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Leave It All Behind

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"What do you mean you are in trouble?" Hillary asked, lying down on her bed. Her body felt heavy but pleasant.

"I told Paul that the reason why I am visiting you in your hotel is that we are working on the Family Care Act. I had a meeting with Congressman Ford and Senator Kerry discussing amending the initial draft and Paul told them about our meeting. I told them that we did not agree when we were having our supposed discussion. Now, we need to work amending it because they are looking forward to your revision.”

Hillary laughed. 

Bill’s brows furrowed. “I am not sure what’s funny?”

Hillary laughed out loud. 

“What?” Bill pried, feeling relieved that she was finding the whole thing funny as opposed to being outraged. 

“Well, I guess we need to work on our lies,” She pressed her hand on her forehead, not believing that she was now resorting to lying. 


“I have told my team that we are working on Gun reform.”

“You what?” Bill asked, sitting up.

“I need to talk to them,” Hillary said calmly.

“You seem not bothered?”

“I have no reason to worry…” she said casually, “Not when we just finished what we did.”

“Oh…” Bill said, suddenly relaxing. He was surprised how their supposed mini problem did not bother her at all. He felt a little ridiculous for worrying about it. 

“Besides,” she said, her voice in a lower timbre, “it means that we have reasons to see each other. I'll talk to Jen and fix our little lie.”

Bill chuckled, then he sighed realizing that he was slowly, so slowly starting to fall in love with her. He wasn’t there yet, but he was heading there. She was sexy, intelligent, charismatic, empathic, and smart. He couldn’t ask for more. He felt like he found someone who could match him in all ways. 

“I miss you, Darling.”

He bit the insides of his mouth as the word slipped from his lips. He didn’t mean to say it but it was the truth. He missed her that it was torture physically not to see her when he craved for her presence.

Hillary stilled, it was the first time that Bill said his emotions out loud. “I miss you too, Honey," She said not hesitating because she felt the same.

It was natural and right to say it after all they started being honest about their feelings. 

Bill chuckled. "Can you believe how things developed between us?" 

Hillary smiled, feeling a little ashamed how her warning backed fired on her. 

"Yes," She sighed. "I warned you not to befriend me." 

"I guess we are even way beyond friendly."

Hillary stopped. She was thinking about this and it was a good opening for her. 

"Hey, this… Whatever that we have between us… It's not just sex, isn't it?" 

Bill straightened, "Of course, it is not just sex."

"I don't want to think that this is just a fuck buddy thing as well?"

Bill gripped the bridge of his nose. "Hillary, it's not anything that you are thinking. We have a good connection. I care about you."

Hillary tipped her head up, pacified. There was, however, something nagging at the back of her head. While she should feel comforted that Bill was not taking their encounters lightly she was bothered by how temporary everything was between them. 

"I dislike it when you are quiet."

Hillary giggled. "I am sorry."

"No, don't be. It's just that I don't know what's going in your mind and it makes me anxious."

"I am finding it hard to believe that I make you anxious."


"I don't know…it's just me."

"That's exactly what makes me nervous, it's you." 

"I don't get it."

Bill bit his lower lips before saying, "I can afford to disappoint others, I can't afford to disappoint you, Hill."

Hillary felt that butterflies in her stomach again. She felt jubilant by what he said. She sighed. "You certainly have a way with words, Bill."

Bill laughed. "Silly, it's true."

"Say something like that again I would demand that for you to come over here."

Bill laughed, "As you wish."

"I am just kidding."

"I'm not."

They spent the entire night making each other laugh and exchanging thoughts and stories until Hillary fell asleep to Bill's delight. When he started to hear Hillary's heavy breathing and soft snore, Bill's decision to see her firmed. He would see her soon and he would move heaven and earth just to do exactly that. 


White House, Next Day, Afternoon

Despite Bill’s busy day, he was still thinking about ways he could go to Hillary’s home tonight. He already had an idea and that was to arrange with Agent Harold since he could trust the agent. He just needed time to tell him that.

When it was lunch and Bill returned to his office, he ordered his chief secretary to call Agent Harold in his office, and after a minute the agent arrived. 


“Harold,” Bill said, “I need something from you.”

Harold remained silent waiting for Bill to continue.

“I am planning to see Senator Rodham tonight approximately eleven at night. I need your help to make an arrangement. Please make sure that we only keep a small unit and use the unmarked service.”

The agent remained stoic, and Bill wondered if the Secret Service were also trained to remain and look emotionless. 

Bill sighed. He wasn’t exactly obliged to explain anything to the Agent but he was making their lives hard by making that kind of arrangement. But he owed that to him.

“I know you might be wondering why I keep seeing Senator Rodham in secrecy…”

“Not exactly sir, no explanations needed. We are here to protect you and it’s our job to do that exactly.”

Bill nodded. “I appreciate your job and your loyalty, Harold. I hope I can also trust your team to do the same.”

Agent Harold nodded. When he left, he reached out to call Hillary and tell her his plan.


The Pelican Bar and Restaurant, Same Day, Afternoon, Washington

Tim turned his wrist to look at his watch. Five minutes before twelve. He invited Hillary for lunch. He was expecting Hillary to turn down his invitation but to his surprise, she actually accepted. It had been quite a while since the last time that they saw each other. He reached out to her multiple times but she was either not available or she was away. He particularly asked Mary to tell him exactly her availability and if he could see her in the Pelican Bar and Restaurant. Mary told him that she needed to confirm first. 

Tim expected another rejection from Hillary, but to his surprise, she accepted. Hillary told Mary to tell him to meet her in the restaurant for lunch. So there he was, waiting for her to arrive. 

He bought some bouquet - this time daisies. He wanted to apologize to her for what happened that night. It wasn’t right that he did that and he hoped that she would forgive him for it. 

At exactly noon, Hillary entered the restaurant wearing an emerald green pantsuit dress with her short shiny hair. She looked immaculate and wonderful, that Tim immediately regretted hurting her.

Hillary looked around and their eyes met. He stood up and waited for her. When Hillary was near, he reached out to give her a peck on the cheek but Hillary avoided the kiss by pulling back.

Tim sighed. 

“I guess I deserve that,” He said with dry humor.

“Hi,” Hillary greeted, she placed her small handbag and mobile phone on the space near her plate. They were neatly stacked together.

“These are for you,” Tim said, handing her the bouquet. Hillary didn’t take them and instead just looked at them.

Tim placed the bouquet on the table. “How are you?” Tim asked. 

“Did you actually invite me for casual conversation?” Hillary quipped. 

“No, I invited you so we can patch things up.”

Hillary looked at Tim in disbelief. He had been reaching out for her persistently but she was avoiding him by giving excuses, hoping that he would take a hint. Apparently, he couldn’t. So When he particularly asked Mary to book an appointment for him in Hillary’s availability, she relented. She knew that he wouldn’t stop until she sees him.

The thing was for her their dating status was over. He couldn’t get it so she thought to say it to his face.

“Tim, just stop.”

Tim looked at her. 

“Look, whatever is going on between us, it’s over.”

“You can’t be serious. You cannot break up with me.”

Hillary arched a brow -  of all things that he would say!

“Actually, I just did.”

Tim looked up as if he was trying to be patient with her. “Look, I am sorry for what I did to you. I shouldn’t have done that.” He exhaled, “I just missed you so much.”

“You missed me so much that you felt like the need to force yourself on me?”

“I’m sorry I said. What else do you want me to say, Hill?”

Hillary shook her head, “There’s nothing that I want you to say. I am informing you that we are over.”

Tim’s face hardened. It was a look when he was angry. “Are you seeing someone?”

Hillary looked at him unflinchingly, “No, I am not seeing anyone.”

Tim’s face remained blank he wasn’t buying what she said. A part of Hillary suddenly got worried considering Tim’s access and what he could do. She felt inclined to accept his apology for fear that he would set his sights on her and discover that she was seeing Bill.

It would be difficult to make Tim an enemy and she understood that. She changed her tone. “Tim, listen to me, I am no longer happy with what’s between us. I don’t think it can ever work out. I forgive you for what happened that night, but please, let me go.”

Tim looked at her impassively. “Hillary, I love you. I would do everything to make you happy. We have plans together. We have dreams together. You just want me to let things go?”



They both looked at Hillary’s phone. The screen flashed and “B” appeared on the screen. She reached out for her phone and turned it off hoping that Tim did not see the name.

She turned to look at him. “I know we have dreams together, but maybe, those dreams are not meant for us.”

Tim sighed. “Please, don’t ever end what we had. Think about it.”

Hillary sighed. “The only thing that I can offer you in the meantime is us being friends.”

Tim nodded. “I’ll take that… in the meantime.”

Hillary nodded before she stood up. “I have to go.”

Tim watched Hillary walk away - feeling angry more than ever. She was lying to him. She was clearly seeing someone. He saw the name “B” appear on the screen of her mobile phone before she snatched it and turned it off. It was the same initial who gave her that bouquet in her office.

He looked at Hillary outside the restaurant looking both sideways before she crossed the street. Tim reached out for his phone and dialed a familiar number. He didn’t save the number in his contact just to make sure someone wouldn’t find out that he was using this person when he needed someone to be investigated.

“Congressman,” The man with a husky voice greeted. 

“I have a job for you,” Tim announced. He was still watching Hillary from afar. “I want you to find out something for me.”


Hillary’s Home, Night-Time

Hillary was filled with trepidation as she paced inside her home. Bill said that he would be arriving at eleven. It was already eleven fifteen and she couldn’t reach his phone. She was afraid that something might have happened.

When she left the restaurant, she called him and asked why he called. Bill told her his plan - saying that he already arranged with Agent Harold to escort him in her place. 

She was worried for him but after a few more minutes she saw the headlights reflect outside her home, her heart jumped to her throat. She went to the nearby window and saw three black vans and some agents went out first and then someone opened the door to the passenger seat of the van in the middle of the convoy.

She felt excitement coursing through her when she saw Bill step out from the van wearing a black sports jacket, jeans, and black baseball cap. Agent Harold trailed him. Hillary went to the door waiting for Bill to step in front of her door. 

Bill could feel the knots in his stomach. He was nervous about this small adventure. He was afraid that someone might find out that he was visiting Senator Rodham at an ungodly hour. She was living in an exclusive neighborhood but it wasn’t a guarantee that a paparazzi wasn’t following them. He was extra paranoid by the thought that someone would find out about them.

When he arrived in her place and Agent Harold opened the door of the van, he did not hesitate to jog towards her home. He was about to knock when the door suddenly opened and Hillary yanked him inside. 

It took a while for him to register just what happened because after he was yanked inside, Hillary crushed her mouth with his.

He bent as she wrapped her arms around his neck. He cupped her backside, he heaved and hauled her to him until she ended up wrapping her legs around his waist. He pulled back after a while, “Easy, Darling.”

“Oh, God, I thought you wouldn’t arrive!” Hillary said embracing him.

He looked around at her dimmed house. “You turned off the lights?”

“I am trying to keep the lights to a minimum,” She said as she started to nuzzle his neck, then she looked at him. “I missed you,” she said brushing his cheek with her thumb.

“I missed you more that's why I went through all the trouble to be here,” Bill jest.

Hillary laughed, “Then let’s make your effort worth it.”

Bill arched a brow, “And how will you achieve that?”

She leaned until she reached his ear, “I’ll fuck you hard tonight.”

“Where’s your bedroom?” Bill asked in all seriousness. 

Hillary chuckled. “Put me down, I’ll take you to my bedroom.”


After they made love that night, Bill told Hillary that he would be staying until three in the morning. Hillary was lying on his side with her head pillowing his chest as she told him about her lunch with Tim. Bill, however, was falling asleep. His eyes were closed as he continued to make lazy circles on her shoulder. “I hope he didn’t see your initials though.”

Bill smiled lazily while keeping his eyes closed. “I am sure he didn’t. Besides, it’s only ‘B’ there are a lot of people with ‘B’ as their initial.”

“I should change your name on my phone," She paused, “Bubba?”

Bill opened one sleepy eye and tipped his chin down, “Bubba?” 

She chuckled. “Are you sleepy already?”

Bill closed his eyes and sighed. “You wore me down, Senator.”

“Hmm…” Hillary expressed amusedly, she propped herself up and reached to kiss him. “I don’t think I wore you down.”

Bill laughed, then grunted when Hillary climbed and straddled him. Bill’s eyes landed on her neck and he reached to rub the reddish mark he left earlier. 

“Oh, God,” Bill groaned. 


He gently pulled her to him so he could get a better look. “Oh, damn, I left a hickey.”

“What?” Hillary said with a hint of alarm in her voice. She rolled out of him and went to the comfort room stark naked to check her neck. 

Bill propped himself up and watched her from the bed. 

“Oh, my God, Bill, you left a hickey. I told you not to,” Hillary said disgruntled.

Bill followed her in the comfort room naked as well. He stood behind her as they both looked at her reflection.

“Let me see,” He said, turning her around to face him. He gently rubbed it with his thumb. “I cannot remember I did that.” He got turned on that he left that mark on her neck. She would be wearing it for others to see. It was primitive but he was oddly satisfied. He wanted everyone to know that she belonged to him.

Hillary rolled her eyes. Bill leaned and kissed it, darted his tongue to taste it. 

“Honey,” Hillary sighed, holding the back of his head. Feeling her knees starting to get weak. “I thought you’re sleepy?” She asked, whispering.

Bill’s mouth traveled up to the side of her neck as his hand started to move South from her waist down to the v of her legs.

Hillary moaned as Bill’s fingers touched her core, brushing her slit with the back of his fingers. “Still wet for me,” She heard Bill whisper. “We might as well make the most of it.” He said before he moved swiftly and carried her in his arms and brought her back to the bed. 


White House, Six-thirty in the Morning

George was pacing outside the Breakfast room when Mack saw him.

“Are you alright?” Mack asked as he took a sip from his cup of coffee.

“Where’s Bill?” George asked. 

“Is he not yet here?” 

“Good morning, General!” George exclaimed as General Powell arrived. 

“No, he’s not yet here. I thought you were with him?” George asked, confused.

“No, I just arrived. Maybe he is still dressing?”

“Where’s Bill?” Dolly asked, looking worried as the guests were starting to arrive. Bill was supposed to arrive by six-thirty as arranged.

“Maybe he is still getting dressed?”

Mack gave George his coffee. “No, I know Bill. He wouldn’t be late.”

Mack ran to Bill’s presidential suite. He was surprised that the door to the Presidential Suite was still closed. Normally, if Bill had a meeting, he would be awake in the morning. He would jog first then take a shower, get dressed, and then have breakfast.

Mack knocked, then when no one answered, he urged the housekeeper to open the door. When the housekeeper opened the door, Mack found the draperies still closed. It was so dark inside that it practically looked like evening. His eyes turned to a sleeping Bill facedown and still snoring.

“Damn, Bill, wake up!” Mack said, shaking him.

“Hmm?” Bill asked hoarsely. 

“Don’t hmm me! Man, it’s already six-thirty in the morning. Why are you still sleeping?” Mack exclaimed.

Bill’s eyes snapped open suddenly remembering that he had breakfast with the generals. 

“Damn, it’s six-thirty?” Bill asked. 

Mack looked at him incredulously. 

“Go, wash your face, and brush your teeth. I’ll take your suit out of the closet.” Mack said and watched as Bill went to the comfort room swaying. 

Mack went to his wardrobe and fetched his suit and tie, then he went around looking suspicious because Bill smells heavily of perfume which he didn’t normally do. Besides, Bill never wore perfume unless he had to go somewhere. Lastly, Bill was wearing a white shirt and boxers. He knew that Bill sleeps naked so it was strange why he changed his routine. 

Mack saw Bill’s jeans hanging on a nearby chair. Mack turned to look at the closed door of the comfort room and then he went to check the pocket of his jeans. He found them all empty.

He saw his wallet on the nearby bedside table and Mack flipped them open, he found a few dollars and some credit cards, he looked at the inner pocket and found nothing suspicious. He found his sports jacket hanging out and Mack reached for it then sniffed.

Mack blinked. He couldn’t mistake the smell. It was the scent of a woman's perfume. The smell was so distinct - flowery and light. He reached in the pocket and found them empty but the inside pocket had two unopened condoms. The one had a small tear as if it was accidentally torn.

Mack looked at it.