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Leave It All Behind

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Walter Reed Hospital, Night Time, Same Day

Hillary laid next to Bill since the bed was large enough to accommodate her. He cradled her on his side where his good leg was, she nestled comfortably with her head on his chest and his hand was idly brushing her hair.

She thought about what was happening and the colossal effects that would come after. Regardless of their defense, they would still appear as the villain in the story, especially if she was confirmed pregnant. It was most likely the case because she was already three weeks late. 

She stirred, bothered that they were not yet talking about their next plan. She wanted to bring up what happened because she didn't know if Bill already knew what Timothy did.

“Bill–” She started.

He stopped his brushing and gave her a weak smile.

“Yes?” He asked

She looked at him, seemingly unbothered by anything, “Are you always this calm?” She asked.


She propped herself up and looked at him, “Timothy got an exclusive interview with Walters.”

He gave her a weak smile.

“Aren’t you going to say anything?”

Bill tried to fight off the effects of the anesthesia.

“Well…” He started, “Come lay beside me,” he urged, but she didn’t budge, so he explained. “It wasn’t that I am trying to procrastinate,” He explained, seeing her reaction, “Although, you might have heard about my infamous Clinton time…” He said with dry humor, “This night that we have might be the only night we have for a reprieve – the calm before the storm – I want us to savor it. Besides, I couldn’t give you my coherent thought with the effects of my anesthesia still coursing through my blood.”

Hillary sighed.

“I’m worried,” She said but laid down beside him and draped her arm across his chest. 

“So am I,” She heard him say, “But there’s nothing we should be afraid of when we know what’s the truth.”

She rubbed her cheek on his skin. Although she couldn’t shrug off the worry, she reluctantly gave-in. He was right, if she wanted his thoughts, he wouldn’t be able to share them because of the medication that they gave him. Second, he could also be right that that night might be the only night they could have peacefully.

“There’s a time for everything,” He whispered, quoting the Bible as if he read her thoughts, “Stay here with me, we’ll deal with the world tomorrow morning.”

She nodded after feeling him kissing her crown.


White House, George’s Office, Night-Time

George and Mack went back to the White House. George went to talk to the communications team in preparation for the onslaught of activities and controversies they need to face. Plus, he needed to contact Jen in preparation for Hillary's plan. 

Mack, on the other hand, needed to arrange Bill's Travel Office Staff. Bill urged him to reduce the staff in that section. Additionally, he needed to make some arrangements considering that Bill would still push through with the G-7 Summit next month.

“Did you reach Jen?” Mack asked as he entered George’s office.

“Yes, and she informed me that Hillary’s legal counsel would be checking her resignation speech.”

"Who would be writing her speech?" Mack asked curiously. 

"Senator Rodham writes her own speech."

Mack nodded, not really surprised. 

Mack whistled and sat on the seat in front of George’s desk. George looked at him feeling wary as well. They have been through a lot of shit storm. He wasn’t at all worried for Bill because he wouldn’t carry out the burden of the consequences of his affair with Hillary. He was actually worried about Senator Rodham.

“Did you call Dan?” Mack asked.

It seemed Mack was thinking of the same thing as well.

He nodded. Mack was pertaining to Dan Rather - the host of sixty minutes. An equally popular newsmagazine. Hillary said that appearing together with Bill before the NBA Playoffs started would allow them to get a wide range of audience since it was the finals of the NBA season with Chicago Bulls playing opposite Phoenix Suns.

There were two issues that they were addressing: The potential abuse of power that Pat Donovan was accusing them of while Timothy was tooting about her cheating on him. Between the two, Pat Donovan’s accusation was harder for them to fight off. To begin with, how could they convince the people that Bill never used his position to influence Hillary while they were together?

However, with Tim’s very controversial and emotional interview it overshadowed Pat Donovan’s accusations. Therefore, she wanted to veer away from Pat Donovan's accusation and address the cheating claims instead. Besides, Washington was more interested in trivial matters and drama - not really the politics. 

It wasn’t the best plan but it was a good strategy instead of Bill’s idea of shrugging off the issue and focusing on the three milestones of his administration: NAFTA, Family Leave and Medical Care Act, and the Brady Bill Gun Reform Act.

“What do you think of her plan?”

“It’s good enough for us, but for her? I am not sure. It depends what she would say.”

Mack pursued his lips. “It astonished me that she chose to be with Bill rather than keep her career.”

George looked at him and said, “I guess that’s what love does.”

Mack chuckled. “When did you become sentimental?”

George shrugged his shoulder, “I am just happy that Bill finally found his person. I just hope to God that it’s truly the end of Bill’s wandering days.”

Mack chuckled. “No longer having fun chasing the women he takes to bed?”

George brushed his face with his hand, “I’m glad that we are over that.”

Given their history working with Bill even during his Gubernatorial years, they knew all about Bill’s hordes of paramour. He couldn’t get that satisfaction from someone. He didn’t even want to commit to any women. But there was something different from Senator Rodham that captivated him. Mack wasn’t all convinced yet that Senator Rodham was the one. He hoped that she was giving up everything for nothing. On the other hand, George seemed convinced that Bill finally found his match.

"When will they have that interview?"

"After Hillary announces her resignation."


Walter Reed Hospital, Night Time, Same Day

“Do you want to sleep?” Hillary asked, taking a peek at his face.

Bill’s eyes were closed but he continuously kept brushing her hair lazily with his fingers. “I don’t sleep that much,” He responded.

“I noticed,” She said, “When I am with you, you hardly sleep.”

“That’s a different thing,” He said.


“Well, I stay awake when I am with you it's because our time together is always not enough,” He gave her a crooked smile, “I stay awake so I could enjoy having you a little longer. But I don’t really sleep that much.”


“I just think there’s a lot of things to do and twenty-four hours is not just enough.”

She smiled against his chest and started to draw circles on his skin. She wasn’t at all surprised. One year in his Presidency and he already achieved a lot. He may have missed some of his campaign promises but he delivered what he could, and so far he was on track. She was just so disappointed that the media wasn’t highlighting his achievements.

One year in his Presidency and Bill passed the economic plan, reduced the deficit, implemented the EITC expansion, the empowerment zones, a capital gain tax cut for small businesses, the childhood immigration initiative, and student-loan reform. Congress also approved national service, the Russian aid package, the motor voter bill, and the family leave law. He was also about to sign the Brady Bill in effect by the end of the month.

Bill was enjoying his success with the congress in his first year. It was rare for a President to be that successful. Besides him, President Eisenhower was also able to achieve the same thing.

“You should start sleeping more though.”


She gave her a teasing smile, “You might be sleeping less eight to eight months from now.”

Bill’s face lightened up.

“You already know your result?”

She shook her head. 

“But how did you know?” 

He looked up remembering something. “You’ll be getting your result tomorrow, right?” He asked. 

She nodded.

Bill chuckled. “I am so damn excited, but how did you know?”

She took a peek again at his face and smiled at him, “I am more or less sixty percent sure.”

“Sixty percent!” Bill echoed in good humor. “Sixty percent is good. What makes you think so?”

“I am already three weeks late and I’ve never been late in my life, so…”

She sat up and looked at him with a playing smile on her face, “My question is… are you ready?”

Bill laughed, “Oh, Darlin’, you don’t know… how ready I am to become a daddy.”

She leaned and kissed him. Bill curled his arms around her shoulders tenderly pulling her closer. “I love you,” Bill whispered against her lips. “You gave me the things that I needed in my life.”

She smiled and rubbed her nose with his. “You’re welcome.”

He reached to rub her cheek.

“What time will you be getting the result?” He asked as Hillary resumed her position, laying her head on his chest. 

“Mary will be the one to get the result. She'll tell me the result.”

He nodded.

“Will you be leaving before sunset?”

She shook her head, “There’s no point in hiding anymore. Besides, I am not ashamed to have you as my fiancé.”

Bill’s eyes softened, “Reminds me that I haven’t proposed to you properly.”

She smiled, “You don’t have to.”

“No, it’s non-negotiable. I want to properly propose to you and I want you to wear my ring.”

Hillary giggled, “Alright.” 

She sighed.

Bill chuckled, “What’s with the sigh?”

“If I am going to get married to you, you need to meet my parents.”

Bill felt slightly intimidated by the idea. He had seen Hugh Rodham before but only on television. Hugh with his size and piercing gaze could be very intimidating.

“Well,” He started.

Hillary giggled.

“Why are you laughing?”

“Well, you sounded terrified.”

“He would be my in-law soon. Of course, I’ll be terrified. I don’t think he would be thrilled to have me as his son-in-law.”

She smiled, “Dad thinks that no one is good enough for me. It terrifies me too that you would be meeting him.”

Bill held her hand, “He may be terrifying, but I am determined to win him over.”

Hillary smiled, grateful that Bill would do that even though her father openly didn’t approve of him as the President.

“Hillary Rodham Clinton,” She said, looking up at the hospital’s ceiling. She tasted her future new name and she thought how beautiful it sounded.

Bill smiled. “My last name next to yours suits you very well, my love.”


Timothy's Home, Evening

Tim was engulfed in silence. Barbara Walters’ team just left. Now, he was alone in his supposedly home with Hillary. That was true. He was planning to make this house their future home but they never fixed the problem they both have. What he did today would make it official that they were over. But to say, the moment that Hillary showed her presence with Bill already officializes their break up.

She chose him rather than fix their relationship. Three years for nothing.

He pressed his palms together as if praying. He was thinking of what he would do next - he would spend the next four years making Bill’s Presidential life miserable. He would spend money on a smear campaign. He would begin with Bill’s ultimate project: The Health Care Plan. He wouldn’t let it pass in the House and he certainly would influence Doyle not to let it pass in the Senate.

He needed to know what Hillary would do next. Common sense tells him that she would resign. Hillary was too ethical to stay in position after confirming her relationship with Bill by showing up next to him.

That truth hurts him more. How could Hillary abandon the things she worked hard for that man?

In any case, he needed to get Hillary out of the party. He would tell Doyle to pressure Hillary to hand over her resignation if she wouldn’t be resigning soon. Then he would spend the next few months getting people’s sympathy - like a jilted lover that he was and he stole the people’s heart by pushing his agenda and making him a budding candidate for President. He wouldn’t stop there, he would run for Presidency in the next election.

Hillary would regret she left him. 

Bill and Hillary might have won today but he would win against them next time. He would make sure of it.

He picked up the phone and dialed.

Someone answered after a few rings. 

“Duke?” He heard from the other line.

“Doyle,” Tim answered, “We need to talk.” He added.

"I assumed that you would be calling after your interview." Senator Doyle responded.

"Damn, well I would." Tim responded scathingly. "Hillary's been compromised. All this time, God damn it!" He added thunderously. "That's why Clinton's bills passed the Senate because he was using his relationship with her to know our weak points!"

"I knew I couldn't trust a woman to take the helm of the leadership," Doyle chastised. Doyle wanted the Minority leadership but Tim has a vast influence in the party so Tim was able to get Hillary elected. 

"I'm sorry about that, Doyle." He said. "I didn't know that Bill has seduced Rodham. If I knew I wouldn't get her elected."

"What's the plan?"

"Get her out of the Senate," Tim said. "Throw a press conference, tell everyone that she could no longer be trusted. I want her gone, then we will do whatever it takes for them not to succeed... I want them humiliated."


Walter Reed Hospital, Morning

Hillary and Bill woke up early in the morning to prepare themselves because they would be leaving the hospital at approximately seven in the morning. She woke up first and then washed. Now, she was pacing inside the room while the nurse was helping Bill wash. 

She was nervous because anytime Mary would be sending the result of her pregnancy test to her. Her pregnancy would change the game for them and it would be a hard one. To begin with, she agrees with Bill that delving into the timeline of their relationship would open them for further scrutiny. On the other hand, she understands what George is saying - the media and the people wouldn’t be pacified until their explanation made sense.

It was ridiculous but she knew how it works. The press and media would try to find out if they conceived the baby during their time in India while she was still supposedly in a relationship with Tim and if Bill abused his power by seducing her. 

It frustrates her that even though they made that baby during their time in India they were not doing anything wrong. She was not in a relationship with Tim and Bill didn’t abuse his power. But of course, they wouldn’t just easily accept that. They would twist the story that fits their narrative.

“You’re thinking too much early in this morning,” Bill observed as he watched her pace.

She stopped pacing and looked at him. Bill was wearing jogging pants and a sports jacket. The nurse was just finished with him and was now preparing his wheelchair.

She went to him and smiled, “Mary would be sending the result anytime now.”

Bill smiled, “Then that’s a good news.”

Hillary gave him a small smile, “Indeed,” She leaned and brushed her lips against his.

“Good morning!”

They both turned to Mack standing in the doorway knowing that he caught them kissing. “The service is ready,” he added. “A word of advice though there are photographers, media and press outside....” He said giving Hillary a warning.

Hillary nodded. “I’ll be walking beside him.”

Bill looked at her, “Are you sure?”

Hillary turned to him, “I’m already in hell, I should keep walking, right?”

Bill chuckled knowing that she was referencing Winston Churchill’s famous line. “I hope you don’t mean that being with me is hell.”

Hillary giggled, then she felt her mobile phone vibrate. Bill felt it too. She pulled out her phone and looked at the name reflecting on the screen.

Mary Williams

Hillary opened the message and read the content. 

It’s positive, Hill. You’re pregnant. Congratulations!

Hillary felt a lump in her throat. She automatically placed her hand on her stomach while Bill looked at her.

"What is it, Darlin'?" He asked. 

"It's positive... I'm pregnant."