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Chiaroscuro: Aurora

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It sounds like an explosion as one of the heavy ornate doors to the great hall slams open, and everyone in the room is on their feet. Johannes shoves you behind him just as you bring your energy shield up, and across from you, Henrik puts himself in front of Jonas, teeth bared.

All the ghouls, Papa, and Damiano are ready as well, and even the boys from H.E.A.T. have manifested weapons, ready for whatever threat has appeared. Your heart is pounding, your hands clammy as you wait.

“Show yourself!” Jonas roars, looking every ounce the imperial king he’s not when alone with you.

The first through the door makes your heart stop for a moment, before pounding all the harder. Taller than Papa, but shorter than Jonas, the man’s black hair is spiked up. A lit cigarette dangles from his lips, and piercing eyes sweep the room, taking in the dinner party. A long coat sweeps against his calves, red bands against the black cloth on his biceps. Beside him, a man who’s Papa’s height, a cheerful look in his eyes and a smile on his face, his hair in a bowl cut. Behind them are two people of rather massive height, taller than Johannes, but both rail thin under their clothes, one darkly handsome, sporting a goatee, the other clean-faced with glasses and a hawk-like nose. Even behind him is another, a man with curly hair that brushes his shoulders, wearing what looks almost like a chainmail shirt.

Your jaw is on your chest before the last man walks through, and you erupt in a blush. This final man is around Johannes’s height, maybe ever so slightly shorter, but it feels like he dwarfs the wolf in sheer presence. He’s thick with muscle, his eyes—blue? green? both?—taking in every detail of the room, booted feet thumping as he steps in. A surprisingly sensitive face does nothing to ease his intimidating stance, and as his eyes meet yours, you sit down hard. “It’s...It’s Rammstein.”

“Good god damn FUCKING christ!” Johannes hisses, taking an aggressive step forward. “Who the fuck do you think you are barging in here?”

Jonas growls. “Johannes—”

“Fuck diplomacy, Jonas,” Johannes snarls back, his furious gaze never leaving the newcomers. “Fuck that right off. You fucks are lucky you’re not already dead.”

Paul, the shorter man next to Richard, puts up his hands. “Sorry, sorry! I tried to tell them to maybe have one of your people announce us, but—”

“Where’s the fun in that?” Richard says with a wide grin, taking his cigarette out of his mouth. “The bigger the entrance the better!”

“Not when it ends with us getting attacked,” Flake mutters, and Richard rolls his eyes.

“Did we get attacked? No.” Richard shrugs. “So it’s fine.”

Flake’s gaze dances around the room, taking in the tension and your loves poised, ready to strike. “I don’t know...we might yet.” Richard merely scoffs as he returns his cigarette to his mouth and takes a step...

Henrik, Johannes, and Beta all move at nearly the same instant. “Don’t come any closer,” Henrik says, his voice smooth with menace. “Not just yet.”

Damiano is still watching them suspiciously, but Papa has relaxed, looking down at you, still caught by Till’s gaze. He’s fighting not to grin as he clears his throat and looks to Jonas. “My king, I know their entrance was...dramatic—”

“Who is lecturing whom on dramatic?” Damiano mutters, which Papa ignores.

“—but they are our allies, yes? Perhaps there is no reason to be so aggressive?”

Johannes snarls again as Jonas tilts his head, considering the band of newcomers. “Perhaps not aggressive...but caution is wise. After all,” he raises an eyebrow as he studies first Richard, then Till, “we were not expecting them for another several days. Their abrupt arrival is...suspicious. Wouldn’t you agree, Herr Kruspe?”

Till starts forward, ignoring the bristling wolves and ghouls. He tromps up to the table, sits down, and starts piling food onto a plate, finally tearing his gaze away from you. “We decided that coming sooner was a good idea.” The man’s voice was deep, but softer than expected. “The angels will be attacking within days. We wanted to warn you.”

“And also offer our service in battle,” Schneider says with a slight bow.

Dead silence meets that announcement, and then everyone but you is talking (or swearing) at once. After a few seconds Jonas roars, “Enough!” All eyes turn to him. “How do you know this?”

Till says nothing, just begins to eat, his gaze flicking back to you.

Finally, before Jonas roars again, Oli answers, “Overheard two of them...said the trigger would be pulled soon. Not sure when.”

You flush darkly at Till’s gaze on you, and the corners of his lips turn up ever so faintly. “How do you know this?” Johannes growls at the taller man, who’s looking calm and a little like he’d rather be somewhere else.

“He’s the spy of the group,” John says, meeting Oli’s gaze with his piercing blue one. “Aren’t you?” Oli nods, almost curtly.

Johannes begins to pace, but in a small back-and-forth pattern so that he’s never more than a few feet away from you, muttering curses the entire time. Jonas frowns. “I’m afraid that is not enough of an explanation for me. Where did you overhear this? How do you know it’s true? What kind of trigger?” He stares at the newcomers. “How do we know you’re not possessed by angels and leading us into a trap?”

Richard stares back. “You really want to have a long drawn-out chit-chat over coffee? They could attack right now.”

Papa sighs and picks up a glass of water, muttering something in Latin. There’s a soft flash of light from his left eye, and the water in the glass goes dark for a split second before reverting to normal. He walks down the table and stops next to Till, dipping his fingers into the water. “May I?”

“Do I have to stop eating?” the bigger man grunts, and Papa snorts and shakes his head. “Then do it.” Papa sprinkles the unholy water over Till’s brow, who shows no reaction at all.

Papa does the same to the other newcomers, who all submit to the sprinkling with little more than a blink. Jonas, arms crossed, watches with his eyebrow cocked so high it practically buries itself in his hairline.

“What the hell is he doing?” Tim asks, his face a picture of confusion.

Damiano snorts, a sound of pure derision as he looks to Tim and Jonas. “Demons react to holy water, yes? Angels would react to unholy water in the same ways. It is really not that—” You reach out without even looking and smack the Emeritus brother on the shoulder.

“Don’t be a dick.”

Johannes barks out a laugh in spite of his agitation, as do the ghouls. Papa’s smile is tight but amused. “Thank you, my love. Kungen,” he continues, tilting his head slightly, “they have no angels within them.”

“Very well then. Please, if you all—”

“His love? You’re taken then?” Till rumbles in your direction, and you flush darkly.

“It’s c-complicated,” you stammer, swallowing. “I-I’m married to Papa and Johannes,” you point them out, “but I love all of Avatar and Papa’s ghouls, and they love me.”

Richard whistles as he and the rest of his bandmates take a seat. “Sounds fun.”

“Sounds complicated,” Flake snorts.

Till says nothing, just stares at you, hard, considering. You try to hide a shudder, but the quirk of his lip says he saw it anyway.

Papa smirks then moves to your side, caressing you softly, and his touch warms you. “Why don’t we sit and let these guests tell us what they know?” he says, his voice smooth despite the worry that the newcomers’ warning has introduced.

Still a little on edge, everyone returns to their seats. Richard sits back, props his feet up on the table (earning an eye twitch from Damiano), and lights another cigarette. “We have a longstanding...issue with the rogue angels. They like to attack...our home, and we like to defend it.” He shrugs elegantly. “It’s a thing.”

Paul nods. “During our most recent skirmish, Oli here was doing some recon and managed to overhear some interesting discussions.”

The tall, quiet man speaks up. “One of them mentioned Avatar Country, said the trigger was ready to be pulled, they needed to be prepared. The other said that they should cut short their latest attack on us in order to be ready. They switched to angelic, which I don’t understand very well, but I thought I heard the word for ‘week’...made me think they weren’t going to take their time.”

“And since we were coming here anyway, we figured we’d just come early and warn you,” Schneider shrugs.

“...and that’s it, really,” Richard says, putting his cigarette out in an ashtray that Special had conjured up for him.

“So...they could attack any time within the next five, seven days,” Jonas says thoughtfully. “That’s a small window. But I think we’re ready.” He stands, looking to his men. “Tim, John. You know what to do. Put the kingdom on high alert.”

“Sir!” The two wolves salute their king, quickly kiss your cheeks, and shift, running from the rooms as fast as their wolf forms allow.

As the two wolves leave, a wave of murmured discussion rises up amongst those remaining at the table, which is interrupted by Erik. “So what are you all, exactly?” Till snorts softly, but none of the newcomers answer.

“What do you mean?” Jonas asks.

Erik sits back in his seat, props the edge of one foot on the table (not catching Damiano’s second eye twitch), crosses his arms. “Already told you we can sense auras. They didn’t say, but we can tell they’re...other.” He turns to Richard. “So. What are you?”

“They’re fae,” Johannes grumbles, hand on your knee. “We thought they’d only been descended from them, but John got curious and did some digging. They’re fucking fae.”

“Just tell all our secrets,” Richard says, scowling at Johannes, who just sneers back.

“We don’t have secrets between allies,” Jonas responds, and he gives his bodyguard a look that clearly says “calm down.” Johannes stares right back as Erik and the rest of H.E.A.T. stiffen in surprise.

“Well, then what are you?” Oli asks Erik softly.

“Ahh...well...” Erik glances first at his friends, then at Jonas, who nods.

“It’s fine,” the king says. “You have our protection.”

Jona nods, a little nervous. Erik swallows. “We’re grim.”

Richard’s eyes gleam. “Oh really?”

“We haven’t encountered grim in a long time,” Paul says cheerfully.

“Yeah, and the last one we met weren’t exactly fans of us,” Schneider murmurs, crossing his arms.

“I mean...we’re all musicians here,” Crash says, looking between them all. “And allies. I’d rather be friends.”

Jonas’s gaze bounces quickly from one person to the next, and he nods. “Well, I’ll settle for allies at the moment. We need to work together if we have any chance of defeating the angels once more.” His gaze returns to you. “My flower, are you all right?”

Till hasn’t looked away from you, and it takes you a moment to respond, finally tearing your gaze away. “Y-Yes, I’m fine.” You nod to him. “Should I head to the church to sound the alarm?”

Jonas nods. “I think that’s a good idea, yes.” You stand, and Beta with you, along with Papa and Damiano.

Johannes looks from you to his king, and back to you, clearly torn. “It’s all right, my wolf,” you murmur as you stroke his hair, and he grabs you by the hips and pulls you close, resting his head against your stomach. “I’ll be safe. Stay here with Jonas. We’ll be back as fast as possible.”

Johannes nods, not quite able to form words right now. Reluctantly, he lets you go, and you step backward into Papa’s arms. You smile reassuringly to your wolf, and then you, Papa, and Beta blink out. “Shit,” the wolf curses under his breath, feeling the ache of tears behind his eyes.

Earth pats Johannes softly. “Don’t worry,” he whispers before he and the other ghouls blink out one by one.

The wolf shakes his head, then stands and looks at his king. “I’m fine.” Till lets out another soft snort, and Johannes shoots him a look before turning back to Jonas. “I’m fine. What’s next?”

The king stands. “Let’s get staff in here to show our guests to their accommodations, and we’ll go from there.”

Everyone stands, save Till, who’s still finishing his plate. Jonas has the staff summoned, and the rest of the band filters out. Jonas stays behind, and as the door shuts behind a maid (who’s being flirted with by Richard), he sits diagonally from Till. Henrik and Johannes, still on bodyguard duty (and even more on alert), take up places a little farther back, to give the semblance of privacy. The king smiles to the bigger man. “Leave it to Rammstein to shake things up. It’s good to see you, old friend.”

Alone, Till relaxes, smiling and leaning back in his seat. “Good to see you too.” He looks up, eyeing the new stained glass. “You’re all in some shit.” Jonas barks a laugh.

“With the angels? Yes, that’s definitely one way to put it. But—”

“Not them.” Till nods at the ceiling. “With her.” He stares hard at Jonas. “You’re attached to her. In love.”

Jonas’s laugh turns softer. “Doesn’t take a mind reader to figure it out. That’s partially her fault, and partially ours.”

Till blinks, processing that. “There is fault to love now? That is one I haven’t heard yet.” He leans back, thinking. “Poetic, really.”

Jonas mimics Till, leaning back, stroking his beard. “She is...” he pauses, catches Johannes’s gaze. He shakes his head once, almost unnoticeably. “...different.”

Till’s turn to bark out a laugh. “Ah, is that what they’re calling beings like us nowadays?” At Jonas’s hard stare, he adds, “Don’t bother trying to hide it. I don’t know what she is, but I can tell she’s something more. Tell your rabid guard dog he can calm down.” Johannes, who Henrik is eyeing in case he leaps at the fae, growls and Till laughs. “How do you even begin to share her? Do you tranq him?”

Jonas stares at Till, and then begins to laugh, loud and long. Once he has a handle on himself, he clears his throat. “You know, if you were anyone else, I would throw you out of the palace. But by now I know your sense of humor.” He looks over at his bodyguards. “Johannes, please, try to stay calm. Our love is in no danger from Rammstein.”

“If we wanted to steal her away, she’d already be gone,” Till says bluntly, meeting Johannes’s eyes.

Johannes’s lip curls, his wolf close to the surface. Jonas’s expression sombers. “Don’t be so sure.”

Till scoffs. “Neither you nor your pups have ever been able to best me unless I let you.”

“Even if I agreed with that statement—which I don’t, you’ve yielded to me more than once—I wasn’t referring to us. Only a fool would go up against an alpha queen. Have the years turned you stupid?”

Till grins, but there’s no warmth in his eyes. “You are good, mein freund, I never said you weren’t. And your powers are all impressive. But fae are on an entirely different league. I yielded to you because I fucking wanted to, there’s no other reason. Building you up is better than tearing you down every single time. Had I used my fae abilities, which I never have, because it wouldn’t have been fair, you never would have won.” He snorts, glancing back up, seemingly content to let that particular conversation drop. “An alpha queen. Well, you aren’t wrong there. She feels...depthless.”

Jonas nods. “She is not to be trifled with. I have known that from the moment I saw her in the gardens. And now...” The king sighs. “She saved me, my friend. And continues to do so every day. So if that means I am ‘in some shit’, then that is where I stay.”

Till chuckles and claps him on the shoulder, before standing. “Well, I won’t say it’s a bad position to be in.” And with no further words he turns and starts walking toward the door, where a member of the staff is still waiting to take him to his rooms.

“Do you have to play ‘whose dick is bigger’ with every single person you meet?” Henrik asks Johannes.

“Fuck yeah, I do,” Johannes rasps as he tears himself out of Henrik’s grip and shoots a parting glare at Till’s back. The door shuts on a final snort from Till. Johannes turns to Jonas as the king strides toward him. “You know, every time I see him, he annoys me more.”

Jonas laughs softly. “You always dislike people out of your control, my friend.” Johannes just glowers at his king, watching as the monarch turns to the kitchen staff who come in to collect plates, thanking them and apologizing for how late it is.

He gives additional directions to the staff before turning back to his guards. Johannes’s glare only serves to make him chuckle. “Oh wolf, some day you’ll learn to calm yourself.”

Johannes snorts. “Not today.”

“Perhaps not.” The king draws up close to Johannes, palms his cheek then grips his shoulder, smiling. “What if we go upstairs and...ahh...prepare to make your spouses our spouses?”

Johannes’s mouth quirks. “You mean...?”

“I mean I want before we find ourselves on a battlefield with regrets in our heads and angels in our sights.”

Henrik smiles as Johannes softens immediately. “Yes. Yes, we should absolutely do that.” He pulls Jonas into a tight hug. “Just...yes.” Jonas smiles, hugging his bodyguard, his friend, his love, just as tightly.

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Some miles away at the church, you, Papa, Damiano, and Beta have arrived, followed swiftly by the ghouls. You take a deep breath as they look to you. “...wake everyone. Sound whatever alarms we have.”

Air blinks out, and the chimes are soon ringing, a staccato pattern you’ve never heard before. As siblings of sin start making their way downstairs and ghouls direct everyone to the main hall, Papa takes your hand and peers at you. “Are you all right, my love?”

You nod. “Yes, I’m....relieved? It’ least we can stop wondering when shit will hit the fan.”

Papa nods. “The waiting is always the worst of it, yes.” He sighs heavily. “There will be much to discuss. But for now, let’s warn our church.” He kisses your hand, then your lips, and follows after Damiano, who has moved to the doorways of the main hall, also directing brothers and sisters, Ann standing next to him, barefoot and in a nightgown. She smiles to you, her expression tight, before she looks back to her work.

You pause in the hallway, letting siblings pass around you, gathering your thoughts. Hands on your shoulders startle you.

“Only me, precious,” Special says softly before pressing a kiss to your temple.

You relax, willing your heart to slow back down. “Oh, Special. I can’t believe it’s finally happening. This is...this is...”

“I know, precious, it’s a lot.” He hugs you tight back against his chest. “But it’s going to be okay. We were warned, and Satan is warned, and everything is moving into position as we speak.” He holds you a few seconds more, then says, “Ready?” You nod once. “Then let’s get this show on the road.”

Your smile is faint, but it’s there, and you straighten, pulling away from him even though you wish you didn’t have to. But all eyes are about to be upon you, and you’re not about to walk into the hall and let anyone see you anything other than standing straight and on your own.

Your smile morphs into a stern, no-nonsense expression as you march up the hall and take your place at the lectern. “My Sisters and Brothers, we’ve just been informed that within the next few days, the angels will launch their attack.” Gasps of shock meet that pronouncement. “Please, do not panic. You all know what your duties are during this time, and we expect you to carry them out to the best of your ability. The clergy is here with you.” You pause and take a deep breath before continuing. “The king is aware, and the citizenry is also being alerted at this time. Unfortunately, we don’t really know much more than this, but we must all do our best to be prepared for whatever might happen.” You look to Special, who steps next to you. “Special has information for all of you regarding the angels, and your roles specifically.”

Special smiles and kisses your cheek, and you step back to listen as the ghoul steps up to the lectern. “My friends. Here is what we know.” He proceeds to detail how they fight, what kinds of weapons they have, and how their formations work. The brothers and sisters listen in rapt attention. “The non-combatants among you will help with evacuations. I’ve been told there are bunkers just outside the main city.”

“Are we evacuating now?” The question comes from several siblings.

“Not right this second, no,” Special says. “We’ll start tomorrow. That gives you time to gather what you need. Once we’ve gotten everyone here moved, we can help with others.” There’s nods, and Special answers all their questions calmly. “Very well. You all know what must be done. We’re counting on you to keep the people safe. Ave Satanas!”

Responses of “nema” and “Ave Satanas” roll through the group, and the next hour is spent answering individual questions, calming some, and discussing logistics with others. You and Ann start encouraging everyone to return to their evenings, and Papa and Damiano offer blessings as the siblings leave the hall in twos and threes.

You smile faintly as you see Damiano with a softer look on his face, consoling one of the younger members and their little sister. He kneels down, wrapping both children in a hug, and your heart melts just a little.

Finally, it is just you, both Papas, and the ghouls. You sit, rubbing your eyes, and you realize your hands are shaking.

Your strangled huff of laughter draws glances from several of the ghouls, but it’s Air who swiftly kneels before you, taking your trembling hands in his. “Are you all right, little one?”

You shake your head. “Yes... just... shaky?”

He hums. “So I see.” He looks up at Papa. “I think someone is ready to go home.”

Papa nods. “I think we all could benefit from home and a little...togetherness.”

In a second, Air is on his feet, lifting you into his arms. “Shall we?”

You snuggle into Air’s side as you all blink out and into the blue rooms. You notice that Tim and John still aren’t back, making you frown. But then Johannes is there, taking you from Air and holding you so tightly that you almost can’t breathe. You smile faintly as he pulls Papa into his side as well. “Are you both okay?”

“My wolf—” Papa starts, then feels Johannes trembling ever so slightly, and he says only, “Yes, we are fine. Safe and sound.” Their lips meet in a swift, hard kiss that warms you deep down. Jonas moves in behind you, and you twist as much as you can to look at him. “Where are Tim and John? Are they—”

Jonas’s large hands settle on your shoulders. “They’re fine. Revamping the watch schedule, and trying to figure out who’s available to help where.” At your frown he says, “I know you want everyone here, my flower. They’ll be here as soon as they can.”

You nod, letting his words soothe you as you sink further into Johannes’s arms. Your wolf’s scent washes over you, along with Papa’s and Jonas’s, and you sigh softly, your own trembling abating.

“Jonas, I’m surprised that you don’t have anything to do tonight?” Aether says softly.

“I do,” Jonas replies, equally softly. “It’s to be here with the people I...with the people I love.” He pauses, takes a deep breath, and says carefully, “All the people I love.”

It takes a few seconds for his words to register, and even then you hesitate. Finally you lift your head, gazing first at Papa then Johannes before turning in Johannes’s arms to look at the king.

“ you... are you...”

He flushes faintly, clears his throat, and nods. “I am.” He looks to Johannes, then Papa, then back to you. “My feelings for you are obvious, my flower, or at least I hope they are.” You smile and cup his face, and he lays his hand on top of yours before he turns and stares intently at Papa. “But...I have come to care very deeply for you as well, Dante. And if this isn’t something that you want, please, tell me,” he says to Papa in a rush.

You’ve never seen a panicked expression cross Jonas’s face before, and it looks foreign to see it now. You hold your breath as you sneak a delighted sidelong glance at Papa, trying to gauge his reaction. The smoldering heat between them rises, practically burning you as they hold each other’s gaze.

Hours seem to pass before Papa raises one hand and softly caresses Jonas’s face, thumb stroking tenderly over the taller man’s bottom lip. “I want it. I want you. I want...everything.”

The king’s eyes widen, and joy bursts across his face, but then he visibly gets a hold on himself. “That’s...that’s great to hear, Dante.” He looks at Johannes. “ Is this something you want?”

“Christ fuck,” Johannes murmurs. “And they say I’m stubborn. My king...Jonas... I’ve always belonged to you...and you belong to us. And that’s the way I want it.”

Jonas beams, and he leans forward and kisses the other man tenderly. Then he kisses Papa the same way, and the dark pope sighs happily into Jonas’s mouth. You grin. “I’m gonna run out of room for marriage marks at this rate!”

Jonas pulls away from Papa slowly before looking down at you, a quizzical expression mixing with the love and desire already there. “Do you...want me to mark you, my flower?” His gaze flicks to Papa and Johannes. “Are you marking me?”

You bite your lip, blinking. “I mean...I’m not in any way ready to be some sort of queen...but if you wanted to maybe...mark each other just for us, like in secret? Not that I’m ashamed or anything, I swear that’s not—”

“Easy, easy, of course I know that,” Jonas soothes, stroking a hand over your hair.

Papa frowns. “I am not going to pretend I’m an expert on shapeshifter culture, my loves, but doesn’t the mark make her queen regardless?”

Jonas hums as he continues to stroke your hair, his other hand idly rubbing Johannes’s hip. “Technically, the mark only means you are claimed. It doesn’t automatically confer status. Conferring status requires a bit more formality, and public claiming, and visible marks.” His eyes gleam as they move from you to Johannes to Papa and back to you.

You gasp, and then you’re trying to undress before Johannes even puts you down. “Yes yes yes!”

Jonas laughs, taking you gently from his friend’s arms. “Hey, hold your horses, my flower. Tim and John would murder me if we did this without their being present.”

“My king is right,” Johannes says at your pout. “The best thing I ever did was claim you, sweetness, but I shouldn’t have done it all wild-fire insane. Let’s do this right.”

Papa hums in agreement. “I suggest a quick shower and change, while we wait for the others, what do you say, my loves?” He winks, and you melt.

How can you say no to that? The four of you head into the king’s bathroom, the shower big enough for all of you to squeeze into semi-comfortably. You all take turns washing each other, laughing over raunchy jokes and comments, trying to keep the looming darkness of the coming battle at bay with lightness and love.

You rinse, eyes closed, as hands roam over your body, and you feel a slow burn start deep within you. “When are Tim and John getting here?” you say, your voice sounding husky.

“Soon,” Jonas says as his fingers dance along your sides. A little snarl escapes him when Papa’s lips graze his shoulder.

“I-I don’t think soon is soon enough,” you gasp as Johannes’s hands rub up and down your back, going lower with each pass.

“Damn right it’s not,” your wolf growls, taking one hand off you to grab and squeeze Papa’s ass, making the dark pope moan into your ear.

“Maybe...maybe we should stop...” you say faintly, letting your hands move from Johannes’s chest to Papa’s, then to Jonas’s stomach, then back to Johannes. “Soon....soon I won’t want to wait...”

“Probably a good idea, yes,” Papa purrs, running his nose over Johannes’s neck, and then yours. “Wouldn’t want to...leave anyone out.”

“You all make it so hard not to touch though,” Jonas grumbles, one hand curling around Papa’s hip and the other sliding over your belly.

You watch as the three of them trade caresses and strokes all while pressing against you. You can feel the heat radiating off them, and you finally let out a low moan. “Seriously...we have to...”

Johannes suddenly sweeps you up and pushes you against the shower wall, kissing you roughly before saying, “Good god damn, we’re doing this right. Get the towels.”

Papa and Jonas blink as you groan and pull Johannes’s face back to yours, kissing him just as roughly as he did you. “Well, that’s not fair,” the king mutters as he steps out, grabbing a handful of towels.

Papa smirks and suddenly pulls him down. “Well, why don’t we level the playing field a little?” And he kisses Jonas thoroughly.

Caught off guard, Jonas hesitates only a moment before pulling Papa in close and taking control of the kiss. Their moan is simultaneous, and Papa’s hips move, pressing his cock into Jonas’s. The king tears away from the kiss with a shout. “He’s right...gotta do this right....” he mutters before shoving a towel into Papa’s hand. “Dry off... now.”

Papa chuckles to himself as he obeys. “Oh, my dear Jonas. Tonight, I’m going to be the dominant one.”

Jonas raises an eyebrow. “Is that so? Do you think you can make me submit?”

Papa laughs, nearly leaning against the wall. “Oh, I know so. You don’t know what you’re in for.”

Jonas’s gaze rakes Papa from head to toe, and he smiles. “I can’t wait to find out.” He reaches into the shower, turns the water off, and tugs on Johannes’s hair. “Dry off,” he commands. When Johannes snarls, Jonas replies, “You said you wanted to do this let’s do it right.”

“I’ll fucking do it right. I’ll do all of you right,” the wolf replies, and gives an obscene tongue wag. You shudder, trying to pull his mouth back to yours, but Johannes just slings you over his shoulder, giving your ass a hard smack for good measure.

You squeal, but the slap does clear your head a little, just enough for you to remember the need to wait for John and Tim.

Jonas drapes a towel over you and then their focus is on drying you and each other off...but the tension, the anticipation, is building...

Papa, clad in only a towel, saunters to the door, hips swaying enticingly. “Shall we wait out here?” he purrs, and steps out. All three of you stare after him, and then scramble out the door.

The others are all waiting, lounging and talking on couches and beds and chairs, and you quickly take your place next to Earth, hugging the little ghoul close.

“Are you...ha. Well. I guess we have to call you your highness,” he whispers, petting your thigh.

“You’d better not,” you whisper back. “I won’t be queen, just... marked. Again.”

His hand goes right to Papa’s mark on your shoulder. “Here?”

You shrug. “No, I don’t think so....but I don’t know where.” You shiver a little. “Gods I’m nervous, I shouldn’t be.”

Earth giggles. “Especially since, well, you’ve done this twice before.”

“Well...the last two times were very spur of the moment,” you reply. Johannes, overhearing, blushes just faintly. “This one is more...planned.”

Earth smiles and presses a kiss to your shoulder. “I guess that’s true.”

Henrik is next to you, down on one knee. “Do you need anything, love?”

“Just Tim and John. Where—”

“I sent a messenger, told them to get their asses back now.” Henrik smiles. “They’ll be here soon.”

You beam, and Henrik’s breath hitches, before he takes your hand and kisses your knuckles. “Even after all this time, your beauty never ceases to astound me...”

You blush, before leaning down and kissing his forehead. “I could say the same about all of you.” You run your fingers through his hair even as Earth snuggles in tight. “Is it...ok with you?”

“Is what ok, love?” Henrik says, his voice smooth and soft.

You swallow. “Is it ok that...that they mark me and the rest of you haven’t?”

Henrik smiles to you. “Of course it’s okay. I know what Papa and Johannes mean to you, and I know what you mean to our king. But...” he turns your hand over, kissing your wrist. “I also know what you mean to the rest of us. It doesn’t matter that you’re not marked from us—we love you, and you love us, and we belong to each other.”

Tears well in your eyes, threatening to spill. “I don’t ever want you to think I don’t love you—”

“Shhh. Not even a thought.” He kisses you gently and folds you into his arms, whispering nothing words in your ear.

You stay like that until the door opens, and Tim and John walk in, looking tired. You immediately rush into their arms, kissing them both. “That took so long!”

“Sorry, precious,” Tim murmurs, scenting your neck. “There’s a lot to do with an army.”

“And we’ll probably have to return tonight, there’s still shit to do,” John says, catching his king’s eye, speaking to him as much as he is to you. “But we have the basics sorted, for now.” He looks back to you. “So what’s this I hear? Two marks not enough for you, babygirl?”

You blush faintly as Tim laughs softly. “Greedy greedy! Maybe we’ll just have to mark you somewhere too!”

Jonas clears his throat, and they backpedal. “A-As long as it’s okay with you both, of course, and Johannes and Papa too,” John stammers.

Jonas pierces them with a royal glare...but he’s smirking too. “How about we handle one marking at a time? Perhaps plan them around angel attacks?” You stifle your giggle by burying your face in John’s neck. You’re starting to feel giddy...

“Well, everyone is here, Jonas,” Aether says. “Are you ready?”

The king nods, and John turns you and gently pushes you toward him. You step into his arms, and he picks you up and moves for the bed. He lays you down as if you were made of porcelain, and opens your towel. “My precious flower...” he murmurs. “Where would you like to bear my mark?” You take a moment to think about it, biting your lip a little absently as you contemplate, and then it comes to you. You smile softly to him, your eyes welling with joyous tears, and you wrap your fingers around his wrist, moving his hand to your inner thigh. His gaze never leaves yours as his fingers trail along the soft skin of your inner thigh. “Are you sure?” he asks, his voice a low rumble, his eyes gleaming.

You try to speak, mouth opening and shutting, but you can’t get the words out. And when Papa and Johannes slide in next to you, one on either side, your breath catches and all you can do is nod.

He smiles to you, and leans down. “This will hurt, my love, and I’m sorry for that.” You swallow hard and close your eyes, and you gasp as you feel his teeth pierce your skin. He growls as the taste of your blood fills his mouth, and he holds himself there for a moment before pulling away. Aether offers a cloth to catch the blood welling up, and Papa thanks him as he takes it and carefully wipes it away.

Jonas studies the mark, and then he moves to cover you, a growl of satisfaction rumbling through him as he kisses your lips. You cup his cheeks and sigh, trembling as he deepens the kiss, presses you into the mattress. “I claim you,” he murmurs against your mouth. “I claim you.”

Tears of joy run down your cheeks. And then you roll him over, smiling brightly to him. You sharpen your energy into your canine teeth, and move your head to the same spot that he marked you. The taste of his blood, sharp and coppery, fills your senses as you bite into him, and you fight not to gag.

He hisses at the sting of your bite, then lets out a low groan as his cock bobs and his leg twitches. You pull away, and Johannes is there with a cup for you to spit into and some water to drink. You cup his cheek in thanks before sliding back up Jonas’s body, his arms wrapping around you as you kiss him, deep and long. “I claim you, my love,” you murmur.

He moans into your mouth, tears of joy welling up behind his eyelids. His arms come around you, holding you tight.

“Ahem.” Johannes clears his throat, grinning. “You’ve got two other people waiting for this, Jonas, chop chop.”

Jonas snugs you in to him even closer and tighter, deepening the kiss as he flips off Johannes. You hear Johannes and Papa chuckle, and feel them on either side of you, and sink into this feeling of warmth, of belonging.

Eventually, you both need to breathe, and he lets you go. Sitting up, he looks to the wolf and the dark pope, and he smiles. “Which of you would like to go next?”

“I will, if there are no objections,” Papa purrs.

Jonas looks at Johannes, who raises one eyebrow and nods once. The king moves like lightning, sitting up one second, tackling Papa in the next second, pushing him onto his back, pinning him by the neck with one hand, scenting him. “Same spot?” he growls, indulging in Papa’s scent.

Papa groans, loving the animalistic side of the king. “Please, yes, I will wear it with pride.”

Jonas laughs. “And you said you would fuck me. Look at you, Dante. Show a little aggression and you’re as submissive as our flower.”

Papa says nothing, just rolls his body against the king, the demand and need practically coming off him in waves. The king kisses him, swift and hard. Then he glides down the length of Papa’s body, scenting all the way, pushing the pope’s leg out to make room for himself.

You bite your lip, loving the way that Papa’s body writhes under Jonas’s. The king nuzzles at Papa’s soft inner thigh before biting down, making Dante cry out and his cock twitch at the delicious pain. Jonas growls at the taste of Papa’s blood filling his senses.
He pulls away with a shout, throwing his head back in pleasure before diving back down to kiss Dante thoroughly and mutter, “I claim you.” When the kiss ends the two men stare deep into each other’s eyes, and Jonas lets out a rumble of satisfaction...

Which is suddenly cut off when, with a twist and roll so quick you can’t follow it, Papa has Jonas on his back, straddling him and pinning him down. Jonas strains against Papa’s hold while the pope snickers. “The joys of being a switch,” he says as he bends down to lick Jonas’s neck.

Jonas growls, cock leaking precum, so turned on from the man holding him down. “You’ll pay for this later, Dante.”

“Oh, I hope so,” Papa laughs, before moving down the king’s body. “Better not move, or else...”

Jonas is about to reply when Papa sinks his demonic fangs into the other man’s leg. Kungen bellows, fingers curling into Dante’s hair.

You are so entranced by the scene in front of you that you don’t realize soft mewls are coming out of your mouth...until Johannes crawls over next to you, puts your hand on his rock-hard cock, and mutters, “The sounds you make get me so fucking hard.”

You moan his name, kissing him hard as your hand starts gently working his cock. He growls, wrapping his arms around you as he kisses you breathless, one eye still on Papa and Jonas.

The pope pulls back, his left eye glowing faintly, tongue licking the rest of the blood from his lips. “ have the best blood I’ve tasted in a long time,” Papa rasps.

Johannes releases the liplock he has you in and scowls at Papa. “Hey, what were we, chopped liver?” He looks back at you, who’s trying not to laugh. “I don’t know about you, sweetness, but I kind of feel insulted.”

Papa raises an eyebrow at Johannes. “So, you would like me to be more interested in tasting your blood more often?”

Johannes opens his mouth, but you cover it, looking faintly green. “N-No, I think we’re good, Papa.”

Papa chuckles, then turns his attention back to Jonas, who reaches up and pulls him down. “You forgot something, pope.”

“Mmmm....never,” Papa moans. “I claim you, my king.” And they kiss, rough and insistent.

The rest of the Avatar boys have been mostly quiet until now, watching as their king married you and Papa. But now, as Papa moves over next to you and Johannes approaches, they all start cheering and yelling out, “It’s about fucking time!”

Jonas sits up as Johannes settles next to him. “They’re right, you know,” the king says quietly. “We’ve been lovers for so long, I’m sure some have assumed...” He pauses before sliding his hand into Johannes’s hair and wrapping his hand around the back of his neck.

Johannes smiles softly. “Well, you know what happens when you do that, huh?” Jonas laughs and just kisses the other man, and it’s less frantic than the rest of this process, more filled with affection. They’ve been through so much together, and this conclusion? Is only natural.

Slowly they part, but not far...their lips are close enough that they could start kissing again. “Are you ready?” the king says, his voice raspy.

“Yeah...just...” Johannes nips Jonas’s lip. “Yeah...mark me....please...”

Jonas smiles. He lays Johannes down, lips ghosting down the taller man’s body, brushing over his hip, then pressing to the spot on his thigh that the king wants to mark.

Johannes twitches, the anticipation coursing through his veins. He props himself up a bit on his elbows, hissing out his king’s name.

“Patience is a virtue, wolf,” Jonas says, hot breath fanning over Johannes’s thigh.

“Fuck patience. Please, Jonas.”

He smiles at the impatient man. “Just this once, I suppose I’ll indulge you.” And he opens his mouth and bites down on Johannes’s leg. The taller man gasps, wrapping his fingers around Jonas’s dreads in delight.

You’re whimpering now, but it’s barely audible over Henrik’s, John’s, and Tim’s shouts of approval when Jonas lifts his head with a growl of pleasure. He moves fast, kissing Johannes and swallowing his groan.

“I. Claim. You,” Jonas chants into Johannes’s mouth, and the wolf makes a sound suspiciously like a whimper and wraps his arms and legs around his king. Jonas groans and continues kissing his now-husband breathless.

They roll each other onto their sides, slowly, seemingly eating at each other, grunting and moaning, raw sounds that draw you farther into the desire that’s surrounded you since before the claiming began. Heat fills you and you writhe against Papa, seeking relief but knowing that this is just the beginning.

Papa laughs softly, wrapping his arms around you and pressing your back to his chest. “You are really in for it, my goddess. We’re going to pleasure you until you’re unconscious...and then maybe wake you up for more.”

You let your head fall back onto his shoulder as a shuddery sigh escapes your lips. “I’m so ready...”

“Oh are you now?” he murmurs as Johannes pushes Jonas over a little and grazes his thigh with his fingernails, making the king hiss at the sharp snap of pain. “I hope so because there’s one more bite between you and countless orgasms.”

You watch, wanting to tell Johannes to hurry up, but resisting the urge. You know how important this is for them. “Are you ready, my king?” Johannes murmurs, and Jonas nods.

“Do it, my wolf.” Johannes nods, but something like doubt flickers through his eyes.

“You’’re sure, right?”

Jonas tugs on Johannes’s hair. “Why would you think I’m not sure?”

Johannes shrugs, looking a little uncertain of himself. “You have our sweetness, and Papa. You’ve already done better than me.”

Jonas stares at him, his mouth working. “Do…what...are you serious?! You’re just as good as they are!”


“No, don’t even start.” Jonas sits up and grabs Johannes’s shoulders. “You’re mine, you’ve always been. I don’t want this any other way. Got me?” Johannes closes his eyes, but nods, swallowing and forcing a smile. Jonas smiles back, pressing his forehead to Johannes’s. “Silly man...when will you learn that everyone in this room cares about you?”

A low rumble of agreement rises up from the other wolves and the ghouls. Even Air is nodding, even if he isn’t saying anything. You and Papa slide closer to Johannes, each of you placing gentle kisses on his shoulders, his back, his arms.

The wolf tears up, a few sliding down his cheeks, and he wraps his arms around you and Papa, and he snuggles into his king’s neck. “Thank you. I love you all so much. Thank you for loving me.”

The embrace lasts for a good long while, til finally Jonas says, “If you don’t hurry up and mark me, I’m going to start thinking it’s you who doesn’t want me.”

Papa laughs softly. “Yes, my love, claim our king...there are many delights to be had yet this evening...and our goddess is ready for us...”

“So fucking ready, come on, hurry up,” you whine, and there’s laughter all around.

“Okay, okay,” Johannes says, still laughing. He beams to Jonas, before lowering his head and biting into his thigh, making the king cry out.

Jonas’s cry turns into a growling shout as he grabs Johannes by the hair and yanks. The wolf releases his king with a shout of his own before falling upon him, kissing him hard and deep. “I claim you, dammit, now and always.”

Chapter Text

In the hallway outside the king’s rooms, a few maids walking past jump when deafening cheers erupt from the suite. After a few seconds, they catch their breath and laugh, glancing at each other as they continue on their way. Inside the king’s rooms, meanwhile, John, Tim, and Henrik can’t help themselves and they pile on their king and their friend, hugging and clapping backs and shoulders, making you and Papa laugh to see it.

Tim and John both reach out and grab you and Papa, pulling you both into the pile. The ghouls watch, heads tilted, before Fire and Water, never ones to miss out, jump in.

Earth and Beta also jump in, the little ghoul giggling adorably. Aether and Air, too dignified for such a rowdy cuddle puddle, laugh at the pile of squirming bodies, and one indignant Papa who keeps trying to escape and is pulled back in.

Finally, you gasp, “Popsicle, popsicle!” in between bouts of giggles, and your loves gradually calm down, still snuggling and scenting, but allowing you to catch your breath.

Fire laughs. “Never thought you’d be using your safeword for overly intense snuggles!” You laugh with him as Papa finally extricates himself from the pile, brushing his shoulders off in mock-offense.

“Animals, the lot of you.” But there’s humor in his tone, and his eyes are sparkling.

“Mmmmm, five of us are, at any rate,” Johannes says before scenting Jonas and letting out a soft yowl as Jonas nips him in return. “And anyway, you like it. Now stop primping and get over here and help me pleasure our spouses.”

Papa scowls at the “primping” comment, but then he sees Johannes pressed up against Jonas and decides that’s a good idea. Dante goes for you, though, as you watch the king and the wolf start rubbing on each other. You gasp as Papa is suddenly pressing you down onto the bed, kissing you desperately.

You respond with equal desperation, tongues dueling as you wrap your arms around his neck and thread your fingers through his hair. He knees your thighs apart before you simply wrap one leg around him, making room for him as he rolls his hips against you, grunting into your mouth as his cock presses against your mound.

“Please,” you breathe into his mouth, and he growls into yours. He takes his cock in hand and rubs his tip up and down your folds and over your clit, but makes no move to actually sink in. You whimper and keep moving your hips against his, pulse jumping with every velvet glide over your clit.

“Mmm, yes, tease her, Papa,” John rumbles as he watches from his spot on the bed, “make her drip, fuck, she smells so good...”

Fire is encouraging you. “Go ahead, precious, cover him with your juice, he’ll slide in so easy...”

Papa chuckles. “Oh, she does so like the commentary, I can feel her gushing more. Henrik!” The wolf slides closer with a soft groan. “Our love needs more words about how her body’s doing.”

“P-Papa, n-no that’s...t-too much!” you gasp, and he laughs.

“I think it’s just right, actually.”

Henrik lies down, lips near your ear, letting one hand lightly rest on the back of Fire’s thigh as the fingers of his other hand begin to trace circles around your hard nipples. “Gush, my love,” he murmurs, “your papa wants to feel that slick on his cock...”

Fire moans. “He wants that cunt to be a sloppy puddle before he fucks it.”

“Then Johannes and Jonas want to fuck it too...they want all the slippery hot wet cunt you can give them...”

You whimper, face turning red, but you’re dripping strings of slick onto the bed and over Papa’s cock. He moans loudly, gathering as much of it on his tip as he can before bringing it up to your clit and rubbing it in a tight circle. “Fuck, just listen to you,” John rasps. “Listen to how obscenely wet you are...”

“We should record it. Goddess ASMR,” Fire cackles, and you yelp and hide behind your hands, but Papa laughs as he feels you gush some more.

Fire gently pulls your hands away from your face, kissing your fingers. “That color is too beautiful to hide, precious,” he coos. “Maybe we can make it even prettier....maybe Henrik’ll talk about your sloppy wet pussy some more...”

“It’s one of my favorite topics, after all,” Henrik all but purrs, lips still near your ear. His voice is a low moan. “How wet you warm you fucking amazing you smell. I could drown in your pussy and die happy. I’m with the king, I want to wear your pussy juice as cologne...”

You let out a keening wail at Henrik’s fresh verbal assault, your skin flushing a deep red. Fire sucks on one of your fingers, and Henrik licks your neck as Papa continues to tease, sliding his cock along your sopping folds.

“Keep going, keep going, she’s nearly a flood now,” he says on a gasp.

“We’re gonna have to give you so much water after this.” Fire laughs around your finger, and Henrik snickers.

“I’d love to see her on her knees above one of our faces. Just...dripping all over us...that would be obscene, and beautiful...”

You writhe against everyone as you gush again. “Oh gods...”

Papa lets out a soft moan. “A truly inspired idea. Perhaps we’ll try that later. Right now though...” he moves again, and Henrik and John curse as Papa’s cock slides through your slick with a loud squelch.

“I need to feel this,” John says, moving over. “Move your cock, Dante.” Papa snickers, but moves slightly away, and John swipes his fingers through your folds. “Fuck!” he cries out as he pulls his fingers away, and they’re dripping with you.
Your hips had bucked against John’s fingers, and you wail at the loss, but then Dante is back in position...teasing...

“Please,” you pant, “please, oh please, fuck me...I can’ have to...Papa, please...”

Papa just laughs. “I will do whatever I please to your beautiful body. Perhaps I will simply tell these gentlemen to stuff you full of fingers so we can watch your juices bubble up around them.” Your eyes roll back in your head.

Jonas chuckles at the sound of your begging...but his mirth turns into a rumbling moan as Johannes grips the base of the king’s shaft and swallows it down to the back of his throat in one swift movement.

“F-Fuck!” Jonas cries, fingers sliding into Johannes’s soft hair. The wolf chuckles around the king’s cock, tongue swirling and sliding over as much of the velvety skin as he can reach.

On the edge of the bed, Beta looks to Earth, who’s watching with a happy look on his face. “H-Hey uh...little guy?” His ghoul looks up to him, and beams softly. “Would you—”

“Yes,” Earth says simply, and quickly. Beta’s eyes widen.

“Really?” Beta whispers. “Seriously?”

Earth nods. “Really. Seriously. Whenever you want.”

Beta’s eyes gleam, and he grins as he picks his ghoul up, carrying him to a couch. He sets the smaller, blushing man down tenderly, and strips him with the softest touch he can manage. “You’re so beautiful,” Beta whispers.

“Not...well. No. You are,” the ghoul replies, still shy.

Beta just grins and starts kissing trails of fire along Earth’s skin. “Guess I’ll just have to show ya how beautiful I think you are,” he sing-songs and presses another kiss to the ghoul’s belly. “My ghoul...where would you like my mark?”

Earth’s eyes widen, and then he smiles and offers up his wrist. “Right here.”

More kisses on Earth’s belly, then Beta says, “You sure? Can’t always hide your wrist.”

Earth hums. “Well. I...I. I didn’t say I wanted to hide it, did I?”

Beta looks up at him, a little startled, and then to his shock he feels tears welling up. He quickly wipes them away, taking Earth’s wrist and grumbling about sappy ghouls, making the smaller man giggle. The clown smiles, meeting Earth’s eyes, and he murmurs a soft “I love you” before biting into his ghoul’s wrist. Earth hisses, just a little, before humming again, a low thrum that vibrates through Beta. When he pulls away from Earth’s wrist, he moves up and kisses the ghoul. “Now you’re mine.”

“Yours,” Earth whispers back, and he smiles as Beta offers the ghoul his own wrist. Earth lets his fangs start to show through, and he carefully, gently, bites into Beta’s flesh. All it draws from the clown is a soft sigh, and Earth smiles as he tastes his love’s blood. “And you’re mine.”

“Always will be.” Beta’s grin disappears into Earth’s kiss and they melt against each other for what seems like hours. Finally Beta pulls away, looking deep into Earth’s faraway gaze. “Let me take care of you. I want you....”

Earth hums at the thought. “I think....ha. Well. Ha. I want to know what the king is feeling right now.”

“Oh you do, do you?” Beta tries to sound intimidating, but Earth’s soft grin disarms him.

“Well. Yes. Your mouth is....” He stares at Beta. “Yes.”

Beta grins and pulls Earth close. “You want my mouth now, my ghoul?”

Earth swallows hard and nods.

“Yes, husband,” Earth whispers, his own tears of joy welling up. Beta’s breath catches, and then he groans and swallows Earth’s cock. The ghoul shouts, bucking into the warm mouth surrounding him.

Beta lets out a little growl around the cock in his mouth, and Earth grips his head gently, reveling in his new husband’s rhythm as he bobs up and down.

“Ooooh, yes, Beta,” Earth sighs, stroking his fingers through the taller man’s hair. “You’re so good at that now...”

“I love to practice,” the clown mutters back, one hand roaming over Earth’s chest.

“I...I love your practice...oh....” the ghoul gasps as Beta laves the tip of his cock. “ don’t...Beta...”

“Go ahead,” Beta says, muffled. “Go on...”

Earth cries out and grips Beta’s head as he comes, and the clown moans loudly as the taste of his ghoul floods his senses. Earth shudders as he comes down, panting, every muscle relaxing as a soft, happy smile steals over his lips.

Beta snuggles in to Earth, pressing kisses all over him, catching his breath before they start anew. They both grin when they hear you wail again, your loudest yet.

You’re still being teased, and you’re beyond verbal begging now, just straining against Fire’s grip, hips bucking against Papa’s cock, the heat burning inside you like a fever.

“Look at you...” Papa growls. “So beautifully sloppy.” And without warning he slams into you. You scream his name, and Henrik, John, and Fire all groan as they watch your cream squeeze out around Papa’s cock. “Oooooh...that felt nice,” your husband gasps.

You want to answer him, but all that comes out of your mouth are short, breathy cries. You want him to move, to thrust, anything...but he just presses hard against you, holding himself as deep in you as he can.

“It’s incredible in here,” Papa gasps. “You’re drowning me, my goddess...”

“Fuck, hurry up, we want in too,” Fire all but whines, making John and Henrik snort. The ghoul scowls. “What?”

“Dude, you know I like you, but you’re dreaming if you think you’re cutting in front of Johannes and Jonas tonight.” John palms your breast, whispers something to you in Swedish. “Especially Jonas.”

Fire looks over at the king and his wolf. “Oh, I don’t know...they look pretty occupied.”

“For now. But they’re going to want as much of her as she can give,” Henrik murmurs, and Fire huffs and just kisses you deeply.

“Oh my dear Fire,” Papa says through a moan, “you’ll have her again, I am sure.” He swirls his hips a little, and you keen against Fire’s mouth. “And you’ll feel her come again and again tonight...”

“Well,” Fire says, briefly pulling away, “I suppose that’ll have to do. It’s her wedding night after all. And yours!” Fire chortles. “Not once but three times!”

“L-Less talking, more fucking,” you gasp, dragging Fire’s mouth back to yours.

Papa pulls out of you so slowly. “So demanding,” he whispers before he slides back inside you, somehow even slower.

Henrik smiles into your skin. “Be careful what you ask for, love,” he murmurs.

You shudder hard. “Never. I-I want everything you all can give me,” you gasp into Fire’s mouth, making him groan and kiss you even harder. Papa groans as well, feeling himself twitching deep inside you, and he looks over to his husbands, kissing and rutting against each other.

“You’ll have all of us, my wife,” Papa rasps, “I promise. But first...” He thrusts into you once more, a little faster this time, a lot harder, grinding against your clit, pulling a wail out of you as you arch your back.

Fire moans as he swallows your noise, and his hand suddenly cups over one breast as Henrik moves down to kiss and lick your other breast. You shudder hard, gasping for breath, unsure how you’re still gushing around Papa. You should be severely dehydrated about now.

“That’s it, my wife,” Papa moans. “Give us everything, we want it all.” He begins to fuck, his pace picking up gradually as your pussy squelches around his cock. John and Tim both let out groans.

“So fucking wet,” Tim whispers as the two wolves watch.

“The sounds she makes,” John moans back. “Fucking beautiful...”

Jonas, still under Johannes, who’d moved up his husband’s body, groans as he too can hear you, and he feels Johannes shudder as his cock twitches against the other man’s.

“I’m not ready to share you yet,” Johannes says, his voice husky, “but fuck, I want them too.”

“Greedy wolf,” Jonas laughs before pulling Johannes in for another kiss.

Johannes chuckles into his king’s mouth as Jonas wraps his arms around his husband’s neck. Johannes smiles into the kiss, rolling his hips and dragging his cock against the other man’s.

“Can’t help it,” Johannes whispers against the king’s lips. “I just... I just want...”

“I know...” Jonas’s hips buck and the two men groan. “I’s almost too much...”

“Please fuck me,” Johannes moans. “Where’s the lube?”

Aether helpfully hands it over, and Jonas barely has time to thank him before Johannes is lubing up the king’s cock.

Jonas growls and quickly sits up and rolls Johannes over and onto his hands and knees, making sure he has a perfect view of you and Papa as he moves behind the wolf. “Watch Papa fuck our...” he hesitates, realizing what he’s saying, savoring it. “Watch him fuck our wife...while I fuck you.”

Johannes actually whimpers. “Our wife. Our husband. Jonas, this is perfect.”

“I know, it is,” Jonas whispers back as he starts prepping Johannes to take him. He moans at the feel of his new husband’s tight walls around his fingers.

Johannes presses his forehead to the mattress, letting out a low moan as Jonas stretches him, but your keen gets him to lift his head quickly and he’s rewarded with the sight of Papa fucking you, your hands gripping handfuls of Henrik’s and Fire’s hair.
The ghoul and the bodyguard are both licking and sucking at your nipples, and you’re writhing under Papa, who’s pounding you so hard that your copious amount of juices are all but splattering everywhere. His thighs are glistening, Johannes notes, and he wants to lick them off.

He tries to say as much to Papa, but Jonas’s thick cock head is pressing at his back entrance, and the wolf is quite suddenly wordless. All he can do is take in a sharp breath and hold it for a second before Jonas presses forward, that fat head breaching Johannes’s hole, making the wolf exhale with a yelp.

Jonas pauses. “Was that a good sound?”

“Yes, yes, so good, Jonas,” Johannes whimpers. “Please don’t stop.”

The king laughs softly, bearing forward another inch. “Look at that, proper begging.”

“Don’t get used to it,” Johannes snarls as Jonas pushes forward another inch.

“Oh don’t worry, wolf, I won’t. I rather like dragging it out of you.” Another inch, and both he and Johannes are cursing now.

You turn your head at the noise, and upon seeing Johannes looking at you as you both get fucked, you take your hand out of Henrik’s hair and reach it toward him. Johannes groans and reaches back, taking your hand and lacing your fingers together. “My sweetness...” he gasps.

You moan as Papa’s thrusts pick up speed. “ look so good like this,” you say in between moans. “You both do...gods...”

“We’ll look even better when we’re all fucking you, my flower,” Jonas says as he sheathes his cock deep inside your wolf.

You shudder at the king’s words, and Johannes cries out his name, before squeezing your hand and starting to press desperate kisses over your fingers and wrist. “I love you, I love you, sweetness. I love you, Papa, my husband. And I love you, Jonas,” he babbles, letting everyone see the softness he feels in a rare moment of vulnerability.

Tears sting your eyes at his words. “I love you, my wolf,” you say on a strangled gasp as Papa slams into you, hard, and pauses, taking in the wolf’s declaration, the overwhelming emotions rising up, trying to catch his breath.

Papa reaches out, taking Johannes’s other hand, the words stuck in his throat as he tries to breathe, but Johannes sees it in his eyes, emotion swimming in that two-toned gaze. Jonas groans, hands squeezing his new husband’s ass hard, as he tears up a little himself.

He leans down, pressing an open-mouth kiss to Johannes’s back. “I love you too, wolf. Always have. Always will.” He pushes deeper inside him, making Johannes grunt.

The sound goes straight to your core, and you shudder and drag Papa down to kiss you. He moans into your mouth and devours you, his free hand sliding between you to rub at your clit.

His touch lights up every nerve ending you possess, and you writhe against him. You’re suddenly overcome with emotion and energy, and you’ve never needed to cum this badly before. If you don’t cum, right now, you’re fairly certain you’re going to lose your mind.

“Please...” you growl. “Please...”

Papa’s fingers speed up. He’s able to feel your energy spike, and it makes him gasp. He can tell how potent this orgasm is going to be. “Come for me, my love, my wife. Come all over me…”

You can feel it building, the bottom of your stomach dropping away as it winds up and up and up...

Your hips move, you’re frantically working yourself on his cock, against his body, the need driving you...

Vaguely, as if from very far away, you hear Air curse and Special say, “Fuck me, everybody better ground—”

Your body stiffens, and there’s the smallest pause before your orgasm erupts, your core clenching hard on Papa’s cock.

You don’t hear the ghouls crying out, you don’t hear the gasps from Tim, Henrik, and John as your eyes start glowing. You can’t hear or see anything, your orgasm is so powerful. You writhe so hard that Papa nearly can’t stay inside you, despite the stranglehold your walls have on his cock.

He curses as he tightens his grip on Johannes’s hand and allows himself to let go, giving himself over to you and your energy pulses. His head sinks down into the crook of your neck, and when his orgasm starts, hot spurts of cum jetting into you, he cries out into your skin.

You shudder and writhe beneath him, your arms wrapped tightly around his shoulders and hands sinking into his soft hair. Johannes moans loudly, the sight of two of his loves losing themselves to the pleasure putting himself on the edge as well.

“Fucking christ,” the wolf pants as Jonas moves inside him, stretching him wide. “Fucking...christ....”

Jonas growls before sinking his teeth into Johannes’s shoulder, bracing himself as his own orgasm rushes up.

Howls erupt from the two men as they both come at the same time, Johannes’s hips rutting down into the mattress as Jonas fills his husband’s ass with hot cum. You moan, your eyes never leaving their writhing forms as Papa looks over as well.
You cling to Papa, your harsh breathing clashing against that of the ghouls, but only for a few scant seconds. You’re still quivering as you push against Papa. “I...need...all of you...please....”

Papa hums. “Yes...yes you do...we do...” He reaches out. “Husbands...”

Jonas slowly pulls out of Johannes, his harsh groan mixing with Johannes’s shout. “Yes, all of you...please...”

They shift over, wrapping themselves around you and Papa, trying to maximize the area where you all are touching. You nuzzle into them, still shaking from the overtly strong orgasm, and sigh happily, sliding your fingers along them as much as you can. “I love you all so much. My husbands.”

You sink into their embraces, and all four of you nuzzle and stroke each other. Slowly, the ghouls gather around, adding their warmth and energy to the four of you, as do Henrik, John, and Tim, and it’s long moments of connection and love.

And when Jonas finally kisses you full on the mouth, and you feel his erection press against you, your loves help you straddle the king and impale yourself on his straining cock.

Or at least, that was the plan. Before his tip so much as brushes you, however, neither of you can move. “See, this is why I haven’t joined in yet,” Special sighs, moving over to you both. “I know, you’re lost in the moment, and apologies for interrupting, but you, my beautiful king, were just in Johannes’s ass. Are you really going to give your new wife a yeast infection, or worse, just like that?”

That cools Jonas’s jets, and he gulps. “Of course not, no. I’m so sorry, my flower, wait just a moment while I go clean up?”

“Y-Yes, just hurry,” you reply desperately.

“I’m on it!” Fire calls,and blinks into the bathroom. A moment passes before he blinks back and tosses the soapy washcloth, but his aim is a little off and it smacks into John’s face.

“Dude, come on,” the drummer snaps, before throwing the cloth to his king, who catches it and cleans up while grumbling about how he could have gone to the bathroom on his own two legs, thank you very much. You can’t help but giggle a little as Water helpfully uses his powers to rinse the suds off Jonas and into the bathroom sink, and then you finally, finally, get to sink down on him, your giggle quickly turning into a gasp.

You shudder, hands splayed on Jonas’s stomach as Papa and Johannes lean in and work at your nipples, sucking and licking, making you cry out their names. Jonas shudders, gasping your name as his hands curl around your hips. “You’re so beautiful, my flower,” he whispers.

The others surrounding you softly echo his words, praising you. You can’t answer any of them because Jonas chooses that moment to start moving you up and down his shaft, and Papa and Johannes each move a hand to your clit and take turns flicking your sensitive flesh.

You shudder, your words taken as pleasure overrides your senses. This orgasm is more gentle, but no less intense, and Jonas cries out your name as he comes with you, clutching you close as he fills you up.

You slump in your loves’ hold, and they help guide you down, letting you collapse on top of Jonas. You press breathless kisses on his chest, your hands lightly stroking him where they can as Papa and Johannes crowd in on either side of you.

You sigh, eyes closed, feeling almost deflated, but in a luxurious kind of way. You feel all kinds of hands on you, stroking softly, and voices offering soft compliments. You smile, whisper something unintelligible, and fall asleep.

Jonas’s moan is more a soft rumble as he shifts slightly and pulls out of you. In seconds, you begin to leak, and Fire gathers some of it up on his fingers and sucks it off, sighing contently.

Jonas chuckles at the ghoul, then turns his head to Papa and grins as he strokes your hair. “As soon as I can move, you’re next, pope.”

Papa chuckles. “Well, in the meanwhile...” He helps you move into Johannes’s arms, before suddenly pushing the king’s legs into the air and lowering his head. Jonas cries out Papa’s name, partly in over stimulation, as a sinfully talented tongue swirls over the king’s asshole.

Johannes lets out a little groan before shifting around with you, finally settling on a position that allows him to snug you in close to him, holding you like a favored teddy bear, while watching Papa pleasure the king. “Fuck, Dante, fuck him up,” he mutters into your hair.

Papa chuckles darkly, his tongue too occupied with the hole in front of him to answer. He lets just the tip of his tongue breach the king’s asshole before pulling back and laving it, repeating that process until Jonas is fully hard and begging for something, anything.

“Mmmmm, as my king commands,” Papa murmurs before sliding his nose up alongside the impressive cock before him, inhaling lightly. “She smells sinful on you,” he says, catching Jonas’s gaze and holding it as he reaches the tip of his cock.

“Dan...te...” Jonas rasps.

“It’s all right, my king,” Papa whispers. “I will simply...” and he pushes one long finger into the king’s hole at the same time he takes the king’s cock into his mouth.

Jonas shouts, and he can’t stop his hips from bucking, pushing his dick farther into Papa’s throat. Dante takes it in stride, swallowing around the king’s impressive cock at the same time he slides a finger over Jonas’s prostate, and Jonas’s eyes roll back into his head at how good it feels.

Johannes curses, a long string of inventive swearing, and he feels his own cock harden as he watches the sinful scene in front of him. He squeezes you tightly, wishing you were awake so you could watch too as he slides home.

Papa’s eyes, that piercing two-tone gaze, flashes to Johannes, making the wolf’s breath catch. Mentally, very privately to himself, he’s never gotten used to just how much Papa’s eyes affect him. It feels like they’re staring into his soul, and it’s intense. It makes his cock twitch.

You squirm and sigh in his arms, and he whispers wordlessly against you, torn between wanting you to rest and wanting to fuck you senseless.

Somehow Papa manages to smirk around the cock in his mouth. Someone presses the bottle of lube into his hand, and he slicks up his cock eagerly as he pulls off Jonas with a lewd pop. “I haven’t yet had the honor of fucking a king, my husband. I do hope you’re ready.”

Jonas chuckles. “Perhaps you should be hoping you are ready,” he says, stroking his own cock with a half grin that makes Papa’s and Johannes’s breath catch at almost the same moment.

Then Dante laughs, and in a flash he has Jonas’s hands pinned to the bed. “You’re not the dom right now, Jonas. I am. You’d better start acting like a good submissive, or I’ll tie you up with a plug in your ass and make you watch me fuck Johannes until he’s a drooling mess,” Papa snarls.

Jonas can’t stop the full-body shudder that rocks his frame. “Is that a threat or a promise?”


The king’s half smile quirks just a bit and his cock jumps. “Good. But I will submit for now....because I want your cock in me...” His eyes darken with lust.

Papa smirks. “I don’t care why you submit, little king, so long as you do. Now, shut your mouth. I don’t want to hear a peep out of you until you’re coming and squeezing my cock, is that understood?”

Tim and John both inhale sharply. No one ever speaks like that to Jonas....not even Johannes. Henrik just watches silently, stroking your leg, intrigued and ready for anything. And Johannes...his cock is impossibly harder.

Something flashes in Jonas’s eyes...but he only nods.

Papa purrs, “Good boy, that’s my good king. And good boys get rewarded.” He starts pushing in, so achingly slowly that orders to go faster are on the tip of Jonas’s tongue. Papa sees the king’s jaw tense to speak, before he swallows it, and goosebumps break out on his skin at the feeling of submitting.

“You...are... breathtaking,” Papa says as he sinks in just a fraction more. “Stunning...” Another little bit. Jonas is fighting the urge to shake, to shout. “Your mine...”

Jonas’s mouth falls open, and Papa tenses, ready to act against any sound. But no sound comes from Jonas’s throat, and Papa chuckles darkly before his hips press against the king’s. “There we go...perfect...”

Papa cups Jonas’s chin with one hand, savoring the scratch of his beard as he grinds hard into his hips. “So good, so good,” Papa says, his voice a smooth contrast to his tight grip, his weight pressing down.

Jonas takes a shuddering but silent breath as Johannes all but whines, reaching down and gripping his hard and leaking cock. You don’t even shift at the movement, though the wolf desperately wants you awake.

“Eyes on me, husband,” Papa murmurs as he begins to pull slowly out of Jonas’s ass. “”

Johannes gasps in shock when he feels someone suddenly behind him....Special.

“You look...needy, wolf.”

Johannes presses a hand to his chest. “That’s a good way to get attacked, Special, fuck.”

The demon chuckles, leaning down and starting to kiss along the wolf’s shoulder. “My apologies. You were, however, engrossed in the scene before you.”

“Can you fucking blame me?” Johannes groans. “Look at them...”

“I rather like looking at you.” Special licks the wolf’s neck, and Johannes shivers.

“Mmmm...Air, will you move our precious girl out of the way? She needs her rest,” the demon purrs, not looking away from Johannes as he begins to suck marks along his shoulder.

“Do not make him come,” Papa suddenly growls, looking over. “This is our wedding night after all. I’ll make him come.”

“Papa, you take all my fun away,” Special says on a laugh. At Papa’s second growl, the demon snorts. “Relax, greedy. I just...want to play while you fuck. After all,” his arm snakes around Johannes’s waist and finds his cock, giving it a light stroke, “you’re busy with that husband, let me entertain myself with this one.”

Jonas is trying so hard not to laugh, biting his lip against any sort of giggle. Fire and Water share no compulsion to be silent, guffawing to the side. Even Tim and John, only half-paying attention now that you’re asleep, chuckle.

Papa thrusts hard into Jonas, reclaiming his attention, as Air gently extracts you from Johannes’s embrace. “She’ll be right here, wolf, chill, for fuck’s sake,” Air mutters as he gathers you to him and you squeak in your sleep. “It’s all right, little one.”

Special hums approvingly as his grip on Johannes’s cock tightens.

Jonas can’t help it, he lets out a groan at the sight of Special paying attention to Johannes’s cock, and Papa surges forward, grabbing a handful of dreads and pulling him clear off the bed. “What did I just hear, Jonas? Was that a sound?”

Jonas shakes his head, then quick as a wink, he captures Papa’s mouth in a hard, deep kiss.

Papa blinks in momentary surprise. He had no idea the king would be such a brat! He pulls away from the kiss with a huff of a laugh. “If that’s how you’d like to play, so be it.”

Johannes laughs in disbelief as he watches Papa and Jonas. “He’s never subbed a day in his life...fuck, Special...” He moves in Special’s hold, hips bucking, cock twitching.

“Mmm, wolf, yes, that’s what I’m angling for,” the arch-demon whispers.

Johannes snorts even as his hips buck into the hand on his cock. “Smart-ass.”

Special grins. “Pot, kettle.” And he gives the cock in his grip a particularly hard squeeze.

Johannes’s shout makes you startle in Air’s arms, and the tall ghoul frowns. “You wake her up and you’ll piss me off,” he grumbles as he soothes you.

“Tell...him...fucker....” Johannes bites out between gritted teeth.

Special laughs. “I think that he hears you, wolf,” he says as Air glowers at him.

“Should just let him get blue balls,” the ghoul growls, and blinks over to Jonas’s bed where it’s less chaotic.

“Oh no,” Special croons. “That’s reserved for assholes I don’t like. And I like you. But...” he flicks a glance at Papa, who has stuffed three fingers into Jonas’s mouth, “Papa wants to make you come, and he’s very I’m good with a little edging, aren’t you?”

Johannes shudders, swallows hard, but before he has a chance to answer, Special’s tongue slithers out and wraps around Johannes’s cock. Whatever words he had die in his throat as his hips buck into the tongue wrapping around him.

Papa rocks into Jonas’s ass again and again, and Special quickly picks up the same rhythm with Johannes’s cock. Both king and subject moan in unison.

“Mmm, such music you make together,” Papa purrs, fingers fucking Jonas’s mouth in the same rhythm. “No wonder you wanted to start a band...”

Jonas’s answering moan is low and muffled. Johannes tries to answer but all that comes out of his mouth is a strangled rasp. “Looks like we’ve got these two wolves right where we want them...” Special says, able to speak even when his tongue is otherwise busy.

Papa smirks, and the look on him is so deliciously dark that Jonas actually whimpers. “We do indeed, my friend. Whatever shall we do to them now?”

“Oh, I can think of a million things,” Special replies gleefully.

Jonas’s eyes flash. “Oh I know, my king, you’re already planning your revenge...and I so look forward to it. But,” and he thrusts hard, making Jonas grunt, “for now,” another hard thrust, “I’m in charge.” Jonas shudders as Papa laughs, and then cocks his head.

“Mmm, yes, Papa?” the arch-demon purrs.

“In all of our playtime since our goddess came to us, whether with her or these fine gentlemen...we’ve never used wax, have we?”

Special stills for a moment, then runs his hands up Johannes’s sides, making him squirm. “I don’t believe we have, Papa... what a lovely idea...”

Special snaps his fingers, and then both he and Papa are holding lit, body-safe wax candles. “Have either of you ever used this before?” Papa coos to the wolves, and, wide-eyed, they both shake their heads.

Special’s laugh is almost sinister...or maybe that’s just in Johannes’s head... but no one has ever called him a coward, so he inhales deep and nods quickly. “Bring it on, fucker.”

Special’s grin is wide. “I think you can handle it just fine, wolf.” He blows out the candle and then tips it, slowly pouring a line of hot wax over Johannes’s belly. He bellows, arching against the arch-demon, and lets out a laugh mid-yell.
“Ooooooh fuck me that’s good!”

Special’s laugh is loud and satisfied. “Dear Satan but you are such a wonderful plaything.” He drizzles some more wax on the wolf, who lets out a soft “whooop” as he arches his back.

Papa, delighted with his wolf’s reaction, eyes up Jonas. “Ready, my king?”

Jonas swallows as Papa removes the fingers from his mouth. “Do I have a say?”

Papa pauses, his hips coming to a stop. “Of course you do. I can recognize a safe word when I hear one, husband. If you don’t want this, it won’t happen.”

Jonas flicks a quick glance at Johannes, then looks back to Papa. “Oh it’s happening,” the king rumbles, “but when the tables are turned, I’ll have sweet revenge on that ass of yours.”

Papa’s smile is pure sin. “I will hold you to that. Now then, if you are certain...” he blows the flame out and carefully tilts the candle...

Jonas’s breath stops for a split second, and then he cries out, the pain/pleasure combination stealing his senses. Papa groans as the king writhes on his cock. “Oh, you like this, don’t you? That’s a good little king...”

A bit more wax, and Jonas is roaring and working himself on Papa’s cock, and despite his legendary control, Papa finds himself suddenly on the edge of coming, hard.

The dark pope bites his lip, trying to keep the orgasm at bay. He desperately tries to think of very un-arousing things. An image of his father flashes in his mind and he makes a face in spite of himself, thinking, too much, too much!
It helps, but not for long...Jonas’s near-frantic bucking and writhing, coupled with his and Johannes’s twin sounds of pleasure, are proving to be too much for Papa to resist.

He shudders and reaches a hand down, gripping Jonas’s cock and starting to pump. “Come, little king, come for me!” And he pours some more wax over Jonas’s nipples; the king roars in pleasure and does as he is told. Papa gasps loudly and can’t hold back this time, spilling into Jonas’s ass as the king makes a mess of his own stomach.

“Fuck...fuck...fuck!” Johannes chants as he watches, wanting to come so bad, but Special is in control.

“Not a drop,” the arch-demon says as he lets a bit more wax fall. “You heard what Papa said.”

“I don’t care, I fucking NEED to come god fucking dammit,” Johannes spits out.

Special laughs, snapping his fingers, and the candles and wax over both men disappear. “Well, you’ll have to take that up with Papa. I’m just keeping you warm for him.”

Johannes snarls, and he just barely twitches his muscles to bring his hand down to do it himself when he finds he can’t move.

The arch-demon snarls in return. “Papa, if you still want to make this one come, you’d better hurry up, or I won’t be held responsible for my actions.”

Papa laughs, his forehead resting against Jonas’s chest, before he pulls out, relishing in the king’s groan of protest. “You can help,” Papa teases as he settles himself between Johannes’s legs and begins to caress and lick his wolf’s hard, straining cock.

Jonas watches for only a few beats, his eyes gleaming as he begins to move. “Oh I’ll help, all right,” he rasps ... and he kneels behind Papa...

Papa shivers hard as he feels lube suddenly trickle over his hole, and he gasps into Johannes’s cock as a finger breaches him. Jonas smirks. “Not so dominant now, are you?”

Papa doesn’t answer, just swallows down the cock in front of him, and Johannes gurgles and comes hard.

Special croons into Johannes’s ear as he presses a finger into the wolf’s back entrance. “Fuck I love to watch you come.”

Johannes is beyond words, all he can do is writhe between Papa and Special, and watch with hazed eyes as his king finger-fucks their shared husband.

Special gets up onto his knees and takes his cock in hand, pumping himself until he spills onto the sheets with a shout. Jonas’s fingers leave Papa’s hole as the pope gives soft licks to Johannes’s tip, before shifting up and kissing his husband deeply.
Johannes lets himself sink into Papa’s kiss, whimpering a little as their tongues duel. His hands slide down Papa’s back, to his ass, and he grips the flesh firmly, spreading him open, to Jonas’s hum of gratitude.

“Gorgeous...” Jonas says, running one teasing finger down the back of Papa’s thigh. “I really do have the most beautiful spouses...” And then he flops back onto the mattress, exhausted. “Subbing is much harder than I thought it would be!”

Papa and Johannes’s kiss turns into laughter, joining with Tim and John, who are leaning against each other as they laugh. “Everyone has lessons to learn, even a king,” Special sasses as he strokes himself idly, enjoying the aftershocks of his potent orgasm.

Johannes pokes Jonas with a toe. “So maybe next time you’re domming someone you’ll be a little kinder!”

“I’ll take that into consideration,” Jonas says, still laughing, and Johannes pouts.

“Come on, that’s administrative speak for ‘it’s not gonna fucking happen.’”

Jonas nudges his wolf. “I’ve never had a complaint before.”

“Dude.” Johannes pins him with an incredulous stare as he wraps his arms around Papa. “You’re the fucking king. Who’s gonna complain to you?”

Jonas pauses, and worry makes his brow crease. “ think that? But...people would speak up if they were in pain, wouldn’t they?”

“It depends on the person, really,” Special murmurs. Papa would advise, but he’s fallen into a light doze.

Fire crawls over, a grin on his face. “I haven’t had any complaints. And neither has your new wife.” He tugs on a long dread. “Trust me, I’d say something if I needed to.”

Jonas can’t help but snort. “That’s very true. You don’t care about crowns.” Fire laughs and squeezes Jonas’s shoulder, and then blinks out. One by one the ghouls leave, wanting to give the four newlyweds some privacy. Tim, John, and Henrik distribute hugs and also leave, and Johannes retrieves you back from Air.

Air is almost reluctant to give you over. “You’re lucky it’s a special evening, pup,” the tall ghoul says as he strokes your side. “Else she’d be in my room with me tonight.” At Johannes’s questioning look, Air nods. “It’s fine. I am not angry. I am... sometimes I...want.” Desire flashes in his eyes. “I just....want.”

Johannes chuckles faintly. “Well, I guess it’s a good thing she needs to be coherent tomorrow then.” He looks into Air’s eyes and, so softly they almost aren’t words, he says, “Thank you,” before turning and marching to the bed. Air is stunned for a moment.

“We’ll see if you’re thanking me when I steal her away for a night alone,” Air grumbles, but his lips twitch with a faint smile, and he nods at Johannes before he blinks out.

“What was that all about?” Jonas asks as he reaches for you, helping Johannes settle you between the three alphas.

Johannes chuckles faintly as he wraps his lanky frame around his spouses as best he can. “Just confusing the guy a little, that’s all.”

“I think you’re starting to like each other,” Papa says with a grin, and Johannes grumbles at him.

“Yeah, that’ll be the fucking day,” he says.

You sigh and turn in your husbands’ arms. “What day? What did I miss?” you say, your voice soft with sleep and warmth. “Did I.... did I miss a day?” Your brow furrows and all three males chuckle.

“Not at all, my love,” Papa soothes. “It is still our wedding night.”

Your brow relaxes, and you smile. “That’s good. I like tonight.”

Papa nuzzles softly at your cheek. “We like tonight too, my goddess.” Jonas sighs softly and presses his lips to your shoulder.

“As much as I wish this night could last forever...we have much to do tomorrow. We need sleep.”

You stretch a little, pressing against your husbands. “Sleep? Sleep is for the weak,” you say, a teasingly naughty smile on your lips.

Johannes laughs, kissing your forehead. “You’re adorable.”

“Sleep is for the strong, silly girl,” Jonas says, tickling you playfully. You yelp in laughter, trying to roll away from the king’s questing fingers, but Papa holds you fast.

You squeal and laugh, trying to pull away and failing miserably. When Jonas takes pity on you and stops tickling you, you gasp for air. “I may have made a serious mistake here.”

All three men startle and start to sit up. “Mistake? What do you mean— Are you— Did we—”

“Y’all can gang up on me in tickle fights, and that just doesn’t seem fair.”

They stare at you, then look at each other....then dive in to tickle you anew.

You’re finally given mercy a few minutes later, and your giggles follow your loves to sleep. You stay awake a few minutes more, watching as they snuggle you and each other, smiling softly in their slumber. You smooth a hand over each of their heads, vowing that you’ll do anything you can to keep them safe.

Chapter Text

In the end, sleep eludes you. You doze fitfully through the night, thoughts of angels intruding and keeping you from getting back to a deep sleep. Finally, when an image of a golden angel tearing your husbands apart makes you sit straight up in bed, you give up on sleeping. It’s just dawn, and you decide a walk in the gardens to watch the sun rise will help erase those images from your head.

You carefully dislodge yourself from the pile of sleeping men, and you take a moment to admire them. All three of them are so beautiful, shining in the morning sun. You smile, feeling tears prick your eyes. You can’t lose them. You’d rather die. You shake your head, not willing to entertain the thought.

You pull on leggings and a sweatshirt, and step out of the suite, momentarily surprised that Beta isn’t there waiting for you. But then it hits you—it’s dawn. He’s probably snuggled up with Earth. “And that’s where he’ll stay,” you mutter as you head outside. “I’m not about to wake him up, I can walk the garden by myself, it’s not like I’m going far. It’s right here.”

You yawn as you step out onto the grounds. It’s shaping up to be a beautiful sunny day, and you smile as you see the sunlight just starting to sparkle on the dew. That makes you think of Dewdrop, and you wonder what he’s doing, and if he’s not pining too hard.

Soon you’re thinking about Quint, and Rain, and Swiss...and Copia...and you’re lost in thought, head down, blushing, trying to keep from thinking about those hips...


You walk smack into a wall. Wait...not a real wall. You look up, and up, and up...

“You should watch where you’re going.”

You immediately turn crimson and step back, eyes wide. “I-I’m so sorry, T-Till, I mean, M-Mr. Lindemann, I-I thought I was alone.”

Till, wearing a gray t-shirt and black jeans, turns to face you. He looks you slowly up and down, and a small hint of a smile plays around his lips. “Seems to me that you’re never alone here.”

“ I mean...yes. I mean...” The weight of his stare makes you feel a little faint, and you take a deep breath. “Shit,” you whisper.

He raises one eyebrow. “Are you allowed to be alone?”

“Oh, um. Yes and no?” Till’s eyebrow stays up, and there’s an expectant air about him. “It’s not...that they’re controlling, but Beta is my bodyguard? The uh. The angels me, I guess. They would love to...well, use me,” you admit.

A smirk curls the edges of his lips. “That’s a loaded sentence, isn’t it? I don’t think they’re into that, being angels.”

Your blush deepens. “Not like...not like that.” You swallow hard. “ energy, my ability?”

His eyes gleam. “Ah yes. Your powers. From being...whatever you are.” He moves a little closer to you. “Your king and your guard dog were most unwilling to tell me. But I can tell you’re...more.” He inhales deep. “So much more.”

You quiver. This close, you can smell him, and it’s heady and masculine and intoxicating. “I...I can tell you, I suppose. But if try to hurt me, I’ll defend myself.”

An almost feral grin splits his lips, and you’re very aware of how naturally fangy his teeth are. “Good.”

You pause, and he stares harder, practically daring you to tell him the truth about your nature. You take a deep breath. “I’m a conduit.”

Silence. Then, “Bullshit.”

You stare at him, shocked. “What...?”

“Conduit? Bullshit. They are a myth.”

“I’m... I’m not a myth.”

“Prove it,” he growls, and despite your spine trying to crumple in on itself, you stand straighter. You raise your hands and in one you create a ball of fire, and in the other a ball of water. In a breath you make them disappear, and you reach into Till’s energy and draw forth a glittering strand of it, letting it dangle in the air in front of his eyes.

“Hmm. Reminds me of Aether’s,” you say nonchalantly.

The noise he makes gets you to look at him, and he is... You didn’t think it was possible for someone to look frightened while trying incredibly hard to NOT look frightened. “Are you all right?”

“Yes.” A muscle in his jaw tics. “Put it back.”

“What...this?” You twitch your fingers and the energy strand twists around itself in a glittery dance.

“Yes. That. Put it back.” His voice is tight, straining.

You have to fight not to smirk. “Why? Does this make you nervous?”

“Yes,” he replies honestly, hands clenching, all but glaring at you.

You decide to do as he asks and toss the energy back at his body. It gets reabsorbed, and Till sighs in relief. “Well. I hope you believe me now.”

One second he is looking down at himself, the next he is right up in you, huge hands gripping your shoulders, lifting you off your feet, raising you level with his eyes. He’s not hurting you…and you don’t get the sense that he would without you actively threatening him...but still, it wouldn’t take much...

“Where did you come from?” His voice is even deeper than before.

You tamp down the small amount of panic. “A stupid town you’ve never heard of. Put me down.”

He stares into your eyes, his ocean blue-green orbs feeling like they’re staring into your soul, and you can feel the blush overtaking your face again. “Nein, I will not.” He examines you, and you feel his energy poking at yours. “You would be unstoppable if you could tap into all that,” he mutters, half to himself.

You pull up fire energy, trying to singe his hands, but he just snorts. “You’ll need to do better than that.” He inhales deep, and again. “You are not fae but you smell like a fae field in autumn. Why?”

“It’s a conduit thing. Put. Me. Down.” You pause. “Please.”

A blade appears at Till’s neck. “Do as she says, fucker.” Beta’s grin is wild, just short of out of control, he’s a breath away from making a lethal move.

Till’s smile is...otherworldly. “She wants down? She must make me.”

Beta snarls, but you hold your hand up. “It’s okay, Beta. He’s not going to hurt me. You want me to make you let me go? Fine.” And you kick him in the balls.

Beta bursts out laughing as Till lets you go immediately, staggering back as you land lightly on tiptoes, clutching himself. But to your surprise, Till’s laughing, even if the laugh sounds a little strained. “T-That was definitely a way to do it!”

Beta is at your side, his gaze roaming over you. “You ok?” You nod. “Don’t leave without me again, dammit.”

“You were sleeping—”

“Don’t fucking care.”

“I was just here in—”

“Don’t. Fucking. Care.”

You sigh, then look at Till. “I told you.”

“That you did.” He snorts. Then... “Do they realize how dangerous you are?”

“Me?” You scowl. “I’m not—”

“Fae believe you are myth for a reason. Don’t tell any other fae what you are. You won’t survive it.”

“What about the rest of your band?” you ask, crossing your arms as you stare at him.

He crosses his arms in response. “I will explain to them. I assume that your husbands will not be able to keep you from helping in the fight. So they’ll find out either way. But I will warn them.”

“Why are you afraid of conduits?” you ask softly. He frowns as he stares down at you, silent. “If you don’t tell me, I’ll find out some other way,” you say, trying to sound confident.

His frown deepens into a scowl, but he relents with a snort that clearly says “yeah, I know.” “Energy is sacred to fae. What you do, moving energy from one to another, pushing and pulling it to and from... It is...sacrilege to us.” He pauses, seems to consider his next words, as if he doesn’t think you should hear them. “If you control a fae’s energy, you control that fae. And I know of no fae in all the six courts who would allow such a thing to happen.”

You nod, slowly. “That makes sense. Well, if I ever come across fae that are less...friendly than you are, I’ll know what to do.”

Till snorts a laugh. “I have no doubt you would.” He watches you, Beta still not leaving your side, before grinning. “If you’re interested, I’d love to take you to bed. Not every day I’d get to fuck a myth.” You splutter and turn nearly purple. “Mein fick, does she always do that?” You groan and bury your face in Beta’s chest, as he wraps his arms around you.

“Depends,” the clown says, trying not to laugh. “And if you think she controls you when she has your energy, you really won’t like what happens when she fucks you.”

Till pauses, narrowing his eyes. “What do you mean?”

Beta’s grinning wide as he says, “When she orgasms, it triggers a defense thing. You fall in love with her if you’re around her when you come. If it’s not true love, it’ll only last for a day. But still.”

Till says absolutely nothing. The silence lasts for so long you finally pull away from Beta and look at the huge fae man. He looks you up and down, and if you didn’t know better, you’d swear you are standing naked before him. You force yourself to keep looking at him, despite the blush on your face. Finally, he says, “I’ll chance it if you will.” And he flicks his tongue at you.

You squeal and hide behind Beta, who’s howling in laughter.

Herr Lindemann, are you flustering my wife?” you hear Papa’s voice say, and you gasp and rush over to him.

Till grins widely. “It’s not that hard to do, Emeritus. And she turns such lovely colors.”

Papa cups your face and tilts your head up, examining you with a soft smile. “Mmm she certainly does.” He kisses you, long and lingering. “Are you all right, my love?”

You nod and sigh. “I think... I think I need a long walk calm down.”

“Of course, my love. Beta?” And the clown is right there.

You smile to Papa, look back to Till who smirks and gives a wave, his eyes full of dark promises. You swallow thickly and scuttle out, and Till and Papa share a laugh.

“She’s incredible,” Papa says softly, then looks to Till and cheerfully says, “If you try to hurt her, I’ll kill you so slowly you’ll beg me for death.”

Till grins and bows just slightly, and it’s only a touch mocking. “I’d be surprised if you didn’t try.”

Papa bows in return. “No surprises then.”

Till nods, and starts to walk away, then pauses. He tilts his gaze up to the sky, blue with nary a cloud, looking uncomfortable, as if deciding whether to speak. Then he chuckles faintly. “It amazes me that for how long I’ve been alive, something can still surprise me. It’s...good.” And he disappears.

Papa blinks; Till allowing himself to be so introspective out loud in front of someone is unexpected. Then he smiles faintly “...he’s an odd one. Hot though.” And he makes his way back inside.

Beta is practically running to keep up with you. “Fuck, are we being chased without me knowing?” he pants.

You check yourself, try to slow. “Oh Beta, I’m sorry...I, that was...a lot.”

Beta grins as he catches up and wraps his arms around you. “He is a lot, yeah. You wanna fuck him, don’t you?”

“What?! But he’s so huge and scary! And intimidating, holy shit. He could have crushed me with a flex, didn’t you see? The very thought is terrifying.” You take a deep breath, then look up into Beta’s smiling face. “Yeah, I want to fuck him,” you whisper, face flaming red.

Beta laughs, rubbing his cheek over the top of your hair. “We figured. You’re so cute when you’re flustered. Make us just want to fluster you more.”

“Betaaaa,” you all but whine, hiding your face in his chest. “I went on the walk to get un-flustered!”

“I know, I’m sorry,” he giggles.

“You don’t sound at all sorry,” you pout.

“Ok, ok,” he says, squeezing you tight. “Ok, time to get un-flustered. Lead the way.” He tries to look serious and stoic.

But the effect is so silly-looking that you break into giggles, and he can’t help but laugh with you. You start walking, and he keeps his arms around you as you leave the castle and head into town.

“You know, with how busy I am, I barely get to come here,” you say as you look around.

“You should make time to come here if you want. Aether says it all the time, you work too hard, and you need to take care of yourself.”

You sigh. “Well, there’s been so much to do. And....just, well, I’ll take a long break when things settle. IF they settle,” you mutter.

Beta gently takes your hand. “Once the battle is over and we kill all those angels. It will be better then.”

You smile weakly to him. “I hope so. I...” Someone behind Beta catches your eye. It’s the same person that you’ve been seeing glimpses of. But this time, he’s looking right at you. You go sheet white, and your hand turns instantly sweaty in Beta’s hand.
He smiles and puts a finger to his lips, as if to say “shhhhh” and you freeze. The last time you saw that face....

“ it can’t be,” you whisper.

Beta looks down at you sharply. “What’s wrong?”

A wave of nausea crashes over you and you dash for a nearby public trash can, gagging.

Beta gasps, rushing after you and holding your hair back as you throw up. A couple people stop in concern, but Beta waves them off. “Stomach flu, don’t come near!” he says as cheerfully as he can manage, and with those words you’re left alone.
He casts furtive glances around, trying to figure out what...who?....set you off, but nothing strikes him as odd or frightening.

You pull your face away from the trashcan, sitting down and wiping shakily at your mouth. You glance around desperately, needing to know if he is still there...but he is gone, disappeared from the crowd. “Sweetness, what happened? Are you all right?” Beta asks, worried.

“No...yes...I don’t know,” you admit. Beta frowns, closing his eyes, and you scowl faintly. “No, don’t you dare!” Beta’s eyes open back up. He’d been about to call the ghouls, it’s true, but if you don’t think he should...

Air suddenly blinks in, soon followed by Special, Aether, and Earth. “What happened? Is she hurt?” Earth is quick to hold you, while Air is staring at Beta, waiting for answers.

You shudder as you try to burrow into the small ghoul, and you spare a small glare at the clown. “I didn’t, I swear!” Beta scowls at Air. “I had this under control!”

“Feeling her energy turn freezing cold and dead white while knowing she’s throwing up is not ‘under control,’” Air snaps. “What happened?”

“I don’t know! She couldn’t tell me while she was puking, asshole, and then you barge in here like the damn police, I don’t know!” Beta’s hands clench, ready to lash out.

“All right, enough.” Special gives you a fast once-over. “Let’s take this back to the palace, so we can yell at each other in private?”

Air huffs and falls silent as you all blink out and reappear in the blue rooms. Johannes is still there, snoring, but Papa and Jonas aren’t. Earth takes you to a couch and sits down with you, wrapping you up in a tight hug, and Aether sits on your other side, pressing against your back. “All right, what happened?” Special asks softly.

Eyes closed, you take several deep, shuddering breaths. Special takes your hands in his, just waits for you to gather yourself.

“I saw him. He was right there...” you whisper. “But couldn’t have been. It makes no sense. How could he be here, of all places?”

Special frowns. “Saw who? Precious, open your eyes and tell me who you saw.”

You do, swallowing thickly and squeezing Special’s hands hard. Your voice is still a whisper as you say, “Jackson. ex.”

Instantly, every ghoul’s hackles raise, and on the bed, Johannes comes awake with a start, the feeling in the room enough to kick his instincts into full drive. “What’s going on?!”

“Aether, find Tim and John. Now.” Special’s voice is a whip, and Aether’s nod is sharp as he blinks out in an instant. Special’s voice softens again. “Precious, did he attack you? Did he hurt you?”

“Dammit, don’t you think I would have seen—”

“What the FUCK is going on?”

Earth detaches from you and scuttles over to Johannes, pushing himself into the wolf’s arms and explaining what happened. You, meanwhile, shake your head at Special. “He didn’t attack me. He just...” You shudder. “He smiled, and he put his finger to his lips, and when I was done throwing up he was gone.”

“WHAT. THE. FUCK.” Johannes is off the bed like a shot, Earth tumbling off the bed with a squeak. “He’s here? That asshat is HERE? In my country? I’ll kill him. Where—”

Special holds up a hand. “Wait, wolf, wait. He didn’t say anything, precious?”

“No, no he just...” You sit up. “This is crazy. How could he be here? I must have been imagining things...”

Beta quickly steps over to help Earth up as Johannes immediately pulls you into his arms. “We trust your judgment, sweetness. If you say you saw him...” He growls, trying to keep his arms from tensing.

You twist and turn in his embrace so you can look at him. “But Johannes, it doesn’t make sense. How could he be here? It’s not like I’m living back in my old neighborhood. I had to have imagined it.”

“You’re not in the habit of hallucinating,” Special says softly. “That’s not how your stress manifests itself.”

“We might not know how he got here, but we don’t disbelieve what you saw,” Air murmurs.

“Stress is weird, just because I haven’t imagined things before doesn’t mean I couldn’t be doing so now.” You look down at your shaky hands. “I appreciate your faith in me, but I really don’t know what I saw for sure.”

Tim and John blink in with Aether. “How? Where?” John’s eyes blaze with anger.

“We are hoping to figure that out,” Special says. He looks back to you. “Jackson is his name?”

You close your eyes briefly. “Shit. I didn’t want...”

“Yes, I know, but the kit’s out of the brush now, precious. Is Jackson his first name?”

You hesitate, then nod. “Yes. Jackson Ross.”

John nods. “Can you tell me what he looks like?”

You nod, describing the man as Johannes stays wrapped around you. Earth comes over to the couch, and Johannes murmurs an apology to him, and the little ghoul smiles and shrugs.

Tim is glaring at his phone, scrolling quickly. “I don’t see that name anywhere here.” At everyone’s quizzical looks, he replies, “Everyone who’s come into the country in the last six months, we keep lists. That name isn’t here. He must have used an alias.”

“How? We vetted everyone,” John growls.

The door suddenly opens, and Papa comes in. “Breakfast and the meeting are starting soon, everyone.” Then he sees the looks on everyone’s faces and frowns. “What happened?”

Special explains what’s going on as John calls his spies and tells them to look for a man fitting that description. Papa is speechless, and then that aura of darkness surrounds his head. “We will find him. We will make him beg and weep for forgiveness at her feet,” he all but spits.

You shake your head. “Please...please stop. I can’t... I can’t handle... this is why I didn’t want you to know his name or anything about him.” You drop your head into your hands and let the tears come.

Johannes wraps his arms tight around you, and glares at Papa and the rest and makes a shooing motion. Everyone but Johannes, Beta, and Earth file out, and your wolf strokes your hair and hums to you soothingly.

After long moments of crying, your tears slow up enough that you raise your head and look around. “I’m sorry, I—”

“Sorry for what? You were shocked and scared, and we’re getting all alpha up in here. Well, maybe not Special, but still.” Johannes kisses you. “But, sweetness, you know we’ve gotta find this asshat and ki—” You glare at him. “And get him out of this country and away from you. You know we have to.”

You sigh, and nod. “Remember, I don’t want to know what you do to him. Promise you won’t tell me.”

“We promise,” Earth whispers, nuzzles at your shoulder. “Do you...well. Need grounding?”

You think about. “I...think I’m okay now that I cried it out. Maybe later, Earth.” You turn and kiss his cheek. “Thank you.”

Earth kisses you softly and hugs you tightly, and then you lay your head on his shoulder. “Guess we ought to go eat and do the meeting thing.”

Johannes hesitates then stands. “Skip the meeting, sweetness. Everyone will understand.”

“No, I need to go. I need to know what’s happening.”

Johannes opens his mouth, and both you and Earth glare at him. He shuts his mouth with a snap, looking surprised. “The both of you?”

“I’m going to be in the battle, Johannes,” you say firmly. “That means I need to know what my part will be.”

“Even if...well. She’ll want to know even if she isn’t fighting,” Earth says firmly. “She deserves that much.”

Johannes stares then shakes his head. “Let me get dressed.”

You pout at Earth as Johannes goes to throw on his uniform. “Why else have I been training so hard in combat?”

Earth sighs. “Just in case you’re attacked. But’ve become very good at healing, and...well. I think they want you at the healers’ tents.” You huff and grumble, but Earth stays gentle. “Don’t put yourself in danger if... well, if you don’t have to. Especially...well. Since the king’s ritual didn’t....didn’t work. Please.”

“Besides,” Johannes says, coming over, his pants on but shirt untucked and unbuttoned, “healing and protecting our wounded is important too. There’s a lot of lives to be saved, sweetness.”

You’re about to speak...and then you really consider what he’s just said. “I didn’t even think about it like that. You....that’s very true. Ok...ok, I’ll...ok.”

You reach out your hand and Johannes grabs it, brings it to his lips. And when you close your eyes again, he quickly mouths, “Good work, little dude,” to Earth, who smiles.

Johannes leans down and nuzzles his nose against yours. “I love you, my wife. Always.”

“I love you too. We’ll get through this, my husband. We’ll be okay,” you whisper back.

“Of course we will. Avatar Country is unstoppable by itself, but we also have Ghost and H.E.A.T. and Rammstein.” You flush, remembering that morning.

Beta snorts, and Johannes looks from you to him and back to you before smiling as he swiftly does up his shirt and finishes dressing. “Something tells me there’s a story I need to hear...but tell me later. We better go.”

You nod, taking Beta’s and Johannes’s hands and leaving the room, Earth scuttling along behind them. The rest of the ghouls, Papa, Tim, and John all go quiet when you come out, and you just sigh and make your way down the hall, followed closely by the others.

“And Jonas is going to be freaking out too, I suppose,” you mutter as you approach the hall. “I shouldn’t have said anything to any of you.”

“Yeah, because concealing your reaction from me would have been so easy,” Beta replies.

“Then I should have made you promise not to tell anyone!” you all but snap, but you immediately stop. “I’m sorry. You didn’t tell anyone, the ghouls felt it on their own. I’m sorry, Beta, I didn’t mean to be harsh with you.”

The clown shrugs. “Be pissed at me if you want. I did my job, and I wouldn’t change a thing.” His nonchalant tone doesn’t match the expression on his face though ... he looks hurt.

You stop and turn to him, taking his hands and pressing them to your lips. “No, Beta, I’m sorry. Truly. That was cruel and thoughtless and I shouldn’t have said it. I’m so sorry.”

Beta still isn’t fully used to people apologizing to him, and the hurt look fades in favor of slight discomfort. “It’’s fine, sweetness.”

It’s not, you know it’s not ... but you see his face, and you know you should let it go, for now.

Johannes lays his hand on the small of your back and propels you toward the open door to the great hall, where you’re about to help plan a battle. Oh fuck, you think, and then the doors close behind you.

Chapter Text

The hall seems to have shrunk—it’s full of huge fae, wild bouncing grim, and all of your loves. You look around, momentarily stunned by the sheer number and magnitude of people whom you are now surrounded by.

“Friends, and my loves, good morning!” Jonas booms, smiling despite the situation. He comes over and distributes kisses to you, Johannes, and Papa. “I hope you’re all hungry, breakfast should be arriving soon.”

“Great, we’re starving!” Erik says cheerfully, and your stomach echoes his words.

Erik and Dave swoop in, bowing low before you and kissing your hands, and you giggle despite yourself. “Are you guys always this...energetic?” you ask, still laughing.

“No idea what you mean, my lady, we’re just a bunch of grim,” Erik replies with a wink as servants enter and begin setting up a buffet.

Jona, Crash, and Jimmy all greet you as well before heading for the buffet, where the Rammstein members are already hovering. You see them giving you looks, and you swallow as you realize that Till must have told them what you are. They don’t look hostile...but they do look cautious, even as Richard winks at you. You flush faintly, which turns to a deep blush as Till discreetly flicks his tongue at you when you catch his eye.

“Jesus,” you whisper to yourself, lowering your eyes.

“I don’t think you’ll find him hanging ‘round these parts, precious,” Special murmurs in your ear, and you laugh. “Ahh, that’s more like it.”

You smile at him, and lean up to kiss his cheek. “Thank you. He’s um... he’s very...well, you get it.”

He smiles softly in return, reaching out and running the backs of his fingers down your cheek. “I do get it. Don’t worry, I’ll always bring you back.”

You hear a crash and jump, looking over and bringing your energy to the ready, but you breathe a sigh of relief as you see it’s just Fire and Erik, starting a friendly wrestling match. “Boys. Maybe wait until after breakfast?” you say, heart pounding.

Fire and Erik shoot you a sheepish look, and stop, but soon they are nudging each other and snorting. Oli stares at them for a long moment. “Ought to save that energy for the angels. You’ll need it.”

Fire rolls his eyes. “Look, the tree has spoken.”

“We have energy to spare, Oliver,” Erik mutters, but there is no rise out of Oli at all, and barely even a blink. You’re surprised, watching the tallest man in a room full of tall men—he’s even more calm than Air.

While Fire grumbles at Oli-- “People like you aren’t fun to poke at!”--you find your attention drifting a little as you study the different men around you, comparing and contrasting heights, attitudes, laughs… Everyone is so different, you think to yourself, watching how they interact with each other, watching Richard flirt with a kitchen lady, watching Erik and Fire horsing around. But they came here for similar causes, and that thought makes you smile.

An arm snakes around your hips, bringing you back to yourself. “Where’d you go, love?” Henrik gently moves you along, hands you a plate, encourages you to fill it up.

“Just...just thinking how all these different people have come together... funny how horrible things can do that...”

Henrik smiles faintly. “That’s why I never really understood disaster movies where everyone turns on each other. People aren’t really like that. There’s some assholes, sure, but mostly? Everyone bands together in tragedy.” He kisses your temple. You lean in to him, humming a little. “Now, come on, love, fill that plate. You need to eat.”

Gradually, everyone gets their food and finds places at the huge table, and it’s eating and small talk for quite some time.

Till had wanted to sit right across from you—he’s been enjoying watching you turn colors. But Erik beats him to the seat, and the grim winks to the taller man, who scowls and stomps off down the table. You flush faintly as Erik grins to you and waves cheekily, and you hear Johannes and Papa on either side of you laughing into their hands.

Jona whacks Erik upside the head. “Smooth move, knucklehead, pissing off a fae.”

“Enh, he’s fine,” Erik says, casting a quick glance—that’s only the barest glimmer of nervous—down the table. “See, he’s stuffing his face and grunting at his kin. All’s good.” He smiles at you again. “Besides, with this many lovers, everyone’s got to take turns, right?”

You blaze crimson. “S-Since when are you all my lovers too?!”

Erik laughs as Johannes and Papa snicker into their breakfast. “Well, not yet. But give it some time.”

Given a lack of other places to hide, you simply stand up and power walk down to the buffet for another glass of orange juice.

Jonas, chuckling, rises at his spot at the head of the table. “Let’s get down to business, shall we? Where do we stand with the border patrols?”

Tim leans back and starts his report as you sit back down, John chiming in where necessary.

“Everything has been quiet so far,” Tim finishes, and it seems like he would have said more if it weren’t for Beta chiming in.

“Except for the asshat sighting,” the clown mutters, and Jonas turns to him.

“What asshat sighting?” Jonas catches Beta exchanging glances first with you then with Papa, Special, and the others who were with you before the meeting, and the king growls. “What do I not know yet?”

“Please don’t,” you whisper, briefly surprised that Jonas doesn’t already know.

“He needs to know, sweetness,” Johannes says.

You look down, swallowing. “Do you...remember about my ex? The one who...put me into the hospital?” The men from H.E.A.T. and Rammstein, who hadn’t yet heard the story, all bristle at once, and you can feel every eye on you. “I...” You hide shaking hands under the table. “I saw him today. Or at least, I thought I did.”

It feels like all the air in the room is sucked out. You look up in time to see dragon scales ripple across the king’s body as he slams his fists on the table. He drops his head, and his arms shake as he brings his shift under control. He looks up, and you can see his dragon eyes glint...then it is Jonas again. Angry, tense—ready to strike. “Where is he?”

“We haven’t been able to find him yet, sire,” John says, frustration in his voice. “But we have all my spies in the country searching out a person of his description. We’ll find him.”

Jonas nods, looking to you, and in a softer voice he asks you, “Are you okay?”

You bite your lip, hands still shaking. “I’m...I’m...” Jonas watches you close, and you look away from his stare. “I’m all right.” At Jonas’s noise of disbelief, you look back at him briefly. “I am. He didn’t do anything to me. I can’t even be sure it was Jackson.”

He sighs, but nods. “If you're sure you're all right, then we'll let John's men do their work. But I want you to be careful until he's found."

You hear Till snort faintly from the other end of the table, and you remember the conversation you had with him in the garden. A flash of annoyance zips through you, and the words exit your mouth before you can stop them. “I’m not sure how I could possibly be more careful than I am already, my love. Would you like to put me in a bubble and keep me locked up in our rooms?” Your voice is very even and controlled, and everyone (save for Till, who smirks faintly) looks to you in surprise.

Jonas seems speechless at first, and then he blushes very faintly and nods. “Ah, well, yes, you are right, of course. You are doing all you can already, and you know how to defend yourself. My apologies, for treating you below your abilities.” You nod to him in satisfaction, and he clears his throat. “John, let me know as soon as you find him. Now, Tim, the rest of the patrols?”

Tim nods sharply, and finishes his report, and then the meeting moves quickly on. Jonas locks eyes with Oli. “Are you sure you don’t have a clearer idea of when the angels are planning to attack?”

Oli shakes his head with precise movements. “No. Just...soon.”

The king sighs, but nods. “Well, it’s something more than we had. Continue to step up patrols, and keep the army mobilized to wait until it happens. Now...My honored guests, you’ve mentioned that you want to help in the fight. I do not expect anyone here to die for us. But, if you do want to fight, what can we expect? What abilities can you bring to the table?”

Jona sits back, looking at his fellow bandmates before speaking. “Grim aren’t exactly...battle thirsty. We’ll fight if we need to, I mean Crash is always up for getting in the trenches.” Crash nods, gives you a wink. “But we aren’t shifters or demons. We just...are. We’re passable healers though.”

Jonas nods. “Good to know. Then you’ll stay in the healer’s tents with my wife. Honestly I’ll feel better about having so many of you there to protect her. Crash, are you confident enough in your fighting abilities to take on angels?”

Crash grins. “I’ll take ‘em on.”

Special frowns. “Maybe you should train a little with me, grim. A little practice won’t hurt. After breakfast?”

“Not a bad idea,” Jonas says. “Anyone else want to join them?”

Till laughs. “We’ve already had plenty of practice.”

Jonas smiles faintly. “We do not doubt the prowess of your band, Till.” And then he looks to Earth, Water, and Aether. “How about you take the rest of H.E.A.T. and observe how they heal? Perhaps you can help them become more than simply passable?”

“Of course,” Aether says with a nod, and the ghouls start asking the grim questions.

You look from Jonas to the fae. “So what exactly do”

Richard grins. “Whatever we want, mostly.” At your look he relents. “We’re a lot like your ghouls...elemental and energy power, mostly. Some work with illusions. Except Till, he’s...different.” Flake snorts a little and Schneider coughs to hide a laugh.

Everyone who isn’t talking about healing looks over to the big man, who grins. “There’s a reason the six of us are able to have our band and not be part of the courts.” He takes a long drag of his coffee, wipes his mouth, and looks right at you. “In addition to being very skilled with fire, I can also, on a small scale, make whatever I want happen.”

Jaws drop. “What do you mean, whatever you want?” Papa asks, eyes narrowed.

Till’s grin doesn’t waver, and he doesn’t take his eyes off you as he pushes his seat back. “Komm hier,” he growls, his eyes flash, and you’re suddenly sitting on his lap.

Your breath catches, and you feel his heat wrap around you. You look up into his eyes....he’s right there, so very close...and he flicks his tongue. You squeak and scramble off his lap.

Or at least you try, but his arms wrap like steel around your middle and hold you firm against his chest. You quiver, your eyes comically wide, and any ire that Papa, Johannes, or Jonas might feel is alleviated by the red-purple of your face and Till’s reassuring wink behind your back.

“Don’t you like it here, liebling?” He rumbles his words right against your ear and you shudder. “I think you do. Stay a while.”

You don’t remember how words work. Or movement, for that matter. Papa and Johannes are trying so hard not to laugh as Jonas clears his throat, mirth plain on his face. “So, uh, you can make whatever you want happen. But you say it’s on a small scale. How small are we talking?”

Till hums. “I can tear an angel...or anything pieces by willing it so. Although it’s much more satisfying to use my hands.” He closes his eyes when you start to squirm. “I can’t affect more than one or two beings at a time. Big”

“Is there a limit to how many times you can do that?” Tim asks, leaning around John to be able to see the fae.

Nein, no limit. But the more I do it, the more tired I get,” Till rumbles at the general. “The last time I tried to test my limit, I used it for six hours straight, conjuring various foods and drinks and...maybe a woman or two,” he gives your middle a squeeze, enjoying your squeak. “And then I was unconscious for two days.”

“And we were all thankful for the break,” Richard says as he claps Till on the shoulder.

“I can imagine,” you whisper.

“What was that, liebling?”

“Nothing...” You pull back but still can’t break his hold. “Are you going to let me go?”

Papa smirks at you, the look in his eyes wicked. “My darling wife, we all know that if you really wanted to get free, you could with little to no issue.” You gasp, your ears turning red now as dark chuckles of amusement ripple behind you.

“I had a feeling. So maybe just enjoy your position, ja?”

Later you won’t be able to say what triggers it...Till’s words? His smug tone? Something else entirely?...but another spear of annoyance, almost anger, slices through you. One second you are on his lap, and in the next instant you grab his energy and slam it against him, which knocks him back and releases his hold on you, leaving you on the floor.

Till yelps as he’s thrown from the chair, falling head over ass and landing flat on his face. You stand, brushing yourself off as the rest of the Rammstein men burst out laughing. Papa chortles as Till stands, slowly. “See?”

Till stares at you, a dangerous look in his eye, and then he grins, wide. “Wunderbar. We should spar sometime.”

As quickly as it appeared, the slash of anger moves through you and is gone, and you exhale harshly. “I...maybe?” A puff of laughter explodes out of you, and then you realize... “Oh...oh fuck, I’m sorry, did I...I shouldn’t...I’m sorry...”

To your surprise, Till just laughs, putting a hand on your shoulder. “Don’t apologize. You did what you needed.”

“Well...that shouldn’t involve violence,” you say softly.

“He can take a little bit of tossing around,” Paul calls cheerily.

Till slaps his massive chest with both his hands. “I can take a lot of whatever you want to give me!”

Your blush is back, and you’ve forgotten words again. You take a step back, and bump into Papa.

“My wife?” is all he says. You blink back sudden tears and just look up at him. “Are you all right?”

“I...I...” You furiously wipe the tears away, and look back to Till, whose expression has changed to something softer.

“If I’m coming on too strong, or you’re not comfortable with my attention, you can tell me to fuck off. You know that, right?”

You nod quickly. “I do, I promise. It’s not...” You look at Papa. “I shouldn’t have... I don’t understand what’s wrong with me. I felt...out of control.”

Papa takes your hands. “We’re on high alert, waiting for angels to attack, and you had a shock this morning. I think that’s reason enough, don’t you?”

Till blinks, looking back and forth between you and Papa, and understanding dawns. “You haven’t been training long, have you?”

You shake your head, and the other Rammstein men frown. “That’s kind of dangerous,” Flake murmurs.

Special stands, crosses his arms. “It’s more dangerous to have her completely untrained and out there, unprepared, where anyone or anything can harm her...or use her.” His voice is silky smooth...deadly. “Don’t you agree?”

“Hey,” Richard says, “all we know is what’s been told to generations of fae.”

“Which isn’t as much as you think,” Special replies. “So perhaps you need to let us worry about whether she’s dangerous or not.”

“We weren’t saying anything bad about the girl,” Oli says, scowling at the arch-demon. “We were just stating a fact.”

“What, if you—” Paul shoves his hand over Richard’s mouth.

“Ignore him, he’s going to spout off and say something stupid. Fae are prickly at the best of times,” the shorter man tries to soothe.

“And this is definitely not the best of times,” Papa says as he rubs your back. “Wouldn’t you agree, my king?”

Jonas sinks into his seat, brow furrowed. “You know I do. I also know there’s angels on the way, and we don’t have the luxury of arguing with each other. We have to work together, focus on the real threat.”

Richard snorts something that sounds suspiciously like, “The demon started it.” But he sits back down, and Paul breathes a sigh of relief.

The talk turns to placement, and it’s decided Rammstein will be on the front lines with the wolves and the demons. Beta glares at the king when he looks towards the clown. “If you think I’ll be anywhere but at her side—”

“I know, Beta, I know,” Jonas says, a touch of exasperation whispering through his tone.

“All right. Fine. As long as you know,” Beta huffs, nodding at Jonas.

Silence fills the room as everyone contemplates what’s happening. “Unless anyone has anything else, I think everyone ought to get to work,” Jonas finally says. “A lot to do, and there’s still the state dinner tonight.”

Tim looks up, eyebrow raised. “You really think that’s a good idea? In the middle of all this shit?”

The king shrugs. “They haven’t attacked yet, and the army is mobilized. Until something happens, I’d like it to be business as normal. It will keep the people from panicking.”

Tim nods slowly. “If that’s your wish, sir.” He stands, kisses your cheek, and strides out. John follows, going to check in with his spies. Special, Aether, Earth, and Water stand and disappear with the grim to test their healing abilities. That leaves you, your husbands, Beta, and Henrik with the fae.

You melt against Papa, who folds you in his arms, murmuring against your ear, dropping soft kisses against your jawline, finally kissing your lips softly before leading you back to your seat. “Try to eat a little more before we go to the church, my wife,” he says. Johannes and Jonas both murmur agreement and kiss you as well.

You can feel eyes on you and turn to see Richard and Till staring. You blush, an automatic response. “Um. Did you...need something?”

Richard laughs softly. “That’s a loaded question. Actually, we were curious about your church.”

“Would you mind showing us around?” Till asks, voice softer. He seems to be acting a little more careful around you now, even his posture is different. The only thing the same is the intensity of his eyes.

“Of course,” you say quickly, looking to Papa. “My love?”

He pops a piece of fruit in your mouth with a suggestive smile. “Of course. That was the plan for when they were originally supposed to arrive, was it not?” He nods to Richard and Till. “Please join us when you’re ready.”

Till and Richard look at each other and shrug. “We’ve got nothing else to do,” Richard says. “But we don’t mind waiting if you need to eat, liebling. Go ahead.”

You nod, thanking them and indeed, eating until you are pleasantly full. Papa makes small talk with Johannes as Jonas kisses all three of you and excuses himself, needing to go work for the day.

“No skipping out tonight, my flower,” he says with a wink as Henrik kisses your hand and they head for the door. “I want to see you in all your splendor. All of you.” And he’s gone.

“He’s so bossy,” you say faintly.

Johannes snickers. “Yeah, it’s a habit with him.”

Papa chuckles. “He’s a king. He’s used to it.” You hear faint laughter from the two fae, and you blink when you realize the rest of Rammstein is gone. “Where are your friends?”

Till shrugs. “Wherever they want to be.”

“Exploring, probably. And once they find a bar they like, drinking, definitely.” Richard leans back, studying the three of you. “So...everyone just...shares?”

“I’m sorry?” you ask.

He lifts his chin a little in your direction. “You. Everyone has a piece of you, and no one minds? You’re mated with some and not with others, and your mates are ok with it?”

Your blush deepens and you seek out your loves’ hands, unable to answer him.

Papa smiles. “Yes, that’s part of our relationship. Johannes and I and Jonas are also mated to each other, not just her. And Beta and Earth are mated. And Jonas also has a bedroom relationship with my Fire ghoul.”

“It’s complicated as fuck,” Johannes grunts, but squeezes your hand. “And also kind of perfect.”

Till snorts. “It would never work with fae.”

“Well, we could probably do it,” Richard muses.

Till stares at him in disbelief for a long moment, then says, “It would never work with fae.”

“Well, lucky for us we aren’t fucking fae then,” Johannes snarls back.

“Ahh, there you are,” Papa says with a chuckle. “I thought maybe you’d been possessed or something.”

“What do you mean?” Johannes grumbles.

“I mean you were uncharacteristically quiet earlier. I expected you to...get forceful,” Papa leans over and tugs on a lock of Johannes’s hair.

“Oh, I wasn’t fucking happy about it,” the wolf retorts, ignoring Papa’s touch. “But I know how she feels about him, and them in general. If she wants to have some fun while they’re here, I wouldn’t fucking stop her.”

Everyone stares at him, eyes wide in surprise.

“What?” Johannes snaps. “Just because I share with my family doesn’t mean I’m all excited about sharing her with any asshole who comes along.” He glares at the fae. “I know it’s her decision, and I know she always comes home, but I can still be pissy about it.”

Papa’s hiding laughter behind his hand, but it’s not unkind, and his eyes are impossibly fond even as they’re crinkled in mirth. You are torn between amusement and concern. “I mean...that’s so ridiculously sweet of you, Johannes, but...but I don’t want to do anything that might make you resent me one day.”

With a groan that sounds like a sob is mixed in there, he swoops you into his arms and buries his face in your neck. “Never, sweetness, never. Love you,” he whispers, not caring, for the moment, that he has an audience.

Till and Richard look away, letting you both have as much privacy as the situation can afford. You cling to Johannes, wrapping yourself around him as much as possible. “I love you too. Always and forever.” Papa smiles softly, his own eyes pricking with tears.

“Get over here,” Johannes mutters when he looks up and sees Papa practically melting with emotion, and he somehow manages to pull him into the embrace as well.

“It still would not work with fae,” Till mutters, and Richard elbows him sharply in his side.

A small wrestling match breaks out between the two men, which goes unheeded as you and your husbands hug each other tight. “Thank you, Johannes. I love you so much,” you say, voice warbling a little.

“I’m so proud of you,” Papa murmurs, kissing the wolf’s forehead.

“There’s nothing to be proud of,” Johannes mumbles grumpily. “I’m still a jerk who doesn’t deserve you.”

“We know different,” you whisper.

“Someday we will break you of that habit you have, dear husband,” Papa says, frowning.

There’s a slight crash as Till and Richard knock over a chair in their wrestling, and you jump even if Papa and Johannes don’t bat an eye, used to Fire and Water and wolf wrestling respectively.

Johannes casts a glance their way. “Well, you might break me, but not before those two idiots break the damn furniture.” Papa laughs as Johannes cups your face and looks deep into your eyes. “I love you, sweetness.” His kiss is slow, soft...thorough.

You shiver, melting into his chest as he kisses you breathless. Papa watches, eyes darkening a little, and when Johannes pulls away the wolf kisses the pope like that too. You smile, watching, and you look over to see Till and Richard watching as well. Both fae grin, and Richard flashes a thumbs-up as Till wolf-whistles.

Johannes doesn’t miss a beat, flipping the fae off even as he lets his other hand slide into Papa’s silky hair and tug.

“Ah, such a way with your hands, wolf,” Till calls. “I am impressed, as always.”

You can’t help but snicker, but quickly smother it as Johannes opens his eyes mid-kiss to look at you with an eyebrow raised. You give him your best innocent look, and he snorts into Papa’s mouth, who makes a face and pulls back. “Lovely. Anyway, these gentlemen—”

“I don’t see any of those around here,” Johannes mutters.

“—would like a tour of the church. And you should go and guard Jonas,” Papa says to his husband firmly.

Johannes licks his lips and reluctantly releases his hold on his husband. “Yeah, I guess. There’s a lot of shit that needs to be done for tonight too.” He caresses both yours and Papa’s faces with gentle fingers, then stands. “All right, I’m off.” He looks at Till and Richard. “Try not to be assholes.”

Till snorts as Richard says sweetly, “Pot, kettle.” Johannes scowls and shifts into wolf form, loping out of the room. As you, Papa, Till, and Richard leave the hall, servants rush in to transform it for that night. Seems they’d been waiting impatiently for the room to be cleared.

You take a quick look back at the intense action, then look at Papa. “I’m kind of excited for tonight. I still have to decide on a dress.”

He squeezes your hand. “I look forward to gazing upon you, my wife.”

As you head to a car for the trip to the church, you study the fae carefully. “ Johannes always pissed at you guys, or is it because of me?”

Richard shrugs as Till snorts. “This is the first time we’ve seen him since...well, it must have been shortly after Jonas was possessed, for lack of a better word,” Richard explains thoughtfully as the driver opens the car door. “He’s...much more abrasive.”

“Yeah, we have no idea what happened,” Till mutters. “But we have enough tact not to ask at least.”

The angel happened, that’s what, you think grimly, but you hesitate to say anything. It is Johannes’s story to tell, and he might not want the fae to know it.

You shake your head. “I just don’t want to be the cause of friction, that’s all.”

Till and Richard settle into the car, and Till rolls his head back, eyes staring at the roof. “I think that you’re the type of woman who causes friction wherever she goes, through no fault of your own. You can’t help the way people react to you.”

“But you probably try to blame yourself for it anyway,” Richard says bluntly from the bigger man’s other side, and you stare at them, flabbergasted that they could guess that after knowing you for such a short time.

They chuckle. “Fae are a perceptive sort,” Richard says, as if he’s reading your mind.

“When we want to be,” Till rumbles. “Mostly, we don’t care.”

“That seems...rude,” you reply.

Till shrugs. “It is fae. We live too long, and don’t interact with humans much. There’s no reason to care usually.”

“We don’t try to be rude on purpose,” Richard says softly. “And for fae, we’re actually a pretty empathetic lot. But it’s still...difficult at times.”

You nod slowly. “I suppose something that seems pressing to a human would be trivial to someone who has all the time in the world.”

Richard nods. “We have firsthand knowledge that in a thousand years, it won’t matter. But on the other hand...” he smiles a little, “we are sometimes intrigued by your church.”

Till looks at you, ocean-water eyes making some more of that devastating contact with yours. “And you.”

You turn crimson and take a steadying breath, and Papa doesn’t help when he chuckles next to you. “It is too bad neither of you are into men. You’re nearly as pretty as I am, Richard, and Till...” He gives the bigger man a sultry smile that says more than words ever could. Till laughs softly.

“I’ve never said anything about my preferences either way, Emeritus.”

“That’s very true,” Papa purrs as he leans back and lets his gaze roam over the fae before him. “Very true indeed.”

After a few moments, when you find it almost too hard to breathe from the lust swirling around, you manage to clear your throat and say, “So...what, ah, what questions do you have about the church?”

Till looks back to you, and he cocks his head slightly. “What’s your role?”

“Oh, uh, I’m the second Sister Imperator. I help take care of the practical needs of the brothers and sisters, and I handle entry for those who wish to join the church.”

“A lot of Avatar citizens sign up so far?” Richard asks.

You look at Papa, then shake your head. “No, but the church has barely been open. And with the angels...well, increasing membership rolls hasn’t been top priority, I suppose.”

The fae both nod. “Once it’s over, I’m sure they’ll come.”

Papa smirks. “In more than one way, I hope.” You chuckle as the fae both laugh, and you pause.

“So. Wait. You know that Papa and the ghouls are demonic. What do you think about Satan being real?”

Till shrugs. “We’re real. You’re real. I would expect Satan to be real.”

“I’m not entirely convinced They aren’t fae, if I’m being honest,” Richard muses. Till snorts. “I mean really. Think about it. They’ve got the unseelie look about them, don’t you think?”

Till rolls his eyes. “He also likes conspiracy theories. He’s an idiot.”

Richard smacks Till upside the head.

You blink in surprise as Papa looks outright shocked, ignoring the fact that Till now has Richard in a headlock. “Wait, you’ve met Them?!”

“Of course,” Till grunts as Richard thrashes. “We’ve been around a long time after all, we were bound to run into Them. Besides, they’re a fan.”

“Satan loves Rammstein?” you murmur. “Well, I guess it makes sense.” Then you shake your head. “Why do I suddenly feel like everything makes even less sense than it did before?”

Till’s laughter fills the car. “Now you know how it feels to be fae. The longer you exist, the less it all seems sensible. And that’s when you realize—it doesn’t matter.”

You mull that over, Till watching as you think, and then you shake your head again. “I don’t think I’d like to be fae. It sounds...lonely, and more than a little terrifying.”

Till nods, finally letting go of Richard, who immediately fixes his hair. “It is.” He smiles faintly. “Which is why it’s so good for art.”

Discussion turns to the new building, and soon after the car pulls in at the church. As you get out of the car, you are almost immediately beset by siblings of sin with concerns about evacuation and schedules. Till and Richard watch as you calmly discuss their issues and remind them of the orders that had been outlined the night before.

Till hums thoughtfully. “She’s good with people.”

“In so many ways,” Papa murmurs with a heated smile as he watches you talk, your hands moving to punctuate your words.

“Oh I believe it.” Till’s hum turns into a soft growl.

Richard chuckles. “Keep it in your pants, you two.”

Papa smirks. “Nothing wrong with some admiration, Herr Kruspe. Are you saying you don’t find my wife attractive?”

Till laughs at the look on Richard’s face. “From anyone else, Emeritus, that would be a super loaded question.”

“Who says that it isn’t regardless?” Both fae look a little concerned at that reply but when Papa winks, they begin to chuckle.

You turn to them, having sent the siblings on their way. “I almost don’t want to know what’s so funny,” you say, mock-glaring at them all.

Papa chuckles as he slips an arm around your waist. “I suppose I could tell you, but you’d turn those pretty colors again. Ah, yes, like that,” he says gleefully as you turn crimson, and both Till and Richard chuckle darkly, which doesn’t help at all. He kisses you, squeezing your waist a bit as he does so. “Come, my lovely wife, let us show these two fine gentlemen that there is more beauty to gaze upon in our church than just you.”

You blush again, but nod, straightening as you lead the way through the main doors. Till and Richard look around in surprise at the beautiful, elegant design of the place. It’s dark, but in a welcoming way more than foreboding. “Wow,” Richard says, trying to look at everything at once. “This is gorgeous.”

“Were you expecting a sacrificial altar and blood everywhere?” Papa asks, amused.

“I wouldn’t have minded them,” Till mumbles, and despite yourself, you burst into laughter.

“My life is so surreal,” you giggle as the men all look at you, amused. “I mean honestly, it’s just crazy.”

Richard smiles. “That’s not always a bad thing. Has your life gotten better in its surrealism?”

“Infinitely,” you say instantly, and he puts a hand on your shoulder, giving it a soft squeeze and making you blush faintly.

“Then crazy is good,” he replies, and you can’t help but smile back. He’s got an infectious smile.

The tour continues, only interrupted by siblings of sin a couple of times. The fae ask lots of questions, many of them requiring such detailed answers that you have to let Papa answer them. After one such insightful question, you ask, “Are you planning on joining the church?”

They shake their heads. “Religion is for humans,” Till says almost dismissively.

“But we find it fascinating, what humans believe,” Richard says. “This church, at least, isn’t outright lying to people.”

You blink at them. “But you know that Satan exists, and you’ve spoken to Them.”

“Sure, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to start worshiping Them,” Richard sniffs.

“It’s similar to you, honestly,” Till says, examining a piece of art on the wall. “You were a myth to us the day before yesterday. Doesn’t mean we’re going to start worshiping you.” He smirks, eyes meeting yours. “Well, with clothes on at least.” You blaze red.

You look to Papa, who smirks. “I don’t know, my wife, they make sense to me. I have often worshiped you in just that way.”

You try to answer but he captures your lips in another smoldering kiss.

You can’t help a shuddering moan into his mouth, fingers tangling into his hair as he dips you a little, his body pressed to yours. “Fuck, that’s pretty hot,” Richard murmurs, and Till’s fingers twitch, wanting you in that position himself.

“I can assure you,” Papa says when he lets you up for air, “it’s even hotter than it looks.” He spears the fae with a suggestive look. “If she is willing, you are welcome to have a taste. But only if she is all right with it.” He looks back at you. “My wife?”

You turn crimson, straightening up and tugging on your sleeve nervously. “’s not that I don’t want to because unholy shit do I want to. But there’s a lot going on right now, and I’m still...out of sorts from earlier. Why don’t it for another time?”

Papa grazes your cheek with his knuckles, his gaze loving. “You’re right, my wife, of course. I’m afraid you’ll just have to wonder for now, gentlemen.”

Till looks disappointed for a moment, before he nods and and smirks. “My imagination is up to the task.”

Richard snorts at his friend, but nods to you. “Of course. Whenever you’re ready, liebling.”

You flush faintly and scuff your foot on the floor, before looking between them. “But um. I wouldn’t mind a kiss.” Both men’s eyes light up, and Richard saunters forward.

“Just so you know, promising a fae something means they won’t forget it. Ever,” he says teasingly, and draws you into his arms.

“Really?” you say breathlessly. “That...that’s a thing?”

His gaze darts around your face, returning to your lips over and over. “Maybe.” He dips his head, slowly, and your lips touch, softly at first, then slightly more and more, and you moan softly before he lets you go.

Richard winks at you, then steps back to let Till come up. A quiver runs through your entire body as he reaches out, brushing the backs of his fingers along your cheek in a surprisingly delicate touch. “The things I want to do with you,” he rumbles, and you quiver again. Then he’s leaning down and kissing you with so much passion that it steals your breath.

You grip his wrist to keep from falling as the kiss lasts. He pulls away, slowly, lips hovering over yours. “You and your husbands are lucky males, Emeritus,” he rasps, gaze never leaving yours.

“We like to think so,” Papa replies.

Till finally rubs his nose along your jawline, inhales, then straightens. “Lovely.”

“Thanks for the tour,” Richard says happily, and with one last pointed look from Till, they disappear. Your knees give out, and you breathe hard as you sit down on the floor.

“Fuck. Fuck. Unholy fuck. He’s. Guh,” you gasp intelligently.

Papa’s laugh rings out, filling the hallway. “Oh my love, you are a treasure,” he says as he leans down and pulls you up. “Come, you can recover in our office.”

You just nod, leaning heavily on him as you walk to the office you share with him, Beta laughing the whole way.

Papa sends for tea for you as he sits you down at your desk, looking on in amusement as you fan yourself with some paperwork.

“Is it hot in here?” you mutter. “It feels hot in here.”

“The only heat in here is from you, my love,” Papa chuckles as a sister brings in a tray.

Papa thanks the sister, who blushes faintly as she sets the tray down and scuttles back out. Papa gracefully pours you both a cup, and offers one to Beta as well. The clown makes a face at it though. “Keep your leaf water.”

“Suit yourself,” Papa says with a shrug, sitting down to sip his tea and read over paperwork, one eye on you.

The hot drink goes a long way to settling you, and once you’re calmer, you glance at Papa. “Thank you. And...I’m sorry.”

He blinks over to you. “My love, what do you have to apologize for?”

You flush faintly and shrug. “You’d think after everything I’ve...done with you and...everyone, Till wouldn’t affect me that badly. I wanted to be able to keep my cool with him.”

Papa laughs softly, motioning you over to sit on his lap. “My adorable wife. Not many people could encounter Till Lindemann and not be affected. He’ intense man.”

You settle onto him, let your head rest on his shoulder. “He is. It’s ridiculous. And...and...” You sigh. “And I’m also sorry for....for...” You pause. “I feel like I’m...being too much. That I shouldn’t get like this with anyone other than you and our loves.”

He presses his lips to your forehead and wraps his arms around you. “I love you more than I have loved anyone in my life. And Johannes loves you, so much that it scares him sometimes. And Jonas loves you. And none of us feel threatened by your attraction.” He pauses, the chuckles. “Well, Johannes feels threatened if some random person looks at you twice. But that is just how he is.” You chuckle in spite of yourself.

“Yes, he can’t change the way he is, although he does his best.” You close your eyes and breathe in Papa’s familiar scent.

“And the same goes for you, my lovely wife.” Papa runs his hands down your hair, your back, your sides. “Give yourself the same understanding you give him...that you give all of us.”

You open one eye and look up at him. “And you’d tell me if something I did was wrong, right?”

“Of course we would,” he soothes, stroking one hand over your cheek, and you sigh in relief and close that eye again, melting into Papa’s touch.

Papa’s soothing snuggles combined with tea go a long way to making you feel more like yourself again, and the two of you eventually get work accomplished before it’s time to prepare for that evening’s state dinner.

Chapter Text

The trip back to the Blue Rooms is fast, thanks to the ghouls who show up to blink the three of you there. Jonas is already preparing for the evening, shining his dress boots and talking with Johannes and Henrik, and he lights up when he sees his other two spouses, standing and striding toward you. He kisses Papa, then kisses you with an added spin, his hands around your waist. “My flower. Do I have a treat for you.” He winks at Papa, and also at Johannes, who comes up to wrap his arms around the pope. “You thought she was radiant in that emerald dress, wait until you see what she will be wearing tonight.”

“Oh no,” you moan, pushing at Jonas’s chest weakly. “You didn’t need to, Jonas! I’ve got dresses I haven’t even tried on yet in that closet, one of them is fine!” You look to Papa and Johannes for support, knowing you probably won’t get it.

“I’m not sure why you think we would talk him out of it, my goddess,” Papa says with a chuckle as Johannes laughs into Papa’s hair.

Jonas snorts at your suggestion, a decidedly un-regal sound. “No, none of those are suitable for a state dinner, my flower.” He looks around and smiles when he spots Aether. “My friend, you are so talented at highlighting her beauty and helping her get ready. Would you do the honors once again? The dress is already in her closet.”

Aether bows and gently tugs you toward him, smiling as he tucks your hand into his arm. “It would be my pleasure.”

In mere moments, Aether has you in the king’s bathroom, undressing you with smooth movements. As he pulls your garments off, his hands glide across your skin, cupping your breasts, thumbing your nipples, caressing your thighs...

“Aether,” you sigh, “if you keep that up I’ll—”

“You’ll what?” he whispers.

“I’ll end up being late.” You smile in a way that says you wouldn’t really mind.

“Mmmm but can you blame me?” the ghoul whispers again. “You are so tempting.” A lingering kiss...another.... “In the tub, my darling girl, before I take you where you stand.”

Once you’re soaking, he blinks out and returns with a garment bag.

“I’m not sure that I’ll ever be used to the way he spoils me,” you murmur, side-eyeing the bag as you wash.

“Good,” Aether replies happily, hanging the bag up and setting down a jewelry box next to it. “Oh, my darling girl...what he’s chosen for you is nothing short of divine. I might have you sit down when you open the jewelry though.”

“What did he do?!” you gasp, and you make to get out of the tub.

“Ah! No, finish washing!” Aether points to the tub, and you scowl at him, but lower your leg back into the water.

“That’s my good girl,” he says softly, and the praise warms your insides, swirls of heat spinning from your core outward. He moves near. “How are you doing? Let me get your back.”

“...just my back though,” you say warily, and he chuckles as he kneels by the edge of the tub.

“Yes, darling. You’re no fun today.” You watch him over your shoulder as he rolls his sleeves up to the elbow, and the sight makes goosebumps raise on your own arms.

“Keep flashing those arms at me like that, and I’ll be all sorts of fun,” you reply cheekily, hardly believing you said the words out loud.

“Such a flirt,” the ghoul says with a laugh as he starts soaping you up. “I had no idea.”

You shudder at the feel of his warm, slick hands gliding over your skin. “Seems that when I’ve been seriously worked up I turn as witty as Papa,” you reply, grinning faintly.

“Oh? Well, these new beautiful men around are certainly enough to work anyone up,” Aether replies, blowing a puff of air on the back of your neck just to hear you gasp.

“You think they’re beautiful too?” you ask, your tone starting to sound a little woozy.

“Oh yes. The grim are all extremely beautiful. Don’t tell Fire I said this, but I think Erik may be more attractive than he is.”

You gasp again, this time in shock. “You really think so? Fire won’t like that…”

Aether nudges you. “I said don’t tell him, you minx.” You giggle as the ghoul continues. “As for Rammstein...well, all fae are beautiful in some way. It’s how they operate, my darling girl...drawing the unsuspecting in with ethereal beauty, then snatching them away.” He kisses the back of your head. “Kind of like you with us.”

You roll your eyes. “Unlike them, I didn’t snatch you away with ethereal beauty, or on purpose.”

Aether rolls his eyes right back. “You are talking nonsense. Hush.” He rinses your back and kisses your shoulder. “There, squeaky clean. Come on, get out and dry off.”

“You’re impatient today, unholy shit,” you mutter.

“Well, it’s either hustle so we can get you ready, or give in to the siren call of your body and fuck. Which would you like?” He grins. “Keep in mind I’m leaning toward the latter, and I’m easily persuaded.”

“You tempt me, sir,” you groan, stepping out of the water and leaning up to kiss him deeply. He groans back, wrapping his arms around you tightly and turning to press you against the wall.

“Says the spider to the fly,” he mumbles into your mouth, uncaring about his clothes getting wet. Your arms slide around his neck as you meet his passion with your own. And when you grind against him a little, he tears his lips away from yours. “Both. We’ll do both,” he breathes as one hand starts unfastening his pants, releasing his erection with a moan that you echo.

“Ok, hurry, hurry,” you whisper.

He kisses you again before plunging into you, making you both cry out. He’s not slow, neither of you having the time for a drawn-out session. He maneuvers your leg over his arm, making you gasp as he rails against your g-spot.

As your orgasm nears, he growls, sensing it. “Yes, fuck, please, come all over me, fuck,” he groans, slamming into you over and over. “I’m...close...”

His little strangled choke as he speaks does it. Your leg slung over his arm snaps straight as the orgasm races through you.

Your scream seems to come from your toes, your eyes unseeing as Aether roars into your shoulder and pulls out, coming all over your belly. You shudder hard at the feeling, pressing your forehead to Aether’s temple, panting against his cheek.

Three short, sharp knocks sound on the door. “I wasn’t aware that getting her ready included fucking her til she screams,” the king says, his voice muffled, but you can hear the amusement there.

Aether lets out a puff of laughter. “I offer full service, your majesty.”

There’s a soft laugh, and then footsteps walk away from the door. You laugh as well, grinning like an idiot as Aether carries you back to the tub. “All right, wash up again. Then you can see the dress.”

You do as he says, giggling and moving as quickly as you can despite the tremors that are still moving through you. He straightens himself up as well, and is ready with huge towels when you get out of the tub.

You smile as he wraps the towels around you, fully capable of wicking the water away with your powers, but liking his embrace too much to end it prematurely. He chuckles and kisses your nose, drying you off before bidding you to sit as he blow dries your hair.

You eye up the garment bag as Aether works his magic on your hair. “Let me guess... I’m not wearing underwear tonight, am I?”

“Do you ever?” Aether snickers.

“I do!...sometimes!” you huff, and Aether’s snicker turns into a full laugh.

“Well, you can’t even if you want to tonight, my darling,” he says as he finishes your hair and turns to your makeup.

He goes very light on the makeup, more for artistry’s sake than hiding any perceived blemishes. He leaves your lips natural, and gives your eyes some smokey shadow, and to your surprise a small line of three jewels that go from the corner of your eye up.

“Pretty,” you say, smiling.

“Merely decorating what is already there, my darling girl,” he says, and you smile. He straightens and gives you a mock-serious look. “Are you ready?” You hesitate, then nod. He laughs. “You look like you’re about to be executed! It’s a new dress, not a fight to the death.”

“Too soon, Aether,” you say, frowning even though there was a hint of mirth shining in your eyes. He chuckles and starts fiddling with the garment bag and before you can reply, he pulls out the dress. But not just any dress.

“Unholy shit!” you blurt out.

It’s leather. Jonas got you a leather dress. The sleeves are short, almost nonexistent, only really covering your shoulders. Metal chains hang from the sides of the...almost pauldrons, hanging partway down your bicep. On the left side of the skirt are more chains in an elegant design, and the skirt stops mid-thigh. The back of the dress, however, sweeps to the floor. “This is...gorgeous,” you breathe, grinning widely as you reach out and run your fingers over the supple leather. “And also a lot simpler than I thought it was going to be! I love it!”

Aether’s smile is wide as he helps you into the form-fitting dress. “Ah, we’ve found the way to your heart...leather.”

You laugh as he fastens the back, tugs here and there, arranges the back skirt in a pleasing drape, and adjusts the neckline, which bares quite a bit of skin. As you pull on matching thigh-high leather boots, you peer up at the ghoul. “I assume that’s a necklace?” You nod at the jewelry box. “There’s too much skin here for there not to be a chain or something.”

Aether smiles, and he walks over to get the chair you’d just left. “You’re going to want to sit down.”

You gulp. “Aether. What did he do?”

“Just remember, he’s a newlywed, and he loves you very much,” he says cryptically, and hands you the box.

You gulp again, look to the ghoul one last time, and open it up.

Rubies blaze in the many rubies, dozens of them, in all shapes and sizes, pieced together to make a huge triangle of glittering, flaming beauty. You gasp at the piece, touching it gingerly, shocked by the weight, the sheer mass of it. “”

Aether smiles. “It’s called PhoenixFire.”

“The necklace has a name?” you rasp. At his nod, you shake your head. “Of course it does, it probably has its own zip code. Aether, I can’t wear this.”

“Sure you can,” he says, carefully picking it up out of the case. “He had it made specially for you after all.” He steps behind you and lays it carefully around your throat, fastening the clasp. It is still heavy...but since it is from Jonas it is a comforting heavy, like having his arm around your shoulders.

You look down at yourself, at the fiery ornament blazing on you, and then at the mirror. “This is too much. It’s’s too much, Aether. I can’t accept this. I’m not...I don’t deserve this.”

“You literally saved his life and his kingdom. Why wouldn’t you deserve it?” he asks you gently. “Besides. It’s already made, and not wearing it would make him sad. You don’t want to do that, do you?”

You pout up at him. “Low blow, Aether. Low blow.”

“Is it working?” he asks, his voice still gentle.

“Yes,” you whisper, hating to admit it.

“Excellent. Then it’s worth it.” He kneels down next to you. “More importantly, you are worth it.”

You look back to the mirror, then back to Aether. The ghoul, just a little enraptured, offers you his hand, and you take it and stand up. The dress fits you perfectly, and the necklace blazes in the light with every movement. You take a deep breath, letting it out slowly, before managing a faint smile. “It really is beautiful.”

“It is a handful of pebbles compared to you, my darling girl,” he murmurs back.

You blush faintly. “Will I ever get used to hearing compliments from all of you?”

“I should hope so, seeing as how we heap them upon you.” You laugh, and he kisses you, a light, fast touch; you know he’s trying to avoid messing up your makeup.

He beams to you and offers you his arm, before walking you out and into the main rooms. The others are there, talking, mostly ready to go. Papa is looking resplendent in full papal attire; all the ghouls’ uniforms are pristine. Jonas is in full kingly regalia, looking imposing and beautiful, but some of the imposingness drops as he sees you and his jaw drops open.

He manages to snap his jaws shut as he moves toward you. “My radiant look even better than I expected.”

You curtsy, and when he gets close enough, he grabs your hands and brings them to his lips.

You smile to him. “My husband. This is entirely too much...but thank you.” He just smiles, and you see joyful tears swimming in his eyes.

Then Papa steps up, eyes dark as he looks you over. “Leather suits you so well, my goddess. Later...I’m going to worship you while you’re in nothing but that necklace.”

Desire floods through you at his words. “ promise?” you say, your voice husky with the sudden need pulsing in you.

“Indeed I do, my love,” he says, a wicked grin crossing his features. “And I think I might know a few others who will do the same if you let them.”

You shiver, a grin curling your lips. “I can’t wait. Come on, the sooner we get this done, the sooner we can get back.” You head for the door, making your loves laugh and follow.

“Look at that confidence!” Jonas says happily.

“Mmmm, I was actually looking at that ass,” Johannes murmurs, “it looks fucking amazing in leather. But the confidence looks good too.”

“She’s not the same person we first rescued, is she?” Papa says, looking to his ghouls.

Fire grins and shakes his head. “Not at all. She’s...a little more wild.”

“More alive,” Aether says with a nod.

“More everything,” Earth murmurs, one of Beta’s arms around him.

“And she’s all ours,” Johannes growls as he follows you. “Come on, she’s right, sooner we go, sooner we’re done, sooner we can play with our favorite toy.”

John laughs but holds up one hand. “We can’t all just barge downstairs and into the ballroom. It’s a state dinner...people get announced at the doors, and there’s an order to follow.”

Johannes sighs as Henrik nudges him. “Have you forgotten already, Mr. King’s Bodyguard?” Johannes shoves him playfully, and Henrik shoves back.

“All right, all right,” Jonas says, amused. “Come on, we can do this the right way.”

It is controlled chaos for the next several minutes as John leads all of you to a space he calls “the staging room,” which gradually fills to near overflowing as massive fae and leapy grim join ghouls and wolves. As John and several assistants try to bring order and assign places, you giggle. “It’s like herding cats,” you whisper to Papa, who will be escorting you in to the ballroom.

Papa grins. “No, my love, herding cats is easy so long as you give them what they want. This group? They all want something different.” He pauses. “Well, save for one thing...” And he gives you a pointed look, which makes you turn as red as the rubies around our throat.

You suddenly hear Till’s deep voice in your ear. “Leather looks fucking incredible on you.”

Erik bounces over to your other side and murmurs, “You really are a goddess, aren’t you?” before he’s off again.

You try to answer, one of them, both of them, but all you can do is shake your head as your blush deepens. Papa smiles. “She is our goddess...everything looks incredible on her....even nothing at all.”

You can’t see it, but you know that Till is smirking. “I cannot wait to see that. One day soon, I’m going to—”

But what he would do is cut off as John has finally had enough and transforms into his white tiger form. He roars, the sound making decorative plates rattle on the walls, and there’s instantly quiet. He shifts back, looking unruffled. “Thank you. Now, if you all would line up in the order of entry. My king, Johannes, and Henrik, you’re all last.”

Soon the ghouls and Beta are in position, followed by you and Papa. The fae are next, and the grim follow (“because they are the official reason for the state dinner,” John whispers to you when he catches your confused look, “the official guests are introduced right before the king.”). Tim bows and leaves, as he will be with the highest-ranking members of the army in attendance.

“Why doesn’t Tim get introduced?” you ask, trying to understand everything.

“None of us do,” John says. “Just the king. It’s the way we do things...just watch, babygirl. It’s like a pageant.” He winks and then he moves to the doors to give final directions.

John looks to Jonas, who nods, and he opens the doors to give the announcer the final lineup. The man, dressed to the nines, pounds the end of a staff on the ground, and the band on stage plays a complicated-sounding lick to get everyone’s attention. You bite your lip to keep from laughing—it’s better than a trumpet, in your opinion.

It’s quiet enough that you now hear an one is shouting because they’re keeping their voices controlled, but someone is pissed.

Before you can ask what’s going on, Damiano swoops into the staging room, a smaller man chasing after him, reaching for his arm.

“Touch my arm again and you will find yourself with a serious problem,” Damiano snarls.

Papa groans, and comes over. “Fratello, you were supposed to be here ten minutes ago.”

Damiano fixes his brother with a look that would wither lesser men. “I would have been. But I had to re-iron my chasuble, because it was not good enough.”

“For Satan’s sake,” Papa starts, “no one is looking at the crease lines of—”

“Get in line, Emeritus,” John hisses. “This is a state dinner, and it’s starting late. Here.” And, much to Damiano’s displeasure, John grabs his arm and yanks him into place in front of you and Papa.

You hear grumbles from the Second as he pulls out of John’s grip and straightens the drape of his sleeves, and Ann scuttles in quickly, looking vaguely windblown. “Papa, you walk too fucking fast!” she hisses as she takes her place next to him. John glares, and if looks could kill...he yanks the paper back from the doorman just as he is about to announce the first name, and quickly scribbles Ann’s name next to Damiano’s.

The man at the door pounds his staff against the floor, and shouts, “Hear ye, citizens of Avatar Country! Welcome and raise horns for our newest citizens! Earth Ghoul, esteemed Clergy member of the Church of Ghost, escorted by Beta, special appointed bodyguard to the savior of this land!” Earth trembles only a little as Beta guides him through the door, down a short flight of stairs, and into the ballroom.

There’s polite clapping as Earth and Beta take their positions, the little ghoul all but glued to Beta’s side, who looks...almost bored, if it weren’t for the tightness in his shoulders.

“Fire Ghoul and Water Ghoul, esteemed Clergy members of the Church of Ghost!”

The two ghouls leap down the stairs, and when they land Fire has three flaming spheres, juggling them skillfully. The crowd applauds, some cheers ringing out, which are quickly replaced with laughter as what amounts to a bucketful of water is suddenly poured on the taller ghoul. Water laughs, before Fire has him in a wet headlock and drags him into their places.

Air and Aether go out next, followed by Special, and you suddenly grip Papa’s hand super tight. “Everyone’s going to be staring at me,” you whisper.

“Everyone should stare at you,” he whispers back. “You are a vision.”

“You know what I mean,” you hiss as you watch Damiano fuss with the sleeves of his robes once more.

“Papa Emeritus the Second, advisor to the head of the Church of Ghost, escorted by Ilaria de la Diavolo, Sister of Sin and personal assistant to the Second Emeritus!” You hear her mutter under her breath as they step through the doorway, but you can’t make out her words.

They walk regally down to where everyone else is waiting. You take a deep breath as you step up to the doors.

“Papa Emeritus the Third, head of the Avatar Country branch of the Church of Ghost, escorted by his wife and the savior of Avatar Country!”

Applause erupts from below, and you say, “Jesus,” under your breath.

“Wrong deity, my beloved,” Papa answers with a chuckle and just like that, he manages to settle you enough that you’re able to make your way down the steps without freaking out that all eyes are on you.

They’re cheering for you, is the only thought able to pierce your mind at having so many people staring at you. That thought is so bizarre that it keeps you from panicking on Papa’s arms, and even smile to some people as you walk.

“Magnificent,” Papa whispers in your ear as he guides you to your places next to Damiano and Ann. “You are absolutely magnificent, my wife.” You shiver at his praise and he brings your hand to his lips, eyes fixed on yours.

You stare into his mismatched eyes, and you smile to him, hoping you can convey just how much you love him through your eyes. You think he gets it, but then the announcer is calling, “Citizens of Avatar Country, welcome and raise horns for our honorable diplomatic guests, Rammstein! Oliver Riedel, bassist!” The tall, thin man walks down the stairs, graceful and enigmatic, dressed in black and gold.

At the bottom step, he stops and bows low before stepping off to where his place is and staring at the ceiling as Schneider’s name is pronounced to the room.

Schneider smiles and waves as he walks down the stairs, stepping next to Oli. The crowd is very enthusiastic about them being here, as pretty much everyone there are fans.

“Christian ‘Flake’ Lorenz, keyboardist!” More cheers follow the tall, lanky man as he waves happily.

When “Paul Landers, rhythm guitarist” is announced, the applause rises a notch, even though Paul himself doesn’t make a grand bow or wave much. He just smiles, shakes a few hands, then stands next to Flake. And when Richard bounces down the stairs, the response he receives is even more enthusiastic.

Richard hams it up, waving and throwing kisses and shaking hands, and the crowd loves it. He finally takes his place, much to the relief of the announcer, who’s waited a full five minutes while Richard stole the show for a moment. Papa’s trying not to laugh, and you’re biting your lip against some giggles—because Papa does the same thing when given half the chance.

“Till Lindemann, vocal—” The announcer doesn’t get to finish, because the roars and cheers of the crowd are very nearly deafening. Till steps out and offers an apologetic shrug to the man, before descending the steps, nodding a few times, but generally ignoring the fact that there is even a crowd there.

As he saunters by you, his gaze travels the length of your body before he catches your eye and nods once. You tremble a little as he takes his spot, and you feel more than hear Papa’s chuckle.

There is a pause as the crowd calms down a bit, the announcer staring imperiously at a few people before he slams his staff in the floor once again and calls out, “Citizens of Avatar Country, we bid you welcome our new Ambassadors from the fine land of Sweden, raise horns for the honorable H.E.A.T.!” All around you, guests raise their hands in salute as the announcer continues, “Crash, drummer and esteemed ambassador!”

The drummer, with a happy smile on his lips, descends the stairs and makes a short bow to both sides of the room before taking his place across from Till.

“Jimmy Jay, bassist and esteemed ambassador!”

Jimmy takes the steps two at a time, waving to the assembled before Crash grabs him, throws an arm around his neck and tries to rub his knuckles on his head. You giggle as Jimmy squirms out of Crash’s hold and punches his arm.

The announcer loudly clears his throat, and Jimmy and Crash go still, though their lips are obviously holding back grins. They look like two kids being reprimanded by their teachers.

“Jona Tee, keyboardist and esteemed ambassador.”

Laughter ripples through the crowd as Crash and Jimmy continue nudging and punching each other in short little bursts, when they think no one is looking, as Jona barrels down the steps, leaping a little and letting out a howl that many onlookers return.
“Shifters are awesome!” Jona declares, leading to cheers from the crowd as he takes his place next to Jimmy.

The announcer, looking much put upon, calls out, “Dave Dalone, guitarist and esteemed ambassador.”

This man is calmer, smiling as he walks down the steps, waving as people cheer for him.

The other three try to pull him into their antics, but Dave just smiles and whacks Jona upside the back of his head. You are hanging on to Papa’s arms, trying not to dissolve into helpless giggles, but failing miserably.

“Erik Gronwall, vocalist and esteemed ambass—”

Erik’s metal scream drowns out the announcer as the grim raises his arms and his face to the ceiling. The citizenry join him, responding immediately to his excitement, their reaction exploding further when he jumps from the top of the stairs to the bottom in one gravity-defying leap.

You can see John shaking his head, and the helpless giggles you’ve been fighting take over. “So much for the dignity of a state dinner,” Special chuckles.

“It’s a country ruled by metal,” Papa laughs. “I suspect there’s a certain lack of dignity in all these affairs.”

“The poor announcer,” you hear Flake say sympathetically, and that just makes you laugh all the harder into Papa’s shoulder, who’s biting his own lip against further mirth.

Erik is amped up on the crowd’s energy, shaking hands and high-fiving people and giving hugs and some kisses out. The announcer bangs his staff against the floor, but to no avail. Finally, Erik takes his place next to Dave, beaming, all but glowing, and he throws a wink your way, making you blush faintly.

Ann leans over, beckons to you, and you lean across Damiano’s stern, unimpressed form so that Ann can whisper in your ear, “I’d love to see him in bed....a damn energizer bunny is my guess.”

Your face is fire engine red and you can’t help but glance at Erik. His grin is saucy and you hope he can’t tell what Ann said or, worse, what you’re thinking.

You swallow thickly and whisper back, “Well, maybe if you ask him he’d be glad to show you.” You grin faintly as, to your delight, she turns red now and straightens back up.

There’s finally peace, or at least, less chaos, in the room as the announcer finally bangs his staff again. You notice how quiet it goes now as he calls, “Ladies and gentlemen, shifters, fae, ghouls, and demons. I present the King of Avatar Country, Jonas Jarlsby!”

The band begins to play, and as Jonas steps out, you hear Johannes yell, “Glory to our King!” Everyone in the ballroom, you included, respond, “Glory to our King!” Jonas stands at the top and looks out over the sea of citizenry, expression serious, Henrik and Johannes behind him. Johannes yells “Glory to our King” over and over, the crowd responding in turn each time.

Jonas holds up his hands, and the crowd goes silent. “HORNS IN THE AIR!” Johannes roars, and every single hand, including those of the assembled diplomats and Clergy, raise into devil horns as Jonas begins his descent. The guitarists on the stage play a complicated, beautiful, regal-sounding solo as the king walks down the aisle, and takes his place on the throne.

At the end of the solo, Johannes begins to sing, his rich voice belting out the words to the national anthem. Everyone joins in but not too loud—no one seems to want to miss hearing Johannes sing.

You see Till and Erik nodding in approval at Johannes’s performance, and it makes you smile, pride for your husband welling in your heart.

The bodyguard’s voice falls away, and Jonas raises his hands. “My friends, my country, my family. Today we honor the new bond that we have with H.E.A.T., a wonderful band from one of the greatest nations on Earth. A nation that loves metal almost as much as we do.” There’s some laughter, and you see the grim nodding in agreement. “We also welcome Rammstein, a name that I doubt anyone here doesn’t know, and we thank them for their warning, without which we’d be very much still sitting on our hands.”

A wave of murmured agreement rolls across the room, accompanied by cheers and someone shouting, “Hear hear!” The fae say nothing, just nod.

Jonas smiles, and spreads his hands. “My friends. Dinner will be soon, and until then, have fun!” The band strikes a chord, and then a space is cleared before the stage for dancing (and moshing).

Papa whirls you into his arms and spins you about. “I can already tell you’re going to be in high demand, so I’m getting my time with you now.” He kisses you deeply, and you wrap your arms around his neck, letting the thoughts of what was to come filter out. After all, who can concentrate on anything when being kissed by Papa?

Chapter Text

The music that fills the ballroom, though metal with hard riffs and pounding drums, is somehow still music to dance to as Papa leads you through a waltz.The two of you--yes, even you are somehow able to keep up with him--are so graceful that Johannes, standing next to his king as he receives well-wishers on the throne, tears up.

“You all right, brother?” Henrik murmurs as he moves around the throne.

Johannes pinches the bridge of his nose, surreptitiously wiping his eyes. “Yeah, of course.” Henrik nods and smiles.

“Your spouses are beautiful indeed,” is all he says.

“Yeah, yeah, pay attention,” Johannes grumbles, trying to keep his emotions hidden from the crowd.

As the song draws to an end, Papa pulls you flush against his body. “Enjoy yourself tonight, my beloved. I certainly plan to enjoy you later.”

You shiver. “I’ll hold you to that, darling husband.” He groans softly and leans down to kiss you deeply before pulling away. His hands barely leave yours before you find yourself whirled into Erik’s arms, and you squeak in surprise at the speed with which he moves.

“Ah, now that’s what I’m talking about,” Erik says, his voice bright. “Fucking awesome music, and the most beautiful woman in the room in my arms.”

“Oh now,” you say, “you flatter me.”

“Not even close,” he says, fixing another saucy grin on you. “I know beauty when I see it.” Before you can protest again, he dips you, then brings you back up and holds you close, swaying with you and the music. “You know I heard what you and the other chick said, right?”

You turn crimson, eyes briefly closing against the beauty of the man whose arms you are in. “I-I’m...I’m so sorry, that was very rude of us and—”

“Hey now, I never said I minded,” he says brightly, grinning as he spins you out, and then back against his chest. “You, or even her, ever want to find out? Just say the word.” He spins you so that your back is against his chest as you dance. “Of course, if you’re going to be too busy with Herr Lindemann, I understand.”

“I...” You can’t believe you’re about to say this, your face nearly purple as you thoroughly enjoy his chest against your back. “I wouldn’t mind...having both of you.”

He pauses for the briefest of moments before he begins swaying again. “Really?” You nod, quick, and he lets out a soft groan as he pulls you even tighter against him. “Damn. Just...damn.” He takes in a deep breath, filling his lungs with your scent. “Do you have any idea what you’re doing to me?”

You trap a moan in your throat as his hands press to your hips. “Something similar to what you’re doing to me, I think,” you reply, voice a little husky in arousal.

“Mmm...I think so too. Think anyone would notice if we slipped away for a little while?” His voice is pure mischief.

You’re nearly breathless as you let out a short laugh. “You have no idea how many pairs of eyes are on me at all times,” you say.

“OK,” he acknowledges with a rueful chuckle as he pushes his hips against yours. “Think anyone would mind if we slipped away?”

You gasp at the feel of his hips against your ass, and you swallow hard. “I...I don’t think so, no.”

He hums behind you, swaying you still to the beat of the music. “Well then, I suppose the polite thing to do would ask if you’d like to come away with me and test your theory.”

You feel eyes on you, and you turn your head to see Till, with a gaggle of women around him, watching you with a smirk. To your surprise, he mouths “have fun” at you.

“All-all right,” you whisper, “as long as you know what will happen.”

The grim blinks, brow furrowing as he--more gently this time--spins you back around to face him. “I...don’t think I do? What do you mean?”

You swallow hard, staring at his collarbone. “I...the conduit nature has a...a defense mechanism, I guess. If I orgasm with anyone, they...they fall in love with me. It’s an automatic thing, and it only lasts for a day if they don’t actually love me, but...yeah.” You shrug helplessly.

Erik scans your face, watching the emotions your warning brings out. He sees fear and regret, and that more than anything reassures him. He brings one hand up to cup your cheek and turns your face to his, tilting your head up so you can see him. "I'm not sure what a conduit is, and right now...I don't really care. I just want you. So whatever it is you're warning me about...I'll take the chance, gorgeous. You can explain after,” he says, his voice soft, and his eyes flashing with desire.

“You can’t keep me,” you continue whispering, worry in your eyes.

“I’m well aware,” he murmurs back, a hint of confusion in his tone but his touch turning reassuring. “Grim are too free to take permanent lovers anyway.”

“Really?” you say. “Or are you just saying that to make me feel better?”

“I would never do that,” Erik says, his expression serious—or as serious as you think he can get. “It’s true. We’re creatures of water ... we go with the flow, we embrace change, always moving, like a river heading to the sea.”

You look into his eyes, but you see only honesty in their depths, behind the lust. You relax, and you finally smile. “Well then. Your rooms?”

He beams. “Perfect!” He grabs your hand, and you laugh as you both run for the door.

Johannes briefly leaves his post to come down to Papa. “She’s going with him?” He watches Beta scuttle out after you.

“So it would seem,” Papa says, watching you go. “I told her to enjoy herself. And we’ll have her later.” He looks at Johannes. “Are you all right, my love?”

The wolf nods as his gaze darts around the room. “Yeah...I just thought she’d go with the big asshole first.”

Papa chuckles. “Well, he’s preoccupied at the moment, and I think she’s a little...intimidated by him.”

“What do they all see in him?” Johannes mutters incredulously as he watches the ever-growing group of women giggle at something Till has just said--or done--then turns back to Papa. “It’s definitely not a bad intimidation. Just...hope it’ll turn out okay. Not another situation like with Copia and that Dew asshole.”

Papa snorts. “Everyone is an asshole tonight, hm?”

“Most nights, yeah. Especially when she’s involved.” He keeps looking around until finally Papa grips his chin and forces him to look in his eyes.

“Will you dance with me tonight, my husband?” Papa’s voice is silky smooth.

He blinks in surprise, then looks over to Jonas on his throne. Jonas has noticed the conversation and grins, making a shooing motion at Johannes. The wolf grins back, then turns back to Papa and bows low. “I would be honored.” He looks up through his hair, smirking. “But I lead.”

“Whatever you desire, my husband,” Papa says with a wink as he allows himself to be pulled into Johannes’s arms and thoroughly kissed before they begin to move to the music.

Meanwhile, Erik is pulling you down a long hallway. “I could have sworn this was the right way, where the fuck is my room?”

You giggle as he pushes open a door and finds not a well-appointed bedroom but what looks like a small lounge. “C’mon,” he says as he pulls you into the room. “This’ll work...”

You’re grinning as he shuts the door with his hip, and he snugs you up in his arms. “Oh, beautiful one...” His gaze darts around your face. “This will be such fun.” He leans down and kisses you deeply, the fingers of one hand tangling into your hair.

He’s wearing only a black leather vest, no shirt, so laying your hands on his chest is immediate skin contact. Your fingers slide across the smooth planes of his torso as you open your mouth to his gentle assault.

He groans at your touches, pressing you somehow closer, his arm around your back like an iron bar. But you don’t want to go anywhere, and you both moan as your tongues slide together in the beginnings of a sensual duel.

Beta, leaning ever so slightly against the wall outside the room, listens to the soft sounds of lust that are quickly getting louder, and he briefly considers entering the room...watching you fuck is one of his favorite things to do. The grim might not like that though, he figures, so the clown adjusts his hard-on and imagines the scene behind him.

The hand in your hair tightens and Erik tugs, pulling your head back and exposing the line of your neck. His mouth releases your lips only to assault your neck with nibbles and kisses, making you squeal a little.

“D-Don’t leave marks, okay?” you manage to gasp, and Erik chuckles and nods.

“That’s a little disappointing. I wanted to see them at dinner,” he mumbles against your skin. “But I’ll get over it.” His hands find the zipper on the back of your dress and slowly pulls it down enough so that his mouth can brush over your bare shoulders.
Your breaths come in short, raspy puffs as his lips ghost over your collarbone, sending shivers through your body.

“Don’t stop,” you whisper, “touch me everywhere...”

“Oh, I’m planning on it,” he says happily, before unzipping you all the way and letting your dress fall. He gets you out of your boots too, and sets your necklace carefully on the table, before picking you up and laying you down on the couch. “ undies is dangerous, beautiful one...”

“I don’t get much choice,” you reply, arching your back as he drags his hands down the length of your body.

“I wasn’t complaining,” he says, “just stating facts.”

His hands are pleasantly cool, actually. Against your overheated skin they feel almost chilly. He groans as he cups his hands around your breasts, giving a gentle squeeze. “No wonder that they love to worship’re so fucking gorgeous…”

Your blush rises, and another appreciative moan escapes his lips before he leans over and takes a nipple in his mouth, suckling firmly and ending with a lick before doing the same with the other. “So good,” he mutters in between kisses.

You shudder hard, arching into his mouth. “Erik, fuck, you’re good at that...”

“Mmm, thank you, beautiful.” He licks at your nipple noisily, the sounds just adding to your arousal.

He shifts up a bit to kiss you again, a wet, sloppy kiss that leaves you feeling like he’s trying to devour you. He pinches and rolls your nipples, drawing them into impossibly hard peaks, and you let out a muffled whimpering cry.

He hums at your cry, enjoying the desperate sound of it. One hand slides down, along your hip, then slowly inward, trailing soft, teasing touches over your inner thigh. You shiver, trying to splay your legs wider for him, but he just laughs into your mouth.
A raspy “please” escapes your lips and he laughs again. “You in a rush? Got somewhere you need to be?” He grinds his hips against your mound, nowhere near where you suddenly desperately need him.

“Technically...yes...” you answer, followed by a breathy moan.

“Hm, good point. I suppose I can’t keep you here all night.” His fingers finally press between your legs, fingertips sliding slowly up and down your folds. You shudder and gasp his name, trying your best to grind down on him, but he doesn’t let you, just laughs softly again.

“Soft and wet...soft and wet...” he is nearly singing in time to his fingers moving against you, making soft squelching noises as your juices flow. He grins up at you, then moves down your body, spreading you open for his hungry gaze. “Wow...prettiest pussy I’ve seen in a long, long time...”

You whine, your hips bucking a little at the praise, the anticipation. “What do you want, beautiful? Tell me...” You whine again, finding it suddenly hard to talk as he takes his long middle finger and slowly slides it into your waiting heat. He grins at your noise, chinning himself on your thigh. “Come on, gorgeous, use your words.”

You shudder, trying to work moisture into your mouth.

He twists his wrist a little, lets his thumb hover over your clit. “Tell me....tell me...”

Your hips buck repeatedly, reaching. “Touch me, touch me, please, make me come, please...” you whisper over and over, begging.

He smirks, taps your clit once, makes your pulse jump. “I can do that.” He lowers his head, and you discover that his tongue is nearly as talented as Papa’s. Nearly. He swirls and laps and sucks perfectly, and you writhe under him.

You clench down on the finger inside you, and he hums into you. “Mmmm, do that again...wait...” Another finger slides inside you, stretching you, making you wail. “Now do that again...” You swallow thickly, your fingers stroking through Erik’s hair to give yourself something to touch, something to focus on as you bear down on his fingers. “Fuuuuck that feels so good...can’t wait to feel that round my cock...”

“Oh gods,” you whimper, clenching again as he moves against your gripping walls, slowly moving in and out. Your juices are sliding down his hand, onto his wrist, and he grins before dipping down to suck on your clit again.

He makes a sound like he’s enjoying the most decadent of desserts, and your fingers tighten in his hair as your hips lift almost clear off the couch. He chuckles and presses them back down, and you shudder at the hint of dominance. “No gods. Just grim,” he mumbles.

“Whatever...just please,” you gasp. “Just want...more...”

He looks up at you, lips glistening with your essence, eyes shining, and twists his fingers inside your cunt. “You always so greedy?”

You only cry out, desperate for more touches, more licks, words unable to form under his assault. He grins and goes back to working your clit, almost not even touching it, infuriating and perfect.

Your hips buck uncontrollably, and he laughs, enjoying the teasing, enjoying how it drives you wild. You push down hard on his head, and he lets you, digging his mouth against his mound, letting you grind your mound into his face.

“Fuck fuck fuck,” you gasp, feeling the coil winding up in your core. He groans, sounding garbled against your wet flesh, and he adds a third finger.

He moves his fingers, carefully at first, not wanting to hurt you—and find himself on the wrong end of your husbands’ wrath—but you let out a deep moan, and you gush around him. And he grins against your clit as he realizes how ready you are.
“You get so deliciously sloppy,” he moans, and then sucks on your clit hard. You scream, on the edge of a powerful orgasm, writhing on his fingers, needing that last push.

He pulls back from your cunt, leaving you hanging on the edge. “You want to come on my mouth...or around my cock?” he asks, a teasing tone sliding around the desire in his voice.

You shudder, grabbing his face and kissing him hard, before pulling away. “Y-Your cock, please!”

He grins. “I was hoping you’d say that.” He shifts off the couch, stripping the rest of his clothes off, in such a rush he nearly falls over. But then he’s back, kneeling between your legs and rubbing his cock head over your clit teasingly.

You strain against him, seeking more, as always. “Don’t...don’t tease,” you gasp.

“But you like it,” he whispers, teasing at your clit again and again, watching your reaction and smiling as you strain and tremble.

“Erik, please!” you wail, nails digging into his shoulders, but then he suddenly slides deeply into you, making the words die on your lips as he fills you.

You are breathless, unable to even moan as he fills you. Your walls grip him and he lets out a soft curse as he settles deep within you, pressing against your clit.

“Perfect...” he whispers. “You’re fucking perfect.”

Your nails dig harder into his shoulder as he shudders against you. He nuzzles into your neck, groaning your name, and he gives his hips a swirl, making you groan loudly, sound finally forced out.

“Mmmm, go ahead, beautiful, you can hurt me, I like a little pain,” he mutters into your neck, hissing a little bit as your nails dig in just a little bit more. “Fuck, that’s it, make it hurt....fuck.”

“W-What is it with all you guys liking pain?” you gasp, bucking into his hips.

He laughs softly. “Just another form of pleasure, lovely one. You can’t tell me you’re any different.” And he gives your ass a good smack.

A breathless squeal escapes your lips followed by another low moan when he rubs the spot he smacked and thrusts into you slow.

“I just wanna go all night with you,” he says. “But they’re gonna be looking for us”

He grins, and his thrusts pick up their pace, hips snapping into yours, cock pounding into you. You wail his name as his fingers play over your clit, and you know that you won’t last.

Your coil tightens fast, almost too fast. “Oh gods,” you wail, “oh gods I can’t...I can’t...”

“Yeah you can,” he grunts, watching you, taking in everything. “You can...I’ll make you...”

You scream his name as you come suddenly, your energy all but shoving into Erik as you arch up under him. He roars in pleasure as you grip him like a vise, your hands scrabbling over his shoulders as you become lost to the pleasure.

Your orgasm rolls through you, and you buck against his body as he follows you over the edge, his own orgasm rocketing through him as his seed fills you.

You whimper at the feeling, shuddering as the last ebbs of your orgasm flow through you, before collapsing onto the couch, gasping his name. He shudders, nuzzling into your neck, and you can tell that his hold on you has changed.

His embrace is tighter, closer...and even though you can’t see his face, you almost sense the expression of confusion and ... joy? ... that crosses his features.

“What the hell is happening to me? I think I’d like that explanation now,” he whispers.

“I’m sorry,” you whisper back, still shaking. “I’m sorry. I’m what’s called a conduit...” You explain, your voice never rising above a whisper. “I-It’s temporary so long as it’s not, you know, actual love. It’ll wear off tomorrow. I’m so sorry.”

He pulls back, looking at you in confusion. “Why are you apologizing? You can’t help your nature.” He cups your cheek tenderly. “I’m just sorry that I cannot join your group.” His smile is playful, but there’s an undercurrent of true sadness there.

You run a hand through his hair, pulling it out of his eyes. A vision of Copia moves through your mind’s eye, and you can’t help but frown a little. “You’re sure? You’ll be...okay?”

He runs his thumb over your bottom lip. “I’ll be fine, beautiful. I can tell it’s not...real. It’s amazing, holy fuck, it’s amazing. I wanna” The corner of his mouth quirks up. “But I know it’s...fleeting.”

You smile back, your own sadness showing. “It...I don’t like it. It feels like I’m forcing you all to feel things you don’t want to.”

He nuzzles at your cheek. “There is never anything wrong with feeling love. Even if it’s temporary.”

“No, it’s not the love that bothers me,” you sigh, a soft moan as he shifts within you. “It’s that...I feel like you have no choice. I force it on you, that’s unfair, don’t you think?”

A sharp knock at the door interrupts you. “They want you in the ballroom, girlie,” Beta’s voice muffles through the door.

“I’m balls deep in the sweetest, prettiest woman I’ve seen in a long time. How is that unfair?” He kisses your nose as you protest. “Come on, beautiful. They’re looking for you, can’t keep ‘em waiting.”

He pulls out, making you both gasp. He looks around, spotting a little kitchen nook, and he steps over, washing off his crotch and coming back to clean you up. He smiles to you softly. “Thank you for this. It was fun!”

You grin back as you get dressed. “The pleasure was definitely mine.”

He laughs. “Oh mine too, beautiful, mine too. Fuck, you’re so...” He growls a little. “All right, focus, we gotta go. Let me help you with that.” And he zips your dress up, stroking your hips through the leather, before putting your necklace on. “That’s a helluva fucking piece of jewelry,” he mutters.

“Jonas is ridiculous,” you grumble, but admire how the light makes the gemstones flash like fire. “But he has absolutely incredible taste.”

“Well, of course he does! He married you. Didn’t he?” Erik winks at you as you blush.

“Oh stop,” you nudge him, embarrassed. “No one’s supposed to know about that, how do you know?”

Erik winks again. “I just do. Don’t worry,” he says as he adjusts himself and watches you pull your boots back on, “it’s not an obvious thing, just...I can tell.”

You make a face at him, and he grins. “Besides, there’s a new bite on your thigh that’s still healing.” He grins as he pulls on his vest, and you sigh in pleasure as you watch the play of his muscles. “See something you like, milady?” he teases.

“You know I do,” you answer with a giggle. “Do I look like I’ve been ravished?”

He studies you. “Nah, you look like you’ve been fucked.” At your panicky look, he laughs loud. “You look gorgeous, I was careful not to smudge you up.”

You pout and slap his arm. “You’re terrible!”

“And you like me for it,” he replies, bumping you with his hip.

“Yeah, you’re right,” you chirp happily, and flounce out the door.

Beta looks you up and down, then catches your eye, his brow raised in question. You smile and nod, and he jerks his head. “All right then, we need to move, they’re waiting for you.”

“Who’s waiting for me?” you ask in confusion, and Beta snorts.

“Your husbands? The rest of H.E.A.T.? Rammstein? Random citizens? I don’t know.”

You flush faintly, but grin. “I’m going to be popular tonight.”

“You’re popular every night,” Beta growls, giving you a light smack on your ass.

You squeak as Erik laughs. “I believe it.”

You try to protest but the clown gives you a gentle nudge.

When you enter the ballroom a few minutes later, the king immediately notices, nods, and rises from his throne. “Dinner is served,” the announcer calls, and attendees move to the beautifully laid tables as servers begin to lay plates of food at settings, and you realize they have been holding dinner until your return.

You flush faintly, giving an apologetic smile to the king. Erik looks smug as he sits down with his band.

Jonas just chuckles as he raises his glass. “Many thanks to the kitchen staff for this incredible meal. Please, eat as much as you like!”

A hand touches the small of your back, and you startle only a little as Papa takes your hand and brings it to his lips. “Let me escort you to our table, my wife. Something tells me you need to eat.”

You blush, but grin and whisper, “He was so good, my love.”

Papa chuckles as he pulls your chair out. “You’ll have to tell me all about it later, my wife. I am looking forward to it.”

You look up at him, disbelieving, as you sit. “You really want details, my husband?”

He smirks as he takes his seat, eyeing you up as though you were dinner. “But of course, my love.” He leans in and whispers, “You tell me how he fucked you while you ride my cock, just think how sexy that will be.”

Your eyes widen, and you flush darkly, swallowing hard. “Oh, well, um, in that case...” Papa’s chuckle is dark and full of unspoken promises for later.

Chapter Text

The beautifully presented state dinner is delicious and the attendees feast, talk flowing as naturally as the drink. Finally, Jonas stands. “Well, my friends in H.E.A.T. and my inner court must do boring bureaucratic things. Please, everyone else, stay here and have fun!” There’s cheers from the crowd as the grim follow the wolves off to another room.

“Are we...are you supposed to go too?” you ask, looking at Papa.

The dark pope smiles. “If they need us, someone will let us know, I’m sure. Eat a bit more, my wife.”

You nod, picking at some more food as you listen to the conversations around you. You smile as Fire charms a small group of women and men, and you see Earth blushing as a few women giggle over him.

A hand suddenly plops onto your shoulder, and you look up to see Paul, smiling cheerfully. “Hallo! Would you like to dance? I would have asked earlier, but you got whisked away!”

You can’t help but return his smile. “Of course...if you are all right with it, Papa.”

“You do not require my permission, my love. Besides, I enjoy watching you dance.” Papa winks at you.

“I can’t imagine why, I have no coordination or balance,” you say as you lean in to kiss him, your heart warming at his defense of your freedom.

“Watching your body move gives me...inspiration,” Papa murmurs, before capturing your lips in a seductive kiss.

“Hey, keep kissing her like that and I won’t get my dance!” Paul protests playfully.

Papa chuckles into your lips and pulls away. “My apologies, Herr Landers. Go on, my love, have fun.”

You cup his face gently and kiss him once more before rising from your seat and turning to face Paul, curtseying before saying, “Lead the way, Paul.”

Paul beams and leads you to the dance floor. He spins you a bit, making you let out a squeal, then settles the both of you into a cheerful rhythmic movement, smiling the whole time. Finally he says, “So he’s not wrong.”

You look up at him, quizzical smile on your lips. “Who’s not wrong about what?”

“Papa.” Paul grins down at you. “You’re very inspiring.”

You flush, nearly losing your footing at his words. “W-Well, thank you, but I think you’re both very silly. I couldn’t hope to ever match his grace.”

Paul shrugs. “Seems like most people can’t. But grace isn’t everything, mein freund.”

“It is when you’re dancing,” you argue.

“Maybe,” Paul says as he glances over your shoulder, then back to you. “But we’re not really talking about dancing, are we?”

Before you can respond, he moves quickly, twirling you into a spin and letting you go. A new set of arms catches you and you look up at Richard, who is smirking. “Fancy meeting you here.”

You gulp faintly, your mind helpfully replaying the kiss from earlier that day. “Hello, Richard. Are you having fun?”

“So far,” he replies, eyes not leaving yours. “Avatar Country is rather delightful. Always has been.” He looks thoughtful. “Of course, we weren’t here when Jonas was possessed, so I can’t really attest to that time period.”

“I only experienced a little bit of it, and I can assure you ‘delightful’ was not an accurate description.” You shudder a little as you recall the angel-king. “But that’s all in the past now.”

“Is it though?” he asks softly, a note of concern entering his gaze. “The whole reason we came early seems to say it isn’t.”

You bite your lip. “Well...maybe not. But at least Jonas is Jonas again. We’d be in real trouble if he were still possessed.”

“That’s very true.” He tilts his head back, gazing at the stained glass on the ceiling. “And it seems like everyone has you to thank for that.”

You flush. “So people keep saying. I’d really rather they stopped.”

Richard chuckles. “Well, in that case…” He spins you out gracefully and lets go, and when you turn to face him again Till is standing there instead. He gives you an actual smile this time, and bows politely.

The sight makes you want to laugh, almost giddy, but you rein it in. You curtsey, then he takes your hands, drawing you into a waltz-like stance, one hand coming to rest lightly on your hip, the other holding your hand as he begins to waltz you around the floor.

“So,” he rumbles, “did you do as I asked?” When you shoot him a confused look, he tilts his head. “Did you have fun with the wiry grim?”

You flush, but smile. “I did, yes. He’s...very talented.”

Till chuckles. “Glad to hear it. A woman like you deserves as much fun as you can have.”

You laugh softly. “Well, luckily I get more than enough.”

“You certainly have many options available to you, in many...combinations.” His smile is suggestive. “I know many fae who would be jealous of the delights you have to choose from.”

You blush, but grin. “No need to be jealous, Till. I’m sure you get even more delights than I do.”

“Well, I can’t argue with that,” he says with a smirk. “I never lack”

“So I noticed,” you respond as he moves with you. “I expect you’ll have your choice of company this evening, given all the attention you received.”

“Ah, are you envious of them then, liebling?” he murmurs.

Your blush deepens. “I have no reason to be. My husbands have already promised to indulge me this evening.”

He chuckles, brushing his fingers over your blush. “That is not the same as a no.”

You huff, blush deepening at his touch on your cheek. “...shut up.”

He laughs, spinning you out and then back into his chest. “You’ve got a fire inside you that matches the blaze of your beautiful necklace,” he says, still laughing. “A beautiful, hypnotizing flame. Everyone you meet wants to touch it, I expect.”

You flush darkly. “Flatterer.”

Nein, I am simply telling the truth.” He smiles down to you, a real smile that has your heart fluttering.

“You’re not fair,” you whisper. “Not even remotely.”

He snorts. “If you’re looking for fair, you’ll be very disappointed then. Fae do not deal in ‘fair’.”

“I noticed that too,” you mutter, swallowing thickly, looking up into his face. “But...I don’t think I mind.”

Till leans down, his lips only centimeters from yours. “I know you don’t.”

Your breath catches. “Are you...are you going to kiss me...with everyone watching?” You can feel Papa’s eyes on you, can practically sense the smirk you’re sure is crossing his face.

“Are you tempting me?” the fae asks.

You shiver hard in his arms, and before you can stop yourself you close the distance and kiss him deeply. He growls into your lips and kisses back, pressing tightly against you. He’s so much bigger than you, it feels so good to be dwarfed like this.

He tears himself away from you with a snarl and stares down at you, breathing heavily. “Forget what I said. You are no flame. You’re a fucking inferno. Beyond dangerous.”

You lick your lips, eyes wide as you look up at him. “So are you. A girl could drown in you, Till.”

He closes his eyes, hands resting on your shoulders, still gentle despite the tension in his frame.

“Perhaps...” You can hear the slightest tremble in his voice ... barely, but it’s there. “Perhaps you should go back to your husbands and your other lovers.”

“Or perhaps you could join us for the night.” The bold words pass your lips before you realize you’re speaking them, shocking you.

His eyes widen in surprise before a wide grin splits his lips. “Well, well. Someone doesn’t want to wait. If they are amenable to it...I would be honored.”

You swallow hard, then take his hand and walk over to Papa. You open your mouth, but before you can say anything, the dark pope says, “Yes.”

You blink. “How do you know what I was going to ask?” You pause, then, “How do you know I was even going to ask anything at all?”

Papa raises his eyebrow. “You’re still holding his hand. I just saw you kiss—which was a beautiful sight, by the way. And I can smell your—”

“Okay, okay!” You blaze red as Till laughs uproariously.

“Your scent is...enticing,” Till says when he is calm once more, and your flush deepens.

“And it would appear you’re going to find out how enticing, my friend,” Papa chuckles, his eyes focused on you.

Till is about to answer when his attention is drawn away. You follow his gaze and see Richard gesturing. “Normally I’d ignore him, but given the situation, I should see what he wants.” He turns back to you, his gaze glittery. “I will join you and your...entourage... later?” You nod. He tilts his head and is gone.

You sit down in a nearby chair, fanning your face, which is still quite red. “...he’s gonna kill me.”

“Several times, hopefully,” Papa says, smirking down to you. You squeal and flail at him. “Seriously. My love, I have heard tales of his prowess for years.”

“This isn’t helping, Papa!” you yelp.

“Oh, my apologies, I didn’t realize you were looking for help.” Papa’s laugh turns into a soft hum. “You’re going to look absolutely divine spread out underneath him...”

You squirm in your seat, red-faced and quite wet. “My love. My husband. I am begging you. Please stop, or I will drop any etiquette I know and hide under the table!”

Papa can’t help but picture that, and he laughs and laughs, leaning against the wall and clutching his stomach. You can’t help but smile; seeing him express so much mirth makes you happy.

“Oh my love, my love,” he gasps as he pulls you to him so you can sit on his lap. “You are the most precious thing I have ever known.” He pulls you close and hugs you tightly as he tries to control his mirth. You can’t help but grin and nuzzle into his neck, and he hides his giggles in your hair.

Soon the grim and the wolves return as well, having completed whatever tasks were required, and with their presence, the formalities of the evening seem to fall away. The king no longer restricts himself to his throne, the music gets louder and more raucous, and you find yourself mingling with various citizens before Crash bounds into you with a happy yelp.

“Sorry, milady, did I hurt you?” he says with a gasp. He shoots a look at Dave, who’s nearby, shaking his head. “It was an accident, I swear! Come on, Dave, you know it was!” Dave, who’s talking with Air, raises an eyebrow at the energetic grim, then completely ignores him. Crash pouts and turns to you. “It really was!”

“It’s okay, Crash, I promise,” you soothe with a grin. “I’m okay, it was just a little bump.”

He sighs in relief. “Oh, good!” He glances around, then grins to you and holds out his hand. “Would you like to dance?”

Your smile is indulgent as you put your hand in his. “Just don’t go too fast, I’m not nearly as bouncy as you!”

“I bet you’re bouncier than you think,” he teases with a wink before whisking you off to the dance floor.

The rest of the night passes blissfully, talking and laughing and dancing with ghouls, wolves, fae and grim. At some point, Papa must have said something to Johannes about Till, because the wolf suddenly pulls up behind you and hugs you tight to his chest. You can feel the tension that he is trying to hide, and his grip on you is a little more...firm, possessive than usual. “My wife. I missed you.”

You melt into your wolf. “I missed you too.”

“Dance with me,” he murmurs, and without waiting for an answer, he begins to sway.

You giggle softly. “You look so handsome when you’re up there, singing, performing your duties to your king.”

He grins down to you. “I like it when you call me handsome, sweetness. You’ve looked good enough to eat all night. Have fun with Erik? He was fucking gleeful during the official signing of the accords.”

You feel your blush rise again as you answer, “Yes, he was very...attentive.”

“I just bet.” He leans down and growls into your neck playfully before straightening up and continuing to sway back and forth with you. “So...Till’s joining us tonight?” he asks, his tone overly casual.

“Yes.” A beat. “Is that ok?”

“Sure.” But the increased tension in his grip suggests otherwise.

You’re quiet for a time, your eyes closed, enjoying his warmth but considering his words, his behavior. After a few minutes, you ask softly, “Are you threatened by Till? Or...upset with me?” You turn in his arms quickly and lay fingers over his lips. “And please don’t say ‘of course not’. I really need to know the truth.”

“You think I’d lie? To you?”

“No. But I think you’d stuff your true feelings if you thought it would make me happy.”

He looks down at you, and his eyes warm a little. He kisses your fingers and then wraps his hand around yours. “I’m not pissed at you. And I’m...only a little threatened. Till is...a lot...I know how he affects you.”

You nod, fighting hard not to cry. “He doesn’t have to... I’ll tell him that it’s not a good idea. I think he’ll understand. I think he knows you and Papa and Jonas are most important, he’ll...”

Now it’s his turn to lay long fingers on your lips. “Did I say you had to?” You blink up at him in confusion, and he smiles softly. “I trust you. With all my heart. Fuck, I got over the Copia thing. I’ll be fine, my wife. I...I want you to do this. Well, to do him, heh.”

“Are you sure?”

“You tell me.” He snugs you in tight against him, and you feel every inch. Your soft exhale makes the corner of his mouth quirk. “Gonna watch him hold you down and split you open like a peach. Good god damn.”

You shudder hard at his words and bury your face in his chest. “Johannes, not you too!”

He laughs, nuzzling the top of your head. “I bet he’s gonna make you lose your mind with lust. Oh, I can’t wait!”

You let out a little moan, a mix of desire and nervousness. “Y’all are really trying to kill me, aren’t you? How am I going to survive this, Johannes? You already drive me to the edge of sanity most nights ...”

He grins. “Well, you’ll just have to try your best. You don’t really want to miss out on fucking Till Lindemann, do you?”

You gasp. “Hell no! This is absolutely happening, I just...” You flush and scuff your foot. “Just a little embarrassed how much I want him, that’s all.”

Johannes snickers. “Hey, don’t worry about it. Pretty sure Dante wants him at least a little bit too.”

“Our husband wants everyone,” you say with a giggle. Then the meaning of Johannes’s words really hits you, and your eyes widen. “Really? Do you think Till would...?”

Johannes shrugs, and snugs you in close to him as the two of you continue to sway to the music. “I don’t discuss his preferences with him. Fuck, I don’t discuss much of anything with him. Fae are generally open-minded but something tells me even if the big lug was willing, he’ll only have eyes for your luscious body tonight.”

You blink up at him, cocking your head a little even as you blush at the thought of Till’s eyes on your naked flesh. “ don’t get along?”

“I...wouldn’t say that, sweetness.” Johannes sighs and pulls you over to a velvet couch that sits low to the floor, sprawling just a little as he positions you on his lap. “I like them. Of course I do, I’m a metal fan, and they’re one of the biggest acts on the planet. And they’re all really interesting people. But...fae make me fuckin’ nervous. Outside of the band, the ones I’ve met have been arrogant and unpredictable. And I don’t want unpredictable around you, my wife.”

You lay your head on his shoulder, letting your fingers twist and tangle in his hair. “I can still tell him I’ve changed my mind...tell him that this is not a good idea....”

Johannes smiles and cups your cheek. “Sweetness. I want you to do this. I want you to do what makes you happy. And I know that you’re strong enough to kick their ass if you need to.” He nuzzles your forehead. “You know how I worry. But I won’t let that hold you back.”

Your hands drift from his hair down his chest. “You know I don’t deserve you.”

“There’s where you’re wrong, sweetness.” You lift your head to look at him. “After everything I’ve done? I’m the one who doesn’t deserve you.”

You smile faintly, reaching up to stroke his cheek. “How about, for once, we just agree that we belong together? It’s not a matter of deserving. It’s a matter of love.”

He moves swiftly, capturing your lips in a stingingly sweet kiss that quickly has you melting into him. Soon the kiss is deep, deeper, his tongue plunging into your mouth, and you’re holding on to him for dear life.

His hands ease up your back, tangling into your hair, and you moan into his mouth. He shivers under you as your tongues tangle, and then he’s pulling away to breathe, nuzzling his nose along yours. “I love you, sweetness. I love you so much.”

Your eyes well with tears of joy. You love hearing him say that. “I love you too, Johannes. Always and forever.”

“I swear I’m the luckiest asshole I know,” he mutters as he kisses you again, drawing you as close in to him as he can. He’s stoking the fires within you, drawing whimpers and muffled cries out of you as he feasts on you.

“Now, now, starting the party without anyone else is rude,” Fire calls out teasingly as he walks by. Johannes simply flips him off and keeps kissing you, other hand resting on your ass.

The ghoul laughs. “Such an accomplished multitasker,” he says, then pauses to watch, moving in closer. “I don’t know why but the leather makes everything look hotter...”

“I think she should wear this all the time,” Johannes growls, squeezing your ass through the leather skirt. “Get Jonas to make her one for each day of the week.”

“Now that’s an idea...but also some pants, she needs to be in leather pants,” Fire moans.

“It would be a waste,” you say, reaching out to Fire, beckoning to him. “None of you want me in clothes for very long, so it doesn’t make sense to go to the trouble.”

Fire falls to his knees behind you, running his nose up the back of your neck. “Still worth it,” the ghoul moans, pressing his hips to your ass. “You’d look incredible...everyone would agree...”

“We’d get nothing would go to shit...” Johannes mutters as he kisses a trail along your jawline. “But fuck yeah leather pants...”

You squirm in their embrace. “We...we’re not...we can’t do this front of...everyone...”

“I know that no one would mind. You think this would be the first time this hall has seen an orgy?” Johannes growls with an evil grin, and Fire laughs at your squeak.

“Johannes, know you’d do it too!” you splutter.

“I really would,” the wolf replies darkly.

“No, you won’t.” You jump at Till’s voice as he steps up, staring down at you. “I don’t share with the general public. At least, not our first time together.”

Johannes snorts. “Oh, so you do have limits and boundaries.”

“Johannes...” you whisper.

The wolf bites your neck, softly, not to hurt, just to tease. “What? I was just making an observation.”

Till snorts but doesn’t say anything else to Johannes. Instead, he pulls you to him and suddenly slings you over his shoulder. You squeak, eyes wide and face reddening as one of his hands rests on your ass to keep you stable. “T-Till! I-I can walk!”

The massive fae grunts. “And your point?” He turns for the doors then looks back to Johannes. “You coming? Or am I just marching the halls until I find a door with the right energy?”

Fire tries not to laugh as Johannes inhales. “Arrogant asshole,” the wolf breathes out as he stands.

“Like dealing with your twin, I would think,” Fire says, choking on his mirth.

Johannes shoots Fire a murderous look, but he starts walking after Till. “Fire, let the others know where we’re headed, tell them to haul ass to the king’s rooms if they’re up for a show.” Fire bows, still grinning, and blinks away as the wolf catches up to Till and the squirming you.

“Till, come on, I-I can—”

“I don’t care if you can or not.” Till smirks and grabs a handful of your ass. “Mmm. That training is paying off.” You squeak and slap at his back.

“Slap him harder, wife, he can take it.” Johannes chuckles.

“I’m more interested in seeing how much she can take,” Till rumbles as he follows the wolf.

Johannes looks back at the fae, a wild grin spreading across his face. “My wife can take a whole fucking lot. Just you wait.”

“Your wife is right here!” you snap through your blush, and Till smirks to Johannes before snaking his hand up your skirt.

“Too tight for panties in here, huh?” he rumbles, and you muffle a cry into Till’s back as his fingers suddenly rub over your slit. “Oooh, wet already?”

“Oh, she loves some aggression,” Johannes chirps happily.

“” Words escape you. All you can do is shout and squirm in Till’s hold. The fae slaps your ass once more.

“Save your screams for when it counts, little one,” he says, his voice a dark promise, and you can’t help but struggle a little harder.

Johannes snickers, rubbing his hands together. “I’m so fucking ready to just watch him wreck you.”

Till smirks as you all pass by two maids pushing a cart, and yelp as Till’s finger passes over your clit. The maids gasp as they realize what he is doing, and the fae flicks his tongue at them, making them squeal and blush and hurry down the hall.

“Ha! They’ll be thinking about that for days!” Johannes cackles.

“Good.” Till’s voice rolls through you and you are suddenly almost thankful that he’s carrying you. You’re not sure your legs would have gotten you very far otherwise, and you’re going to need all your energy to handle whatever he’s about to do to you..

Chapter Text

You finally reach the blue rooms and Johannes opens the door. Till barely makes it inside the suite with you before pushing you against the wall and kissing you as if he is starving. You gasp at his passion, overwhelming you in the best ways.

Pinned between his body and the wall, you wrap your legs around his hips and hang on to his neck. He stops kissing you only long enough for you to take a quick breath and then he’s feasting on you once more.

Johannes smirks as he sinks down into a chair, watching as the fae absolutely devours you with a single-mindedness you’re not used to, even from your men. Till’s full, sensitive lips are perfect for kissing, and the feel of his massive body pressed against yours is intoxicating.

Your mouth opens under his assault and his tongue slides in, and all you can do is clutch him tighter.

You don’t hear or notice the door opening. Papa slips in quietly, taking in the scene before him with a wicked smile. “What have we here?” he mutters as he joins Johannes, greeting him with a kiss.

The wolf kisses his husband hard, before pulling the pope onto his lap. “Our wife losing her fucking mind with lust?”

Papa chuckles darkly, leaning his temple against Johannes’s jawline. “Mmm, that’s always a beautiful sight. And I’ve never had the pleasure of watching Till work. This will be...delicious.”

You can’t seem to stop making noise as your tongue slides along Till’s. The knowledge that you’re kissing him, that he’s the one pinning you to the wall with barely any makes you lightheaded.

Till makes hardly any sound, so intent is he on kissing you senseless, and when he does finally tear his lips from yours to growl out something in German, your core clenches and your scent fills the room. Johannes’s nostrils flare, and he groans and grips Papa tight.

Papa moans softly, squirming ever so slightly in Johannes’s lap as the door opens again to admit Earth and Beta. The little ghoul is quite intimidated by the huge fae, and so he scuttles to a couch and sits as out of the way as possible. Beta sits next to him, then pulls the ghoul onto his lap, stroking him and pressing calming kisses everywhere he can while he focuses his stare on you.

One by one the other ghouls begin to blink in, quietly. When Tim and John arrive, Till is unbuckling his pants. The clink of metal and snick of leather makes you moan, and Till lets out a harsh snap of a sound. “I want it up against the wall first, liebling,” he mutters. “No waiting, no stripping, just fucking.”

“F-Fuck yes, T-Till, whatever you want, please,” you all but babble, dripping down your thighs already.

Tim gives a low whistle as he settles into a recliner. “Wow. Haven’t seen her like that since...well, last week.”

There’s soft laughter, which you don’t even hear, honestly, because the blood pounding in your ears is too loud. Till pulls his cock out, and you gasp as you feel his tip rubbing at your clit. He feels enormous.

He leans in, letting his forehead rest against yours as his cock slides against you. “Shhhh, shhhh,” he hushes you. “Quiet, liebling, shhhhh.” He keeps shushing you until you finally manage to control yourself. He rubs against your clit again and again, still shushing you. “Very good, little one. Very good.” Henrik and the king enter, and Till smirks. “Very good,” he says softly. He stops, drawing the moment out, his ocean eyes staring into yours, and you swear you see fondness in their depths....and then, without warning, he shoves his cock into your cunt in one rough thrust.

His praise had felt like he was lowering you into a warm bath, surrounding you and making you feel safe. But that shatters as you’re suddenly stretched wide around him, his cock all but scalding your insides. He’s so big, and you’re gripping him so tight. He takes a moment, growling something else in German to himself as he just savors you.

Jonas sits down on the same seat as his husbands, his eyes wide as he takes in the scene before him. Papa thinks for a moment, and then Special’s there. “Keep an eye on her energy, my friend. There’s no way she’ll be able to control it, not tonight.”

Special’s eyes light up as he watches you writhe on Till’s cock, your own eyes open wide and sightless as you wail and quake. And then he nods. “Yes, she’s in no shape to monitor herself...but dear Satan look at her...fucking gorgeous...” His fingers twitch, aching to touch. Till throws the arch-demon a look over his shoulder, as if he can sense the other man’s need. Special holds his hands up. “But I won’t. She’s yours for now, don’t worry.” Till nods and looks back down to you, watching how you shiver and writhe on him, and he groans and kisses you again.

You gush and leak around his shaft, the air filling with your scent. Henrik bites his lip and squeezes himself through his pants, and Johannes growls, the want in him spiraling high, driven by the sight, the sounds, the smells of your lust.

“This is so hot,” Tim groans, hand around his cock as he watches.

“I love when she loses her mind,” John agrees, sharp gaze not moving from you.

Till pulls away so you can breathe, though his lips are still centimeters from yours. “Is this everything you hoped for, liebling? Is this how you imagined I would feel in your cunt?”

“I-It’s...b-better,” you manage to gasp, fingers curling into his shirt.

He slides out partway then slams back into you, once, twice, three times. “How about that? Do I fuck hard enough for you?”

“Oh...gods...” you moan. “Harder...faster....”

“Oh really?” he whispers, and he casts a quick look at your husbands, who nod slowly, transfixed with desire.

“As long as...” Papa clears his throat. “As long as she does not say ‘popsicle’, you are fine.”

Till blinks in confusion, but then he nods. “Safeword, got it. In that case...” His hands grasp your hips, pulling you most of the way off of him. His cock is dripping your essence, making all your loves’ mouths water. He grins, fangy and dangerous, before slamming into you so hard you see stars. He doesn’t stop, using your body like his own personal sex toy, and you gurgle his name at how good it feels.

With each thrust your back thumps against the wall. Somewhere in the back of your mind, you realize you’re going to be bruised...but the next thump knocks that thought away, and then you stop’s all sensation and don’t even notice Till materializing a pillow to put behind your back. Even Johannes’s respect for him goes up a notch at that.

“He reminds me of you,” Beta whispers to Earth, eyes wide as he watches you take a brutal pounding.

Earth blushes darkly at the thought of being compared to Till. “T-That’s...n-no, I’m not.”

“You really are,” Beta insists, watching Till snarl as he picks up speed.

Water moans as he and the other ghouls feel the build of your orgasm rise higher. “Does he...fuck....does he know what’s going to happen?”

Beta chuckles. “He knows. He said he’d take his chances.” His arms wrap around Earth, ready to help his ghoul ride out your orgasm.

Till growls as he feels your walls start to flutter around him. “That’s right, liebling, that’s right. Come for me, little one, let the pleasure rip you apart.” His touch finds your clit, thick fingers rubbing rapidly along your soaked folds, and you couldn’t keep from coming if your life depended on it. You shriek his name and explode, squirting over his crotch, and he snarls as your energy flows through him, connecting you both.

He fucks you harder as you come, and then his orgasm strikes, hot spurts of cum filling you up as he throws his head back and shouts at the ceiling. A low chorus of growls and moans echo him as your ghouls shudder, reacting to your orgasm, and your husbands watch your body jerk and twitch before exchanging hot, hungry glances with each other.

You come down slowly, gasping for breath as you cling to Till, your body beginning to shiver with the aftershocks. The fae takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly, and he smirks. “Well. Seems as if fae are not affected by your conduit powers. That’s good—I can make you come all night.” He pulls you against his chest and walks you to the bed, his cock softening inside you.

His words take a few minutes to penetrate your pleasure-fogged brain. Not affected...? “Wait,” you finally say, struggling in his grip. “What are you saying?”

He pulls out of your cunt and gently drops you onto the bed before joining you. “This love thing I’m supposed to be feeling? Not feeling it.”

You stare at him in shock. “Really? But that’s—” Till is obviously done talking about it as he kisses you hard, and you can’t help the moan that rips from your throat. Then he pulls back and undresses you, taking your ruby necklace off and throwing it to Jonas for safekeeping, then tossing the leather dress aside and spreading your legs.

“Oh, I like you dripping me, liebling...” he growls, watching as his seed drips down your lips, and after leaning in for another kiss he pulls away and starts undressing. You bite your lip as you watch his body become revealed to your hungry gaze. He’s...perfect.

Jonas frowns and leans in to Papa, whispering, “He doesn’t get affected?”

Papa shoots a bewildered look at Aether and Special, who both shrug, looking just as puzzled. “I suppose...not?” the dark pope murmurs in response. At Jonas’s look, he adds, “My love, my knowledge of conduits has its limits. We don’t know how exactly her powers will interact with other types of creatures, and may never know until...well, something like this happens.”

“Fae are...odd anyway,” Air mumbles softly, not taking his eyes off your leaking cunt, and Papa nods.

“That is a good point, my friend. The fact that he doesn’t get affected like not too surprising.”

Both Jonas and Johannes look unsettled. “I don’t know, something about this bothers me,” the wolf growls.

Air grunts. “What doesn’t bother you?” he says, ignoring Johannes flipping him off.

“I think I have to agree with him,” Jonas says. “It seems strange... Her nature is designed to protect her, I don’t like that it’s not protecting her now.”

“All of us are here with her,” Papa reminds them gently. “We can protect her when her nature cannot.”

Jonas nods slowly. “ are right, my husband. And he seems disinterested in hurting her in a bad way anyway.”

There’s soft laughter as they watch Till lean down, smirking, and you gasp his name as he starts licking himself from your folds.

Papa strokes Johannes’s hair, murmuring reassurances and offering gentle kisses to both wolves. Johannes leans in, pressing against Papa and reaching for his king, his gaze never leaving you.

Your gasps turn into sharp keening, and Tim grins as he gets up and steps closer for a better view. “Keep hitting her clit, fuck,” he groans, eyes half-closing as he palms himself.

Till’s gaze flicks to the wolf, a very clear look of “I’m not taking suggestions” in his expression, and Tim holds up one hand nervously, quickly reversing back to his seat. Till huffs a breath into your folds as he keeps lapping at you, rapidly licking at your clit, and you writhe under him. You knew he’d be good at this but...good is an understatement for his skill.

He plunges two thick fingers inside you, fucking you as hard and fast as his tongue flicks your clit. Your hips snap, forcing your pussy to slide against his mouth and tongue, and before you know it, another orgasm rushes up and out, flooding him with your essence.

And he doesn’t stop, just keeps licking you faster than you ever thought a person could lick.

“Look at him go,” Fire whispers in shock, watching you sob in pleasure and writhe against the German fae’s face. Till shows no signs of letting up, licking you through another two orgasms before flipping you onto your stomach. He pulls your hips up, groaning as he sees you quivering and dripping, and he rubs the thick head of his cock through your folds.

“Oh, liebling, you are...incredible.” He gives your ass a firm smack, making you yelp slightly, and he chuckles and does it again.

Your yelp turns into a muffled wail as he slides his cock in your waiting cunt, your walls clinging to him as you tremble underneath him. He slaps your ass again, then presses a thumb against your back entrance.

You shriek his name, making him laugh in delight. He applies light pressure there, the pad of his thumb just barely sinking into you, and he swirls his hips at the same time, dragging his cock all over your walls. Earth, ever helpful, scuttles over to the nightstand and tosses Till some lube.

He looks at the bottle as if it were a foreign object, then moves to toss it aside.

“Please use it,” the king says, still lying back on the couch with Papa and Johannes.

Till scoffs. “I never--”

“You will with her.” Jonas hasn’t moved, but his energy is taut. Johannes looks ready to jump, the only thing holding him back is Papa.

Till snorts but finally opens the lube and squeezes, letting the cool liquid coat your hole.

You shudder as the coolness adds to your sensations, and then his thumb returns, rubbing and pressing in again. “So, what, you take your partners’ asses dry?” Papa says, derision in his voice.

“Of course not,” Till snaps, scowling at him. “But this isn’t MY lube, that’s in my room.” Everyone blinks at him in surprise. “Was? It’s what I prefer. Also it’s strawberry flavored.”

Papa relents, and even cracks a smile. “Strawberry, hm? Well, we can get yours--”

“Too late.” As the fae slides his free hand up your back, pressing your upper body into the mattress, he pushes his thumb in your ass to his knuckle and thrusts hard into your cunt. “I’m busy.”

You gurgle at his words and how full you feel, fingers twisting the sheets in your hands. You feel like you’re being pulled apart in the best ways possible, and his growl at how you feel surrounding him makes you shudder. “T-Till...Till!”

“I know, liebling, I know,” he croons down to you, wiggling his thumb in your ass. “You’re taking me so well, such a good girl...”

Your cry is long and drawn out, and his hum rumbles through you as he pushes his thumb in farther, thrusts into you again. “Are you ready for another fucking?”

“Yes,” you hiss, “please...yes...”

“Hm, didn’t quite catch that.” His free hand fists in your hair, using it to pull your upper body off the bed. “I said, are you ready for another fucking?!” he snarls into your ear.

“YES!” you wail, clenching around his cock and thumb and dripping onto the bed. “Yes please, please fuck me, please do whatever you want to me!”

“Mmm, that’s more like it.” He lets go of your hair, letting you slump back down, before switching out his thumb for two fingers.

You let out a cry just bordering on a scream, and Johannes tenses the smallest bit. Papa and Jonas both lay calming hands on him, even as Papa shoots a quick glance at Special, who nods. “You were right, she can’t monitor her energy right now, but I’ve got her. She’s all right.” *For now* he mentally communicates to just Papa.

Papa doesn’t let his thoughts show on his face or body, but his mental voice sounds worried as he responds, *He’s not hurting her, is he?*

Special chuckles into the pope’s mind. *Definitely not. Just...overwhelming her. He’s a bit of a force of nature.*

*You don’t say...* Papa chuckles too, somewhat reassured, watching Till begin to piston into you.

*Oh I do say.* Special laughs. *I would not be surprised if she uses her safe word.*

Papa hums thoughtfully as your scream fills the room. *It’s possible. But she’s going to hang on as long as she can. You know she’ll want to impress him.*

Special chuckles and nods. *Good point, my friend. Very good point.*

Till groans loudly as your walls grip his cock perfectly, clinging and warm. His fingers fuck your asshole in the same rhythm his cock is plowing your cunt open, and you’re a drooling mess underneath the powerful man.

His free hand roams ...down your back, over your hip...seeking and finding your clit...flicking it.

You press your whole face into the mattress and shriek as another orgasm rockets through you. Your hands gripping the bedsheets and Till’s body pressing into you are the only things keeping you anchored -- you’re sure without them, your body would shatter.

He curses in German, then roars as your clenching, clasping walls force his own orgasm. He fucks you impossibly faster, his cum splattering down your legs, forced out with his thrusts. You’re a drooling, babbling mess as he keeps you high as long as he can, and your loves all watch slack jawed as he pounds you into the mattress.

You are mindless, swimming in the pleasure as your orgasm stretches out...maybe two or three orgasms, or maybe just one really long one, you’re not sure which. From what seems to be thousands of miles away, you vaguely sense Special helping you control your energy as it zings around the room and through the ghouls.

Every ghoul save Special is writhing, mouths open in shouts as they share in your pleasure. Beta holds Earth tight as the little ghoul thrashes and whines into the clown’s chest.

“Unholy Satan, that’s incredible,” Papa breathes, eyes wide.

Slowly, slowly, you come back down, lost in the orgasmic bliss and slow way it fades. By the time you come back to yourself, you find that you’re sitting in Till’s lap. The fae is rubbing your back softly and murmuring to you, soothing words that keep you grounded to him. He doesn’t seem to care about the mess that’s slowly dripping onto his legs from your sloppy and oversensitive cunt.

You quiver against him, and your face is wet, but you don’t remember when you started to cry. You try to speak, but no words come out.

“Shhh, liebling, it is all right,” Till rumbles before he glances over at your husbands.

They nod to him, and Papa stands, walking into the bathroom and bringing back wet washcloths. Till shifts you gently so your husband can clean you up, and you’re boneless against the big man’s chest. “I knew that would be a good show,” Papa murmurs. “As far as I’m concerned, you may have her whenever you want.”

Till smirks faintly. “I may have to take you up on that. She comes beautifully.”

“She does everything beautifully,” Johannes says as he approaches, unable to stay back any longer. “I don’t know that I agree with the ‘whenever you want’ part, though.” He scowls as he reaches for you.

Till’s eyes flash as the wolf’s hands near you. “Did I say that I was finished with her?”

Johannes stiffens, a low growl starting in his throat. “No, but now I’m saying it. Give her back.”

“Hey,” you rasp, and they both look down at you. “N-No fighting, either of you. Johannes, my love, he just wants to make sure he does aftercare well, t-that’s all.”

“Yeah, that’s fine, but he doesn’t get to tell me when I can touch my wife.” He looks at the fae, his lip curled in a threatening snarl. “Got that? I don’t care how big and bad you are.”

Till smirks, keeping eye contact with the wolf. “Someone’s threatened. Do you think I will spirit her away in the night? Might be safer for her, what with battle imminent.”

“I’ll fucking kill you if you try, Lindemann,” Johannes snarls, and Jonas pulls him away.

“Come on, let’s go cool down.”

Johannes yanks himself out of Jonas’s grasp. “I love you, my king, but if you think I’m leaving this room...if you think I’m moving even two feet away from her, you’re out of your fucking mind.”


“Don’t.” Johannes pins Jonas with a stare full of raw emotion. His voice is suddenly deadly soft. “Don’t pull rank on me. Not right now. Right now I’m your husband and she’s your wife and I’m not talking to my king right now goddammit, I’m talking to my. fucking. husband.”

Till cocks his head, watching this play out. The look on Jonas’s face...the fae sighs. “Angry is fun to poke at, but sad isn’t.” Johannes turns, scowling, and makes a surprised noise as you’re suddenly pushed into his arms. Till gives him a look that clearly says “you ruined my fun” before the fae blinks out...and reappears two feet from the bed. He gasps, eyes wide as he whirls to where you’re being held. “You!”

“Me what?” Johannes growls as he sits on the bed, settling you in his lap.

“Not you, idiot. HER.” And he points at you.

You blink, trying to focus through the clouds of post-orgasm haze in your brain. “Wh..wait, me?”

“Yes you! Your conduit power did not make me fall in love with you.” He’s growling, on edge, hands clenched into fists at his side. “Instead, it cut me off from most of my power! I’m like an infant compared to how I normally am!”

You tremble in Johannes’s arms. This isn’t the Till who just fucked you senseless, not even the Till who teased Johannes... this Till is....upset, bordering on pissed off. “I...I don’t... I can’t...I don’t do things like that...'' You look over at Aether. “Do I?”

Aether sighs softly, coming over to stand beside Johannes. “Fae magic is unpredictable, Till. And conduit magic reacting to it is also unpredictable. She did not do this on purpose, so it’s not fair to blame her for it.”

Till seethes, but then takes some deep breaths, closing his eyes and forcing himself to relax. “ are right, of course. I’m sorry, I’m just...disoriented.” He looks right at you, and there’s a hint of true remorse in his eyes. “Es tut mir leid, liebling.”

You give him a soft smile, showing that there’s no harm, no foul. Johannes hesitates, then nods. “No, it’s fine. I get it,” he mutters, recalling that first time with you and how confused and wild he felt when your nature hit full force.

Till tries to blink out again, with the same result. “Fuck,” he growls.

“It’s all right, Till,” Fire says. “Happens to all of us at some point.”

There’s a pause as Fire struggles not to grin, and then everyone bursts out laughing, even, to your surprise, Till. Fire looks supremely pleased with himself.

Till finally looks to his clothes, and with a thought he is dressed. “That love thing you said lasted twenty-four hours, ja?” You nod. “This probably will too.” He snorts. “Here’s hoping we don’t get attacked before tomorrow night.” He turns to go, then looks back to you. Ignoring Johannes’s narrowing eyes, he strides over and leans down, cupping the back of your head and giving you such a searing kiss that you feel it in your soul. “Even knowing what happens, I’d do it again.” He smirks, then turns and walks out.

“Jesus fuck,” you whisper before closing your eyes and melting into Johannes’s body.

“My thoughts exactly,” the wolf mumbles as he snugs you in close. He looks up at Jonas, whose expression is...unreadable. “You’re angry with me.”

“Not...not angry. Frustrated is a better term.” The king scratches the top of his head. “Johannes, my know that Till isn’t a threat to us. Our flower is...infatuated with him, it’s true, and honestly, how could she not be? But she would never leave us for him. He knows that, that’s why he was so confident in messing with you.”

A sheepish look crosses Johannes’s face. “I ... You’re right. I know you’re right. That doesn’t make it easier for me though. And you gotta understand...” Tears threaten and he pauses to get himself under control. “Fuck, Jonas, you just gotta understand.”

“Oh my wolf,” Jonas murmurs as he kneels on the mattress and clasps Johannes’s head to his chest in a swift, hard embrace. “I do. I swear I do.”

You get squished a little between the two men, but you don’t mind, watching as Johannes shudders with tears he doesn’t want to fall. You make soft little noises to try to soothe him, reaching one arm around to rub his back. “It’s okay, Johannes, my love, it’s okay.”

“Is it?” Johannes mutters.

“Of course it is,” you whisper. “I’ve had similar feelings, you know.”

“Everyone has,” Papa agrees as he slides in behind Johannes and offers his comfort.

“Bullshit, you never have,” Johannes grumbles.

Papa snorts. “In my heart of hearts, I want to take her away and keep her to myself, and never let anyone else have even a small piece of her brilliance.” You look at Papa in surprise. “But that’s not fair to her, or any of her lovers, or her friends. And so I share her, knowing that it makes her and you all happy. It has been this way since the beginning.”

“All the ghouls want her for our mate, to take back to Hell and pamper and love,” Water murmurs. “Like Dewdrop.”

You sigh into Johannes’s neck. “My silly Dew,” you whisper, and Johannes huffs out a laugh in spite of himself.

Henrik makes his way over and claims a spot on the bed, close as he can. “We’ve all been there, brother. And it truly is all right.”

Before you know it, almost everyone is crowding onto the bed (or sitting on the floor and leaning on Johannes’s leg, in Earth’s case) and offering a comforting touch or embrace. You and Johannes are ground zero for all the love, and soon you find yourself moving the strands of love and acceptance and comfort around and between everyone, even Special and Air, who choose to stay nearby and watch.

Eventually, Johannes straightens, sniffling softly. “Thank you. Sorry I’m such a stubborn ass.”

There’s soft snickers around the group. “Wouldn’t have you any other way,” Papa murmurs, kissing the side of Johannes’s head.

“Yeah. You’re our stubborn ass,” you murmur.

He growls into your neck, making you squeal and kick your feet. Henrik grabs your foot and starts trying to tickle you. You squirm, an arm flying out, and Fire tries to grab hold and nibble on you. And in no time a massive wrestling/tickling match breaks out.
The laughter goes a long way to relaxing the atmosphere in the room. Once the antics have calmed, you look to Johannes. “I think that eventually, you and Till need to apologize to each other. Till’s not out of the woods—just because he’s fae doesn’t give him an excuse to be an ass.”

Johannes snorts. “You obviously have never dealt with fae before,” he says. “They don’t usually apologize. And that big asshole doesn’t need an excuse—he just is.”

“Then I’ll ask him,” you say softly, and he laughs.

“Sweetness, he’ll just smirk at you and then probably fuck you,” the wolf chortles, making you blush and huff at him.

“Well then,” you finally say sweetly, “it shouldn’t be that difficult. I’ve had a lot of experience with that kind of thing.”

Fire hollers and Tim and Henrik and John all look at each other, then shrug. “She’s got you there, brother,” Tim says.

Johannes can’t help it, he laughs. “I walked right into that one, yeah.” He smiles down to you, and there’s so much love in his expression that you tear up. “You’re amazing, my wife. How you put up with me, with this whole nuthouse of people...” He leans down and presses his forehead to yours. “Amazing.”

Your smile is sweet and soft as you bring your hands up to cup his face. “It’s simple. I love you.” You kiss him, then turn your head to look around at the assembled “nuthouse”. “I love all of you.”

Everyone’s face softens, and then they’re crowding in around you again. You smile again, tears of joy dripping down your cheeks, and you fall asleep in Johannes’s arms, surrounded by your loves, and wishing that this moment could never end.

Chapter Text

Two days, you think as you look out over a crowd of asylum seekers in the barracks where you’re helping. Two days, no signs of any angels...and tensions are running high throughout the kingdom. People can only function on high alert for so long before it’s too much, and you’re pretty sure everyone is hurtling toward “way too much”...from the church to the castle to the barracks.

You smile to the refugee you’d just handed a blanket to, before sighing and taking a swig of water. Johannes had apologized to Till for being so uptight, and Till, at your urging, had grudgingly apologized in return for being so...incendiary. You’d beamed to both of them, glad they could act like adults.

Raised voices from the other side of the communal room catch your attention, but Beta shakes his head. “They’re hot-headed idiots,” he says, “I’ll go tell them to calm their asses down.” You nod and he heads over to where a fight looks about to erupt.

You hear Beta yelling and laughing a little, and you shake your head with a grin. You turn behind you to grab some more blankets, and when you turn back around, you freeze. It’s...him. He’s just standing there, right in front of you. The noise from everyone else falls away, and there’s roaring in your ears. The blankets fall to the ground from numb fingers. “I...wasn’t hallucinating. You’re...really here.” Tears splash down your cheeks. “How. Why?!”

“I could ask you the same thing.” Jackson looks down at you, a funny smile lifting the corners of his mouth a little. “I figured you were dead.” Before you can answer he continues, “So, got yourself wrapped up with a bunch of lunatics playing at satanism? Why am I not surprised.”

Rage starts trickling down your spine. “You don’t get to lecture me for my choices, coward. You drugged me and left me for dead.”

He shrugs. “You lived.”

“That’s not the fucking point!” You open your mouth to berate him more, but he cocks his head, looking into the middle distance, as if he were listening to something that isn’t there. Then, without another word, he smiles to you and turns, walking through the crowd. “Oh, I think the fuck not!” you snap, and launch yourself over the table after him.

He looks over his shoulder and snickers. “So predictable,” he says dismissively. “See if you can keep up then.” He picks up the pace and slides through the milling people, moving super quick and at an exit door in what seems like a thought. And without even thinking twice, you follow, propelled by your anger, not even giving a thought to Beta or anyone else. You move.

With all the training you’ve been doing, you should be just as fast as he is, if not more so. But he stays ahead of you somehow, just in your sight, and you scowl, using air energy to try to speed yourself up. He matches it, making you growl in frustration, and you push yourself to move faster, faster!

You hear him laughing, and all that does is make you angrier. He leads you through the kingdom, and you’re not even aware of who or what you’re passing as you follow him. All you know is that you’re going to catch up to him...and when you do...

He suddenly swerves down an alley, and you follow, skidding on the pavement you’re moving so fast. He turns to face you, grinning. “Still so easily led. You really have learned nothing, have you?”

“I’ve learned a lot, no thanks to you,” you reply.

“You sure about that?” Jackson asks, smirking, and you finally take a good look at your surroundings. an alley...with the man who’d hurt you so deeply...

You shake off the momentary unease. “You can’t hurt me anymore, and I’m not scared of you.” Your fists are clenched and you can feel the heat in them.

“Maybe that’s where you’re wrong,” he responds.

He reaches behind him, and you tense, your energy pulling around you in a shield. You’re a hair’s breadth away from attacking. But, to your surprise, he pulls out...a little golden bell? And a small golden hammer to go along with it. “What...?”

He smiles, and the hint of menace that slides across his expression raises the hair on the back of your neck. “I hope you and your harem are all scoured from the Earth.” And he rings the bell.

For as tiny as it is, the sound from the bell is sounds like the roar of the ocean mated with the howl of a tornado. You cover your ears, but it’s more than a sound you hear ... you feel it crash right through your body, as if the hammer had struck you instead of the bell.

Jackson laughs and strikes it again, and you’re driven to your knees. The wards that Satan had put up in your mind are screaming and glowing at various points on your body, the pentagrams and runes showing even through your clothes. You look up at the sky to see a great golden crack forming in the rapidly growing clouds. “NO!” you scream, and then Beta is there, coming out of the darkness behind Jackson, sliding his knives across your ex’s throat. But it’s too late, the bell is rung a third time, and the sky shatters.

The golden rip in the sky widens a little and appears to be bleeding gold at the edges. Jackson’s gurgling laugh pulls your attention and you look at him only to see the bleeding gash in his neck begin to close up.

“Not today, punk,” he sneers as he elbows Beta in the stomach and kicks him when he bends over. “See you around, babe.” And he’s gone.

You call Beta’s name as you scramble across the ground to him.

He coughs even as he grabs you into his arms. “Girlie, are you okay?!” he gasps, eyes wide as he checks you over. “Why the fuck are you glowing?”

“I’m fine, I’m not hurt.” You look at the wards glowing on your skin and shake your head. “It’s just...never mind that, what about you?” You’re panicking, looking him over, but aside from possibly a bruise he’ll be fine. You both look up, watching as the crack in the sky pulses.

“We need to find the others,” Beta rasps as he gets to his feet and pulls you up with him. “Like, right fucking now.”

You feel frozen, sickly fascinated with the bleeding tear. “Maybe we should try to...close it?”

He grabs your shoulders and yanks you to him. “With what? Super glue? Come on, we need the others, you shouldn’t be here at all.”

Before you can move from your spot, Air and Aether are there. They don’t even say anything before they blink you to the castle, and it seems everyone else is there in the great hall, the fae and grim included. “Oh thank fuck,” Johannes mutters as you blink in, and then you’re wrapped in his and Papa’s and Jonas’s embrace.

“What the hell were you doing all the way out there?” Johannes growls. “You weren’t anywhere near the barracks.” You feel him trembling, and you know his anger is borne of fear.

“ ex...he was there.” You swallow, trying to think. “He was at the barracks...and I followed him.”

The sudden silence is so complete that you almost pull your energy up into your shield. Then, almost as one, everyone there starts growling, and you hear John snarl out a curse. Johannes’s hands are on your shoulders and you can tell it’s taking everything in him not to shake you. “You followed him?!”

“I did. He...” You close your eyes, tears falling. “He’s the reason for...” And you point upwards. “He’s working with the angels. He said...he said that he hopes me and my harem are scoured from this world. He rang this little bell and then the sky cracked open.”

The room is full of exclamations as Johannes stares at you. “Jesus fuck, why did you DO that? What if he’d—” he cuts off as he pulls you to him in a hard, swift embrace. His glittering gaze seeks out Beta. “What the fuck, dude? Why didn’t you stop her?”

“You’ve met her, right?” Beta retorts. “I was helping elsewhere, when I turned around she was already sprinting out the door. I followed them, I sliced him open...”

“So he’s dead?” Papa asks, one hand stroking your hair, looking to the clown.

“No,” you murmur, swallowing hard. “He healed, faster than anything Earth or Aether could do.”

“Fuck. Fuck!” Johannes’s grip on you is punishing, but you say nothing. You need the comfort, and you know he needs it too.

“We’ll track him down. But right now?” The king draws himself up, and he’s no longer your husband Jonas. The King of Avatar Country stands before you. “Sound the alarms. Tim, get to the armies and get them ready. Henrik, the battle horn on the roof, you know what to do.” Tim and Henrik salute and shift into their wolves, sprinting out. The King turns to H.E.A.T. and Rammstein. “My friends. The time has come, though I wish dearly it hasn’t. H.E.A.T., minus Crash, I would have you guard my wife alongside Beta as she runs the healers’ tents. Rammstein and Crash, front lines with us.”

Richard throws his arm around Crash’s shoulders. “Ah, you’ll finally be able to try out that trick I showed you yesterday!”

“Sweet,” Crash replies, looking only slightly nervous being that close to a fae.

Till steps up and nods to the king. “We’ll do our best to keep your land and your people safe.”

Jonas nods back. “You have my gratitude for that. Now. Let’s get to our places everyone!” He pauses, then turns to Papa. “Will you pray for us before we go?”

Papa tilts his head as he acknowledges Jonas’s request, and his smile is soft, almost indulgent. “It is my honor and my pleasure to do so, my king.” He turns that smile toward the others in the room. “We gather in the sight of Our Dark Lord, who gives us the courage and the cunning to confront our enemies, protect ourselves and those who depend on us, and defeat those who would do us harm. May Their strength be upon us. May Their unholy terror shine through us and show us the way. May Their hands be upon us in protection so that none are lost in this mortal realm. Ave Satanas. Nema.”

“Nema,” the group murmurs. Then Jonas nods to the group. “Very well. Let us go to the battlefield. Does anyone need any weapons?”

Rammstein look to each other, and as one they hold out their hands. In Oliver’s hand appears a halberd as long as he is, the blade wicked sharp. In Flake’s appears a bow with a spectral arrow already nocked. In Schneider’s is a warhammer, and in his other hand is a shield. In Paul’s is a set of two axes, and Richard has two wicked-looking daggers. And Till has a two-handed sword that looks like it could take out a group of people in one swing. “We’re good, but thanks,” Paul says cheerfully.

You blink, impressed and unnerved at the same time as you watch the fae prepare their weapons. As you turn, you watch the ghouls let go of their glamour, their true natures taking form in front of your eyes.

You’ve seen a few of them without their glamour before, but not all of them, and your breath is taken away from their beauty. “’re all incredible.”

Then Papa transforms into his demon form, and the shifters turn into wolves. Jonas is saving his dragon form for the battle.

A deep fear suddenly strikes your heart, making you whimper a little, and Jonas turns to you. “Are you all right, my flower?” You bite back another whimper as tears sting your eyes. In a heartbeat, Jonas folds you in his embrace. “I forget that you are unused to battle and war. This must seem...”

“Terrifying? You bet,” you say, trying to make light but failing. Tears slide down your face as you look up at him. “What if ...”

“We have much to live for, my flower,” he reassures. “I’m a newlywed after all.”

A wet laugh leaves you in spite of your fear. “Still. Still.” You look around at everyone, meeting their eyes. “None of you. Even you all that I just met. None of you die.”

Everyone there, their expressions soften, and they all bow in your direction. “Wouldn’t dream of it,” Erik calls with a grin.

Richard laughs. “Even angels fear the fae. We’ll be fine.”

The black wolf that is John rubs up alongside you, nudging you with his big head, and you can feel his love for you, can almost hear him telling you not to worry. But you know it’s easier said than done.

Beta comes up next to you, and the grim surround you both. Jonas howls, and his wolves all howl with him, and then everyone is rushing for the door.

The palace has been evacuated, everyone who isn’t fighting has gone to the bunker under the basement. It is eerie, being the only ones there. You don’t like it at all.

You lag behind a little, and Beta is right there at your side. “What’s wrong? You hurt?”

You shake your head. “Just...I’m so scared, Beta. Now that it’s here...fuck, I’m so scared.”

He grabs you in a hard embrace. “I know, girlie, so let’s get moving. We move, and we help, and it’ll make you less scared. Promise.”

You hesitate, then nod. “You’re right. Who’s going to be helping me heal?”

Aether, Earth, and Water appear beside you. “We will, darling girl,” Aether says, taking your hand as Water beams and the smallest ghoul gives you a gentle smile.

“There’s also a bunch of healers from the King’s Royal Hospital on hand, along with our grim friends. We’ll be able to take care of everyone to the best of our abilities.”

“All right, let’s go then.” You firm your shoulders and let your loves lead you to the exit.

You can’t help but look up to the sky ... the rip has gotten bigger, and it still looks like it’s bleeding. “Has anything come out of there yet?”

“Not yet,” Till rumbles. “But use your energy to see, and you can see them behind there.”

You put your hand out and connect to the air energy, and you gasp as you see hundreds of golden energy signatures gathering around the rip. You swallow hard, but stay firm. “They won’t get past us,” you all but growl.

“Not if we have anything to say about it,” Aether agrees, but keeps you moving, glancing up at the tear.

“What are they waiting for?” you ask. “I was expecting them to already be attacking.”

“The rip isn’t stable enough yet,” Aether says, not taking his eyes off it. “But it will be soon. Everyone, into a circle. The ghouls will transport everyone to the battlefield.”

You try to take a place in the circle but Beta pulls you back. “Not us, girlie.”

“But he said everyone,” you protest, only the slightest quiver in your voice.

“Healing tents are farther back, my darling girl,” Aether responds. “We’ll get the warriors where they need to be, then off to where we must go.”

Your gaze darts from love to love. “Oh gods...come back to me...all of you.”

There’s a pause as each man looks to you, even those you just met. Papa steps up to you first, his face unreadable as his gloved hands come up to cup your cheeks. He doesn’t speak, his two-toned eyes boring into yours, and his gaze (and shaking fingers) say more than words ever could. He kisses you, the sweetest, most lingering kiss you’ve ever received in your life, before he pulls away and steps back into place, closing his eyes against the tears that threaten.

Air grabs you up into a hard, tight embrace. “We’ll be back, little one. I swear.”

“I’ll be pissed if you aren’t, believe me,” you whisper, trying to be funny, to laugh, but failing.

The ghoul lets you go, and little Earth barrels into you next, tears staining the front of your shirt. One by one each of your men embrace you, promising to return. You even get a kiss from each man in Rammstein; Paul is trying his best to be chipper, though he can tell that it falls a little bit flat right now. And Till is stoic, but as he pulls you against him, you can feel the tension in his powerful body.

Last to step up is Johannes. “You...” He pauses, clears his throat. “Stay alive, my wife, my sweetness. You come back to us too. Don’t...don’t take any risks.”

“As if any of you would let me,” you sniff, trying so hard to keep the tears at bay.

He grabs both your hands in his large ones, brings them to his lips. “Please. I can’t do this life without you.”

You let out a shaky breath and nod, unable to speak.

He relaxes a hair, then crushes you to him, hiding his face in your hair. “I love you,” he whispers, and then is walking to Papa and Jonas. And before you can say another word, they all disappear.

A mewl of pain escapes your mouth as your knees buckle. The only thing that keeps you from falling to the ground in a heap is Beta. “I got you,” he mutters as his arms wrap around you. “Not gonna let you fall, girlie.”

You turn your face into Beta’s neck and sob, spitting acidic curses at the angels that have forced this to happen. Beta just holds you to him, stroking your hair, pressing his lips against your cheek and holding them there.

Only a few moments pass before Aether, Water, and Earth return. They all bow to you, and then Aether steps forward. “Darling...” he pauses, then straightens. “Sister Imperator, I believe it would be appropriate, once we’re at the healing tents, to pray over ourselves and the rest of the healers already there.”

Your title cuts through the veil of fear surrounding you. You lift your head and look at Beta, who nods once, and then you look at Aether. “You’re right, of course,” you respond, wiping your face roughly and wishing you had a little of the other Imperator’s no-nonsense style. “That’s exactly what we’ll do. Sh-shall we?”

They all nod, and you straighten from Beta’s hold. The ghouls take a hold of the rest of you, and you all blink to the healers’ tents at the back of the battlefield. Another dozen or so people are getting everything ready, making sure there’s more than enough supplies. They jump only a little when you all blink in, then realize who you are and nod.

You nod in return, glancing around as you try to collect yourself. Several shifters are there, as well as a handful of siblings of sin who had offered their healing/nursing skills to the cause.

“Is there anything we still need here?” Aether asks as he rests a comforting hand on the small of your back.

One of the shifters speaks up. “Actually, if Water could help us, we have some barrels that we could fill up with extra water?”

“Absolutely!” Water says cheerfully. “Lead the way, ma’am!” The girl can’t help a faint blush as she takes him around one of the tents.

You giggle a little in spite of the situation. “What’s made you laugh?” Aether asks quietly, a soft smile playing around his lips as he looks you over.

“I just... I love to see others react to you adorable ghouls being adorable,” you reply, and embrace him.

Aether laughs very softly and slips his arm around your waist. “She’s much like you, darling girl, when you first arrived at the church. Your blush still is that cute.”

As if he summoned it, you can feel your face heating, and you clear your throat. “Yes, well, I’m sure you’re exaggerating.”

“I’m sure I’m not,” he murmurs before dropping a sweet kiss on your lips. “Now, let’s—”

A deafening roar from above interrupts him, and you let out a scream of fear. “What the fuck is that?” Beta yells.

“Rally your courage, darling,” Aether hisses into your ear. “These people are counting on you. Quickly now, the prayer!”

You gasp, Aether’s words making you pull yourself together enough to gather everyone around you. “Unholy Lord, lend us your strength and protection. Keep us safe, that we may save as many of your flock as we’re able. And keep those on the front lines safe—do not give those angels the satisfaction of taking even one life. Nema.” The ghouls echo the word, and even the shifters do as well, and then there’s another roar. You look up to see angels flooding through the rip in the sky. “Oh fuck.”

You stare, transfixed, as the golden creatures fill the sky, the movement of their wings sounding like a strange swooshing chatter as they spread out.

Suddenly Aether pushes you toward the tent entrance. “Get inside, now. Don’t let them see you.”

You tumble into the tent, eyes wide, as Beta skitters in after you, knives in both hands. He crouches down, watching as the angels pour over the battlefield, lips pulled back in a snarl. Anything looking to hurt you will have to get through him first.


On the front lines, both Dante and Damiano have gone full demon, and all the ghouls have transformed. Each fae has their weapon out, and the shifters are preparing their various forms. Jonas looks over his loves, his friends, his people. Normally he would have a speech ready, but his people know him, and he doesn’t need one. He smiles to Papa and Johannes, and begins to walk forward. Papa reaches out, starlight eye blazing with concern, but Johannes stops him. “It’s okay. He’s just getting more room so he doesn’t crush people.”

“Crush...?” Before Papa can finish his sentence, the air around them is sucked away as Jonas kneels down, head bowed, and begins a shout...that turns into a screeching roar as the massive dragon appears, leathery wings unfurling, reaching out, stretching. Lifting its snout to the sky, it lets out another decibel-shattering roar, challenging the invading angels.

“Ah. Yes, that makes sense now,” the demonic pope says with a nod, before joining in with every other being, the combined sound loud enough to shake the ground. Till laughs in exhilaration, hefting his weapon, an unearthly light beginning to shine from his skin. The other fae smile amongst themselves and begin to glow as well.

“He should unleash that beast more often!” Till hollers, his battle cry ringing across the field. “Just try us, you murderous bastards!” He twirls his weapon between his hands and shouts invective at the angels swarming above.

Johannes turns to Papa and, demon form or not, kisses him hard. “Don’t fucking die. I’ll never forgive you,” Johannes growls, and then a massive black raven is shooting into the sky. Shifters transform on the battlefield, those with birds shooting after Johannes, those with wolves howling in challenge. The single grim, standing next to Richard, shifts his form, his skin turning a light blue and water beginning to drip from his fingers.

The dragon takes off, rising upward like a shot just as one of the largest angels dives down. The shockwave as the two beings collide in midair acts like a catalyst: Air grabs hold of the exploding energy and flings it up and out, knocking several angels out of the sky and toward a group of snarling wolves, and the battle is truly joined.

Back at the tents, you hear the roars and clanging of weapons, and fear works its way down your spine. You send off another hastily whispered prayer for the safety of your loves as you wait for the first of the wounded. You see Jonas in dragon form, breathing fire and snapping his jaws around angels. You see a spot of darkness and you know that it’s Dante. You see a flash of fire as three angels are immolated at once and you know that it’s Fire. Erik comes over to you, putting his arm around your shoulders. “Doing okay?”

“I’m still breathing.” You give him a quick, shaky smile before turning your attention back to the battling figures in the distance. “Barely.” You think you see Crash rise up and... “oh shit!” you say under your breath as you notice a shifter dragging a wounded companion over to the tent. Arrows jut out from the wolf’s side.

You move to meet them but Erik stops you. “Stay inside,” he orders, his voice suddenly harsh. Beta jumps up and helps carry the wounded wolf in.

You, Water, and Earth immediately sit around the wolf, who’s whining in pain on the bed. One of the shifter healers gets the arrows out, the pain of which makes the wolf fall unconscious. Earth’s energy grounds you and Water, and between the two of you, it takes maybe thirty seconds to heal the wounds. Erik whistles, impressed.

Another wounded shifter is brought in, and another, and you aren’t able to watch the fighting, but you hear roaring and angelic voices calling out. All you can do is keep up a running prayer that your loves are all right.

You, Water, Aether, Earth, and the shifter healers keep working, bringing person after person back from the brink of death. You’re not allowed out from under the tent, and the grim take care of the one or two angels who are curious about the tents at the edge of the battlefield that manage to get through the dragon and other shifters. Healing is still extremely hard for you, and soon enough you’re soaked in sweat, but you refuse to give up, and you refuse to lose anyone.

As siblings of sin take healed shifters off to give them water and let them rest a bit, they exchange looks of concern. Several times they suggest you take breaks. “I think you need to rest, Sister, you look done in,” one sister said.

You just wave them away. “I’m fine, no one’s shot me with arrows.”

But then you’re not given a choice as Beta suddenly hefts you over his shoulder. “Come on, girlie, time for a water break.”

“Beta! Put me down!” you all but shriek as he carries you out into the next tent. The clown is whistling a cheery tune as he plops you into a seat and hands you a glass.

“You’re a dick,” you seethe as you grip the glass tightly but don’t drink. “I’m supposed to be helping!”

“Oh yeah? And how are you gonna help if you’re passed out?” He stares at you, his gaze steady.

You splutter faintly, but you really don’t have an argument for him, so you just start chugging the water. He beams to you. “That’a girl!”

“Don’t patronize me,” you grumble into the glass.

“Then don’t act like a child,” he chirps back. It’s all you can do not to stamp your foot and stick your tongue out at him. Somehow you refrain. He chuckles. “So stubborn,” he teases, and you frown and shoot him the finger.

“Mmm, we don’t have time now,” he says with a lecherous grin. You flush faintly and gulp down the rest of your water.

“There, the water’s done, can I go back now?”

Beta’s about to answer when there’s suddenly the clang of weapons just outside the tent. You gasp as Beta crouches protectively in front of you, and you shoot your energy into the ground to sense what is going on out there.


On the battlefield, Air rises up into the sky, using his control of the currents to keep one angel in place so Fire can shoot a flame ball at it.

“Your six!” Flake shouts, a moment too late, and another angel slams into Air from the side, knocking the ghoul out of the sky.

Air lands hard, but flips up onto his feet as the tip of an angel’s spear embeds into the ground where his chest had just been. “Filthy demon!” the angel snarls.

“Go fuck your God,” Air snarls right back, as he controls the air around him to cut the angel to shreds. Golden blood splatters the ground, but the ghoul has already risen into the air again, turning toward his next opponent.

Oli glances over. “You planning on using that spear?”

“Not today,” Air grunts as he yanks another angel out of the sky and toward Henrik’s white tiger, who pounces. “You want it?” And with a nudge of his head, the spear dislodges from the ground and makes a beeline for Oli, who snatches it out of the air and whirls it around with his halberd, impaling another angel and grinning as golden blood drenches him.

“Thank you.”

“No problem,” Air replies with a grin of his own, before flying off to his next target.

Tim and John are working in tandem with Till and Henrik. The guitarist and the drummer, in bird form, force angels down to the two below. Henrik, in his big cat form, leaps to grab onto the ankle of the angel and pull him down, where Till cuts them in half with one swing of his massive sword. The singer is covered in angel blood and a few bleeding cuts, but he hardly seems to feel them, face split in a wide grin that gives even the angels pause.

Till yells something in German as he slices another angel, his battle cry echoing across the field.

Damiano shakes his head as he knocks an angel off his brother’s back. “Those fae are insane.”

Papa shakes his shoulders, skin crawling at the touch of the divine beings. “Yes, well, be glad they’re on our side.”

“Oh, it was not a complaint.” The older brother shoots a bolt of what looks like black lightning; an angel falls to the ground and is torn apart.

Johannes is with his king, the dragon’s jaws covered in golden blood. The singer is switching between forms in the blink of an eye, scratching and pecking and breaking necks and howling in a bloodrage as his king breathes fire and rips angels to shreds.

“Beautiful!” Richard shouts as he uses his daggers to deflect arrows aimed at him. “What a beautiful fucking rage!” His laughter is almost manic as he dodges another arrow before plunging his daggers into the chest of a massive angel, almost getting caught in his opponent’s grip.

“Stop ogling the wolf and pay attention,” Flake grunts.

“You take all the fun out of battle, brother!”

Paul shoots by, laughing, his own weapons bloody, followed by Schneider, who’s watching the smaller man’s back. Rammstein are showing no mercy in the battle, and expecting none in return, and the thrill of battle sings in their veins.

Tim lands near Fire and immediately shifts, as Henrik changes into his owl form and takes his place. “How many bloody fucking angels are there?” Tim growls, looking up at the rip in the sky. “I thought this was just a rebel faction!”

“It is,” Fire answers as he unleashes more flame balls. “You ever read a bible? They’re referred to as ‘hosts’ for a reason.”

Tim curses before shifting into his wolf.

Papa slices another angel in two before glancing over to the healing tents, hoping to see them still clear. Even the angels wouldn’t be so heartless as to go after the wounded. But he gasps as he sees one of the white tents fly through the air. “NO!” He gets ready to shoot in that direction, but before he can, an angel blocks his path.

“You’ll have to go through me, demon scum,” the angel spits.

“My pleasure,” Papa snarls. His left eye glows even brighter, a stark contrast to the tendrils of shadow that begin to twist and writhe around his form, and with a roar, he leaps.


Before you can do anything with your energy, you hear Aether holler, “Get down, get her down!” and you see Water diving through the entrance and--RIIIIIIIP

The top of the tent is torn away, tossed into the air by a huge grinning angel.

“So that’s where you’re hiding,” it hisses as it reaches for you.

You shriek and react, drawing air energy from around you and slicing it into the creature before you. The being howls in pain as limbs fly off and you’re splattered with the golden blood—but you are ready for that, the training with Special what feels like years ago paying off.

With a screaming howl, Beta leaps up and stabs, knives flashing as he attacks. “Gotcha, fucker!” he yells in triumph as his knives sink into the angel again and again.

He turns to you. “We need to get under cover--”

He reaches for you but in the next second an angel lands and its wing slams into Beta, sending him soaring across the field. Before you can even breathe, the angel grabs you and takes to the air.

You scream as your wards flare brightly, terror rising in your gullet, and if you weren’t so scared you’d throw up. The angel takes you high into the air, gripping you by the arms. “Kill me now and you fall,” it growls at you, and you pause briefly, making it think you’re surrendering. “You will be ours. Your body will work for us, and your soul will be cleansed from this world. You are tainted, disgustingly so.” It looks revolted at the satanic wards, and its eyes begin to glow… “You’ll do as we say--stop your squirming!” the angel snaps, its grip on you tightening as you struggle.

“” you say, trying not to let your fear come through in your voice.

“Filthy satanic slut. You’ll do as we say,” it repeats, growling, “...or we’ll kill all those men you whore yourself out to...and you’ll watch them die.”

Tears prick your eyes at the very thought, but then, to its surprise, you smile. “First rule of the Clergy of Ghost: no slut shaming.” You coat your skin in fire, and you drop about a foot as the angel yelps and lets you go, before you right yourself, using the air currents to hold yourself up. “Second rule of the new branch of the Clergy: DON’T THREATEN MY LOVES!” you roar, and the angel screams as it’s cut to ribbons.

Before you can fall or even move on your own volition, a streak of gold swoops in, grabs you, and takes off, powerful wings flying you well away from the battle area in just a few strong beats. You have no idea where you are when it drops you in the middle of a group of angels that are watching...waiting...

“...oh fuck,” you whisper, face draining of color.

“Not really our thing,” one of them says, stepping forward. “Your energy will be more than enough to destroy everyone we need to. Say goodbye to your body, wretch.” He reaches out, you open your mouth to scream...and you watch as his severed arm suddenly falls to the floor.

“Get. Away. From her.”

You whirl about, mouth open wide, utter shock keeping any sound frozen on the tip of your tongue as you stare at the figure hovering in the air before you, wind that seems to be of her own creation whipping her long dark hair, violet eyes flashing. The angels begin to take to the air. “Not so fast, assholes,” the newcomer mutters as she reaches up, appears to yank lightning down from the sky, and zaps the angels, and your head whips around in time to see them burn. You turn back to the woman.


Chapter Text

You’re frozen, staring, as this woman you barely know rushes to stand in front of you. “What the hell are you doing the middle of this...this shitshow!” She throws her arms out, gesturing around you both, before pulling you roughly against her in a hard embrace that vaguely resembles a maternal hug. You simply stand there in her arms—this is the first time you’ve seen her in person, at least that you can clearly remember, your mother is finally here, and doesn’t feel nearly as right as you’d always hoped.

“...w-what did you…?”

She takes a step back, seems to gather herself, pats your cheek, and looks around. “Not now, not now. You shouldn’t be out in the open.”

You stare at her for long moments. “I don’t understand.”

“I know, poppet, I know. But once this mess is over, I’ll explain. Come, let’s get you back.” She takes your hand and flies back to the tents, and you’re immediately all but tackled by Beta.

“Girlie! Fuck are you okay I was so worried are you hurt who’s this—” Beta is checking every inch of you, babbling in his worry.

“I’m fine, I’m fine, but are you okay? Were you hurt?” You and the clown are both looking over each other, and it’s almost comical. But soon you’re looking everywhere else. “Where’s Aether and Water? And Earth?” you ask, your panic rising.

“They killed the other two angels that were here and went back inside the healers’ tents,” Beta explains. He has a few cuts and scrapes but otherwise seems fine. “No one got hurt here except for me and you.” He looks over to the new woman, suspicious. “New friend, girlie?”

“Don’t worry about me, young man, we’ve got incoming,” this woman...your mother...hisses. “Watch her.”

Beta looks at her incredulously as she flies off to meet the next attack of angels. “And what the fuck else would I be doing?” he mutters as he tries to pull you into the tent.

You stare after her, your eyes wide, but then Aether calls your name from the tent and you rush over.

A shifter lies on the table, cut almost in half, and you bite down a gag at the smell and sight of the innards and start healing.

As you work on the shifter, Aether watches you out of the corner of his eye. Finally, when the soldier is healed, Aether leans over, grabs your chin, tilts your head to the side, stares at you hard. “My darling girl, are you all right?”

“Yes...yes of course,” you reply, unsure what else to say. You imagined it, hadn’t you? Your mother couldn’t possibly be here...could she?

“I may not be able to smell lies, my dear, but I can still tell when I hear one. This new energy signature I’m sensing...they share the feel of your energy, but not the scope. And it’s much darker...only a shade lighter than our Lord. Who is it?”

You’re quiet for a moment, and you feel tears welling up, born of confusion and fear and anger and...gods, so many emotions. “It’s...I think she’s my mom.”

Aether blinks. “Your...mother?” He pauses. “ think it is? You don’t know?”

You swipe away the tears. “It’s her voice, the one that I hear over the phone, but I haven’t seen her since I was two or three. I don’t really remember what she looks like.”

He softens, pulling you in for a tight hug. “My darling girl. I am so sorry. And I wish we had time to talk about it right now.” Just as he says that, more wolves are brought in, and you both separate to start working on them. A few more angels attack the tents, but they are quickly dispatched by Beta and the grim. When they’re not fighting, the grim use their control over water to help the healers. Erik is stationed in your tent, and he keeps your spirits up, even as you’re sick with worry over everyone else.

Air blinks in and for a moment you are petrified. “What’s wrong? Are you hurt?” you manage to say, voice quaking as you examine him, taking stock of his injuries. “You’re bleeding.”

“I’m fine, it’s just a few nicks,” he says, trying to soothe you as you snort and start healing him. He searches out Aether’s gaze. “They seem to be retreating but Tim thinks they’re just regrouping for a second wave.”

Aether nods as you concentrate on healing up the cuts and scrapes on Air. Then Fire and Papa suddenly blink in, supporting Till on their shoulders. The massive fae is bleeding freely from a dozen gashes, and you gasp and help lay him down. Till is grumbling that, “I’m fine, I don’t even feel them,” but you snap at him. “You’ll feel them when you pass the fuck out from blood loss!”

Till stares at you in surprise, before grinning faintly and reaching out, stroking your cheek fondly. “You’re worried about me. Cute.”

“You’re delusional already,” you mumble through your deep blush, making him laugh.

John and Richard are dragging each other under the tent, arguing the entire time over who’s more injured, as Henrik flies in, landing heavily as he shifts from owl to human. You look up from Till. “Fuck, you’re not all injured, are you?”

Henrik smiles. “I’m not. Checking in to make sure you’re all right...and Jonas is incoming.”

Your eyes widen, and you quickly close up the last of Till’s wounds, so quickly that he yelps, before kissing Papa and rushing outside. The roar of Jonas’s dragon form makes you quake in spite of knowing who it is, and you see the gargantuan form land just outside the healer’s area. Beta follows as you rush out, and the king shifts back to himself just in time to catch you as you leap at him.

“Ooof!” the king grunts as your full weight hits him, just managing to keep his footing.

“Oh shit, I’m sorry,” you gasp, too late realizing you probably shouldn’t have tackled him. “Are you hurt? Did I make it worse? I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”

“It’s all right, my flower, I’m fine.” He kisses you, then studies your face. “Are you all right?”

You nod quickly, looking at him carefully, then scanning the immediate area. “Where’s Johannes? I thought he’d be with you.”

“We got separated...he’s not here already?”

Your eyes widen in terror, and without hesitation you send your energy out over the battlefield, looking for your love. “Where...where...where...where…” you mutter under your breath, “oh fuck where is...there!” It’s faint, but you find his energy. You don’t wait for anyone, you ignore Jonas yelling at you to stay here, to let him go find take off, moving on currents of air energy toward your husband.

As you fly, trying to go faster, faster, you feel your wolf’s life force, always so strong, so vibrant, so much a part of you, getting fainter. “No, Johannes, you stubborn ass, you stay where you are,” you say, hoping he can hear you through the tenuous connection you’re maintaining. “You stay with me, I’m almost there, I’ll heal you, just hold on dammit!”

His energy continues to slip away, faster, faster. “No, no, nononononono!” you cry in anguish as you feel the last of his essence fade. You’re almost close… “Don’t go, goddamit, don’t go!”


Then nothing.

Chanting “no”, you stumble as you land, falling to your knees, barely able to see through your tears. But you find his body, broken and lacerated, lying on a pile of angelic corpses. His beautiful long hair spreads out beneath him like slashes of ink. His eyes are sightless, staring up at the cloudy sky. A soft smile adorns his lips, looking almost apologetic, and his collapse as you see his hands are pressed over the spots on his shoulders where yours and Papa’s marriage bites rest.

Tears stream down your face as you crawl to him, uncaring of the scrapes your knees and the palms of your hands accumulate. You move slowly, unwilling to reach him, because reaching him means it’s true. But finally, your shaking hands touch his, gently stroke him, then begin to roam. He’s so cold, he’s never that cold... “Johannes, wake up, Johannes, baby...” you’re choking on your words, on your tears. “Come back, come back...”

His name is a sudden, sharp scream on your lips.

Other shifters, who had been using the lull in battle to look for injured comrades, hear your scream and come over. They see Johannes lying there, unbreathing, unseeing. A few of them start crying, but all of them salute, looking solemn. You scream again, sorrow and despair filling the sound, and you wrap your arms around his body as your sobs begin.

The huge golden dragon, with Beta hanging on tight, slams to the ground behind you, Jonas shifting as soon as Beta leaps down, and they both rush to you. Beta comes to a hard stop, so abrupt he falls to one knee, eyes wide as he takes in his brother’s still form, you weeping on top of him.

The soldiers who are gathered about make way for their sovereign as Jonas, knowing what he’s about to see, slowly moves in. When he reaches you, he curses under his breath, kneeling and wrapping his arms around you and Johannes as best he can. “My loves…” he whispers as he closes his eyes. Then for long moments, there is no sound other than your wails.

Jonas wants to let you lie there and grieve as long as you need, but the imminent threat of angelic attack has his senses on high alert. Reluctantly, voice shaking, he says quietly, “We...we have to move him. We have to keep his body safe. He’ll be back, my love.”

You don’t hear him, you feel his embrace without realizing it’s him. All you can feel is your wolf’s lifeless body beneath you, no warmth there to embrace you. All you hear is a wild roaring in your ears, even Satan’s voice could not penetrate it. Sobs wrack your body and choke your throat. Jonas tries to pull you away, but you’re deadweight, locked on to Johannes’s body as if doing so would bring him back. Jonas looks up at Beta, who is dry-eyed but pale, trembling a little. “Get Aether, and Air. They can...we need move him. They can blink...both of them.”

Beta nods, closing his eyes and thinking really hard for the two ghouls. In an instant they blink in, taking in the scene. Air curses softly, and Aether closes his eyes, the sound of your grief like a dagger to his heart. “Oh, darling girl...I’m so sorry...”

The two ghouls sink down next to you. “Come here, little one,” Air rumbles, stroking your hair, trying to pull you to him, but you still won’t let go.

Jonas sits up a little. “We need to move him. His body needs to be safe until--”

Aether nods. “We can’t take you too, just...”

“Fine, whatever, take them first, just go.”

“I’ll stay with you,” Beta says to his king, and Jonas nods as the ghouls blink you and Johannes’s body back to the tents.

Papa hears your sobs first, and he doesn’t bother walking, he just blinks to you. He sees you, holding...His knees tremble for a moment, before he takes a deep breath, then another. You need him, and Johannes...well, he’ll be back tomorrow. And then the pope can ream out his husband for dying and making their wife cry and… He bites the inside of his cheek as he wraps his arms tightly around you and Johannes.

“My love, my love,” Papa whispers, he can’t speak any louder for fear he will start crying, and he must be strong for you. “It’s going to be all right. You know it will be...the ritual...”

Your sobs do not abate but Papa’s words, his embrace, penetrate the pain you’re in. “He told risks...but he’s dead, Papa...he’s...”

Papa gently smooths a hand over your hair. “I know, dear wife, I know. But it’s not permanent. He’ll be alive and well tomorrow, and we can hold him and berate him then. But still needs to be won. We must keep his body safe.” He kisses your forehead as Aether blinks in with Jonas, who hears the tail end of Papa’s words. “Do you understand?”

The king moves immediately next to Papa, one hand reaching for him, the other for you. “Listen to Papa, my flower.” He and Papa exchange looks then turn back to you. “He will return to us, I swear it.” You finally peel yourself away from Johannes and throw yourself into Papa’s and Jonas’s arms, still crying.

They hold you so tight, murmuring to you, trying to soothe you as Air blinks back in with Beta. Tim, solemn and covered in golden blood, puts a hand on Aether’s and Air’s shoulders. “Please, take the...the body somewhere safe.”

Aether nods and goes to pick up Johannes, but Air stops him. “I’ll do it. We...may not always have seen eye to eye, but he’s...he’s a good man. I would protect him, to the best of my ability.”

Henrik and John move in close. “There’s a cave on the far western side of the mountain range,” John says quietly. “It’s where we take... it’s where…” He clears his throat. “It’s the safest, most private spot we have while we wait for regeneration.”

You look up, your face full of tears and panic. “That’s too far away. What if angels find him? We can’t protect him if... NO. It’s too far.” You turn to Jonas, pulling at him. “Tell them, tell them that’s too far. TELL THEM.”

Special suddenly pops in. “Precious, Satan sent me. We know what happened. I can take his body to Hell until the battle is over.”

You take a few deep breaths, trying to stop crying, though the effort fails. But finally, you nod. “Yes, that’s...yes. Satan will keep him safe. They can’t reach him there.” You stand and step over, hugging the arch-demon tight. “Thank you.”

His embrace is warm and comforting, and your tears begin again. “Oh my precious, it will be all right,” Special croons. “I know it doesn’t feel that way now, but it will. You must be strong for him until he returns.”

You look up at him, and he smiles and materializes a tissue. He gently cleans your face, and you look to Papa and Jonas, who both nod to you. “...I...I know that you’re right. I’m sorry, all of you, f-for...not keeping it together. But...but I can’t.” You close your eyes, shoulders shaking. “He’s a pain in the ass, but he’s our pain in the ass. He’s prone to letting his emotions get away from him, but that’s because he’s just so full of emotion. But right now...right now there’s nothing. He’s cold, a corpse, and they...they did that. They made us have to see our Johannes that.” You look to Johannes’s body again, and a cold rage begins to form in your heart, mixing with the grief and creating a pain so sharp that you know it will push you on. You look back to Special, tears still falling, but your eyes are clearer. “Please, keep him safe.”

Special bows. “It will be my honor to.” He touches Johannes, and they’re both gone.

You bow your head, eyes closed. *Please. Take care of him.*

*You truly don’t need to ask, my treat,* you hear in your head. *It is already done.*

*Thank you.* You keep your head bowed a moment or two longer, til you feel hands on your shoulders.

“My love?” You raise your head and look into the mismatched eyes you love so much.

“I’m ready.”

Papa blinks in confusion. “Ready for what, my goddess?”

You look into his eyes, and he begins to see the cold rage brewing in your heart. “I don’t care if he’ll be back tomorrow. Those fucking angels murdered my husband.” Your fists clench, smoke beginning to rise from your hands. “And for that, I’m going to kill every last one I get my hands on.”

“Well, you’re definitely my daughter,” a woman’s voice says from off to the side.

Jonas is in full royal mode immediately. “You are a stranger in my land during a time of war. Identify yourself.”

Her violet eyes flash as she offers a wicked grin. “I’m her mother, and that’s all we’ve got time for right now, your majesty, because they’re coming back.” As if her words are a cue, another thunderous clang roars across the land, and the chittering noise of angels’ wings begins to rev up. The wolves curse.

Jonas spins toward the sound, assessing the skies, then turns back to the newcomer. “We’re not done here. Not even close.”

She shrugs. “Whatever you say. Come along, poppet, let’s take them out.”

You move and just about everyone in the tent moves to stop you. “My love, you need to stay here,” Henrik pleads.

You whirl on them, your eyes flashing with power. “I just said! They killed my husband! I’m killing them personally, and none of you can stop me from fighting!” To your surprise, the only one who doesn’t object is Papa, who puts a hand on your shoulder.

“You want vengeance. And of course, you shall have it.” Darkness coalesces around his head. “No mercy.”

“Not a drop.” You gaze into his eyes, and he stares back.

“That’s my wife,” he whispers, and offers you the fastest wink. “Johannes will be so proud.”

You nod once, then turn to the mother you barely know. “Let’s do this.”

She nods, smirking, before leaning forward and pressing a kiss, surprisingly maternal, to your forehead. Then she takes off, and you follow, along with the now fully demon Papa. Jonas watches you all leave, trepidation in his heart. He has a very bad feeling about all this.

Till lets out a shout of approval. “If I didn’t know better, I’d swear she’s part fae!” He’s up and armed and out of the tent in a heartbeat, the other fae shrugging and following suit.

“My king?” Henrik jumps up. “We’re not staying here, are we?”

Jonas startles then shakes his head, dreads flying. “Of course not. She needs us, and so does this country.” He turns to Aether. “Will you and the grim continue to run the tents?”

“Of course.”

Jonas claps a hand on his shoulder, and ruffles Earth’s hair, before turning and running out of the circle of tents, shifting into his dragon form once again.

Erik watches everyone go, shaking his head. “At least this place isn’t boring!”

Aether snorts, then motions to the tents. “Well, since you aren’t needed for security anymore, will you help save lives?”

Erik’s grin is blinding in its brilliance. “You don’t even need to ask,” he says, and he heads into the tent with a renewed sense of purpose.

Earth stares at the skies roiling with angelic venom, then looks at Aether, his gaze far away. “We can’t save her.”

Aether startles, tries to hide it, to appear calm. “What do you mean?”

The small ghoul says nothing for a long moment, then as if he is coming out of a trance, he says, “I don’t...well...” He tries not to whimper. “It might be out of our control.”

Aether’s heart is pounding, the fear Earth’s prophecy inspires--because the small ghoul was absolutely channeling there--pushing him to the edge of panic. He says a quick prayer to Satan to keep you safe, and some of his panic abates as he feels a pair of ghostly lips press to his cheek, before he turns to Earth. “Well. What happens, happens, but right now, we still have people to save.” He pauses, swallows the lump in his throat so it sits heavy in his stomach instead, and manages a soft smile. “We have to make her proud, after all.”

Earth looks up at him in surprise, but then beams back and nods. “Yeah!” And he scuttles into the tent.

Aether stares hard into the distance, trying to find you by sight even though he knows it’s futile. “Be careful, my darling girl,” he mutters before turning and following Earth into the tent.

Out on the battlefield, you’re standing with your mother and Papa. Jonas looms behind you, smoke curling up from the edges of his mouth. Air and Fire are standing to your left, and the fae are to your mother’s right, while the rest of the Avatar boys surround their king. You glance at your mother, who you notice is watching you, before turning back to look out over the plains. “...I had moments where I hated you, you know. Those foster homes...most of them were hell. I’m sure you have your reasons...but I just want to say, you don’t get to come back and pretend that everything is just peachy.”

Your mother nods slowly, and there’s sadness in her eyes. “For what it’s worth, I am sorry. But there are reasons we couldn't, and still really can't, be together.”

“What reasons could possibly justify--”

“Later,” she interrupts. “When we aren’t about to be attacked.”

An angel swoops in low, and Fire lobs flame at it. “Whoever she is, she’s right...let’s take care of these bastards.”

The angel dodges, hovering just out of range. “You are resilient, I will give you that. I offer this once: hand over her,” and the golden being points to you, “and we will leave.”

“Angels cannot lie,” Papa growls, “but you are more than capable of leaving out information. You will leave, until you take over her body, and then you’ll be back to use her to destroy everything we’ve touched.” He steps forward, smokey wings fluttering. “You will not touch my wife.”

Jonas roars in agreement, and the angel laughs. “Such bold and cocky words,” it says, staring hard at you. “I look forward to shoving them down your throat, demon.”

You smile sweetly at the angel. “Hey. Go fuck yourself.” And a current of air energy cuts the angel’s head off from behind. Jonas roars again and takes off, and the battle begins again.

You had no idea how...loud...battle could be. Dragon roar...wolf howls...fae and ghouls and angels alike letting out battle cries...the screams of the injured...the clang of weapons...the cacophony surrounds you, pushing in on you on every side. It is its own living entity, just as much a factor as the attacking enemy.

“Come on, focus,” you snarl to yourself as you fight. “A little noise never hurt anyone! Think of it like a metal show!” Surprisingly, that tactic works, and the noise fades to tolerable levels. You fight, killing angels left and right, your awareness of your surroundings spreading to their limits. You have one energy line tethered into the ground, letting you see everything happening on foot, and another linked into the air energy surrounding you. You can see everything going on, and though after a little while it gives you a headache, you don’t get ambushed either.

When you can, you shout out positions and warnings to the others, letting them know if there’s a threat behind them, or if you see an opening for a well-placed strike or a spot where a wolf can jump in and help a ghoul or vice versa.

The battle feels like you fight for years. You tire quickly, fighting like this draining for even the most ready warrior, but you don’t stop. You cannot stop, because stopping means more of your loved ones dying. And you won’t suffer that to happen. “Papa, above you!” you yell to him, and though he is locked hand to hand with another angel, his head whips up, and a beam of pure white light streaks from his eye, incinerating the angel’s head. “Air, to your right! Flake and Tim, under you, move your asses!” It doesn’t take your loves long before they are relying on your radar-like assistance.

“Holy fuck,” you pant as you watch your mother punch through an angel’s chest while dodging another’s attempt to grab her by the hair. “That’ mom...”

The woman hears this and winks to you, magic making the angel grabbing for her explode. “Where do you think you get it from?” Then she’s dashing away to the next opponent. You gape a little, then gasp and dodge a large blade swinging over your head.

You lose your balance and land on your back with an “oof” even as your air energy slices the angel in half. Fire slides on his knees and in next to you. “Unholy fuck, are you hurt?” He lets two flame balls fly even as he tries to look you over for injuries.
“I’m all right, I just lost my footing, I’m ok!” you gasp as you roll over onto your hands and knees.

He heaves a sigh of relief. “Good. I was worried. Maybe we should have—” An angel looms behind Fire, sword raised to cut the ghoul in half. You scream, but then a massive set of jaws close around the angel’s form and it’s ripped away, Jonas flying off with his new treat. You and Fire both press a hand to your hearts, certain that had been it for the ghoul.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” you say under your breath, “unholy fuck.”

“No time to freak out now,” Fire says with a mirthless grin. “We can do that later.”

“What if there is no later???” you say as you re-tether to the earth and the sky.

“We can’t think about that,” Air says, smoke rising off his clothes as he dashes past. You take another deep breath and nod, and you pinpoint the closest angel energies. You reach for the heavens, sparks gathering at your fingertips, before yanking your fist down. Three lightning bolts slam down into three different angels, and they’re left as nothing but sizzling corpses.

A short distance away, Flake and Oli look at each other, their faces twin expressions of shock. “And we’re supposed to believe she’s not a threat?” Flake asks as he nocks another arrow.

Oli shrugs. “She’s not attacking us. That’s all I know.”

Till laughs softly, stepping up next to them. He’s lightly wounded again, but still doesn’t seem to feel it. “She’s on our side and that’s what matters, my friends,” he crows in German. He grins to them. “Even you have to admit, this is the best action we’ve seen in half an age!”

“You have issues, my friend,” Flake laughs as he shoots an angel.

“This is not news,” Oli responds, whirling his halberd around and dashing off. Till just laughs and moves to his next target.

The battle rages, and you lose count of how many angels you kill, how many fall to your loves and friends. By the time the last angel falls to his knees before the king and Papa, all you can smell is death and blood, and as your husbands walk up to the angel, you walk to the side and throw up.

Jonas has shifted back, still managing to look imperious despite the battle exhaustion. He stares down at the angel, his expression hard and unforgiving. “It’s over,” he says. “Your comrades are dead, your plans lie in ruins. It’s finished.” The angel bows his head, his wings drooping. “You and your kind will never hurt another being.”

Suddenly, the angel’s wings straighten and swoop upward, and the angel itself rises up, its jaw dropping as a roar erupts from it, a sword appearing in its grip from seemingly nowhere. The angel swings the sword over its head and brings it down... You scream and throw a panicked pulse of energy that knocks the sword out of the angel’s hands...

Papa steps forward and thrusts his hand through the angel’s chest. Instead of a heart like humans would have, there’s a glowing ball of light in the demon’s hand that he slowly snuffs out. The angel falls to its knees, then lands face forward in the dust, dead. There’s a beat of silence, and then a roar as the Avatar Country army celebrates victory.

You look around, taking in the cheering, the faces flush with the adrenaline of battle, Jonas standing proudly tall with Papa close by, looking exhausted but satisfied, and you smile ... and then you collapse to the ground.