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Leave It All Behind

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Hillary was angry. When Tim announced to her that she has enough support for Minority Leadership she understood that Tim was soliciting and selling her off to be the Minority Leader.

What made her angry was the fact that Tim was already deciding for her — just like her father. She felt that she was pushed in a situation that she did not want. When they were already in Tim's chauffeured car, Hillary did not stop arguing with him. 

"Why didn't you tell me your plan?" She asked, infuriated. 

"I talked to Hugh and this is the best place to do it."

"Best place? What the fuck, Tim? You should have consulted me if I even want the leadership?"

Tim scoffed, "Don't tell me you don't want the leadership."

"I don't want it! I don't want to take that position for the reasons that you and dad want me in—"

"Hillary!" Tim cut her, "We cannot afford to have Bill lead the country for two terms. Don't you understand?" 

"You don't want him to lead because you want our party to hold the helm of leadership regardless if a Democrat is successful leading it."

Tim turned to look at her. It was the first time he looked at her ever since they got inside the car. "Democrats cannot lead the country!" Then he stressed, "They must not lead the country! They will bring changes that will disrupt our values and morals. People will be empowered to be degenerates! Abortion everywhere, restrictions on our second amendment, homosexuals in our military! Bill's loose moral values will bring problems."

Hillary looked at her hands on her lap. Her hands closed in a fist as she tried to stifle her anger. "You will not decide for me what to do or not to do, Timothy." She glared at him. "I will not be used as a weapon to bring Bill's presidency down."

"Why are you so concerned about him?"

"I am not concerned about him. Bill Clinton won the presidency fair and square. He fought for the Presidency just as Bush did, but obviously, President Bush did not do enough. People selected him! He needs to be given a chance to lead."

"Given a chance to lead?" Tim asked, outraged. "He would ruin this country for the next few years!" 

"You don't even know about that?!" Hillary retorted. 

"Jesus Christ! Aren't you paying attention to his policies?" 

"I did, Tim! But that's why we are here. We can work together without tearing each other apart! And —"

"I don't care, Hillary!" Tim snapped, silencing her. "I want him gone after four years. End of story."

Hillary looked at him, her jaw dropped. She couldn't believe hearing this from Tim. He was a cold person and a politician first before a public servant. 

"You don't care that if we sabotage Bill's success, it means that we will also bring down our country? That means livelihood lost, down economy, loss of a job—heck, even war! Tim, we cannot—"

"Hillary," he stressed, "If Bill fails, we will step in. That's where our party comes in. We will repair whatever damages his Presidency will do."

Hillary looked at Tim's unwavering stare. Tim could be frightening sometimes, with the way he thinks. He was the epitome of White conservative. He thought that Whites should always be leading, who believed in the teaching of Christianity through and through. He was very privileged and believed in a caste system but never acknowledged it but it was in his blood. Hillary could see right through him now, and this was the man her father wanted her to marry. Why not? Her father was a staunch Republican. He would be proud to have Tim as his son-in-law.

Hillary felt her skin crawl by the thought of being married to him.

Hillary tipped her chin up, "Edward," she said referring to his chauffeur, "Please take me home."

She saw Edward look at the reflection of the rearview mirror to look at Tim for his direction. Tim nodded.

They did not talk on the way to her home. When they reached her house and the door next to Hillary was opened, she turned to Tim and said, "With your coldness and heartlessness… It is the very reason why I can't bring myself to marry you."

Tim looked at her with an even stare, "Good night, Hillary."

Hillary didn't respond and instead turned on her heels and went to her home this time. 

A few weeks after, White House, Morning

Bill just finished discussing the update of Roe vs Wade and was about to return to his office, when Mack stopped him and said, "Ford company wanted you to join them in their Anniversary Party."

Bill remembered that Ford Company supported him, so making an appearance was necessary. "Does it fit my schedule?" 

"Yes, we checked it." 

Bill sat on his executive chair just behind the massive wooden Presidential desk.

He just sat when his Senior Strategist, Paul, came in his office and announced, "Here are the newly elected leaders in the Senate and Congress." 

Paul stood next to Bill's table as he continued, "Perkins and Rodham are the Minority leaders respectively." 

"Duke did not run for leadership?" 

"No, he was elected to another position - Republican Whip."

Bill wasn't listening, he was elated for Hillary to get the Minority leadership. He could certainly build a relationship with her so he could win his way with Republicans. He couldn't wait to call and congratulate her. He just needed a good time to do it. 

Same Day, Hillary's Office, Night-Time

The problem with Tim was that he would never acknowledge his fault. He would pretend that everything was fine. After a few weeks, he never approached Hillary and apologized to her for taking matters in his own hands.

He appeared in her office like everything was okay.

"Hey," He greeted, standing in her doorway.

Hillary looked at him from her seat. "Tim, what are you doing here?" 

"Not happy to see me?" He asked he inserted his hands inside his pockets. 

Hillary looked down again on her papers. 

"I heard you didn't throw a party for your election," He said, welcoming himself inside her office.

"Tim, what do you want?" 

"Hillary, can we talk?"

Hillary stood up, "Go ahead and talk because I am still working. I have a few things to do."

Tim brushed his hair with his hand - a habit he built when he was frustrated.

"I can't believe it, you're still angry with me?"

"I don't think you have apologized for what you did?" 

"Hillary, you are already elected what are you complaining all about?" 

"I got elected not because of my merit but because you and Dad rallied for me for God knows what?!" She exclaimed, flattening her palms on the surface of her table.

"Hillary, I just want the best for our country."

Hillary looked at him, so he continued. "I'm doing everything to keep things the way it should be. I don't like the ideology of Dems, and Bill leading the country will open doors for people to liberate. Not everyone will embrace that and there will be chaos fighting for power." 

Hillary's chest heaved then she leaned against her chair. "I cannot believe that you just said that."

"Hillary," Mary, her assistant knocked. She looked at the couple before responding. "Your father is looking for you."

"Thanks, Mary, I will follow."

When Mary was no longer within earshot, Hillary turned to Tim. "Find your way out of my office, Timothy."

Hillary stood and when she reached Tim - he reached out to hold her arm. She looked at his hand on her arm then to his ice-cold stare.

"Hillary, whether you like it not, we do not live in a world where everyone has an equal opportunity. It doesn't go that way."

She pulled her arm and left her office leaving him alone. Tim tipped his head up as he heaved a sigh. 

Ring ring ring

Tim turned to Hillary's phone ringing on her table. 


It took a while for Bill to have the time to call Hillary. He was so occupied the whole day so when he was done with his work after dinner and found himself relaxing in his office ready to call it a day, he decided to finally call Hillary. 

He gazed at the phone, took a deep breath then dialed her number. He tapped his fingers on the surface of his table waiting for his call to connect and to his delight it did, then her phone rang.

After consecutive rings, someone answered it. 


Bill's brows furrowed because the voice certainly didn't come from Hillary or a woman. It was as a man who answered Hillary's phone. 

"Hello?" The guy repeated.

Bill hung up. He was able to identify the voice as Congressman Duke's. He was glad that his number was private devoid of any indication that he was calling Hillary. He couldn’t explain but he didn’t want Tim to know that he was contacting Hillary.

He looked at the phone contemplating if he would even attempt to try it again, perhaps later. But then he immediately canceled the thought. 

He sighed and concluded that he didn't need to try again besides he didn't even need to call and congratulate her.

Ford Anniversary, North Carolina, Few Days After

"Everything is done?" Mack asked Agent Harold, referring to the perimeter check as Bill would be driving a top-down Ford Mustang.

Ever since the murder of President Kennedy, Secret Service became wary of the open parade.

"Yes, everything is already set," AgentHarold said. He reached for his radio.

Mack shifted as they waited for Bill to arrive.

Bill arrived at the event. He was driving a mustang next to the Ford President, Henry Parker who was sitting on the passenger seat. Bill cruised his 1967 icy blue Ford Mustang Convertible at the Charlotte Motor Speedway with several black security cars that surrounded him. Bill waved at the crowd. He was wearing a visible red sports jacket. 

"It's such a shame that you can no longer enjoy driving a car," Henry commented. 

Bill nodded without looking at him still waving at the crowd while keeping one hand on the steering wheel, "That's one of the saddest things, I guess, aside from the fact that my life is under constant scrutiny." 

"Sounds like a prison."

Bill chuckled. "Well, I get to make a difference."

"I guess that makes it worth it?" 

Bill looked at him with a boyish grin, "To make the lives of Americans better, it is worth it."

Henry clapped Bill's shoulder. "I don't regret ever supporting you."

"Thanks, Henry."

"By the way," Henry added, "We will be throwing a secret party tonight, I trust that you will be attending?" 

"I wouldn't miss it for the world."

White House, Night-Time

George was sitting in his office ready to call it a day when he heard a knock on his door. George looked at the door as Mack opened it and peered through the gap. 

"Do you have a second?" 

"Yes, what is it?" 

"Billy is in the Crossover Bar right now attending a party that Henry hosted tonight. It's already late."

George scoffed. "Why are you so worried?" 

Mack sat down on the chair facing George's table. "You know during our time at Yale. I just know Bill so much. He has problems and you damn well know that."

George nodded. He, Mack, and Bill belonged to the same Fraternity and got to know each other there. They built a strong brotherly bond and looked for each other's back.

"Bill is already grown up, Mack."

Mack pursued his lips. "Either way, we need to get him from that bar."

"Why would I come?" 

Mack looked at him in disbelief, "We can't Bill stay at the party now, can we? Besides, what is it that you said? Our ass will be on the chopping block if Bill ever gets into a scandal." 

George brushed his face with his hand, damn, of course. "Harold is with him isn't he?" 

"Yes, he is, but I doubt Harold can stop him if he does anything stupid."

George sucked his teeth and groaned, "Well, why do I feel like I am in my fraternity days again?"

"Tell me about it," Mack scoffed. 

Crossover Bar and Restaurant, Night-Time

Bill was in the VIP room with Henry. The Crossover Bar was the popular bar in Washington. The usual guests there were celebrities, politicians, and rich people as not everyone had access to the exclusive bar. The Crossover Bar had a room for VIPs and the like. Henry brought his special guest there tonight. Bill was particular with security and privacy. He told Harold to make sure that the place was secured and that no photos would be taken.

Henry took Bill to the underground VIP room. It was partly dark, but the sound inside was already blaring. Bill could hardly hear Henry. When they entered the room, Bill was surprised by the ladies inside. There were five of them. Harold looked at Bill warily, particularly not comfortable that there would be women. Henry saw the exchange look. 

“Baaah, don’t worry about the women, man,” Henry said. “They are with me.”

Bill nodded to Harold and he nodded back. “I'll be just outside the room, Sir. I'll leave some with you here inside."

Bill took a seat and he could see from Henry’s behind through a dark glass the number of people in the main lobby - dancing and getting drunk.

“Don’t worry about ‘em,” Henry said, “They couldn’t see us from here.”

Bill sat down and he was suddenly surrounded by women. Bill wasn't paying attention to the ladies that surrounded him. He said that he would just stay for a while just to hang out with Henry since the guy had supported him during his campaign.

Bill was true to his words, he stayed there and wasn’t touching any of the alcohols that Henry was serving him. Henry was a notorious womanizer. There were stories that he would even host orgies in his mansion. He invited Bill many times during his gubernatorial days but Bill always ended up rejecting it with an acceptable excuse.

After a while, some other VIP joined them. The Secret Service conducted a body check before allowing anyone to come in. Bill drank his glass of water as he talked to other guests inside the VIP room, then he took a seat on the expensive-looking leather couch opposite Henry who looked already drunk. Some of the ladies surrounded Bill. One lady threw her arm around him and leaned her head. One Agent came and placed a hand on the lady's shoulder, giving her a warning. 

"Not too close, please," The Agent said but the lady just shrugged her shoulder. 

Henry laughed. "Leave 'em alone. She wouldn't hurt the President!"

Bill shifted on his seat uncomfortably.

It was his time to leave.

Bill was about to get a drink and say goodbye when he was surprised to see George and Mack barged into the room. They scanned the room and then saw Bill sitting on the couch with a woman sitting next to him. 

“Why on earth are your men here?” Henry asked, his words a little slurred.

“Sorry, Parker, the President invited us,” Mack said, taking one of the ladies’ hands particularly the one sitting next to Bill whose arms were dangling around on his neck.

Bill looked at Mack confused because he didn’t invite them.

“Can't-miss such a party,” George said, sitting in the space next to Bill. “What do we have here?” George said, taking one of the glasses that was filled with a dark hue of browns.

“That’s 1676 Whiskey,” Henry said. “My boy Billy here no longer enjoys life ever since won the Presidency.”

George chuckled and he sniffed the alcohol before taking a sip. “Well, you can say that.”

Mack was looking at George with reprove. He cleared his throat and turned to Henry, “Anyway, Henry, this is such a party but it’s late. We need to go.”

"Babysitting, my boy Billy now?" 

Bill sighed, “Right, Henry, it’s late. I gotta go.” He reached for the whiskey and took the drink in one gulp.

The three of them stood up and said their goodbyes to Henry who didn’t pay attention to them and started kissing the woman sitting on his lap.

“Thanks for rescuing me,” Bill mumbled as the escort guarding the room opened the door. They stepped out just in time that the waitress who was holding a tray with shot glass accidentally missed a step causing the drinks that she was holding to fall. Bill shot his arm to hold the waitress, but by doing so, some of the drink spilled on his shirt. 

“Gee, man, some warning!” George shouted at the guard. 

The secret service agents that were with them helped the lady and Bill reached for a towel to wipe his shirt. 

“Let’s go, it’s not looking good in here,” Mack said warily, surprised by the number of people at the darkened bar.

Harold approached them and led the way, “This way, towards the back exit.”

They were about to step out but a guest spotted Bill and said, “Hey, it’s the President!”

Mack moved to cover Bill. He didn’t turn to the call of his name but they saw a flash on their peripheral. They exited hurriedly hoping that no one got a photo of them.

White House, After Few Days

Bill just got off from a National Security Meeting when George entered the Oval Office. Bill sat on his executive chair and pulled out a Cuban Cigar and looked at George who turned on the television in the corner.

“I think you have a television in your office,” Bill said, then he huffed then a white smoke billowed as he puffed his cigar.

“Here we go,” George said after selecting a channel. He stood up and moved away so Bill could see.

Bill saw Senator Rodham being interviewed and looking glorious and beautiful as ever. 

"Why are we watching this?"

George ignored him and the interviewer asked Senator Rodham.

"Given your new role as the Minority Leader will you be hard on the policies that the President will want to pursue?"

"I think there's always a wrong impression of our role. Being the opposition doesn't mean that we are always going to contradict, but we are here to strike a balance in power. I wouldn't say that I will be hard to work with but I will make sure that check and balance are in place and that policies are created for the benefit of all Americans."

“Senator, do you think that it is alarming that the President is seen hanging out with the notorious Henry Parker?”

Bill felt his stomach plummet. He stood up. 

"I beg your pardon?" Hillary asked, pressing the earpiece in her ear. 

"Pictures are circulating that the President is seen in the Crossover Bar recently." 

Pictures of Bill flashed on the screen. Specifically, the ones where Bill was seen with his shirt open on the throat and a burgundy stain on his shirt, then Hillary's video came in again as she answered. 

“This is the first time I've seen this. Uh… Well…" She stammered. 

"What do you think of this news?

"Given… Given the pictures, Henry Parker is notorious for these parties and Mr. Parker isn’t even shy about that," She paused. "The pictures… It's concerning that the President has seemingly not outgrown his Bachelor days. This… This kind of demeanor is totally unbecoming and unpresidential. I hope White House answers this.”

Bill’s jaw dropped, the cigar almost slipping from his lips when he continued to listen as the reporter told the story flashed his pictures on the screen with his white shirt stained with visible alcohol and a smudge of lipstick on the collar.

Oh, damn, he did not want this.