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The Daily Call

Night Rendezvous?

Blind Item

My friends, I have something to tell you. Quite juicy I must say. A friend of mine who is currently working on this story tells me that these two famous personalities who have made some headlines when they visited a country met in secret!

What really sparked an interest in me is that these two personalities are rivals, but this male personality has visited the female personality’s hotel - TWICE.

Their identities cannot be revealed yet because my friend still doesn’t know what is their business and why this guy visited this lady twice, but it is quite an intriguing story because this female personality is very much committed.

Clue? They are quite everywhere nowadays.


White House, Afternoon, Few Days After

Mack knew that there was definitely going on between Bill and Senator Rodham. He just didn’t know how to confront him. It was the way they both looked at each other when Senator Rodham arrived in the White House earlier. He just couldn’t put it together without looking insane or losing his mind.

When he found the condom in Bill’s sports jacket a few days ago and he told George about it. George wasn’t at all happy that he was snooping around Bill’s stuff but he was also alarmed. 

“If you confront Bill about that he would be pissed as hell,” George told him. 

Mack nodded. “I know. He doesn't like being spied on. I just don’t get the secrecy.”

“Bill has always been transparent to us with his affairs. I know he would reveal this one with us.”

Mack raised a brow at him, “I hope he tells us before the journalists get it first.”

Mack had a strong suspicion that it was Senator Rodham, but he also couldn’t believe it. Bill wouldn’t be that stupid and, definitely, the Senator wasn’t that stupid. They couldn’t be having an affair when this could potentially ruin their career, right?

However, what really bothered Mack was when Senator Rodham arrived in the White House and she saw Bill, Mack couldn’t mistake the look they both gave each other. Mack couldn’t shake it. It bothered him because he wasn’t imagining things.

Something was really going on between them.

Even now that they were in the conference room. Bill sat next to Hillary instead of the opposite. The sitting arrangement confused the hell out of Mack. It was supposed to be the President’s team on the other side and the opposing side on the other. Now it was all jumbled. Bill was sitting next to Senator Rodham and both her team and Bill’s including Mack were all sitting randomly.


Bill shouldn’t be turned on, but he was the moment that Hillary stepped inside the White House with her team. He had to stifle the urge of running to her and swooping down and kissing her red lips. She gave him a knowing glance but tried hard to appear all stoic and business-like.

“President,” She greeted, smiling at him. Her smile was small, unlike the wide and grinning ones that they shared in her bedroom.

Bill already knew Hillary’s perfume, flowery and light. It was enough to make him salivate. He knew where she dabs them - just behind the ear, under her jaw exactly where her pulse beat, and in between the valley of her breast. He loved pressing his nose in those areas and inhaling her scent. He loved that she would imprint the smell in him when they both get sweaty under the sheet.

"Senator Rodham," He returned then saw her cheeks pinked to his delight. He waited for her to give her her hand, then when she did, he took and shook it firmly.

"Ready?" He asked, giving her a teasing and knowing smile.

"Yes," She responded, avoiding his eyes.

Hillary had predicted that it was going to be a bad idea that instead of them working together through a phone conference, he decided to bring her team to the White House. He wanted to do that because he wanted to put a “show” that Democrats and Republicans could indeed work together. She only relented because it would benefit them both.

However, a few minutes after she arrived, she was overwhelmed by her sense of longing for him. She never had the chance to spend the day with him, and seeing him during the day time looking dashing and handsome in his three-piece suit and pink cheeks left Hillary wanting him.

After the greeting they were escorted into the Presidential Conference room, Bill was walking beside her.

"Did you have a goodnight's sleep?" He asked.

Hillary turned to look at him if he was teasing her, but he wasn't. He knew damn well that she did have a good night's sleep because she ended up falling asleep on him after they spent the night having phone sex. 

"Y-yes, I did," She responded as she followed his lead.

It has been three days since the last time he touched her and she was already starting to get wet by seeing him. He told her to wear lingerie for him and she did. She was wearing a lace Brazilian bikini for him though she had no idea what he was planning.

Bill placed his hand on the small of her back. She was about to take a seat but he ushered her to the other side of the table. He pulled the seat for her. She sat, then to her horror, he sat next to her.

"Uh…" Hillary commented unsurely. Jason, Hillary's senior policy strategist, sat next to her. Bill's senior strategist sat next to him, the rest of her and his team sat on the available seats.

The arrangement was a mixed bag and Hillary was confused about the arrangement but Bill seemed not to mind. 

He leaned towards her, "Do you need anything?" 

Hillary shook her head and took the portfolio that Jason gave her. 

"Tea, coffee, water, or scotch for your nerves?" Bill teased. 

Hillary looked at him with censure, annoyed that he was teasing her in front of their team, "Stop," She hissed, holding his gaze.

"You seem very tense."


They both looked at each other for a while until Paul cleared his throat and realized that everyone was looking and waiting for them.

"Thank you for joining us today, Senator Rodham," Bill started.

"What everyone didn't know is that we've been trying to close a deal to fix the Family Care Act ever since…" he paused, "...uh...ever since in India."

"Yes," Hillary interjected, cutting Bill, "I know you've rejected my proposal before but we have modified the plan, my senior strategist, Jason will be presenting the modified plan that we have. We want to amend your Family Care Act to the Family and Medical Leave Act."

Hillary nodded at Jason to start presenting. Jason had set up his laptop, and he nodded if the lights could be dimmed so he could project his screen. Jason stood next to the white canvas so he could start presenting.

Hillary glanced at Bill and he smiled at her. He leaned a little towards her, "I am sorry," he whispered. 

Hillary smiled back at him. Everyone turned to the screen as Jason started playing a clip. Unbeknownst to them, Bill reached out under the table to grab Hillary's hand.

She briefly looked at him but Bill was still watching the clip. Hillary relaxed, her hands warming against his then she moved to intertwine their fingers together.

It has been a few days since they held each other. It was tricky and dangerous if Bill continued to sneak into her home so they needed to do it less frequently. Hillary leaned against the seat while she was cradling Bill's hand on her thigh. She stiffened though when Bill moved his hand and started to caress her inner thigh.

Hillary's head snapped toward him and he held her gaze. She felt her body heated and her heart started hammering inside her chest. She inconspicuously glanced at their audience but they were all looking at Jason's presentation.

The room was a little dark so they couldn't particularly see what Bill's hand was doing. She felt him hitch her dress partially as he tried to reach for her undies.

Hillary looked around hoping no one was watching them. She slid down the portfolio to cover a bit of Bill’s hand on her. She bit her lip when he touched her core through her lingerie. She knew he felt her wetness, his fingers lingered where she was the hottest. 

Hillary felt lightheaded, she was afraid that if he continued to slowly rub her through her panties she might actually moan. She bit the insides of her mouth as he continued to feel her. She closed her eyes feeling his finger. She moved a little hoping he could put more pressure but then his hand withdrew as Jason started to move and he took the front and started explaining their modified version of their Family Care Act.

She sighed and kept her head down looking at the portfolio hoping no one would see her red cheeks.

The rest of the discussion went smoothly to Hillary’s relief. Bill no longer tried to tease her nor flirt with her. What boggled Hillary was that she was so horny while Bill remained looking unaffected from what he did earlier.

When the meeting ended and Hillary’s team was about to leave, Bill asked if she could remain for a while.

Hillary was standing next to the door when she turned to her team and said, “Go ahead, I'll follow.”

Bill stood up from his seat and went to stand near her and closed the door. He smiled down at her. “I’m sorry about earlier."

Hillary smiled, “I’m sure you are not sorry.”

Bill reached for her waist and pulled her to him, he wrapped her in his arms and embraced her tightly.

“I missed you,” Bill said, his voice muffled as he said the words on her neck. Hillary wrapped her arms around him, she chuckled and she softened by how sweet he was. He moved his hands up cupping her backside. He pulled back and looked at her, “And you really wore lingerie for me. I thought you wouldn’t!”

Hillary framed his face, “Well, you wished didn’t you?”

"But I wasn't expecting."

"Aren't you glad?"

"Damn, I am so glad you did." He nodded, “Knowing you wearing one and three days of not feeling your arms around me, Babe, you're going to kill me. I don’t know how long I can live without spending the night with you.”

Hillary chuckled and gently pulled him to her until they were nose to nose, “Do you want to come to my place?”

“Can I? Tonight?”

Bill looked so boyish that Hillary couldn’t help but laugh at him. 

“You’re so cute, I hate it,” Hillary said.

Bill leaned brushing his lips against hers, “You wouldn’t find me cute tonight.”

Hillary nodded, “I’ll look forward to that.”

Bill’s eyes dropped to her lips, “My God if I am just reckless, I feel like taking you on that table.”

Hillary bit her lip, “Can’t you?”

Bill laughed and pulled her to him until he could prop his chin on her crown. “Oh, don’t tempt me. I might actually try. I’m just afraid someone might come in. It’s too early.” His hand traveled under her dress feeling her underwear.

“Can I see your lingerie?” Bill asked. 

“I hope that there are no cameras here. I don’t want anyone seeing my ass.”

Bill chuckled. “I wouldn’t be holding you if there are any cameras here.” He lifted Hillary’s dress and revealed her backside until he saw her black lace lingerie. He gave a wolf-whistle. “Wear that tonight,” he said, swiftly kissing her. 

She smiled saucily and tapped his cheek. “I will.”

“Go, before my team and your team becomes too suspicious that I am holding you here quite longer than expected.”

Hillary laughed but yelped when Bill surprisingly gave her backside a tap.

When Hillary already left and Bill went out of the Conference room he found Mack waiting for him in the hallway.

"You need something from me?" Bill asked. 

Mack looked at him, "What's with you and Senator Rodham?"

They walked together back to the Oval Office, "What about us?"

"I don't know. It's just the way you both looked at each other when she arrived."

Bill stopped and looked at him, "What are you trying to say, Mack?"

"Bill, we are not your enemy. I am your friend. I am only saying is that if something is going on between you and Senator Rodham, you better tell me."

Bill chuckled and clapped his shoulder. "Don't be ridiculous, but if ever I set my sights on her, I'll let you know."

Oh, he hoped he never had to do that in the future.


Rodham Residence, Dinner Time, Same Day

Hillary went to her parents' house as they invited her for dinner. She knew that the reason why her father called her to come and it was to discuss her “break up” from Tim. She didn’t feel inclined to tell her father anything about the breakup because, to begin with, she and Tim were never exclusive, but of course, this concept was something her parents didn’t understand.

Hillary felt that she was eating sand as she chewed the chicken breast that her mother prepared while she continued to listen to her father berate her for breaking up with Tim.

“What I don’t understand is how you could give up on Tim. Tim is a good son, he is a good lawyer, a good politician, Tim is perfect for you, Diane!”

“Dad, I told you, I am no longer interested in Tim. Besides, I realized how different we are in terms of what we believe in,” She justified. After thirty minutes into dinner and all her father discussed was about Tim. He did not even ask about her. 

How typical and how disappointing.

Her father raised a brow, “What do you mean?”

She shrugged, “He is too conservative for me.”

“I don’t see that as a problem. You are not thinking about our future, Hillary. You have to think about what your partnership will do for the party. Besides, if you marry him, our family will take the lead back. Aren’t you thinking about that?”

“Aren’t you thinking about me?” Hillary snapped, as she heard those words from her father. She turned her head towards her mother then back to her father. “Throughout my life, I’ve dedicated it to you, for the party. Have you ever thought about what I want?”

It was the truth. It was always for the family, for the party, it was never about her. 

“How dare you speak to me like that?!” Her father demanded angrily.

“Hugh!” Her mother called, stopping her father. Hugh looked at Dorothy then she added, “Enough of pressing our daughter of what you want.”

She turned to Hillary and reached out to place her hand atop hers, “Go, follow what your heart wants, Sweetheart.”

Hugh harrumphed. “You both are not thinking what will we lose if Hillary doesn't end up marrying Duke!”

“Then go marry him!” Hillary answered flippantly. She stood and had enough of the conversation. Her father never changed. He always cared about the damned Republican Party. She took the napkin from her lap and threw it on the chair.

“I realized that I no longer have an appetite,” She said, going where she left her coat, leaving her parents surprised that she stormed away from them.

“Come back here, Diane! I am not yet done with you!” Her father shouted. 

“Damn right, I will not be back. I will not be back until you take that I am no longer with Duke!” Hillary retorted as she continued to walk away from her father.

Hillary went out of her parent’s mansion and went to ride her car that was already waiting for her. She was so angry and heartbroken that her father never cared about her, not even when she was a child. He would always care about their reputation and his ambitions for her, but not once, he ever showed her love and acceptance.

“Damn it!” She cursed as her car took her away from the house that she once called home. 


Bill brought his saxophone with him and thought to show Hillary his skill. He wanted to do something else besides sleeping with her. Besides, he could teach her to play the sax too tonight.

When he arrived at Hillary's place, he felt how familiar the place already was to him. How he looked forward to going home to her one day.

He stilled as his thoughts went that direction, but it was the truth. He liked Hillary more than he could imagine so it wasn't hard to envision himself going home to her. 

Well, that could happen if things weren't just complicated.

He was about to knock when she opened the door and let him in. 

“Hi,” She greeted, a little less enthusiastic. 

“Hey,” Bill greeted back and looked at her. He caught her eyes and it was a little red. 

"Are you crying?" He asked. 

"Huh?" She asked as she avoided looking at him. She started to walk towards her room but Bill placed his saxophone case on the floor and he reached for her hand stopping her.

“Hey,” He called, and Hillary turned to face him. 

“What?” She asked. 

Bill gently pulled her to him and caught her face with his hand, “Why the tears?”

Hillary sighed and cradled her head. “I just argued with my father.”

Bill wrapped his arms around her and held her. “What happened?”

Hillary felt her throat closed again and her eyes turning blurry as her tears gathered. She didn’t have the heart to tell him that the cause of their argument was Tim so she said, “It’s nothing.”

“Please, tell me. I may not be able to do anything about it, but I want to listen.”

Hillary pulled back and looked at Bill’s sincere blue eyes. There was something in the way that Bill looked at her - so trusting, so caring that she finally found a kind soul who was going to just listen to her. 

She nodded, “Okay, I’ll share but perhaps later. I just spent the time crying and I don’t want to cry again.”

Bill smiled and kissed her forehead. “Alright. Anytime you are ready.”

“What did you bring?”

Bill smiled boyishly at her, “My sax.”


“I thought to serenade you tonight.”

Hillary looked at him, then she took a step closer and reached him. Bill closed the distance between them and kissed her full on the lips. “Don’t ever change, Honey," She said, sighingly. 

Bill smiled down at her, “Not ever.”

When they reached her bedroom, Bill placed his sax case on the floor and locked the door behind him. He watched as Hillary started to remove her robe, he approached her from behind and coiled his arms around her, his palms landing on her waist. She looked over her shoulder as he spoke, “We don’t have to do this if you don’t feel like doing it.”

She turned to face him and gazed into his eyes. It was the way he held her gaze that made Hillary realize that she loved him. She didn’t recognize that she already did, but it was the way he always made his presence felt. The way he listened to her stories, to her complaints, the way he would always make time to call her despite how busy his schedule was, and now that she needed someone to comfort her, he was there. He wasn't lying when he said that it wasn't just sex, but he deeply cared about her.

He didn’t even have to care, he didn't have to do all the things that he was doing but he was already offering them without anything in exchange. It made her soft, and it made her warm and fuzzy inside. She said she would be careful not to fall in love with him but he easily made his way inside her heart. She was afraid to say it because the future still looked uncertain, but she didn’t care at this time, at this moment. She didn't even give a damn even if he didn't return her feelings.

“What are you thinking?” Bill asked worriedly.

She gently laid her palm on his cheek and said achingly, “I want to love you tonight."