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How May I Assist You?

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Yennefer glanced at her watch again for the fifth time in the last ten minutes. She sat down at the café patio with her arms folded as she scanned the nearby traffic light for a sign of the person who had arranged to meet today for a morning coffee before work. If she were to continue waiting, she would be late for work. She does not care about being punctual for work, but she is no fool to wait here under the hot morning sun. 

A chime from her phone alerted her and Yennefer opened the chat hoping it was Jaskier sending her a text on an update of his arrival time. Turns out, it was a message from her superior, Stregobor informing that there will be an impromptu morning meeting with the new branch service manager. Yennefer looked through the glass door of the café and back to the time on her phone screen. She contemplated ditching Jaskier and still have time to sip her coffee by the time she made it back to the branch, uniform changed.

A familiar mop of dark hair appeared in her peripheral vision and she yelled from her spot, at the man dragging his feet past the zebra crossing. Judging by his sluggish movement, he obviously was not fully awake yet. “Dude, you’re fucking late.”

Yennefer turned towards the entrance with Jaskier lagging slowly behind her. “You’re supposed to be punctual when you-” Yennefer stopped mid-speech as she swore, after being propelled backwards by a shadow of a smaller body rushing to exit the café just as she was about to enter. Cradling her left arm to her chest, Yennefer assessed the damage on her elbow caused by the lady’s handbag.

It all happened so fast. She did not have time to take her arm out of the way. The woman’s handbag took her arm in its path, leaving a tingling pain in her left hand, reverberating from her wrist to her upper shoulder. The smaller woman practically forced herself out of the café by pushing open the other door, not taking in Yennefer’s presence in her rush. The perpetrator has disappeared down the street, reduced to a small dot by the time Yennefer looked up from her arm. She decided that the woman must be so rigid like how tight her hair bun was, that she could not have given way to her first.

Yennefer placed her order and turned to Jaskier for his choice. She drummed her fingers on the counter as she watched the cashier fumbled with the terminal, seeking assistance from her neighbour for help after selecting the wrong button. Yennefer was not always nasty, but she does not have time to be patient today with only ten minutes to grab her coffee and go. She glimpsed at the tag pinned to her beige apron noting her name. Jaskier’s indecisiveness was not aiding the cashier. The lady’s eyes darted between Jaskier and the ever-growing morning crowd that was starting to lengthen behind them.

Yennefer secretly hoped that the cashier’s finger would slip and keyed a triple shot instead of a double shot like that one time, almost causing Jaskier to go into an asthma attack from heart palpitations. Then again, remembering how Jaskier broke into a cold sweat and turned pale in the face, she decided it was not a good experience for anyone. As much as she hated Jaskier for being late, that seemed too harsh a punishment for him.

The lady gave an uneasy smile and apologised for being new when Yennefer looked up from her phone while they stare at each other, waiting for the coffee.

“It’s okay, Anica.” Yennefer flashed a smile, hoping to calm her down. “Take all the time you need as long as you get our orders correct.” Anica’s eyes reddened slightly at Yennefer’s words. Shit, she didn’t mean it that way.

She really needed to work on her social skills like what Triss advised, she was always too blunt. Two cups of coffee plopped on the counter in front of her and Yennefer could not make it in time to apologise to Anica. When Yennefer dropped a five dollars bill into the tip jar, she made sure to catch her attention and gave a lame thumbs-up sign as a way of apology.


Tissaia walked as fast as she could especially in the restricting pencil skirt, she had chosen for work today. It proved a wrong choice to wear heels on the first day of work when you are trying to be punctual and not fall face flat on the ground. Of all days, the train had to have a minor malfunction, causing her to be behind schedule by ten minutes. She gave herself a pat on the back for her smart decision to leave house thirty minutes earlier. Of course, in her haste she had forgotten her umbrella. Now, the blistering heat is unforgiving as it burns on her back. She hoped that her white blouse would not be see-through by the time she reaches the branch.

She took to a slight sprint, trying to make it on time over the other side of the road before the traffic light turned red, wasting more time. Making sure there was no coffee spilt, she continued her quick strides. The soft knocks on the glass door were unanswered and she struck her knuckles louder the second time. The stoic security personnel who was seated at the far end corner of the branch stood up and pressed the access button to allow her entrance.

Tissaia dangled her lanyard in front of the tall man as he peered down on her. The stark white hair that he held back in a ponytail caught her attention. She noticed he was tall and even with her heels, her head only reached his chest. She raised her neck slightly to glance at the label of his name sewn on the left side of his jacket. Geralt, she retained the name in her mind. She stared back at him, observing a faint scar across his face as he matched her face against her photo id. He stood by the opened door to let her in when he deemed her not a customer. How befitting for an intimidating presence as the bank security. 

Settling her bag on the desk, she noticed Stregobor was already at his seat. She held back a spiteful remark about him ignoring her knocks at the door. It was still early, and she does not wish to have her day ruined by a small matter. She hoped that the administration department would have settled her access by the end of the day. She would not be escorted like a prisoner whenever she must enter a certain access point. She logged on to the terminal, and from the reflection of the dark screen, she could see Stregobor’s sight lingering on her legs by the corner of his eyes.

Tissaia cleared her throat and could not wait for the computer to load any quicker so she could lock the screen and leave the room. She was used to lingering attention, but such attention from the old man was just unnerving.


Yennefer and Jaskier practically ran towards the branch as they had only ten minutes to change and be work appropriate for the meeting at the ground floor. Yennefer reached first, laughter filling the silent banking hall as she attempted to smack the door in Jaskier’s face. The door closed too slow for Yennefer’s liking and Jaskier managed to stick his foot through the tiny gap. Geralt came up and held the door for him, as he took the other cup of coffee from his hand. “Morning, darling.” He bent down slightly to minimise the distance between their heights for Jaskier to place a kiss on his cheek.

Yennefer left the cup of coffee on her designated counter, making sure to leave the cup cover open as the air conditioner cool the hot liquid fast. She tapped her fingers on the counter surface as she waited for the screen to boot up. Sabrina could have her counter another day because today Yennefer had booked for that place. She opened her cash position and inserted a piece of paper into the printer as she requested the amount of cash she needed for the day. Slapping the piece of paper down at the empty space, Yennefer signed on the attendance book and made haste for the second floor.

The uniform stuck to her skin as she attempted to get dressed faster. Rushing down the stairs, she knocked Jaskier out of her way. They were the last ones to be ready and it was better to be second last than last. Jaskier gasped, almost rolling down the stairs had it not been the railing he grabbed blindly. Yennefer lifted the sides of her skirt slightly with both hands, as she quickened her descent down the stairs in her heels. She giggled as she imagined she was a dainty lady, rushing to meet her potential suitor.

Yennefer joined the lineup with Jaskier joining her shortly after. Checking from her reflection on the phone screen, she made sure her hair was tidy and presentable. She rolled her eyes at how everyone was standing in a straight line; their backs ridiculously ramrod straight. They were in a bank and not a camp for guerrilla training. The door opened and Yennefer’s ears perked up at the clicks of heels on the marble tiles.

She strained her neck, trying to contain her excitement for the new female boss. As the lady made her round, Yennefer was given a peek of red toenails in black peep-toe heels. Her gaze trailed up the smooth skin of a slightly muscular calf until it was cut off by the hem of her pencil skirt. The dark colour of her skirt contrasted against pale skin. The lady in question continued her stride and Yennefer took in her side profile. A pair of black frame spectacles sat on her nose. Yennefer decided this lady must have a stick up her ass because not once was there a hint of a smile on her face as she walked past each employee as if sizing them up. Would it kill her to give a small smile?

Yennefer licked her lips as she scanned the woman in front of her, taking in her attire. The smaller woman reached Yennefer in a few strides and the chattering stopped as everybody snapped their attention towards them. Up close, Yennefer realised the lady was gorgeous with her jawline so sharp, she wished to run her index over it to test if it draws blood.

Yennefer froze when the woman in front of her lifted her hands and tugged at her collar. Her fingers cool to touch against warm skin as she tidied up her uniform collar. Yennefer exhaled, unaware that she had been holding her breath. One hand lingered on her collar and the other one reached out for the name tag on the right sight of Yennefer’s chest, lifting the name tag slightly to scan for her name. The scent of musk wafted around them and Yennefer fought the urge to just close her eyes as she inhaled the sillage of her perfume in her path. “Yennefer?” The woman read her name slowly as if testing how it sounded like on her tongue.

Yennefer secretly liked the way her name sounded coming from the woman’s lips. But she hated how quickly she perked up at the mention of her name, so she settled for keeping mum and chanced a look at the lady. Piercing blue eyes bore into her violet ones and Yennefer felt like her deepest thoughts were being exposed. She refused to break eye contact first and neither does the smaller woman. A chin jutted out defiantly as it turned into a staring competition. Yennefer knew she lost when the tip of a pink tongue darted out to wet dry lips. Her eyes dropped to pink lips that were shining with gloss. It does not help that she realised her heart rate has not returned to its normal speed after the collar tug.

“Please button up your blouse, Yennefer.” Yennefer cursed when she peered down at her unbuttoned blouse, black lace peeking through. Turning back, she quickly did her buttons and gave Sabrina a stink eye. That bitch did not warn her when they helped each other made sure they were presentable before coming down. Sabrina simply shrugged her shoulder; an action Yennefer knew that it meant tic for tac for occupying her counter. Jaskier heaved a sigh of relief at escaping the intense scrutiny of the lady as she made her way to stand in the middle of the banking hall.

“I’m Tissaia De Vries, the new branch service manager.” Tissaia’s voice cut through the commotion loud and clear, effectively silencing the sniggers. “I expect discipline and good sales.” Yennefer swore she saw the petite woman stood up straighter as she clasped her hands together, resting them on her stomach. “If you want something in return, I expect you to work hard for it.” Yennefer groaned softly at the power of dominance Tissaia emitted that was causing the flutters in her lower belly.

“Yennefer, please make sure you are presentable at all times.” Yennefer was unsure if it was due to the height difference but Tissaia’s eyes lingered on her chest. With that, the smaller woman swivelled on her heels and turned her back to them, leaving Yennefer like a goldfish gasping for air out of water. This was not how she wanted to impress the new boss. Also, she may be developing a crush for her boss.