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"Is practice over now, Shiraishi?"


Shiraishi scratches the back of his neck at the question. Kin-chan was awfully excited for tennis practice to be over - which was a first, since the overly excited first year had to be dragged (and/or bribed, depending on the day) by all of the regulars to even get him off of their courts.


"Just about," he replies instead, prodding for answers seemed a ways bit too invasive to the captain. Kin-chan couldn't really keep a secret anyway, so suppose that he was hiding something, he had good faith that their youngest member would tell him soon. "We just need to clean up."


The smile on the younger boy's face dimmed. "B-but..."


"Just a few more minutes, Kin-chan." Shiraishi pats Kintarou on the head. "Trust me, we'll be done before you know it."


If it was possible, the pout deepened.


Shiraishi sighs, side eyeing his fellow regulars who were doing nothing to help him with their youngest member. "I'm sure whatever it is that you're doing later can wait, Kin-chan."


Kin-chan crossed his arms and turned away from him with a huff. Shiraishi thinks he saw Zaizen pull up his phone in his peripherals, the ever rare twitch on his lips.


Glad to know he was free entertainment.


The captain holds back a sigh. "If we finish faster, we can end practice early."


Hook, line, and sinker. Shiraishi watched amusedly as Kin-chan sped around the courts and picked up the balls at a rapid speed that could rival Kenya's.


And he didn't even have to use the 'poison arm' threat.






"Oh," he says out loud. Was that Ken-chan upside down in one of the tennis racquet stands? Shiraishi watches idly as fellow Shitenhouji members move to help their poor vice-captain out of it, save for a few others clutching their stomachs and muffling their laughter.


Kin-chan grins expectantly at him. "Can I go to my date with Koshimae now-?"


Shiraishi just nods absentmindedly, watching fondly as the youngest member ran out the gates with his hands in the air and faint yells of joy.


"My, my," Koharu giggles behind him, Yuuji draped on his shoulders with the same playful grin. "To think our papa Kurarin would let our Kintarou-san go on a date just like that~♡"


“Of course, I-” Shiraishi freezes. Kenya puts his arms out right behind his friend, ready to catch the captain should he fall over.


"W-wait. Did Kin-chan just say... 'date'?"


His remaining teammates all fell flat on their faces, exasperated.