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meet me at the rooftop

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It was 2021 and the world’s broken pieces have somewhat been restored. Civilization carried on with the usual cranky mornings at school or work, once-in-a-lifetime vacations, parties, and so on (not that any of that completely stopped in the first place). 


To celebrate the fact that the universe hadn’t obliterated Earth yet, Yerin organized a mini house party at her own residence with food that would be twice the amount of people, music, and video games - nothing grand, really. Of course, she invited her closest friends. The list consisted of Sojung, Eunha, Yuna (who much preferred to be called Yuju), Eunbi, and Yewon. It had been a long time since they last met outside the Zoom and Discord chat rooms. 


A week before that, she mailed all five of them personalized invitations - fancily designed and sealed inside a golden envelope - to the group for no reason other than “I don’t know, just felt like it”, causing an uproar of laughter on the Zoom call. 


Sojung spoke up first, trying to be serious even though the fact that she resembled the laughing-crying emoji said otherwise. “I can’t believe you did this… all for a mini party.” 

The organizer shrugged, “I liked the idea of putting 'RSVP ’ or whatever it is, you know?” 


“Do you even know what it stands for?” Eunbi, who was also Yerin’s long-time girlfriend, said as she clutched onto her stomach from the amount of joy brought into the call. 


“No? Not that it matters. You still love me regardless,” she pointed finger guns and winked. The others made faces and noises of disgust, Eunbi included (when her heart was doing all sorts of gymnastic flips deep inside). 


Eunha complimented the invitation card’s design. Her blonde hair tied in a bun bounced with her, a sign of her genuine enthusiasm. “This is so pretty, though! Your art skills improved, I’m so proud of you!” she then made a big heart towards the screen with the widest grin on her face. 


Yerin gave a heart back. “Thanks! At least someone in here can appreciate my sense of all finer things in life.” She spun her chair to face the back, only to turn again as if she was a company CEO. “Well, is everyone coming? Don’t say ‘I have work’.” 


Yewon gasped, “I was about to say that. How did you know?” 


“... We literally share our weekly schedules in the group chat? What Do you mean how did I-” 


The youngest giggled, making it difficult to actually get mad at her. “Just kidding. I’m down,” she replied to which Yuju reacted with a relieved sigh. 


“I was about to decline the invitation if you weren’t going.” 


Then a gasp from Yerin. “You would have chosen your girlfriend over ME?!” 


“Uh, yeah?” 


“But what about my effort in bringing the six of us together in person after the shit-show that was 2020?! How DARE you?!” she slipped off her leather swivel chair dramatically, eyes rolled back and everything. 


Yuju looked at the redhead on the screen. “Eunbi, help.” 






The pink haired girl popped back up on the screen. “If you’re coming over… make some noise!” to which she was greeted by a silent audience, besides herself who actually let out a deafening scream. 


Everyone laughed at her and cheered her on. 


“Gee, thanks a lot, you guys.” 


On the very day of the event, Eunbi drove ahead to Yerin’s residence, picking up Yuju and Yewon along the way. They dressed casually, with the dress code having no other description besides “01010011 01110101 01101101 01101101 01100101 01110010”, which was “Summer” in binary code. The visitors dressed casually in matching floral patterned clothing, while Yerin greeted them with a plain white tee, running shorts, and her pair of custom floral Nike slides since the party was gonna be at her own house anyway. 


On the other side of town, Eunha and Sojung met hours earlier to play dress-up because a little somebody struggled in picking an outfit. Little did Eunha know that her “#Bestie” was sleep deprived from her constant Eunha thoughts as always. Not that it mattered, she was the source of caffeine Sojung needed early in the morning. 


Sojung had been sitting on the couch and scrolled through her phone, only giving her exhausted eyes a break when Eunha stepped in front of her in a completely different outfit. The cycle went on for… even the tall girl lost count, but she loved seeing her smile. 


“Sowonie, how do I look?” Only Eunha called her by that nickname, stating that it paired up with her own nickname nicely since it equated to “Galaxy Wish” and the younger of the two found it adorable. Sojung went along with it because by then, she was already catching feelings. “I think this is my favorite one but I dunno.” 


It wasn’t anything fancy like the previous sparkly sequin dresses she tried on. If anything, that was an Eunha type of fit - an over-sized graphic tee and denim shorts. Her hair was in a bun like always. 


“You took all this time only to go with what you always wear?” Sojung quirked her eyebrow, making the blonde puff her cheeks. Still, she liked it a lot. How could she not, when their outfits had a contrasting yet perfectly matching color scheme. “You’re adorable! You look great, I promise.” 


“You’re not fucking with me, are you?” she was ready to throw a punch any time soon. 


“Never!” she spun her car keys around her index finger. “Ready to take a drive around town?” 


Eunha hopped towards the door. That was an obvious “yes”. 


Meanwhile, the quartet headed to the nearest party store for decorations like helium balloons (for inhaling/voice changing purposes), confetti, random stickers, and such; then to the nearest supermarket for some alcohol and to a few restaurants to pick up food. 


Once everything was off the list, Eunbi drove them back. At a red light, she couldn’t help but give a confused look at her girlfriend, at the couple sitting in the back through the rearview mirror, then back at her girlfriend. “Yerin? I know it’s been a long time since we all breathed the same air and shit, but isn’t this a little… excessive?” 


The older girl had a similar look on her face.  “Which part is ‘a little excessive’?” 


A pause. 


“Oh, I don’t know. Everything?” And before their conversation could turn into a heated argument in the middle of the road, “Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited!” she laughed nervously when she could feel the suffocating tension building up in the vehicle. “It’s just that I can’t help but feel there’s more to this occasion than a mere sleepover of sorts.” 


“Your instincts were right, baby!” 


“Wait, actually?” 


Yerin nodded and explained the reason behind. “I honestly have to give credit to Sojung for this. There’s something she’s been wanting to do. You wanna guess or do I tell you?” 


The gears inside Eunbi’s head began rotating. “I’ll guess once. Does she… want to get wasted? That woman never gets drunk. Is that why we have an unnecessary and worrying amount of alcohol in the back?” 


Yerin laughed so hard, and her laughter was naturally contagious so it got the whole car cracking up (that, until the car behind them honked angrily when the traffic light turned green). She found it adorable how Eunbi always thought of the wildest things. “Oh, fuck! Gotta go, gotta go. Jung Yerin!” 


Yuju chimed in, “You aren’t wrong. We wanna have fun, so yeah.” 


“Hey, you’re funny. I hope you know that.” she patted Eunbi’s right thigh. “But the main reason is because our dear Kim Sojung’s secretly romantic ass has a bunch of things she desperately wants to tell Eunha.” 


The driver’s face lit up as if she had won the lottery, an aha! moment. “I knew she had a thing for her!” 


“... I think we all did.” 


“Okay, Madam Detective. Anyway, those two always seem to have magnets inside their skulls with the way they're always leaning into each other. And with Sojung’s ‘ Oh, Eunha! Where are you? Oh, hey! You’re so tiny! Hehe~’, then the way she’d pull the other into her long arms and kiss her on the head, making Eunha giggle like crazy, like who does that? If I was the same height as Eunha, I know she’d push me over, none of that cute shit.” Eunbi rambled on and on, reporting her findings and the feeling of being a third-wheel at times when it was only the three of them hanging out. 


The journey back home was long enough to cover the overall plan and a set of rules Yerin had sent to Sojung for approval a few days prior. 


With Sojung constantly calling Yerin at wee hours last year to rant about how the physical distance between her and Eunha was “physically hurting” her to the point where her back would suddenly start cramping whenever she thought about Eunha (the person on the other side of the call thought she just needed a trip to the chiropractor), about the confusion Eunha makes her feel every time she got extremely intimate. 


Yerin decided it was time to make Sojung confess to end her misery, whether she liked it or not. 


At first, Sojung argued that it was a ridiculous idea. “Ha! As if she feels the same way. I mean, I’m stunning. I get it. But there’s no way-” 


“It’s not about whether she’ll say ‘I love you too’,  kiss you back or whatever.” For once, she was dead serious to the point that even Sojung, whom they all agreed would have the “Most Intimidating” superlative, had chills all over her body. “It’s about lifting the weight off your shoulders. If you don’t do it now, someone else will - worse, it could be some sleazy scumbag of a man - and that’s the last thing you want.” 


Sojung was quiet for a few seconds. She was right. Completely right, as much as it pained her silly pride to admit it. “Yeah. Uh… can you…” she wanted to cry. 


“Say it… come on, don’t be shy!” 


“I hate asking for help and I hate how I can picture that annoying grin on your face right now, but… can you plan something with me? I need all of you there, and preferably with loads of booze, in case things go downhill.” 


“I got you, pal!” 


And that brings them to this very important day. 


Clearing her throat, she read through her Notes app. It was simple: 


1) Do not speak about it, not a single word. No wink, wink, nudge, nudge when they flirt or do whatever sweet thing they do to each other. 


2) When the lovebirds are at the rooftop, everyone stays in the main area. 


3.1) If everything goes well, we party even harder. 


3.2) If they come back sobbing, we comfort them (YR & EB → Sojung, YJ & YW → Eunha). Then, we party even harder! 


“Any questions?” Yerin asked as she looked around the car like she was holding a TED Talk. “No? Alright, we’re all clear, yes?”


Eunbi sharply turned to face her and practically roared. “Yes, ma’am!” 


They proceeded to give each other a hug and a peck on the lips before stepping out of the car. “Let’s go!” 


The living room was easily decorated and everything was set. It only took twenty minutes before the remaining pair arrived. The amazement on their faces was priceless, so much so that Eunbi and Yerin wished she could screenshot them in real life. 


“Are you simply gonna stand there or what?”  


Eunha rushed towards the dining table, her legs ran on autopilot. She knew the layout of the house well enough to not trip on anything. She let out a childlike squeal and ordered her friends to hurry up so they could start eating. 


Eunbi glanced at the tallest girl in the room, with a smirk that Sojung wanted to slap out of her pretty face. “Cute, huh?” she teased, eyebrows wiggling all over because rules had loopholes she liked to spot, and Yerin didn’t mention anything about wiggling the brows. 


Sojung rolled her eyes, face slightly heating up. “You haven’t changed at all, you little-” Eunha called for Sojung and that further turned Eunbi’s smirk into a wide grin knowing she did have a point. “I’ll deal with you later!” 


“Yeah, yeah. Now don’t keep your girl waiting. Shoo!” 


Eunha’s eyes were literally sparkling, even more so with the chandelier hanging above. “These look so good! Which one should I eat first?” The dilemma presented on the table made her pout, making Sojung want to open the windows and throw her heart out. “Sojung, you okay? You’re heating up.” 


The question caught her off guard, namely when Eunha’s small hands cupped her cheeks. “I’m good!” she reassured the love of her life. “Maybe you should go for the Cheese Tteokbokki first? It’s always good while it’s still hot.” 


Eunha gave it some thought. From afar, the actual couples had to run to the kitchen because the sight was too funny to contain. They knew Sojung was human too and that she had emotions, but to see her so painfully awkward and so over the edge was fascinating and endearing. 


“Where did everyone go?” 


Sojung could hear the four of them trying to catch their breath and Yerin’s easily distinguishable laugh. “I’ll go get them. Take a seat first, okay?” When she opened the kitchen door, they were in shambles and the party hadn’t even started. Eunbi was facing the wall, Yuju was bending backwards from laughing too much, Yewon had her head on the countertop and slammed it continuously, and Yerin was rolling on the floor laughing. 


“Can all of you get your shit together?!” Sojung whispered harshly. Her fists were trembling, teeth gritting. If Eunha wasn’t nearby, she would’ve served them a WWE special. 


Yerin tried to reach for the marble countertop but failed to get up, causing her to laugh even harder. “We’re sorry but seeing you like this is so-” a sound she made sounded like she was key smashing with her head on the keyboard. 


The youngest, and probably most mature of them all, regained her composure. “Sorry! It’s just so cute to see you all trippin’, stumblin’, flippin, fumblin’. Ah, this takes me back to when I had the biggest secret crush on Yuju… good times…” 


“I’m older than you?!” Sojung rubbed her temples. “Listen, my baby’s waiting on the dining table right now.” 


Yuju’s eyes widened in amusement. “My baby?!” 


The oldest felt as if she had her remaining energy and spirit sucked out of her, no longer having the energy to scold them. “Just go!” 


Not wasting any time, they feasted. The good thing about being surrounded by your friends was you could eat without a care in the world - hands dirty, lips covered with sauce, and the never ending burping. That, along with the hilarious conversation that made dinner worthwhile. What felt like hours passed them by, and they moved on to taking shots of soju. 


The host of the party asked everyone to stand on their chairs and raised her shot glass. All eyes were on her. “First of all, I’d like to thank everyone for making time for this very, very important event.” she let out a whoop and the others followed. “Second of all, I’d like to thank my girlfriend for helping me with everything! Thanks, baby!” 


Yewon cleared her throat. 


“Oh, and special thanks to our lovely couple over here too!” she blew a flying kiss in their direction, only to have it sliced in half. “Here’s to our everlasting friendship and infinite amount of love we have for each other!” The way she emphasized the “L-word” almost made those who were fully aware fall off their chairs. Playing it cool, Yerin raised her glass and everyone followed suit. “Cheers!” 


“Cheers!” The burning sensation of the alcohol surrounded their throats, but that didn’t stop anyone (mostly Sojung) from drinking more. Eunha and Yewon headed straight for the couch to play couch games on the Switch. The others were still on the dining table, talking about life while music filled the entire room. 


Yuju reached out to grab Sojung’s hand, knowing she was undoubtedly about to pour herself another. “I know we said we’re gonna have fun but you might wanna slow down. Don’t want this to be a drunken memory.” 


“Why do you assume I’m already hit? Look, I’m fine.” She wiggled her arms in the air, “I’m good. I’m okay! I’M FINE!” 


Eunbi scanned Sojung’s face and pointed out a few things like how some relatives would at a family reunion. “Let’s see… you’re more red than usual and your eyes are getting droopy. Oh, don’t even get me started on the creepy smile on your face.” Sojung lifted a finger and shushed her. 


“Hush, child.” 


“You’re so weird right now,” the redhead leaned into Yerin and whispered a devious suggestion. “Ever thought of recording this? For memories sake.” 


Yerin stealthily placed the phone below Sojung’s view. “For once, I’m thankful she’s that tall. I doubt she can see this unless she looks down.” And while Yuju tried to distract her, the target caught on with their shenanigans. “I may be tipsy but I’m not stupid!” 


“Run!” A game of tag ensued all over the house. The competitive nature within them led them to the rooftop of Yerin’s house. 


Which also happened to be the place the confession was supposed to happen. 


“You’re welcome.” The trio said in unison. 


“Children of Satan. All of you.” 


“You say that now…” Yuju started to walk away slowly, “But you’ll thank us later.” 


When they left, the tranquil environment calmed her nerves. A contrast between the room below her could be seen even from a satellite image. Up there, it was dark and painfully quiet that she could practically hear the loud pounding of her heart, her blood rushing through her body, and her heavy breathing. 


Eunha noticed right away that someone was missing when they got back. “Where’s Sojung?” 


The trio glanced at each other in panic. Fortunately, Yerin was good at thinking on the spot and diffusing awkward moments in life. “Not sure. We lost her midway through our chase. Worry not, milady, for there are only two places she could’ve gone to: the rooftop or my adorable garden below,” her calm facade didn’t break in order to not make the blonde worry too much. “I’m sure she’ll be back!” 


Eunha seemed uneasy at first. She was so used to having Sojung around. Nevertheless, she nodded and continued her game. Unknowingly to her, her phone had a small chain of messages. 


[Sowon ❤️✨


Can you come to the rooftop, please? Nothing serious, don’t worry! I think it’d be nice to spend time with you here. 

Plus, the view is really nice. I’m sure you’ll love it. :) 


A minute. Two. Five. Sojung paced around the area, did jumping jacks, and even gave herself a useless pep talk. She reminded herself to wait a little longer, that Eunha was surely in the middle of a game, and that the amount of noise in that room might have covered the sound of her phone ringing. 


Back to the living room, Yewon seemed to have felt a vibration on the couch. Although Eunha was clearly focused on winning the game, she fished her phone out to act like she was checking for notifications. Her mind was on high alert, so she knew it had to be messages from Sojung. 


“Eunha, I think someone messaged you. I felt something and it wasn’t from my phone.” 


The blonde stood up after reading the messages. 


[Eunha 💖🌌] 

Okay! On my way. <3 


“Sorry to cut our game short but Sojung told me to go up,” she apologized despite knowing that Yewon wouldn’t really mind. 


“It’s alright! Have fun up there.” Yewon smiled and let out a squeal when Eunha finally left the room. “It’s happening! I hope this goes well.” 


The short girl tiptoed her way to Sojung who was standing by the railing, clearly taken away by what Mother Nature had to offer. Instead of attacking her from the back with a strong push (which could end horribly), Eunha hugged her tightly from behind, her arms around Sojung’s waist. It startled and snapped the other out of her thoughts. She placed her hands on top of Eunha’s, ignoring the fact they were trembling and slightly sweating. 


“How would you rate my surprise attack?” The loveable attacker lifted Sojung’s right arm and slid underneath to look at her with her sparkling eyes. 


“I’d give it a... 7.5/10. Would’ve been cooler if you tried pushing me off,” she deadpanned. For a second back there, a part of her genuinely thought that it was a good idea, that it could be a way out of the situation she placed herself in. 


Sojung faced her and automatically placed her arms around the shorter one’s waist like she always did, her mind was filled with nothing else other than how beautiful Eunha was under the moonlight (which was, in reality, the dim lighting that was coincidentally shining on Eunha, and that was enough to make her forget about the landscape she distracted herself with a little while ago. 


“I hate you sometimes. Why did you invite me here? If you don’t answer that, I might actually consider pushing you.” 


“Would you really do that, though? Hmm? Could you?” she taunted and leaned in closer. 


That wouldn’t be the first time she did that. 


Eunha shook her head. “Answer me, Sowon. Please?” She whined and had the roundest puppy dog eyes known to mankind, knowing it was a foolproof method to get what she wanted. Sojung was strong in ways more than one, but she was still human and her biggest weakness was definitely the overall existence of the woman in front of her. 


Sojung sighed in defeat. She had to straighten her back, hold her head up high. All of her friends’ efforts led to this moment and she couldn’t just discard that for another day when someone else could take her place. 


The distance between them grew a tiny bit further. Sojung thought it’d be difficult to mutter a single word when their lips were a fingertip’s length away from touching. From a third-person perspective, it would seem like nothing, but both of them felt a thin barrier rising between them. 


Here goes nothing.  


“Honestly, I don’t know how to start this off. I wish I prepared a Powerpoint or a script.” Despite it not being a laughing matter, sprinkling a lame joke here and there was Sojung’s way of stalling for time. “I asked you to come here so we can... talk! Well, it’s mostly gonna be me babbling but yeah. Talk.” 


“Talk? About what?” 


She rubbed her nape, unsure of how to make a smooth transition to the main point of the whole thing. “So, this party… I requested Yerin to organize this party. I do want all of us to spend time together and have fun-” she was rambling, “I wanted to clarify that ‘cause I don’t want to seem selfish. Are you with me so far?” 


Eunha nodded her head and urged her to continue. 


A gust of wind blew past them. Sojung made sure to make her confession loud and clear. “Now, the main reason behind all this is that… I’ve been needing to tell you how much I like you. I’d say ‘love’ but I don’t wanna scare you away. You make me the happiest I’ve ever been, like you’re my literal serotonin dealer. Crazy, right?” Sojung wanted to cringe so bad and the idea of parkouring off the railings sounded better for every second she spoke. She was convinced Eunha hated her by then, when the confession-receiver herself was smiling and inching closer.  


“On the darker side of things, you’ve made me cry too. Mostly because I wasn’t sure whether you liked me back. You’re the second most affectionate person in our group, only behind Yerin - she’s on a whole other league. My point is, your constant clinging onto me, the sudden hugs and kisses, the look you give me as if I’m the only person in the world… everything you did to me and everything we’ve done together makes me lose my mind,” she groaned in frustration, “You should hear me rant for-fucking-ever on Discord when you were asleep and how I ask them ‘Do you think she likes me?’. I kinda feel bad for letting them deal with my hopeless ass, but can you blame me? You make me feel so many things, Eunha.” 


For once, Sojung wasn’t overthinking things and it felt refreshing to have everything she had been bottling up for years spill naturally. She first started laughing for no reason, bringing herself to tears. Then she shut her eyes in hopes that Eunha was still going to be her friend regardless of whether the feelings were mutual or not. 


Much to her surprise, they were very close again, arms wrapped around each other. Eunha looked happy. Not the usual kind of happy everyone was used to seeing, no. She was glowing with pure glee. “I wish you showed more of your soft and nervous side more often. It’s very… hmm, what’s the word I’m looking for… very ‘uwu’?” She laughed heartily while tucking strands of Sojung’s hair behind her ear. “I appreciate you planning all this for me, Sowon. I would’ve reacted the same if you confessed to me in your car or at some fishy alleyway.” 


Sojung’s head was all over the place. She didn’t know how to react to the fact that Eunha unbelievably said ‘uwu’ out loud and that said girl wasn’t running for her life, leaving Sojung in the dust. “What do you mean?” 


“I like you too, silly.” 


Sojung’s brain only processed half of it. “Oh…” and then she realized. “Oh.” 


“And before you ask, yes, I like- like you.” 


“What does this mean? For us, where do we go from here?” 


Eunha pretended to contemplate. Truth be told, she already knew what she had been yearning for ever since her tiny crush turned into something serious. Something along the lines of “I-think-I-want-to-marry-her-yeah-she’s-the-one”. “You can ask me to be your girlfriend right now or... we can screw the labels and you can kiss me right now.” 


Eunha’s unpredictability and frankness caught Sojung off guard. “You want me to WHAT?” They accidentally kissed before and they laughed it off. But to have the person you’ve been falling for to suggest that out of the blue was different. 


“Last chance, Kim Sojung. If you don’t reply in five seconds, we can head downstairs like a bunch of sore losers.” She began counting down and when she reached the final second, Sojung closed the gap between them. That was probably the boldest thing she had done. Ever. Had they been in a movie, fireworks would appear on the dark sky above them. 


But this was real life and no one cared about two now-official lovers sharing their first formal kiss. They were speechless after that magical, butterfly-inducing moment, so they simply smiled at each other and held hands on their way down. 


They were greeted by raspy, distressed yelling from Yerin and Yuju, while Yewon and Eunbi held a phone above their heads. They were playing Heads Up! and nobody seemed to notice them standing by the door. 


Anyone could tell by how flushed Yewon and Yuju were, Eunbi’s tired and unfocused eyes, and Yerin’s intensified loudness that they were all wasted. Not a single sober person in sight. 


“A sport on water… wow… swimming? Diving?” 




“Oh, for the love of- can you give better hints?!” Eunbi held onto the table like she would flip it had the duo said another useless hint. “Like, what the fuck is ‘Sports! Water! Wow! Splash!’?!” 


“Well, use your brain! It goes like… Pshhh! Woosh! And it makes you go Woooo!” Yuju sounded it out, mimicked a rowing action with her entire body swerving left and right on nonexistent lanes. 


The time reached zero and the guessers only got two points. “It was water skiing… god, you suck.” 


“Says you!” 


Yewon looked to her left and saw the couple watching them in amusement. “Oh, welcome back!” 


Yerin stood up with her arms wide open. “If it isn’t my favorite couple in the whole wide world! Hi, I'm Jung Yerin. Welcome to my crib!” 


The apple on top of Eunbi’s head (it was really just her hair tied up in a bun with a plastic leaf stuck in between) dinged in realization.  “Right! How’d it go?! I assume it went well.” 


Yuju leaned back on her chair with a knowing smile on her face. “They don’t even have to say it. The look on their faces screams ‘We’re together’ and possibly ‘We kissed but that’s our secret… for now’.” 


Eunbi slammed a Monopoly paper bill on the table, “Betting $100 they kissed!” 


Yerin tagged along as well, increasing the value to $500. Only Yewon was on the opposing team. “Hey, it’s all up to you two if you wanna tell us.” 


The returnees closed the door behind them. “We’re official.” 


“Woah, like Facebook official?” 


“Yes, Yerin. It’s that serious.” 


Eunbi walked to them with a tray of shots. “Shot! Shot! Shot!” 


Sojung wanted to run away, “Where the hell did that tray come from?!” 


“Oh, we prepared it in advance.” 


“Just drink it, pussy!” Yuju yelled then snuggled up next to Yewon. 


“Yeah, Sowon.” Eunha joined in the fun. It wasn’t every day she got to be on the teasing team, not when her height and cuteness made her an easy target. “Drink with me or I’m breaking up with you.” 


There was a collective “Ooh” from the general public. 


The party organizer-slash-holder-slash-host-slash-”The Reason Why Sojung Had The Balls To Confess” stepped in, “Before that, do you, Miss Kim Sojung, got anything you'd like to say?” 


Sojung knew where this was going. She stepped on the chair like it was an awards show stage. “Good evening, everyone. First of all, I’d like to thank Jung Yerin for making the magic happen. And thank you Hwang Eunbi, Choi Yuna, and Kim Yewon for helping out as well. You are my, as Yewon once adorably captioned in her 2014 Instagram post, ‘My BFFZ4LYFE XD’. Thank you for listening to me yell my brains out at 3 A.M. because of Eunha. And speaking of…” She paused and stared at her girlfriend. “Thank you, Jung Eunbi, AKA Eunha, AKA my sunshine, for not running away and making me feel like a weirdo for having feelings. I love you so much and I can’t wait to see where this level in our relationship leads us.” She formally bowed and stepped off her chair, everyone clapped and laughed at how flustered the eldest looked. Her impromptu speech was recorded by Eunbi, who had a demonic smile on her face. She planned to send it in their group chat the next day. 


Sojung clung onto Eunha, “I wanna go home...” The blonde was in awe. 


“You’re such a big baby! I love you!” Her hands reached out for a shot glass and so did her “big baby”. Before downing the drink, she pecked Sojung on the lips like they had been together for as long as their friends have been. “Here’s to us.” 


“To us.” 


The party was only getting started.