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Mr. Love Gavin

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“What are you going to wear for Tati’s bachelorette party?”

Alex offers me a stick of gum and pops one in her mouth when I shake my head.

“Does it really matter?” I chuckle and she frowns:

“You should wear something with pockets.”

We’re walking from the train station together on our way back from brunch. It is Saturday and Tati’s bachelorette party is tonight. We used to be inseparable during our college days, Alex, Tati and I, we shared an apartment and all the other things friends usually share. However, once we graduated, Tati got a job on the other side of town, so now Alex and I were seeing each other far more often than either of us saw her. And now she’s getting married to her high school sweetheart; it is a typical sweet story.
However, before she does get married, we need to go to the bachelorette party. I was honestly looking forward to it, but I didn’t think my outfit really mattered much.

“Something with pockets? Why?”

“So you can put money in your pockets. Loose small bills.”

I frown in confusion before I take a look at her smug face and it dawns on me:

“You hired a stripper!”

“Why, yes, I did!” She almost laughs like a cheesy villain in a Saturday morning special cartoon.

“You really need a boyfriend. You’ll die of dehydration at this rate.”

“Oh, please! Who was it that complained about how Victor is still on hiatus just yesterday?”

That was true. I promptly shut my big mouth. But really, why was Victor still not returning to work? Did he intend to quit?
I have to go grocery shopping more often, then.

“Fine. What kind of stripper did you hire?”

“It’s a surprise, you’ll see.” She wiggles her eyebrows:

“Oh, by the way! Have you gotten a chance to book Dr. Pantydropper yet?”

I shake my head:

“Nope. To be honest, I forgot. I mostly watched a guy named Kiro and a couple of other ones recently.”

“Oh, I know Kiro! I’ve never booked a one-on-one with him before, but I browsed through his photo gallery! Do you recommend him?”

“Most definitely. He looks adorable at first, but he’s very naughty.”

“Oooh, then I’ll make sure to check him out.”

“And are you still sticking to Dr. Pantydropper?”

“Mostly! He’s the best, I’m telling you, he has this very sultry bedroom voice and will basically be up for whatever you ask of him, he’s like 10 guys in one!”

I laugh at that, waving my hand:

“You know what, if he’s that great, I’m going to check him out as soon as I go on the website next time.”

I always get frustrated when choosing what to wear. For this party, I finally managed to select a plain black button-down shirt and a pair of black jeans. I will pair that with some ankle booties and a leather jacket and I think I will be good to go. I don’t feel like wearing a skirt tonight, the forecast says it will be chilly.

Biting my lip, I glance at my laptop. I do have enough time to book a one-on-one on Mr. Love. Maybe I can finally see why Alex loves that doctor guy so much.
Everyone on there is very handsome, and I do presume that they all have to cater to customers’ wishes, so him doing it should not in itself be very special.
Unless he is… a little more eccentric than most.
I shudder. Thinking about weird things that my best friend might ask from a guy is not really my idea of fun thoughts.

I open the website and see the special promotion banner. The site runs them on weekends sometimes and it usually means discounts or freebies for certain accounts or categories.

Today, that category just so happens to be “men in uniform”. I grin, just shy of evilly rubbing my hands together. Time to find a hot military or police officer! Maybe even a firefighter!
There is something so hot about guys who can and would rescue you.
Not that I am a damsel, but literally being rescued from a fire has to have you admire the person who did it, right?!

A pair of large, amber eyes captures my attention.
In his first picture, he is smiling as he sits in the sun, hair damp and white T-shirt wet and clinging to his muscular body. Of course, all the men here are handsome, but Gavin is… there is no other word, but beefy, shoulders broad enough to shield me from said sun and stomach sporting an… I click on the next picture… eight-pack. Woah.

Gavin lifting his T-shirt with a hand covered by a fingerless leather glove.
Gavin in a police uniform, taking off a full leather glove with his teeth.
Gavin on a motorcycle, with Ray-Bans.
Gavin naked, crotch obscured by some strategically placed gun and cuffs on a small table in the front, running a hand through his hair.

I have booked a slot through sheer muscle memory, unable to stop staring at his pictures.
I suddenly have a massive desire to get arrested by Officer Gavin.
It is embarrassing, but I know I am wet before his stream even starts.
To my surprise, he’s not in his apartment.
He’s in his garage, getting off of his bike and taking the helmet off. I stare at the way he tousles his hair back into shape with his gloved hand and leans against the bike, crossing his legs nonchalantly. I wonder how he will be able to read what I type, the camera (and probably the screen also) seem to be kind of far away from him but he answers that question almost immediately as he glances slightly upward. Probably using a TV mounted on the wall.

“Good afternoon, officer. :)” I type and Gavin gives me a sharp nod:

“Good afternoon to you, too, ma’am.”

His voice is leveled and very pleasant. I did expect it to be slightly deeper but it suits him, after all. Gavin can’t be older than 25 and his large, gorgeous eyes make him look even slightly younger, especially when he smiles.

“Anything to report?” He asks with a slight quirk of an eyebrow. I giggle, a shiver of excitement coursing through me:

“Would it be too cheesy to report that I have been a very bad girl?”

Despite himself, Gavin’s mouth curves into a small, amused smile, before he clears his throat and schools his expression back into sternness.

“That depends, ma’am. What have you done to qualify as a very bad girl?”

I giggle once again. Gavin is nothing if not a professional, it seems, as he manages to say that line with utmost seriousness.
I think for a second:

“I haven’t done anything yet. But the intention is half of the crime, isn’t it?”

His gloved hand runs from his belt buckle to the holster at his hip before he places it in his pocket, thumb out. I stare at the subtle, yet seductive action, biting my lip.

“That might be true, ma’am, but I will need an actual crime in order to punish you.”

“Obstruction of justice!” I type, still wondering how am I giggling like a schoolgirl and being horny at the same time.

“Oh?” Gavin tilts his head: “Go on.”

This is already the most fun I’ve ever had roleplaying and we have barely even started. It’s just that Gavin’s demeanor feels so realistic. And, as a very welcome bonus, the police uniform costume he is wearing is of great quality. It is, of course, different than what policemen in this city actually wear, but it does look like a uniform a real policeman would wear.

“I want to keep you away from performing your duty, officer. Instead of hunting down criminals, I want you to search me, very thoroughly.”

His mouth tightens as he once again arches an eyebrow, looking at the camera now, which is conveniently placed slightly lower than his eye level, giving me a gorgeous view of him looking down on me:

“That is indeed an offense. But, I’m afraid I would have to do it. You might be hiding illegal substances on your person, ma’am.” 

With another giggle, I don’t hesitate to type:

“And what are you going to do about that, officer?”

Gavin seems to enjoy the provocation if the playful glint in his eyes is any indication:

“A thorough search would mean that I would have to touch you everywhere, ma’am. Have you spread your arms and legs for me to feel.”

He appears as if he’s genuinely explaining a legitimate search for a moment, but he then smirks and on his boyish, adorable face, it looks wicked and still… cute. How?!

“You might be hiding something on the insides of your thighs. I’d have to double-check just to make sure.”

He’s leaning against the parked bike, long legs crossed and I survey his handsome form, letting his pleasant voice guide my arousal further up as he continues:

“But, that wouldn’t really be a very smart hiding place. No. A much smarter one would call for a very thorough cavity search.”

I knew that this was coming, and I presume that Gavin has said that particular line many times before. I mean, a hot police officer, getting arrested, a search- it’s super basic!
But he delivers it seductively and I feel like finding a cop boyfriend and making him do this to me in real life for a hot minute.

“What do you typically use for a cavity search, officer?” I type, my left hand already caressing my slit over damp panties and Gavin chuckles:

“Depends on my level of suspicion, ma’am. Some girls are actually good, so they might only require fingers. Are you a good girl? Would I be able to clear your name by just using a few fingers?”

I suck in a breath, imagining him bending me over his bike and fingering my pussy as he presses a palm between my shoulder blades to keep me down. Maybe he would also cuff me?

“Please elaborate.” I type and Gavin nods sharply, his naughty smile still firmly plastered on his face:

“I would need to check your mouth first. You’d be surprised what can be hidden in there. You would have the right to drool, ma’am, really assist the law. So feel free to coat my fingers in saliva and try not to gag, they might just be the beginning if I still feel you’re suspicious.”

I push my panties aside, letting my fingers stroke my pussy slowly, guiding them over the slick flesh into tight circles around my clit as I survey the steady rise and fall of Gavin’s powerful chest and the thick bulge in his pants. He seems to ignore it for the time being, tilting his head as he pretends to think:

“But if that search proves to be futile, I might have to search elsewhere. Spread your legs for me, ma’am.”

I spread my legs on the bed, even knowing he can’t see me, as my fingertips circle my entrance.

“You do feel bad for being a rascal, don’t you?” Gavin purrs with a soft chuckle that rumbles through his chest:

“Because I bet you’d want to assist my search further. I bet your panties would be drenched by the time I bend you over and rip them off to check that pussy of yours. What do you think, would one finger be enough?”

I let my middle finger slip inside my pussy and I shake my head with a small whine.
As if he could hear and see me, Gavin hums:

“No, probably not. Maybe two?”

I slip in another finger, gasping at the sensation. Gavin’s gloved hand is stroking his cock over his pants:

“If I circle them, nice and slow… if I pump them, if I prod you with them until you start whining like a cute little puppy, would that clear my suspicions? Hmm, probably not. A third finger would be in order.”

I moan to myself, adding a third one, vibrating in excitement as I watch Gavin bring his right hand to his mouth and biting on the leather covering his middle finger, pulling the glove off.

He’s still entirely clothed and he has me stretching myself with three fingers! I chuckle despite myself, but I quickly refocus on Gavin’s now bare right hand still fondling his cock through his pants:

“I might even have to have a taste, ma’am. I bet you taste like a real bad girl.”

My left hand moves toward the keyboard but Gavin answers my next question before I even ask it:

“Bad girls taste the sweetest. It’s just that they drip on everything, get everything soaked. Just how, I bet I could have you dripping down to my wrist as I finger you, ma’am. Or if I set you on my lap, I bet you would ruin my pants. Tsk. Such a bad girl.”

His brows dip slightly as he starts unbuckling his belt and I imagine him bending me over his leg or that bike of his, and punishing me.

“Sometimes a bad girl needs to have some sense smacked into her cute butt.”

His still gloved left hand slaps the supple leather of his bike seat:

“Like this. Really get those cheeks warm and flushed.”

Smack. Smack. Smack.

“Do you regret being so bad yet, ma’am?”

I have to slow down the pumping of my fingers with a gasp, watching Gavin slide his pants and underwear down just enough to free his cock. It’s a great cock, nice and thick and he slowly strokes its full length, squeezing near the tip, a droplet of precum glistening against the pink skin.

“No, officer. Teach me a better lesson.” I type, barely able to stop staring at him standing there and slowly stroking his cock, broad chest steadily rising and falling and his leather-clad left hand fondling the bike seat like I imagine he would my ass cheeks.

Gavin smiles as he reads my message and for a split second, his smile is boyish and sweet as he nods:

“Spoken like a true bad girl. Maybe I would need to search that ass of yours, too?”

My breath catches and I grin, nodding as I type:

“Search whatever you’d like, officer.”

“Good.” Gavin’s eyes look darker for a moment: “I like your cooperation, ma’am. If you’d bend over this bike, I would need to keep searching your pussy with my fingers. I’ll use my tongue on your ass.”

I throw my head back in the pillows, pulling my fingers out of my soaked pussy to delay my peak a little more. I don’t understand how a man who looks this cute and proper can be so filthy, but I am definitely not complaining.

His stroking is smooth and with every small squeeze and twist of his wrist, his breath comes out slightly ragged and voice huskier as he keeps talking:

“You just be a good girl and spread those cheeks for me and I will do the rest. Up… Down. Maybe prod you with my tongue, really make you squeal in delight and drip down my hand. Such a sweet little criminal. I bet you make the cutest noises, especially as you get close to cumming all over my hand. So close, hm? Does this turn you on? Being punished?”

Smack! Smack! Smack!

I tentatively circle my clit with my fingers as Gavin smirks, flashing white teeth at the camera:

“I’m afraid my search yielded no results, ma’am. You appear innocent.”

He stops stroking his cock for a moment and sighs in thought:

“Or maybe I should just go in deeper? Cuff you and keep you from moving while I stuff that dripping pussy full of my cock? Would that be a suitable punishment, what do you think?”

I nod fervently and as if he could see me, Gavin resumes stroking his cock, building a faster rhythm:

“You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say…”


“...Can and will be punished. I don’t want to hear a peep. Understood?”

I start typing my agreement and Gavin hisses with another sharp smack on the seat:

“I said silence. Just take your punishment. This is what you wanted, isn’t it?”

He has started to thrust his hips into his fist and I moan in delight as three of my fingers sink back into my pussy. I imagine it’s his fat cock, pounding me into the bike as he smacks my ass and holds me down, helpless and horny. I’m so close…

“Do you want to cum, you bad girl? Squeeze my cock nice and tight as if trying to milk it?”

I whine to myself, not typing anything. There’s no need, he knows. Sweat is glistening on his brow as he thrusts sharper, harder, approaching his own end:

“That’s right, cum for me. I will reward you when you do. Flip you around and let you taste yourself on me as you suck me off. Fill that sweet mouth of yours…”

It’s his short little snarl at the end of that sentence that tips me over the edge, my back arching off of the bed as I clench almost painfully tight around my fingers, sparks flying behind my closed eyelids.

Taking in hungry gulps of air as I slowly thrust my fingers some more to ride out my orgasm in full, my eyes whip open just to see Gavin speaking through clenched teeth, his left hand squeezing the bike seat in a vice grip as his stroking is now fast and urgent:

“Make sure you don’t spill anything. Not a single drop.”


“Otherwise, I’d have to punish you again.”

He throws his head back as he reaches his own peak, long ropes of cum shooting an impressive distance through the air, his chest heaving as a few low, strained grunts leave him, his fist pumping a few more times until he’s spent and my own fingers finally slide out of my pussy.

Gavin regains his breath fairly quickly, chuckling into the camera, his cheeks tinged pink:

“I hope you enjoyed that.”

I giggle and type an entirely honest “Very, very much.”

He sighs as if relieved, using his teeth to remove his left glove too. He runs his left hand through his sweat-drenched hair to get it off of his forehead:

“Then I’d help you get dressed and drive you home.”

He’s smiling as he says this and I laugh:

“Like a true gentleman.”

The pink on his cheeks is spreading as he shrugs, glancing to the side:

“Kind of. Not really. It’s the least I could do.”

He’s adorable. I wipe my hands on the little towel I prepared beforehand and type with both hands now:

“I’m glad to have booked your slot today, Gavin, that was great.”

He smiles broader and that smile is so adorable it melts my heart:

“Happy to hear that. I had a great time, too. Hope to arrest you again.”

“Me too.”

Our stream is nearing its end and we say our goodbyes, after which I step into the shower in a stellar mood.

I nearly want to laugh my ass off when I see that the stripper Alex booked for the bachelorette party is a beefy guy in a police uniform. He’s super hot, but naturally, the costume doesn’t look nearly as good quality and realistic as what Gavin wore earlier that day.

My friends laugh at me when I don’t seem as excited for him as they thought I would be and Alex is definitely on to me as she at one point leans into my ear:

“Have you checked out Dr. Pantydropper or did that promotion on the website distract you too much?”

“Guilty as charged!” I laugh and interrupt the string of questions I know she was going to ask by standing up:

“I’ll go get us more drinks from the bar. Anyone needs anything?!”

I shout to be heard over the music but aside from Alex pointing at her martini glass, everyone else ignores me. I decide to get everyone one more of what they already had and I make my way from the booth we’re in, to the bar.

Due to my shower and makeup taking a bit too long, I was the last to arrive at the party so this is my first time getting drinks tonight. The place is packed and after some cautious maneuvering, I am at the bar after what feels like an eternity. Is this bartender new or something? Because this crowd at the bar is crazy!

Nope. When I see the cocktail shaker flying into the air I realize the barmen is just putting on a Tom Cruise-style cocktail mixing performance. He’s wearing a tight white T-shirt glowing under the UV lights and clinging to his muscular body and it takes me almost a full minute to realize one thing. 

It’s Gavin.
I grin.
This seems to be my superpower. Meeting the cam boys I watch.

I stand in front of the bar, mesmerized by his looks and performance until it’s finally my turn to order and he locks eyes with me. Even more handsome in person:

“What can I get you, miss?”

He shouts over the music and I lean in so he could hear me better:

“One martini, shaken, two Cosmopolitans and…”

I was also drinking martinis prior to this but I want to now change that for the sake of seeing his pink cheeks again:

“And one Take Me To The Bedroom for me.”

I flash what I believe is my cutest smile at him and Gavin doesn’t disappoint as his mouth falls slightly open and I think he blushes. It’s hard to tell under these lights.

“Co-coming right up!”

He barely recovers and I fully enjoy watching him make our drinks as we make eye-contact whenever we can and I twirl a strand of my hair around my finger.
He places all the drinks on a tray:

“Martini. Two Cosmos. And one… Take Me To The Bedroom.”

I carefully take the tray, still grinning at him:

“I would have ordered Bend Me Over A Bike, but I don’t think that’s a real drink.”

I think it is the alcohol giving me all this courage, but when I wink at him and watch his now definitely blushing face and gaping mouth, I don’t regret it.

Perhaps I really am a bad girl.