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Mirko, the No.1 Product

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Rumi Usagiyama’s rabbit feet hit the ground hard as the number 5 Pro Hero who went by the hero name Mirko dashed through the halls of the Jaku General Hospital. The other heroes had been working on evacuating the civilians before they proceeded with the next step of their plan, but the bunny woman wasn’t really interested in doing that. She had never been a team player - she preferred going solo. As the other heroes worked on making sure that there wouldn’t be any civilian casualties, she delved deeper into the hospital - and towards the hidden lab buried underneath it.

Bursting through the wall with a strong kick of one of her muscular legs Mirko sent the contents of the shelves lined up on that wall flying. The countless flasks lined up against the wall were thrown off, falling to the ground and showering the lab with shards of broken glass as they hit the ground and shattered. Parts of the wall burst off as well - one of them barely missing a small Nomu with several nails sticking out of its brain.

“You! Is it actually you this time?”

The rabbit woman screamed as she saw the heroes’ target - All for One’s doctor. They were finally able to pinpoint his position - now, it was time to bring him to justice!

The man screamed in shock as he saw the pro hero enter his lab - and bring waste to the vials he had spent years filling. The debris created by Mirko’s attack flew towards a number of large tubes containing a variety of other Nomus - breaking one of them, the dark monster within it collapsing as what held them upright was destroyed.

Mirko landed in the middle of several more tubes - bringing one of her hands to the ground to support herself as the impact made her bent over. Her heavy breasts bounced as the result of the impact - even held tightly by her leotard, they still had some freedom of movement. Her erect nipples poked freely through the fabric - the woman excited by the thought of showing off her strength and speed to take down yet another villain.

Still, the no.5 Pro Hero needed to contact the others to let them know that their target was indeed there… And by doing so, she’d also make sure everyone knew it was her who had cornered the doctor first. Mirko lifted one hand towards her ear - triggering her earpiece. However, she found herself listening to static - somehow, her line of communication to the other heroes had been shut off.

Ha! As if that would somehow stop her! She’d just kick that man’s ass on her own, break his freaky toys, and be done in time for dinner! She didn’t need anyone else’s help!

“Are you the real doctor?”

She called out angrily towards the bald man - who replied by screaming in fear.

“Yes! It’s me! I’m the real one!”

He tried to get away as Mirko broke out into a run towards him, a confident smirk on her lips.

“A kick in the butt should confirm it!”

She declared proudly while leaping over a large distance - quickly closing the distance between herself and the doctor. The man looked at her in shock, tears of fear gushing out from below his goggles - his entire body shaking. The woman’s incredible physical prowess terrified him… He knew he couldn’t face her on his own.

But what else could he do? He had plenty of Nomus in the tanks, sure… But they weren’t ready for action yet - they still needed more testing… If only Dabi had returned the one he was supposed to test… But since he didn’t, there was no guarantee that those Nomus would be in a state to combat this demon of a woman. Then again, he couldn’t just allow her to do as she pleased here… Releasing them was the only option.

Mirko was right behind him now - sending one of her legs to slam into the doctor’s frail body. However, another of the doctor’s smaller Nomus interjected. In an instant, the Nomu created a clone of the doctor, putting it between him and the bunny hero - her attack causing the clone to fade away into goo. Annoyed by the distraction, Mirko spun in the air - kicking at the nomu with another leg and swiftly dispatching it.

That bought the doctor enough time to reach the remote for the tanks - and slam the button that would release the Nomus.

“My lovely High-Ends! Ravage this horrible hero bitch!”

The doctor barked an order - the rest of the tanks opening up right away. The Nomu closest to Mirko smashed its fist into her face - sending her flying. She slammed hard into a wall - falling through it as her beaten-up body fell behind it.

“A hero… We can go wild now… Let’s kill her!”

The Nomus’ terrifying, otherworldly voices made it to Mirko’s large bunny ears as she forced herself off the wall - hiding from the Nomus’ sight for a moment.

“Don’t think you can run, geezer! I’m just about warmed up now!”

She declared as she wiped some blood that was running down her forehead - stretching her arms to break through the ache that came when she hit the wall. Sticking her ears up, Mirko listened closely - able to discern the doctor’s shaky, terrified breath. Good. That meant he hadn’t escaped yet.

“Ha! You’re scared of me, aren’t you! You’re shaking in your boots!”

She declared proudly as she came out in the open - but the doctor wasn’t there. He must have went somewhere deeper… What was there though, waiting just for her, were several Nomus.

“How can she still move?”

One of the Nomus commented - Mirko looking down at it. Her. That specific Nomu was clearly a female one. With its long hair, and what could only be large breasts on her chest… Mirko was certain that that Nomu had once been a woman. There were signs to the contrary too, though… The large cock dangling between the Nomu’s legs being the most important of them. As Mirko’s eyes shifted around, she spotted similarly-sized shafts swinging a little near the crotches of the other Nomus, too. Somehow, even looking at them was enough to make her wet… Mirko cursed her overactive libido and the urge to fuck that was rising within her as her arousal began to seep through her leotard. Mirko’s quirk had provided her with various traits of rabbits… Including their very prolific sex drive. “I’ll just fuck one of these things once I beat them up!”

Mirko commented internally before pouncing at the Nomus - and replying to the question the female nomu had asked.

“I offset the impact with my legs!”

She crossed over their heads before landing behind them - her legs spread. In the process, they were given a great look of her leaking pussy, her leotard clinging to her pussy lips - their shape clearly visible through the fabric.

“Bring it on!”

She challenged them, ready to fight and then fuck - and the Nomus did bring it on.


Even in the face of overwhelming odds, Mirko didn’t lose her gall. With powerful kicks of her legs, she was able to keep the Nomus at bay - and even start taking them out. However, she suffered some losses too. At one point, the pro hero felt some awful pain in her left arm. She glanced at it - only to see it twisting on itself several times, her bones breaking, her skin stretching then tearing, her muscles being ripped apart. That sensation lasted only for an instant - before her arm came off right over her elbow in a burst of blood. But she wasn’t going to let that stop her. Tying her hair as a tourniquet, she resumed fighting - ignoring the pain pulsating from what still remained of her limb.

As the bunny girl did the majority of fighting with her legs, losing an arm wasn’t enough to take her out. It upset her balance a bit, but she could still easily kick away at the nomus - and even rip their heads off with her legs. However, the rabbit was having less and less success with it. She knew she could still keep fighting… But it wasn’t good enough anymore. It wasn’t that she herself was growing weaker - but rather, the nomus had grown stronger. Waking up from their cryogenic sleep completely, they took fighting her to the next level - shaking off even the strongest of her kicks as if they were nothing.

Her outfit ended up with plenty of tears at that point. There was plenty of holes in her socks - and in her leotard as well. Her tits were a juicy target for the nomus - with several holes opened across them. Both her nipples were now free, as were most of her boobs - her large aerolas and erect nipples sticking out even more proudly when exposed to the pungent air of the lab. More tears stretched out across her waist - exposing some of her powerful abs. Finally, her dripping cunt was exposed after a slice that had been aimed at her legs - showing that even despite everything, Mirko was still turned on.

It was clear to Mirko at that point that she couldn’t beat them anymore. If that was the case… She went for one final charge, trying to get the doctor. She could see him working away at some console in the distance… So she sprung towards him.

However, on the way there, one of the Nomus managed to hit her. Anticipating her direction, it had shot out its tentacle towards her - placing it right in the way of her right leg. Mirko’s speed resulted in her impaling her leg on the tentacle - with it piercing cleanly through her shin. All the force of her last jump went into that. Mirko managed to rip herself off the tentacle and went plummeting to the ground - pieces of her flesh and her ripped-off skin coming off as she freed herself from the tentacle.

As she landed on the ground, Mirko found herself unable to get back to her feet. As she tried, her wounded leg just gave way underneath her - sending her back onto the ground, laying on her ground. Lifting her right leg, she tried to examine it - her face twisted with pain coming from the wound in her leg. Just looking at it, it was clear to her, how bad it was… She wouldn’t be getting up here again. The tourniquet on her arm had come loose, as well - her arm pulsating with pain once more as her blood began to seep out again. There was still plenty of fighting spirit left within her - but there was no real way for her to use it other than her words.

The Nomus quickly surrounded her - Mirko glaring at them angrily. They had defeated her… Well, she knew it would come some day. She put her life on the line every day - the thrill of it was a part she very much enjoyed. It had finally bitten her in the ass… But without a doubt it was all worth it. Besides, it was not like she was completely done for, either… Other heroes could arrive to - she loathed the very thought of it - save her from these Nomus. The shame of being saved like that almost made her think she’d rather die - but only almost. Living on still won out in her mind… Even if she knew it wasn’t likely.

As the Nomus kept standing around her, Mirko looked at them with scorn in her eyes. She was curious, what they had in store for her - and if she’d be able to endure it. She had some ideas, and some hopes - most of which had to do with her still-wet snatch.

“Bring it on, freaks!”

She egged them on - giving one final challenge to the terrifying monsters who had her surrounded.

Hearing that was all the invitation they needed. The Nomus’ hands and tentacles reached out towards Mirko - latching onto her leotard and socks. Mirko’s body shook on the ground as some of them brushed against the large wounds across the lower part of her left leg - more of her blood staining the limbs that touched it. The Nomus pulled forth, ripping the overly-tight fabric of her white leotard off her body. First, they grabbed onto her tits - using the many holes in the leotard over Mirko’s large breasts to free them completely. Mirko grimaced as her tits were exposed - but there was little else she could do - the enticing orbs of rabbit tit meat coming out of her chest.

The rest of the leotard was ripped off in several strands of white - and from below it, Mirko’s amazing muscles were revealed. Even with her outfit on, her sculpted abs used to poke through the tight leotard - and exposed like this, they would surely draw the gaze of anyone. However, all she had around her were several Nomus - and these weren’t going to appreciate her toned stomach. If anything, another proof of her strength - alongside the carcasses of several Nomu that the pro hero had killed - was enough to genuinely anger them.

Mirko’s socks didn’t put up much of a fight - the purple, soft fabric easily tearing as more and more of the bunny girl’s incredibly powerful legs were exposed. Her thighs had ridiculous amounts of meat on them - and the rest of her legs followed suit. The wound in her leg was scratched by their hands and the fabric of her socks as the socks were pulled free - until they were reduced to the length of normal socks that only covered her feet.

With Mirko successfully stripped, the Nomus took a moment to establish which of them would get to abuse Mirko first. Their orders were to ravage the pro hero - and they would gladly do it with their cocks. Even if more heroes were surely on the way, they weren’t there at the moment. In the time it took them to arrive, the doctor would work his hardest to prepare his current project for extraction - but his many superhuman underlings could happily spend that time enjoying Mirko’s body.

In just a couple seconds, the pecking order was established. The first one who would get to fuck the bunny woman was the feminine Nomu. Bending over, it grabbed Mirko by her feet - and quickly brought them up and to the side of the pro hero’s body. Mirko’s flexibility easily allowed for it - the bunny girl only shivering as the female Nomu’s fingers briefly touched the wound in her left leg. By doing this, the female Nomu forced Mirko’s butt to face her - and more importantly, her pussy. Now, Mirko’s dripping snatch was presented perfectly to the feminine nomu - at the perfect angle for insertion.

The Nomu’s own large breasts hung down, so close to Mirko’s own, as the Nomu guided its shaft towards her snatch. Having found her pussy, the Nomu began rubbing its shaft against it - its cock spreading her labia and teasing them mercilessly. Coaxing more of Mirko’s wetness to begin leaking out of the opening. Mirko turned her head slightly while trying to keep the urge to moan down - noticing that a Nomu she had almost killed when entering the lab was standing close to her, watching it intently with its creepy eyes. Was it enjoying staring at her body? It was weirdly flattering that even a monster like that would appreciate it...

Soon, her attention was drawn back to the Nomu towering over her - the result of some hasty humps and the Nomu’s cock stirring against her slit. The pro hero wondered if the doctor was a deviant - he needed to be, if he created a monster like this…

The pro hero couldn’t help but stare at the perfect spheres that crowned that Nomu’s chest - they even had nipples, too! She wanted to touch them… But at the same time, doing it could cause the Nomu to snap at her. And at the moment, she really wouldn’t have wanted that. Not when she was this turned on! The Nomu had brought back her earlier urge to fuck - and, just like a rabbit, Mirko quickly found herself overwhelmed by the urge to breed. Her angry furrowed brow and the cry to stop that moved past her lips weren’t really genuine - she wanted this so much!

The Nomu granted Mirko her wish - sliding the head of its cock in between her yearning, soaked pussy lips and into her cunt. Immediately, the pro hero’s expression shifted - her eyes narrowing, her irises rolling back up. Her open mouth released a wail of pleasure as the entryway to her pussy was stretched out by the firm substance of the Nomu’s weird cock - her inner walls instantly clinging and clenching around it. A squirt of arousal was another way Mirko’s body showed her approval - her love liquids covering most of the Nomu’s cock before it had even entered her.

The monster quickly shoved its shaft deep into Mirko’s body - to more moans from the bunny woman. She craned her neck back as she kept moaning, her mouth opening, her tongue slipping back. She thrust her pelvis forward, against the dick that was penetrating her - helping the Nomu get even deeper inside her. The Nomu’s prick easily filled her cunt, and it did so quite thoroughly - Mirko’s snatch becoming a perfect sheath for its cock. The sensation of being filled to the brim like that was very fulfilling - Mirko’s body flooded with pleasure.

As the Nomu began fucking her, repeatedly bringing its cock back and forth inside her cunt, Mirko’s body quickly moved towards cumming. Her rabid sex drive didn’t really come with much endurance when it came to individual climaxes. Instead, it let her cum many, many times in quick succession. In just a couple of thrusts from the female Nomu the spikes of lust from all during the night had culminated in Mirko’s first climax of the night - but certainly not the last one.

The rabbit girl let out a primal howl of pure pleasure as her entire body began shaking - a stream of her come gushing out of her cunt and onto both the Nomu’s legs and the ground. Her slit clenched hard on the cock buried inside it - granting the monster some pleasure too. Her legs and arms shivered against one another - the wound in her leg hitting against her forearm a few times.

Mirko’s eager moans continued as the Nomu continued fucking her. Her climax broke any limitations she was still having against fucking the dreadful creation. She began humping it in earnest, her thighs colliding with the Nomu’s several times, her short bunny tail sent wagging by her enthusiastic moves. Her eyes strayed to the middle, going all wobbly in their sockets as she no longer could her vision focused - her mouth closing so that deeper tones of her moans

Just the time Mirko could last before cumming was far shorter than a normal human’s, the Nomu’s endurance allowed it to last much longer - the two of them going at it for a while. Mirko was able to cum several times in that short period - each time with a moan louder than the last. Her cunt worked hard trying to milk out some semen out of the Nomu’s prick - its clenches carrying some of the same overwhelming force as her kicks did. However, in due time, Mirko’s cunt succeeded - and was rewarded with a thick release of creamlike semen flooding her insides. A lot of it gushed straight back out of Mirko’s snatch as the rabbit woman came yet again - her thighs showered with the Nomu’s spunk. Even more of it was released out of her when the Nomu finally withdrew - its cock going limp as Mirko’s snatch began dripping with the Nomu’s release. Mirko kept pushing her hips out against the air for a few seconds afterwards before her pleasure-obsessed brain noticed that the cock inside her was gone - sad at the sudden emptiness she could feel in her cunt.

With her face red with a blush, Mirko’s sweaty, cum-stained body quickly became the target of other Nomus. A Nomu with a set of particularly scary teeth laid down alongside Mirko - and hooked one arm underneath her right shoulder. By pulling on it, it was able to let her legs dislodge from near her head - Mirko’s muscular legs bent in in front of her once more. Heaving her body up, he was able to lift Mirko up a little - and tilt her over to one side. The bunny woman now rested on her left side - her wounded leg laying on the ground in front of her, her other leg sticking up.

By ramming its body from the side against hers, that Nomu was able to drive its cock against her shapely buttcheeks - and even have it be tickled by Mirko’s tail. Finally, after having its cock be teased for a while, it had it poke against Mirko’s sphincter. The bunny woman let out a loud wheeze as that happened - gasping in pleasure as the monster increased the pressure on the tight hole that was the entrance to her ass. Sheer force was enough to let it break through - the Nomu able to plunder the depths of the bunny girl’s rectum. Mirko’s ass held the Nomu’s shaft with a firm grip - but allowed enough leeway to let the Nomu deeper into the rabbit woman’s ass.

Since the Nomu’s hand was already wrapped underneath Mirko’s arm, her breasts were very close to it. By just shifting its hand a little, the Nomu was able to grasp one of Mirko’s large breasts - the Nomu’s large fingers wrapping around them. Squeezing down, the Nomu began crushing Mirko’s breast - all while tugging it in different directions, including outwards. His roughness didn’t change anything for Mirko, though - the bunny girl was enjoying herself far too much to find that painful. If anything, she wished only for the monster to grope her harder - Mirko starting to grind her ass against the cock buried inside her once more. Anal penetration wasn’t as pleasurable as having her pussy be pounded, but the rabbit would make do - any pleasure was good to feed her animalistic lust.

This time, the other Nomus weren’t going to be satisfied with just watching. The feminine Nomu’s performance and Mirko’s many pleasurable yelps had riled them up - their dark cocks as hard now as the fists that cracked into Mirko’s body before. As one of the approached the front of Mirko’s body, with its cock so tantalizingly close to her, Mirko reached out towards it. Her hand quickly began pumping back and forth across that cock - able to do it very quickly even despite its impressive length. Even in her gloves, the touch of her hands was very stimulating - even if her grip was a little too tight. A human’s cock likely wouldn’t have survived such a titanic hold - all circulation cut off as Mirko crushed it within her hand. However, the Nomu’s enhanced physical endurance made their cocks more durable too - making the Nomu not only able to survive Mirko’s handjob, but even get plenty of pleasure from it, as well.

Mirko stared hungrily at the cock that was so close to her face - but the Nomu was content with just having her jerk it off. The pro hero would have been glad to suck it off, too - but it seemed that that Nomu wouldn’t give her that opportunity. So instead she could only look at it longingly and stroke it off - her mouth open wide as she tried to make it a tempting hole for a blowjob.

Her enticing look succeeded - for another Nomu was spurred into fucking her face. Or at least wanting to - but the Nomu she was stroking off next to her, and the Nomu fucking her ass behind her, there wasn’t really any room for that nomu to reach it. Instead, it just grabbed Mirko’s ears by the tips - and pulled on them, trying to get her head closer to its prick. Without really succeeding - the Nomu fucking her from behind held Mirko by her breasts and ass, keeping her locked in place in two spots. That didn’t stop the Nomu from trying, though - tugging away at Mirko’s ears with more and more force.

As one of Mirko’s arms began working on a nearby cock, the bunny woman tried putting her other arm to use as well. The stump of her left arm flailed around for a bit - searching for something it could reach. In the process, it threw a little more of her blood around - splashing her thighs and her belly with it. In the end, she outstretched her arm towards her pussy - a pussy that was still dripping with what the female Nomu had left there. However, her arm was far too short to reach it in its current state - only succeeding in slapping her squashed tit with the stump of her arm.

However, being unable to stimulate her pussy directly was in no way going to stop the bunny girl from cumming. The steady pummeling of her ass was making her feel good with each thrust - pushing the pro hero closer and closer towards a climax. She came before long - Mirko’s body shaken once more with another short, yet very intense climax. This time her pussy wasn’t obstructed with anything - and because of that, her arousal was free to squirt out. With how strong her muscles were - including the vaginal ones - her love juices were shot off at quite the distance - staining more of the lab with Mirko’s excitement.

A longer, tentacle-like cock also surged towards her body. However, instead of plunging itself into the drenched depths of the pro hero’s pussy, it instead went for Mirko’s left leg. Slipping underneath her knee, it began rubbing itself between her lower thigh and her upper shin. Like this, the tentacle was fixed between two braced muscles - and together, they created quite the tight orifice. Like this, the Nomu was able to pleasure itself with the limb which had claimed the lives of several other of those monsters - now reduced to just another fuckable spot on a drooling, moaning slut. Mirko didn’t even notice as that happened - in the midst of another climax.

What she did notice, though, was as one of the Nomus reached for her right leg instead. Unpleasant fingers touched against her ripped skin and flesh - closing around the wound. Then, the nomu snapped its hand sideways - snapping Mirko’s bone some more. The sharp stab of pain of having her bone be broken like that barely registered within Mirko’s brain. The Nomu didn’t stop at just that - pulling on her foot as hard as it could. With the bone already broken, Mirko’s damaged skin and flesh were ripped apart in an instant - Mirko’s foot torn off cleanly.

Satisfied with that, the Nomu brought it towards its cock. The plating on it made her feet look more like those of a rabbit - but as that plating came off, all that was left was a perfectly fine human foot - one on the larger side. It’s size was perfect for the Nomu’s cock, though - the Nomu starting to rub it against its tool. First, against Mirko’s ripped, dirty socks - then, directly against the bare skin of her soles. As the source behind many of her jumps, Mirko’s feet were well-used - and her soles were very firm. As the Nomu began to rub it against its cock, it quickly found out it offered plenty of friction - making it perfectly serviceable as a fucktoy.

Once multiple climaxes had been brought forth by the vicious assfucking Mirko was being given, the desire for using Mirko’s face within the Nomu holding her by the ears could no longer be contained. If just ears weren’t going to cut it, then how about her neck? Reaching further down, it quickly wrapped its fingers around Mirko’s throat. As it was crushed, Mirko found herself unable to breathe. Her eyes looked straight forward in shock - her mouth hanging open. Her eyes darted downwards for a moment - seeing the hand squeezing tightly on her neck. Her face quickly grew even redder than before - her tongue sticking out of her open mouth as the bunny girl tried sucking some more air in. But she wouldn’t get to.

As the Nomu was certain it was holding Mirko’s head properly, it pulled upwards. Mirko was only given an instant to realize what that meant as her veins and arteries popped, then her skin tore, freeing up a torrent of blood. The muscles of her neck were no match for the Nomu’s overwhelming strength - only her spine managed to stop it. But even it held on for only a second - Mirko’s head ripped off in an explosion of blood.

Having her head be torn off like that was like a waking from a long dream for Mirko. All the pleasure she’d been fed had been suddenly shut off as her spine was severed. That change was so overwhelming that Mirko’s eyes rolled up again - only the bottoms of her irises visible anymore. Tears burst from her eyes, saliva leaking from the corners of her mouth, as her head was lifted further - Mirko’s brain trying to process what had happened. The Nomus had their way with her… Which she very much enjoyed… But now, one of them killed her? So this was how she’d meet her end… With her body being fucked after another attempt at quenching her insatiable lust. Hey, at the very least, the other heroes didn’t make it here… She’d at least keep her role of always going solo… But maybe, if she just had waited, she wouldn’t have died like that… Pride and regret mixed within her as her life left her body - Rumi Usagiyama, the Number 5 Pro Hero becoming yet another hero fallen in the line of duty.

Losing her head sent Mirko’s body into a series of violent spasms - unwinding all the remaining tension in the dying bunny girl’s muscles. Her hand picked up the pace against the cock it was stroking off - before being rewarded with squirts of cum onto her titties. Some of those strands even shot towards the stump of her neck - mixing in with the heavy fountain of blood coming from her severed arteries. Her body kicked out with both of its legs - the abuse pushing the tentacle using her knee to a release as well. Her muscular abs were showered with semen - the perfect structure of her muscles now given a coat of very sticky paint. Her ass clenched down hard on the prick that was buried within it. The Nomu was able to withstand the cock-crushing pressure brought on by that - but it couldn’t endure it for long. Soon, its semen shot into Mirko’s bowels - its plentiful release also flooding back out of her asshole.

As the other Nomus all came and then abandoned Mirko’s corpse, the bunny girl’s successful killer moved her head towards its cock. As the head of its prick poked against her lulled-out tongue, the Nomu noticed the strands of tears running down her face - only spurring it to thrust inside. Mirko’s mouth was a wonderful cocksleeve - wet, tight, and deep. Her cheeks puffed up as they were stuffed full of Nomu cock. The tighter canal of her throat caused no slowdown to the Nomu, either - its cock sliding free through the stump of her neck alongside a small burst of blood. The Nomu proceeded to pump Mirko’s head up and down its cock - glad that it was finally able to fuck that slutty face.

Another tentacle-like dick moved towards Mirko’s body - slipping into her gaping asshole. Sliding up her rectum, it quickly entered her guts - coiling all the way through them. Proceeding up her body, it entered Mirko’s stomach - stirring the contents of her last meal. Then, it slid up her esophagus - before finally slipping free out of the stump of her neck. It forced out more blood through it, along with some other internal juices - covering Mirko’s breasts with these, too. Then, the tentacle began fucking Mirko’s headless corpse - all the way through it with each single thrust. The force of those thrust was eventually enough to lift Mirko up in the air - the headless corpse held upright as it was pounded from ass to neck.

At that point, the doctor was all but finished with all his preparations. His current project was safely secured, along with a number of the most important vials of quirks. All that was left was to warp out with Johnny’s powers - it was a miracle that the little Nomu had survived it all. The doctor didn’t even want to think, how things would have gone if it had been killed…

For the time being, the doctor was glad to watch Mirko’s corpse be violated by his creations. The bitch who had scared him so much… Now reduced to just a toy for his monsters. It was very liberating to see her like that - all the fear he had once of her was long gone.

Just as the Nomu fucking Mirko’s face had reached its climax, the other heroes had finally arrived at the doctor’s secret lab. They were greeted with a horrifying sight - one of their strongest, ripped apart into several pieces… Some of them being fucked even as they watched. Mirko’s body was still impaled on the tentacle, and her head was still stuck on a Nomu’s prick - being showered with the Nomu’s spunk. The sight was terrifying - and infuriating. But before the heroes had the time to reach the Nomus, or any pieces of Nomu’s body, black portals formed all over them - warping the monsters, the doctor, his current project, and the pieces of Mirko’s body away. All thanks to a small, harmless-looking Nomu.


After settling into a secondary lab, and reaffirming that his current project could still go on, the doctor’s attention returned to the pieces of Mirko’s body. Cleaning it off all the various body liquids it’s been covered with, it was then slipped into a tank of preservatives. These would keep her body fresh, no matter how long time had passed. Her head was also slipped into another, smaller cylinder - ensuring that Mirko’s head would also not spoil. As a bonus, it also meant keeping the humiliating expression that Mirko’s face wore in her final moments - her mouth open, her tongue sticking out of it, her eyes looking into different directions.

Just preserving it wasn’t his goal, though. In due time, Mirko’s body was set up for auction. Like this, the pro hero would pay for the flasks she had destroyed or those that the doctor had to leave behind - all filled with valuable quirks. The auction itself was a large event - helping set up plenty more valuable connections for the Paranormal Liberation Front. Even if only one overly rich perverted man would actually get Mirko’s corpse, there were plenty of them willing to bid for it. Now that they came to an auction like this once, they were far more likely to arrive at some meetings of far greater importance in the future - all it took was just a hint that maybe, just maybe, some of the other amazingly hot pro heroes they’d seen on TV could become their toys too in the future.

The auction went on for what seemed like hours - none of them willing to give up on Mirko’s amazing body easily. But in the end, Mirko’s body was finally sold off - for an incredible fortune, as well. Then, her new owner took her corpse to his mansion. To test things off, he decided to use Mirko’s head - slipping it onto his prick. The bunny girl’s ears served as wonderful handles that allowed him to easily grind it up and down his cock. As he did so, he bit into his cigar and admired Mirko’s headless, nude form - watching his servants secure it in a prominent spot in his room. Just a few months ago, he watched her appear on stage during the Hero Billboard Chart… Back then, she seemed untouchable - the Number 5 pro hero? Who could even hope to stand up to her? But now, Mirko was his sex toy - and she’d stay one forever.