymore… But I miss knowing that I will come back home from work to a family… Having to give up the house was a blow… Not having someone to help me through a heat is a nuisance…" Anna nodded sympathetically. "I suppose I'm just stressed."

"Yeah, I get it. Luckily, you'll be hanging out at the beach in your cute sunflower bikini, sipping drinks and turning hot alphas' heads in less than two weeks!" she said, winking at Cas.

"Yeah right," Cas huffed. "A male omega in his forties who just got through a divorce and is sad about his only child going to college. I'm a catch."

"You're such a dramatic drunk, seriously," Anna said, laughing in amusement. "You'll have a good time! I guarantee it!" Cas smiled at her, nodding tentatively. He hoped that he would at least be able to relax a bit. Because he really did earn this vacation.

Claire had an idea. And she thought that while it was risky, it was actually a very good idea.

"You want to make my dad a dating profile?" Jack asked and licked the milkshake off his lips. "I don't think he'd like that."

"Maybe not initially, but imagine how much he'd like it if he met a nice person, someone who can accompany him to the beach, rub sunscreen on his back, admire his beach outfit…"

"Yes, that's very important," Jack agreed, but then he frowned. "I'm not sure… Dad has been with my father for so long, maybe he'll benefit from being single for a little bit." That was what Claire's parents had said too. To just let Cas lick his wounds, enjoy life as a single for a while and then figure out where to go from there. But Cas had been so unappreciated in his relationship for so long, why wait even longer to search for that kind of happiness again?

"It's just sad, you know? Your dad is such a good guy and he deserves to be loved by the right person," she insisted. Jack seemed torn, but he did give a tentative nod. "And he can still say no. If we find him a date in less than two weeks good! If not, then at least we tried! Surely it's better than just let him mope."

"I guess."

"Great! So I've got some ideas already," she said and pulled out her mobile phone. "We just need to set it up."

"Uh-huh," Jack muttered, slurping on his milkshake while Claire's stood next to her, mostly forgotten.

"So he's an omega male looking for… I don't know. He's gay, right? But what about designation? Does he care?"

"I'm not sure… When he and Anna talk it's always about alphas…"

"Well, okay. Alpha, check. Male, check," Claire said and Jack stretched over the table to be able to catch a look at the screen. "And now just a good picture."

"Oh! I have one, take this!" Jack said and quickly got out his phone to send Claire one he took of Cas in Anna's garden, wearing his bikini out of pure spite for his ex-husband.

"That's great, exactly what we need! And now, profile is done! We just have to wait and see!"

Dean had never been interested in online dating. He knew how to pick up someone in a bar, but truth to be told… he didn't really feel like it anymore. Since he and Lisa had decided to end their relationship, Dean had somewhat… drifted. He always had to travel a lot for his job and it had taken its toll on his relationship. He had joked with his co-workers that if you were single, this kind of job would be ideal to hook up with people. A new city every other week, new bars, new hunting grounds for an alpha such as him. But now that he was actually single…? It didn't appeal to him all that much. He no longer was a carefree 20 something year old, unattached alpha. He was pushing 40 and while that was no issue at all, he kind of found he simply wasn’t feeling the whole bar scene anymore. He also wasn't really feeling his position at Sandover anymore, but he didn't want to make any rash decisions just because things were changing in his life and he was uncomfortable about it.

So he had taken his well-earned holidays and was, to be honest, utterly bored out of his skull. He didn't know why; he had neglected hobbies, TV shows and books in his rush to get that next promotion. There should be plenty for him to do!

It was his mom who had suggested he try online dating because "all the young people did it". It was cute that his mom still considered him part of the young crowd, but he wasn't sure it was a great idea. So he put it off, visited Sam and Jess and spent a weekend sweating his balls off during a LARP campaign as Spears, trusty sword-wielding handmaiden to the Queen of Moondor. (One day Dean would actually come up with his own character, but he was too used to playing the role Charlie had jokingly assigned him when she had first dragged him with her.)

But when he got back to his empty apartment, he felt such an odd sense of wrongness, of not being where he was supposed to be, that he caved in and made himself a profile.

He doubted it would help at all, since hooking up with someone would surely not fix his dissatisfaction. But Dean was on vacation and it would be future Dean's problem to deal with the underlying issues.

So he downloaded the app and spent the next hour trying to come up with a good profile and picture. He had a feeling he was putting way too much effort into it and put it away again, thinking maybe he should just book a beach vacation after all or adopt a cat.  He eventually ended up ordering new swim wear and some outfits he'd probably banish to the very back of his closet the moment they arrived.

And then he sat down to watch some Dr. Sexy reruns, definitely not thinking about how pathetically lonely he felt.

He woke up to a couple of notifications on his phone, feeling somewhat uncomfortable after falling asleep on his couch, and while he had coffee to get his mind back online, he remembered the app. He opened it up and found that his inbox looked worse than his inbox at work on a Monday morning. He clicked through the messages, feeling a bit detached, despite the explicit images that were attached to some chats. Dean's dick stayed dormant and he nibbled on toast while he scrolled through them.

When he had sent replies to some people, he scrolled through some accounts that had been suggested to him according to his settings.

He was almost done with his breakfast, when he saw one that caught his eye.

Cas (om), 44)
I'm looking for an alpha who matches my swimsuit.

The profile pic was the upper body of a man wearing what looked like a sunflower swimsuit. Dean couldn't see the guy's face, but from what he could see the guy was pretty well-built for an omega. There were some other pics, one of the swimsuit – bikini actually – draped over suitcase and another one of the omega in the bikini, a big hat obscuring his face. But wow, he did have an amazing body. Also, this reminded Dean that he too had ordered stuff for a beach vacation that matched this pretty well. It seemed… well, not fate, but it was clearly some kind of sign that he should at least send the guy a message.

After the 5th knot pic, Claire had tasked Jack with going through the messages Cas' dating profile received. They had so far been able to keep their little project a secret both from Cas and Claire's parents. It wasn't like Claire and Jack spending hours staring at their phones was something they couldn't explain away and neither Jimmy nor Amelia had asked.

"I swear, if you ever send someone an unsolicited dick pic, I'll disinherit you," Claire grumbled, bringing up some lemonade and mango slices to the "matchmaker central" (Claire's bedroom). Jack seemed focused on his task, clicking and swiping.

"I don't know why alphas do that. It's very fascinating and embarrassing to some degree…," Jack said, then he lifted his head to look at Claire. "Is this why you're not attracted to men?" Claire laughed at that.

"You're the only alpha I tolerate," Claire said, blowing Jack a kiss. As expected Jack beamed at her, very pleased with the (arguably underwhelming) compliment.

"I don't know many omegas, but you're clearly my favorite next to dad," he answered which Claire commented with an exaggerated "awwww!". Claire let Jack scroll some more while she texted Kaia.

"Oh, I just got a new message," Jack said, "well, dad did."

"Another dick pic?" Claire asked, not looking up from her phone yet.

"No, look," he insisted and Claire abandoned her chatting to go check out what Jack wanted to show her.

"Dean, male alpha, 39 years old," Claire read the tiny blurb. "Well, his profile pic does look okay. He's pretty hot and he's got a nice car."

"He looks like a movie star," Jack insisted. "Look what he wrote." Jack opened the inbox and clicked on Dean's icon.

"Hey Cas. Love the bikini. I just bought this a couple of days ago. What do you think?"

Claire read out loud and then frowned, but before she could ask Jack about it, he clicked open a picture, grinning at her while it loaded.

It wasn't a dick pic. It was Dean standing in front of a mirror clearly taking a selfie. He wore a robe, but it was open enough that they could see his bright yellow speedos with sunflower print.

"Oh my god, if that guy's for real then we have to answer! What do you think? Is he your dad's type?" Claire asked, feeling super exited.

"Uh, I don't know… I don't know if dad has a type…" Jack frowned. "Father is tall, has blue eyes, blond hair… But I'm not sure if that constitutes a type."

"Dad!!" Claire shouted, startling Jack. There was no sound for a moment but then Jimmy came into the room.

"What's wrong?" he asked, looking concerned but Claire held out the phone to him.

"Is this Cas' type?" she asked. Jimmy relaxed, then he heaved a sigh and approached enough to take the phone from her.

"Claire? What is this?" he asked instead of answering.

"We made a dating profile for dad," Jack said, "we were looking for a man to match his swimsuit since father was so negative about it. And I think we found the right one. We just don't know if he's dad's type." Jimmy stared at the kids for a long moment and Claire could see that he was warring with himself. Eventually he snorted and looked back down at the phone. Claire knew they were off the hook.

"Yeah, that's definitely Cas' type. This guy is everyone's type," Jimmy said and handed the phone back.

"I thought you're straight," Claire said with a laugh.

"I have eyes," Jimmy said. "Anyway. I hope you two know that Cas might get upset over this, so be careful." With that warning, Jimmy darted one last look at the screen, then he shook his head and left the room. When Claire turned back to Jack, he grabbed the phone out of her hands and started typing.

"What are you doing?"

"Sending Dean emojis and then I'm calling dad to pick me up so he can take over," Jack declared which Claire considered a good plan. And if this blew up in their faces, at least Jack could warn her about the epic grounding she'd receive.