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A paw-fect plan

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“I told you not to let her drink the potion!”

“Really? I could have sworn you looked her right in the eyes and said Yennefer , drink this mysterious glowing liquid that we have no idea what it actually is.” 

“This is not funny Sabrina; I don’t know how to undo this.”

Course you do. A little sprinkle of this and a little dash of that-”

“I’m serious, I don’t know what ingredients were used, what enchantments were incanted and not even mentioning how long the effects will last.”

Sabrina stopped in her tracks and met Triss’s eyes, “Hot damn, you’re not joking.”

“Really Bree? What part of this” she says, waving her hands off in the distance “looks like I’m joking! What are we going to do ? We could, no that wouldn’t work. Oh, what if we went – no Yennefer’s banned there. Perhaps we could-”

Sabrina watched Triss pace back and forth suggesting many hypothetical resolutions that could get them out of this mess. Any outside eyes watching would be witnessing what could only be described as Triss having a complete and utter breakdown outside of the inn . She would almost feel sorry for her if the predicament they had got themselves into wasn’t such a spectacular shit show.

Sabrina sighed and made her away across to Triss . “Look, it’s quite  evident we don’t have so much as an inkling as to what that potion was. We do however know someone that will.”

Triss gave Sabrina a deadpanned expression, “We can’t go there! What on earth do you think she will say when we turn up with Yennefer like that? Oh dear god she’s going to kill us.”

“Us, no? You on the other hand.”

“Me? You were the one that convinced me to come in the first place; I would have been quite content with our original plan of  tea and scones!”

“Which is precisely why we overruled you and decided never to let you organise a party ever again.”


“Do you really think of Yennefer would have turned up if our grand idea of a reunion was sitting round a cosy little table drinking tea with scones? What next, we paint each other’s nails and giggle about our crushes and reminisce over the good old days?”

Triss looks guiltily at Sabrina who’s jaw hits the floor and laughs loud enough for the entirety of Temeria to hear.

“Well, I can truthfully say none of us will be forgetting this reunion in a hurry.”

Triss sighs and sits down at the nearest bench, her shoulders slumped in defeat. “We really are going to have to face her,  aren’t we?”

Sabrina shares a small smile and sits next to her on the bench. “She’s the only person left in all the realm that doesn’t want Yennefer’s head on a spike.”

Triss nods in agreement. “She’d bend over backwards for that girl.”

“Yeah she would,” Sabrina says, gifting Triss a wink and waggling her eyebrows.

“Not like that! You really do have a filthy mind sometimes you know.”

“You know what they say , filthy head makes you better in bed.”

“I don’t think anyone ever says that Bree.”

They sit still for a few more minutes. Both quite content in each other company, and for once in Sabrina’s case, silence. Though Sabrina knew as well as Triss they were just stalling for time before they had to go and face the inevitable.

“What are we going to say to her?” Triss whispers breaking the silence.

Sabrina mulls the question over for a minute. She knew Triss was  stressing out over the whole ordeal , which frankly wasn’t anyone’s fault other than Yennefer’s. Well, that’s the story she is going with and by god she is going to stick with it.

“We tell her the truth. We all met up, had a few to drink and Yennefer suffered the consequences.”

Triss laughed for the first time since she’d left the inn. “Pretty twisted version of the truth though.”

“Well.” Sabrina pondered her idea out loud, “We could explain the unfortunate situation we may have gotten ourselves into and then once she understands and isn’t ready to zap us over an active volcano or the like , we could show her Yennefer and portal on out of there before she’s none the wiser.”

“Yen is our friend Sabrina, we can’t leave her now, especially this vulnerable, who knows what she will get herself into.”

“Friend is a strong word.” She mutters quietly to herself earning a firm slap on the arm from Triss . Apparently not quietly enough she thinks.

“Besides, you know she can quite easily track us down if she wanted to. No, it’s better to be truthful and open about the whole situation. Honesty is the best policy” she says giving a firm nod as if she was trying to convince even herself that this “situation” was completely normal and happened to absolutely everyone.

Sabrina groaned, “Why does it feel like we are going home to our mother who we know is going to ground us for eternity.”

“She practically is our mother, she raised us after all.”

“Doesn’t mean she won’t hesitate to stab us with a pitchfork when we show our faces.”

Triss stands up and makes her way over to an open space a small distance away from the inn and beckons for Sabrina to come over. Sabrina lets out a loud exhale and ambles on over to stand next to Triss .

“Aren’t we forgetting someone?” Sabrina says nudging the mage next to her whose eyes suddenly snapped back to the present.

“Oh of course, silly me. YEEENNEEFFEERRR!” She screams from the top of her lungs practically making Sabrina fall over from shock.

“Give me heads up before you decide to burst my ear drums and  give me an early heart attack !” She growls, straightening herself back up and combing the creases out of her dress.

Triss smiles sheepishly towards Sabrina with a quiet “sorry” before the door to the inn opens and they greeted by a little black puppy trudging along the dirt path to meet them. She was barely taller than the livestock around them and was having a slight difficulty navigating her way around the population of drunken guests who decided now, would be as good as time as any to take the afterparty outside.

Triss sighed and scooped up Yennefer, balancing the puppy on her hip whilst handpicking out clumps of mud that had already managed to dry in her fur. She takes a breath in and conjures a portal to Aretuza.

“Well, let’s get this out of the way then.” As they all make their way through the shimmering light that Triss knew would ultimately lead them to their doom. It always did when Yennefer was involved after all.