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Leave It All Behind

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A Year After, White House, Night-Time

Bill looked at Lafayette Square from where he stood inside the Presidential Suite. He took a deep breath and a small smile appeared on his face, thinking about the changes in his life. He couldn’t imagine that he would arrive at this day - where he felt at peace. He felt his heart full, and that he could fall in love all over again. A year ago, he was skeptical. He didn't even think he would get married and have a family, but his life took a full turn when he met Hillary.

When he became a President all he wanted was to be successful and to bring America back to its former glory. He didn't expect that the Universe had a surprise for him - Hillary and their daughter, Chelsea.

Bill and Hillary got married the following month secretly in Arkansas. They extended their invitation to Hillary's parents but neither are expecting her father to arrive. However, to their surprise, Hugh arrived.

Before the wedding started, Hugh talked to Bill.

"My arrival here doesn't change the fact that I am still skeptical about you. If you ever hurt my daughter, so help me God, I will make you pay."

Bill nodded, grateful that Hugh set aside his disdain to walk Hillary on the aisle.

Hugh, Dorothy, and Hillary exchanged embraces. When it was Hugh's turn to hold her, he told Hillary: "I may not agree on your decisions but it is still my dream to walk you down the aisle."

Despite the strict measures, the media, paparazzi, and the press were still able to capture the moment. It was both very historic and scandalous. 

It didn't really matter to Hillary and Bill that their marriage was enveloped with criticism and praise. What mattered was they were together. They answered questions at them, but Bill partly felt so bad for Hillary because of how she was being treated by the media. They called her an opportunist and ambitious bitch seducing whoever would help catapult her to power. But Hillary was stronger than that. She didn’t flinch nor she showed weakness facing her critics and it was something that Bill loved about her.

Few months after their wedding, their next blessing was Chelsea's arrival. 

The moment that Bill held Chelsea's in his arms - a sudden burst of love and joy engulfed him. It was the same feeling when he fell in love with Hillary. 

He stood next to Hillary’s bed while he brushed his lips on Chelsea’s soft head.

“I love you,” He remembered whispering to their daughter.

It was amazing, he thought, how this little bundle of joy and love that he held could make him very soft. He might not have the best childhood but swore that he would make Chelsea’s life the best. He would be the best father for her and he would make sure that Chelsea has a future to look forward to. It was in Bill’s hands to make that happen.

“Hey, aren't you going back to bed?” Hillary asked, her voice hoarse from sleep. 

Bill snapped from reminiscing and turned his head towards Hillary who got up from the bed. Bill smiled then went to her. 

“How are you feeling”? He asked as he sat on the edge of the bed next to her. Hillary complained earlier of her back, so she retreated to their bedroom earlier than usual. 

Hillary gave him a weak smile. “I feel better,” She responded. “Where’s Chelsea?” She asked looking around, her eyes darted to the crib near their bed.

Bill leaned and kissed her forehead. “She’s already asleep. You should get some sleep too.”

"Why are you still awake?" She asked. 

He brushed her forehead, "Just looking at Lafayette," He said. “Some habits are hard to break.”

Hillary smiled and reached to brush his cheek, “You should sleep more. You don’t sleep at all.”

“I have a country to run, Sweetheart.” He joked.

"Come to bed," Hillary said, patting the space beside her. "We have to wake up early for Tiff's memorial service."

Bill obeyed. He climbed on the bed and settled next to Hillary spooning her. Bill's thought shifted towards Al, thinking how he was considering Tiffany's death. They all knew that she got one year, but last month, her condition worsened. His heart goes to Al who was now left alone to take care of their children. 

It made Bill think of the fragility of life and he couldn't help but tightened his hold around Hillary. He couldn't imagine his life now without her, without Chelsea. 

"I love you," He whispered, dropping a kiss on her nape before he closed his eyes and succumbed to sleep. 


Nashville Grand Baptist Church, Tennessee, Early Morning

Bill and Hillary flew to Tennessee to attend Tiffany's memorial service. Hillary was cradling Chelsea in her arms as they listened to the service.

Bill glanced at Al worriedly. It would be difficult for him to go through this journey alone considering that Al besides being a solo parent to take care of his children, also needs to serve as the Vice President. 

He felt Hillary shift on her stand and Bill turned to her. He understood what she needed, and he gently took Chelsea from her arms to allow her muscles to relax. Hillary smiled at him gratefully.

When the service ended, Bill went to Al. 

"How are you doing?" He asked. Al looked at him with blood-shot eyes. 

"I am not okay," Al responded. He thought about lying to Bill but there was just no point at all. "But I have to move on after this. Tiff…" His voice broke, "Tiff would want me to move on."

Bill nodded, "Take the time you needed."

Bill’s eyes went to the other end of the church seeing Mack signal to him. “Wait a minute, I just need to talk to Mack,” He excused. He patted Al on the shoulder and went to Mack.

"We have to go back to the White House," Mack said urgently. 

"What is it?" Bill asked, tensing. Judging from Mack’s voice he knew something was going on. He was thinking if it had something to do with the events in Ukraine that he was dealing with.

"Kathleen…" Mack said. 

Bill looked at him, confused, "What?" 

Mack looked at him dead in the eyes, "Bill, Kathleen Woods is going to have a Press Conference later to tell the world that you have sexually assaulted her."