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you're all of my tomorrows

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Daisuke's trying to be a good boyfriend. 

Not very long ago, he and Haru had decided to move in together.

They had spent several weeks living in Daisuke's mansion, until Haru admitted that the huge house and amount of staff intimidated him beyond belief. Purchasing a new, high-end apartment was no problem, of course, and delighted Daisuke even. He was surprised that Haru had accepted, under the condition that he paid for things like their water bill and groceries. Daisuke initially hadn't wanted to let him pay for anything, but they had settled on certain improvisations. 

Ever since moving in together, Haru had said that he wanted to reset his extremely unhealthy lifestyle, and thus now goes for a run every morning, at five am like clockwork, despite how tired he is.

Daisuke always finds himself waking up with him. He’s not sure if it’s from the dull noise of Haru moving around their bedroom, or the unpleasant chill that washes over him when Haru leaves the bed.

Usually he’d force himself back to sleep to feel more rested for the day, but it’s Saturday, and neither of them needed to be at work so he clumsily puts on his robe and stumbles into the kitchen. 

While Haru now includes a routinary morning run, Daisuke on the other hand, has taken to learning how to cook. As much as he loved eating Haru’s homemade meals, he was beginning to feel bad that Haru did all of the work in their kitchen, especially since he refuses to dine out, or buy take out, more than twice a week.

He’s got a long way to go before he’s actually able to prepare meals as delicious as Haru’s, but at least he doesn’t burn their rice anymore, and can actually cook pretty decent breakfast omelettes. 

He only manages to crush some garlic and scoop some rice when he sees it. It’s in one of the cupboards, next to a bottle of seasoning and has him stumbling back into the counter, curling his legs up under him in case it decides to move.

He considers throwing the pot next to him but in his experience, that never works and the sudden impact only ends up agitating them and making them fly.

He doesn’t know how long he sits on the counter, hugging his knees against his chest as he stares at the unmoving insect, but eventually he hears the front door open and close, followed by the sound of Haru’s footsteps padding inside the apartment.

“Dai, what are you doing?”

Haru looks way too good for someone who's been on a run at five AM, in his loose shirt and pair of grey shorts. When he gets closer, Daisuke feels safe enough to lean forward. He unfolds his tightly wound legs, now letting them dangle off the counter, and wipes at Haru’s brow with the edge of his robe sleeve.

“I was trying to make breakfast for you," Daisuke says. He's forlorn as he looks at the cups of rice and crushed garlic sitting on the opposite counter. He would’ve been finished if it wasn’t for the wretched insect, but now Haru is going to be hungry.

“You’re so good to me,” Haru says, stepping forward so he’s standing between Daisuke’s open legs. He kisses Daisuke, stroking the tension from his thighs, rubbing at his back and pulling him closer until Daisuke is nearly on the edge of the counter. Daisuke is still taut with anxiety but Haru's soft hands and gentle movements make him relax into the touch, wrapping his arms around his neck.

Daisuke can’t bring himself to let Haru go, burying his face in his shirt when Haru breaks their kiss. Haru probably wouldn’t agree, especially after he has just finished his run, but his smell is comforting.

“And you didn’t even burn the kitchen down.”

“I wasn't even able to turn on the stove,” Daisuke says into Haru’s shoulder, the words coming out irritated but too muffled for Haru to actually be able to tell.

“Sorry,” Haru says, tone indulgent as he runs nimble fingers through Daisuke’s hair, working through the tiny knots that have formed during his sleep. “I can help you cook, you know.”

Daisuke wants to say that he wishes to do it for him, but the words get lodged in his throat.

Haru nudges their noses together until Daisuke looks up. His eyes are bright and knowing and Daisuke can tell what he’s about to say before he even says it.

“It’s the thought that counts.” 

He’d be right, except for the fact that Haru has now taken to saying that no matter what Daisuke does or doesn’t do. Haru can’t eat his thoughts.

Daisuke doesn’t dignify Haru with an answer, choosing to hide his face in the junction between his neck and shoulder instead.

“Do you have to be so cute?” Haru asks.

“Haru,” Daisuke hums, nuzzling into his shoulder, unsure if he wants Haru to stop and let go of him so they can actually make and eat breakfast or.. 

He doesn’t know how to tell him.

Haru pushes him away, one firm hand on his shoulder and the other on his face. Daisuke leans into the touch, letting his eyes close. He feels safe now that Haru is around. When he opens his eyes again, Haru exhales deep, stroking his cheek.

“I should go take a shower before I end up doing something else,” Haru says, moving to step back from the V of Daisuke’s legs.

But Daisuke doesn’t let him.

“No!” he exclaims suddenly, feet locking together to keep Haru in place.

“Daisuke, what’s going on?” Haru asks, confused but suddenly feeling more alert. He looks around the kitchen suspiciously, searching for the source of Daisuke’s fear. 

“Did something happen?" Haru asks. There's worry in his voice, and the protectiveness makes Daisuke feel warm.

He's about to shake his head in response, but manages to stop himself. He’s embarrassed, but he knows that there’s absolutely no way that he’s getting off this counter without Haru’s help. He exhales deep through his nose, before finally opening his mouth to say..

“There’s a cockroach.”

Haru stares at him blankly for a few moments before his lips curl into a small smirk. It makes Daisuke want to both shove him away, and at the same time pull him closer so he can hide his face again.

“A cockroach?”

“Yes,” Daisuke says in a small voice, “Don’t laugh at me.”

“I’m not laughing,” Haru says, even though Daisuke can hear the evident smile in his voice, “Where is it?”

“In the cupboard above the counter.” 

Haru pecks the frown from his lips before stepping back and peeking into the cupboard Daisuke left hanging open.

He watches Haru take out a few of the bottles from the cupboard before picking up one of their indoor slippers and swiftly whipping it against one of the inside surfaces.

Daisuke flinches at the sound.

He watches as Haru rips some tissue from the roll they keep on the counter.

“Haru!” Daisuke yells suddenly.

Haru nearly drops the dead pest that he's just picked up with the tissue, startled by Daisuke’s scream. 

“What!? What is it?”

“Don’t put it in the bin. Take it outside.”

"You want me to put it directly in the garbage?" Haru rolls his eyes at the unreasonable request even though he's about to comply anyway.

“Haru,” Daisuke draws out. He squirms from where he’s sitting on the counter, the sight of the cockroach in Haru’s hand making him squeamish, “Take it outside, please.”

Haru merely snickers as he brushes past him to get rid of it. Daisuke hears their front door opening, then about a minute later, Haru’s footsteps coming back inside.

“It’s gone now," Haru says definitely, going to the sink to scrub his hands.

“Thank you,” Daisuke says, quietly. Haru finishes washing his hands, wiping them on the towelette hanging by the sink.

He steps between Daisuke's legs again, kissing him gently. It doesn’t take long for his hot mouth to move to his neck, and Daisuke’s head falls back against the cupboards, goosebumps rising on his morning warmed skin.

“Don’t you think I deserve a reward for saving you?”

“Yes.” Daisuke says, voice punctuated by a high pitched gasp when Haru pulls his robe to the side to bite at the junction between his shoulder and neck. “That’s why you should let me finish cooking."

“I don’t want to eat food now.”

“Haru,” Daisuke whines, “It’s barely six.”

“So? It’s your fault for tempting me.”

“What did I do?”

Daisuke makes an embarrassing noise that is close to a squeak when Haru completely rips off the top of his robe, the fabric pooling around his waist. 

They’re on the twelfth floor, but the window is right there.

Haru kisses him, rough. His hands are already working on the bottom half of his robe, hiking the length of it up past Daisuke’s thighs. All Daisuke can do is wrap his arms around Haru's neck, steadying himself amidst his boyfriend's frantic movements.

Daisuke keens when Haru moves lower, tongue laving at his nipple before biting lightly. It stings but still has him pushing into Haru’s mouth until he’s swollen.

“I haven’t taken a shower yet,” Daisuke gasps, in his last attempt to get Haru off of him. It’s a performative struggle, at best.

“I like it better that way,” Haru says, “You taste sweeter in the morning.”

Daisuke’s breath stutters when he feels Haru’s hard on press against his hole, through his shorts. Their hips are pressed so close, and his body takes over his mind, pushing back against Haru. It must take him by surprise because his eyes become heated.

Haru drags Daisuke’s briefs off, but doesn’t take any of his own clothes off, just pulling his cock out so he can shove himself between Daisuke’s thighs. There’s something about it that makes Daisuke feel naughty, him essentially naked and Haru fully clothed.

But once they’re both ready, Haru stops.

“Wait.. the lube—"

“It’s okay,” Daisuke pants, drawing Haru closer to him with his legs, “It’s fine.”

Haru stops, pulling away to give him a stern look, “I’d never hurt you like that.” He pinches at Daisuke’s waist, to reprimand him, “Don’t let me.”

An irritated look crosses Daisuke's face briefly and he relaxes his legs the slightest. Haru's about to make a beeline to their bedroom to grab the half empty bottle of lube in the bedside drawer that they used just the night before, but Daisuke's legs tighten around him again. 

There's a scowl on Daisuke's face as he turns his upper body around and opens one of the cabinets behind his head.

“You put lube in the kitchen?! In the same cupboard where we keep plates?” Haru asks, incredulous.

“Daisuke, my sisters came over for dinner last week, what if they accidentally saw it?”

“They didn’t,” Haru says, “Because I hide everything whenever your family comes over."

Haru opens his mouth to berate him again, but Daisuke shoots down whatever reprimand he's about to say before it even leaves his lips.

"Shut up. You're the one getting horny in the kitchen. I don't think you're in any position to be complaining about this," he says, eyebrows furrowed together as he shoves the bottle of lube into Haru's hands.

Haru tsks and decides to save his retorts, much to Daisuke's delight. He takes the bottle from him, snapping the cap open with his thumb and squirting a generous amount onto his fingers. 

Daisuke lets out a long exhale as Haru presses a slick finger into him. Haru’s fingers are long and slender, always reaching the deepest parts of him, rendering Daisuke breathless every time. He whimpers whenever Haru pulls them out, but gasps when they're pushed back in.

Daisuke has taken to wrapping his arms around Haru's neck again, keeping himself balanced on the counter, so Haru lets go of him, his now free hand moving to stroke his cock.

“You’re so wet already,” Haru says, thumbing at the head and spreading the precum that gathers at the tip. His fingers continue to sink in without resistance, the wet heat wanting. Daisuke can feel his eyes start to tear up in embarrassment, so he covers his face with his arms.

“Stop it," he attempts to sound stern, as if he has any semblance of control over the situation, but it comes out as a pathetic whimper. He should have learned by now that Haru just takes that as a challenge. He twists his fingers, thrusting them quick and steady to make Daisuke cry.

“No,” Haru says, “Not until you tell me what you want.”

They love this game of egging each other on until one is eventually helpless and loses control. On any other day, Daisuke would make Haru work harder to get him to beg, but right now he's desperate.

“Fuck me, Haru, please—" It only takes those words to get Haru to hoist Daisuke’s calves up higher, lining his cock up with his hole. Daisuke moans, nodding deliriously as he starts to push inside him.

Daisuke has to bite down on Haru’s shoulder so he doesn’t bite his own tongue. Haru sinks into him until their hips are flush together, until Daisuke can feel every twitch of his cock inside of him.

His arms and legs tighten around Haru when he starts to pull his hips back, until only the head is pressed inside.


Daisuke doesn’t get a chance to adjust, before Haru is thrusting into him with a sharp snap of his hips. It’s so abrupt, his head almost bangs against the overhead cabinet directly behind him.

“Haru,” Daisuke tries again, before giving up, his eyes near rolling back. He tries to meet Haru’s thrusts with the roll of his hips but Haru’s grip is unforgiving, forcing him still so all he can do is take.

“You don’t know what it does to me,” Haru pants, hips shoving harder with every short thrust. The force pushes Daisuke up the counter and has him tightening his hold on Haru to keep himself upright. “Seeing you like this.”

“Like what—?” Daisuke barely manages to get his question out before Haru hooks his arms under his calves and thrusts in again, this time holding himself still where he’s buried deep inside Daisuke’s body.

“In our apartment,” Haru growls, “Waiting for me, cooking for me. It’s like.. ”

He doesn’t finish. His hips pick up again, thrusts now long and deliberate, until Daisuke is shaking from the drag of it. He can’t focus on anything except how he’s squirming on Haru’s dick.

“What?” Daisuke gasps.

“It’s like you’re mine.” Haru sounds like he’s been punched; with how much he wants it. “Like you married me.”

Daisuke doesn’t expect the keen he lets out at that, the fantasy so heady he almost comes.

“I would,” Daisuke says, and he’s embarrassed at the tears in his eyes. Not just from how fucked out he is, but from how much love he feels for Haru. It’s pouring out of him.

“You know I would.”

Haru pulls back so he can look at Daisuke’s face and his eyes are wet too.

“Would you?”

Daisuke nods, sniffling so he doesn’t end up bursting into tears. Haru kisses him, hard, at the confirmation, and that stops being a problem. His hands move down to Daisuke’s ass, holding him still before he picks up another hard pace.

Daisuke can hear how loud Haru is groaning in his ear, despite how his own cries rival. But they’re both distant compared to the sound of Haru’s hips slapping against his ass, and the obscene squelch the lube makes with every thrust of Haru’s hips.

Daisuke feels like he’s in a daze when Haru starts to speak again, “I’m going to fuck you every morning, just like this,” Haru says, “I’m gonna take you on every surface of this apartment, and make you come all the time, just from me fucking you. Do you want that?”

“Yes, I want it,” Daisuke’s words slur together, unsure whether Haru even understands him with how incoherent he is. He sobs when Haru hits the deepest spot inside him, and it’s so much, too much. His nails dig uselessly at Haru’s hips, unsure if he wants to push him away or pull him closer.

Haru’s hips are suddenly moving faster, Daisuke bouncing on his cock with every thrust until his hold on him falters.  His hands move to grip at the edge of the counter instead. 

Daisuke has been attempting to muffle his noises, but he can’t hold back the scream that escapes him when he cums, his entire body shaking.

He spills between them, but Haru doesn’t slow down, hips moving faster to chase his own release.

Daisuke goes to wrap his arms around his neck again,  pressing their foreheads together.

“I love you, Haru. I love you so much, I—”

Haru’s orgasm is abrupt, hips stilling as he buries himself deep inside Daisuke. His lips press against Daisuke’s neck so he can bite down.

He rides it out with more long and rough thrusts, cumming so hard, and so much, that Daisuke feels it start to seep from his hole before Haru even pulls out.

When he finally does, the amount of cum and slick that starts to trickle down his thighs is indecent. Without the support of Haru’s strong arms around him, his legs fall open, limp.

Daisuke doesn’t want to let go, so he keeps his arms locked around Haru, even as the mess cools between them.

They're bathing in the afterglow, silent as they catch up on their breath, when Haru asks, “Do you mean what you said?” He places a hand on Daisuke’s face and makes their eyes meet, thumb stroking his cheek. “Would you marry me one day?”

Daisuke’s breath catches in his throat.

He sometimes forgets that just a few months ago, Haru was stuck in his own head, all poisonous thoughts and self destructive habits. Haru's been doing so well recently he was practically glowing, and it's easy to forget that he's harboring the most insecurities, like thinking that Daisuke marrying him is even a question.

Daisuke leans forward, kissing Haru tenderly.

“If you want me, yes.”

Haru looks the way he did when Daisuke had asked him to be his, all those years ago. As if Daisuke has just given him the best gift in the world with those mere words. It was the moment Daisuke understood that the most precious things in his life came without a price tag.

Haru kisses him again, hands settling on his waist. He pulls Daisuke closer, near grinding between his legs despite the mess they already made. When it turns into actual grinding, Daisuke stops him with a firm hand between their lips.

“No,” Daisuke says, “Look at what you already did to me.” They’re going to have to disinfect their kitchen at least three times.

Haru snickers. It makes Daisuke scowl, but Haru isn't fazed. He helps Daisuke off the counter and on to his feet, pushing him towards the bedroom with a guiding hand on his waist.

“Go take a bath, I’ll finish making breakfast.”

“But I wanted to make it for you,” Daisuke repeats his words from before their fuck session, tone back to irritated.

“You already fed me.”

“Haru!” Daisuke tries to punch him on the shoulder, but his unsteady stance and weak limbs allows Haru to dodge his fist effortlessly.

Before he can try again, Haru catches his wrist and kisses his forehead, mumbling, “You have the rest of our lives to cook for me.”

He says it easily, like it’s a given. Daisuke feels his heart swell. He was just reminded of Haru's insecurities. He knows that there’s poison planted in Haru's head that tells him Daisuke will get tired of him, that he'll bother him too much, eventually, or that Daisuke won’t want him anymore. 

The words remind him that Haru is healing, and that the time they're taking wasn't and will never be wasted.

“Okay,” Daisuke says simply, pressing one last kiss to Haru’s cheek before going to take his bath.

He thinks, if Haru can believe that they'll marry someday, then Daisuke will do his utmost best to make it happen.