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A mechanical device slowly clicks on as an iron door slowly slides opening, revealing a dimmed room, laying on the bed with several wires sticking out of them is a figure with short black hair and pale skin, the chest of the male slowly moves up and down with hurried breaths, fingertips idly twitching.

“Is he completely out?” A woman’s voice speaks in a hollow sort of way almost as if talking to another person “No ma’am but he’s been fighting it for quite a while.” A voice says in an ear piece in her ear shaped like a small piece of black metal, fingers come up and click on it and silence falls into her ear once more.

Her gaze glances over to the male with a look of almost remorse before going back to a hallow one as she steps forward, heels slipping off the sole of her feet as she walks over to the bed and sits down beside the figure, she reaches out pushing the figures hair back in a simple gesture revealing the black piece of cloth that’s wrapped around the top of his head.

“Are you there?” The words fall onto silent ears and she sighs, moving and laying on top of the figure, the electrical beats fill her ears and she quietly turns her head towards the noise. “You can feel me right....Lucien?” The words are fragile and she pauses before blinking as a low breath is released in between the soft panting.

Lucien’s face contorts as if he’s in visible torment but his hand grips onto the woman’s almost too tight, fingertips digging into the skin on top of her palm and causing small marks. “So you are still there....” the woman’s voice is weak almost as if she’s been holding her breath the entire time, her hand comes up lightly tracing down his jawline, and down to the side of his neck, a low pulse beating comfortably close to her fingertips

“MC...” the voice is barely above an audible whisper and she blinks in surprise looking up at him, he can’t really see where she is but the woman silently nods and leans in pressing tender kisses against the base of his throat, feeling his hand come up and fingers entangling in her hair as he slowly breaths in and out in a rapid pace. She hears him again but it’s just her name repeated over and over again in a soft succession, and she sighs, moving up and catching his lips in her own to stop his words, surprised when he pushed against her slowly making her sit up. “What?” Her voice is soft as she swallows looking generally confused and worried, his hands move resting her fingers on the thin piece of fabric keeping the cloth over his eyes

“Wait...can you?” The question falls as a soft whisper as he slowly nods, and very carefully her fingernail slips under the fabric and lifts, it making the black cloth fall to rest behind them. “Lucien...?” She surprised as when she moved away to see his expression, he tightens his grip pulling her closer and breathing unevenly.

“Not..yet.” His voice is low and he lets a low hum, as he nuzzles against her neck almost like an affectionate dog, she moves as she falls back on the bed, keeping her gaze upwards her body in tune as she feels something warm run down the side of her neck. Lucien’s eyes are open now though he hasn’t moved from his current position almost as if he was hiding his expression from her, very carefully her hand comes up stroking the side of his face and down to his lower cheek and he leans in, quietly breathing in and out