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Leave It All Behind

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“It’s positive...I’m pregnant.”

It seemed as if everything stopped when she said those words. The spell broke when Bill let out a sob and said, “I knew it…” His voice cracked, “I knew it, Darlin’,” he said, reaching out his hand for hers to take. Hillary went to him and then coiled her arms around him to hold him tight.

Mack watched all of it unfold before him.  My, God, Hillary is pregnant , he thought. While Bill and Hillary were caught by their emotion, Mack was already imagining what the tabloids, broadsheets, and the media would be talking about for the succeeding months until Hillary gave birth. Well, until for the rest of their life.

Mack felt reeling with the news. It would be a scandal, but he remained nonplussed. He didn’t want to show them that he was totally worried about their situation. This would be in the books, this pregnancy… this would be in their history. The child that was a result of a scandal and affair, he thought. The truth didn’t matter because the media didn’t care about that. They would brand the child the result of an affair.

Unaware of Mack’s racing thoughts, Bill and Hillary could only feel nothing but bliss. A child! They would have a child of their own. It was a blessing they both didn’t know they wanted. Bill, for his part, was ecstatic. He would be a father and he would fill up his child’s life with all the things he missed - a loving father and doting parents. 

He already loved the child that Hillary was carrying and the sweetness of the moment made him all emotional.

“Ssh,” Hillary shushed, reaching out to brush her thumb on his cheek. She leaned and kissed the trail of his tears. 

“I love you,” She said.

Mack cleared his throat.

They both looked at him.

“I’m sorry,” Mack said apologetically, “I’m really happy for you both, but we are going to be late.”

“Ready?” Hillary asked.

Bill nodded at Hillary, “Let’s go.”

Mack arranged an escape out of the Walter Reed Hospital where the media wasn’t waiting. Mack devised the plan to protect Hillary and Bill from the media. But for some reason, some of the photographers still caught them. Hence prompting some of the press to ask a very blunt question: Why did you go this route and are you trying to avoid the media? What are you hiding?

Bill motioned with his hand stopping the secret agent who was pushing his wheelchair. “No,” Bill said, “We are not hiding, the service van was in this direction because this is nearer to my suite.”

“What are you doing here, Senator?” Someone asked Hillary.

Hillary smiled down at Bill and then looked at the one who asked and she responded, “I’m here for him.”

“Is this already a confirmation of your relationship?”

“How long have you been together?”

Other media started to throw questions rapidly, but Mack spoke loudly enough to stop the crowd from asking, “Thank you everyone for being here but the Senator and the President need to leave! We will have a press conference to answer your questions.”

Bill and Hillary waved goodbye to the crowd before they alight the van that was waiting for them.

Hillary felt as if she was holding her breath as she settled next to Bill. Bill gave her a comforting smile and touched her hand. 

“You handled it well, Honey.” He said, placing a tender kiss on her temple. “I guess it’s the right time for us to talk about what’s going on.”

Hillary nodded. “I’m glad you want us to talk about this now.”

He smiled weakly, “I promised, didn’t I?”

Hillary smiled, “Tim already gave an exclusive interview to Barbara Walters,” She started, “And he played the victim - just as we feared that he would do.” She sighed, “He made it seem like we played him.” She looked at him while Bill absorbed the information, then she added, “I talked to George and Mack last night and we’ll have our own exclusive interview to counter Tim’s claims. However, to divert the attention of the people from Pat Donovan’s accusation of you abusing your power by getting in a relationship with me, we’ll tell them the truth - I didn’t cheat on him and that we were over before I went to India.”

Bill didn’t react, “Do you intend to tell the world that Tim tried to force himself on you?”

Hillary held his gaze, “I have to. I wouldn’t be too descriptive, I’ll just tell everyone that as far as I am concerned we are over the moment that he tried to get his way with me.”

Bill squeezed her hand, “If you don’t feel comfortable talking about it -”

She shook her head, “No, I have to.”

Bill relented, then she added, “We’ll be interviewed by Dan Rather in his Sixty Minutes show. It would be the best slot so we could get a wide range of audience considering that it would be NBA Finals as well.”

A smile hitched on his face as he gave her a lopsided smile, “Damn, the way you laid down your plans turns me on.”

His unforeseen glib made Hillary chuckle, then she saw Bill tightened his jaw and he turned serious again. “Does George have a copy of the interview?” He asked Mack who was sitting in front.

“Yes, we have it recorded.”

“I’ll watch it,” His nose flared as he hissed, “that bastard! He really went ahead with his plan.”

Hillary gave her a weak smile, “He wanted to go on war with us.”

Bill gave her a straight look and said, “Then we will give him that.”

“Bill, you don’t know how Tim plays his card,” she said worriedly.

Bill draped his arm over her shoulder and Hillary leaned on it. Bill brushed her hair away, “We’ll get through this, Darlin’.”

She nodded, then after a while as if she remembered something, she fished for her cell phone inside her bag and dialed Jen.

After a few rings, Jen answered it.

“Yes?” She asked on the other line.

“Jen, did Thomas already check my resignation letter?”

“I’m not sure, I’ll check with him. Why?”

Hillary felt a lump in her throat. She worked hard to get elected as Senator but there she was already in the line to end her career.

“I’m pregnant, Jen. I want Thomas to announce my resignation.” 

“Wai...Wha...what?” Jen asked, flabbergasted.

Hillary wanted to chuckle at Jen’s confusion. Jen, who has been working for her for so long and someone she knows who was usually stoic, was at loss for words for the first time.

“Wait, wait,” Jen started sputtering the words. “That’s two announcements you mentioned.” It was initially plotted that Hillary would be delivering the message but now she wanted Thomas to do it. 

“Jen,” Hillary started, snapping Jen from her frantic thoughts. “I need to buy time. If I delivered my speech, I would feel obliged to tell my current situation, but I don’t want to do that. I want to answer all of the questions one time and that’s through my interview with Dan. This is why I want Thomas to announce my resignation then I would do a proper farewell to my constituents.”

“Do you plan to inform the people of your pregnancy?”

Hillary sighed, “Yes, I would, but not right now.”

There was a pause. Jen understood that Hillary wouldn’t tell the people in the meantime because her stomach wasn’t huge yet. Jen was sure that Hillary would announce her pregnancy in the third month of her pregnancy and that made Jen feel uneasy. First, she felt uneasy because she knew how nosy the people were. Second, it wasn’t a good idea to hide this because it would stir people’s curiosity the more. 

“If you wouldn’t announce that now and announce it later, don’t you think that the people will figure out when you got pregnant?”

“Then it’s up for them to figure out. You know how they play this game, Jen, they wouldn’t stop with one question.”

Clearly, Hillary didn’t want to inform the people when she conceived the child. There was some silence between them because they both understood what Hillary was doing. It was their common strategy in handling the media: Don’t reveal too much because they would be used against you. 

“Alright, Hillary. God forbid, I only want what’s good for you.”

“Thanks, Jen, that really means a lot.”

After Hillary ended her conversation with Jen, Bill looked at her and squeezed her hand. “I’m so proud of you.”

“That’s one of the many things that we need to do.”

“Then tell me what’s next,” Bill teased.

“Honey,” Hillary started, “What do you think about me introducing you to my parents before our interview with Dan?”

Bill’s chest heaved and then he chuckled, “Well if you asked me to walk on fire, I wouldn’t say ‘no’.”