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Common Sense is not so Common.

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Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.


Another wonderful fucking day at UA for one Denki Kaminari. He was absolutely exhausted today, his siblings just won’t ever leave him alone anymore. Ever since they reconnected, it’s been one thing after another. “Denki! Cook dinner!” “Denkiiii clean blood off our clothing!” “Denki! Do the dishes!” Like, what more could they possibly want from him at this point?


All the second year teen wanted himself was a nice relaxing day at UA. 


Of course, can anyone really have a nice relaxing day at UA?


Today was looking to finally be an exception! He didn’t fall asleep once in homeroom, he got praised for being the only one who could spell antidisestablishmentarianism in their English spelling bee today. Though, the looks Momo were sending him were more than a little unsettling at this point. In math he scored a 60% on a pop quiz which is way more than he expected since he played Mario cart with his sister until 3am the night before instead of studying. 


Of course it was fucking Aizawa who had to fuck it all up.




“Alright, I’ve noticed you all have been placing too much emphasis on your quirks. That’s not what heroes should be doing.” The man crawled out of his sleeping bag as he spoke, already dreading this lesson. He could practically hear Bakugo trying to remain in his seat and not interrupt. Any minute now he would interrupt. He sighed, mentally counting.








Sweaty hands slammed down onto a desk. Right on time as usual.


“That’s fucking bullshit! Of course we fight with our quirks first! Maybe dunce face over there needs to learn more since he can’t control shit, but I don’t need any stupid weapons training!” The boy remained standing, not shrinking at all under Aizawa’s glare.


Surprisingly, Kaminari Denki didn’t say anything when being called out by Bakugo. In fact, it even looked like he had a smirk on his face... weird.




“This lesson feels kind of weird doesn’t it? I don’t see why we need to learn weaponry... it feels kinda villainous.” Mina’s voice carried across the locker room to all the other girls.


Momo paused in placing her hero costume on. She’d been thinking about the objective of the lesson for a while now, as she always does. “I think this lesson may be good for us to understand the other side of the field a bit better. If someone had a quirk like Aizawa-Sensei, then we would not be able to do anything about it. Or if someone had a quirk that expels a base that would nullify your acid, you would have a back up, Ashido.”


Behind Momo, Uraraka was doing her best impersonation of Midoriya, finding a nearby notebook and writing down everything she could. The girls all dissolved into giggles at the comparison.


Becoming more straight laced and serious looking, Jirou covered one side of her face and looked at Momo. “Answer me seriously. Are you sure you are not also Allmight’s secret love child and Midoryia’s twin?” 


That of course sent them into another laughing fit. Momo herself gave a few breathy chuckles that Jirou can’t stop herself from blushing when she heard the sweet noises from her girlfriends lips.


“It was odd of Kaminari to not be offended at Bakugo’s comment kerro.”


“Like, yeah! He almost looked glad!” Hagakure nodded at Tsyuu’s comment.


Denki was always itching for an excuse to speak. He said it was because he had a huge family.


Mina just giggled more. “He was probably just staring at Momo’s tits again and forgot where he was!”


“Pretty sure that’s my job!” 


Jirous’s comment of course sent them into more giggles as a furious blush coated Momo’s face.




The future heros were sent to an empty field just behind Ground Zero. Well, one shouldn’t say empty. There were ten targets set up outside, each three feet apart and the grass had spray painted markers at various distances away from the targets. Next to Aizawa was a table full of knives. 


It was quite clear to most what they’ll be trying today.


“Whoa- dude, why are there so many D36 Throwing Knives on the table?” 


Denki Kaminari does not fall into the ‘most’ category. 


Twenty other pairs of eyes fall to look at the electric blonde.


“Uh- Kami, my bro, how do you know what kind of knife that is?” Kirishima curiously approached one of his best friends, laying a heavy hand on his shoulder.


“Uhhhh-“ Denki’s nervous laughter floats through the air. He was too prone to speaking out of turn. Why on earth does anyone trust him with secrets? “I saw a porn with-“


And Kirishima’s hands clamped right over his mouth to cut him off. Hell yeah! A perfect excuse!


Aizawa sighs again. Why was his class like this? “Uraraka, I understand you have some knife training? You and Kaminari will go first as an example.”


Kirishima released Denki’s hand with a groan when the boy’s tongue darted out to lick his hand. “Dude? So unmanly…”


Denki winked at his best friend, turning to look at Aizawa. He opened his mouth to protest but that look on his teacher’s face leaves no room for such protests




It made him think of men in lab coats. Pure white rooms. Test after test after test. 


Why can’t it stop? 


Why can’t it stop?!




And before his brain could process it, he had three knives and he was standing ten feet from a target.


Aizawa started to tell them how to properly stand and hold the knives, but it’s clear Denki was not listening. Does the boy ever listen when it was class time? So, their teacher cut himself off because he knew Uraraka could do it successfully. 


“And go-“


Well that snapped  Denki out of his daze. He assumed that Aizawa explained it all already, rather than just him saying two sentences, followed by those two words. Denki should probably listen better- 


See, Denki had a secret that he can’t really let anyone else in the class know. Well, he had many secrets that he couldn’t  let anyone else know, but in this moment all that mattered is that he had thrown quite a few knives in his lifetime. All of his family has. And after the commission interfered it-


That’s irrelevant Denki. Fucking focus.


A splattering of applause made him focus again. Uraraka had presumably thrown her knives: one missed entirely, but the other two landed fairly close to the bullseye. Not bad!


I could do better.  


No! No this wasn’t the time for thoughts like that. Everyone was looking at him. People were telling him good luck, that it was okay if he fucks up, but that wasn’t not what he’s worried about...


Then it hits him!


They couldn’t see him! His back was turned! So he could just- he could just close his eyes right? So he did. Denki closed his eyes and threw the knives. It was fine. It’ll be fine.


The first knife hit the edge of the target.


The second hit the bullseye.


The third hit just outside the bullseye.


He did better than Uraraka.


Denki turns around to face his classmates and got pulled into a bone crushing hug from Kirishima.


“Dude! That was so manly! I’m so proud of you! Have you ever done that before?”


Similar praise and questioning started to crop up from his classmates. But they’re all cut off by a sigh from their teacher. That sigh could easily cut off their talk. That sigh never meant anything good.


He knows. He knows. He knows.


“Kaminari. Do it again but stand further away. Twenty feet.”


Okay. That was fine- it was just another test. He doesn’t know. He just wants to make sure it’s not a fluke!


“With your eyes open this time.”


He knows. He must know. He knows.


The class remained silent for a while. It was an ugly, long, boring silence that drove the electric blonde insane. He couldn’t stand silence on any given day…


Denki slowly marched himself to get three more knives from Eraserhead… How on earth did the man know? Did he know who Denki was? Did he know who his sister was who his brother was?


He knows. He knows. He knows.


Denki tried to hold the knife wrong but Aizawa glared at him. He tried to stand wrong but Aizawa glared at him. He tried to trip but he was caught with a capture weapon and given another knife. He- he tried! 


Eventually, there wasn’t not much more the teen could do but throw the knife the way he knew he could. 


Three bullseyes sent in quick succession landing right next to each other from twenty feet away.




A man dressed all in white with a clipboard clamped a hand on Denki’s shoulder. He looked angry- so so angry.


You can do better than that. 






Your sister did better.






Your brother did better.




He was snapped back to reality when a hand was clamped onto his shoulder- no.. not clamped. It was gentle. Todoroki always was gentle with Denki. Sometimes Denki thought Todoroki could tell that they went through similar things… because Denki could tell the minute they locked eyes the first day of UA.


“Denki.” He was always so stoic and serious. What was he thinking? He was figuring it out wasn’t he? He’s always been so smart… “Are you Edgeshot’s secret love child?”


That was not what he was expecting. He stared at Shouto for some time before he let out a nervous giggle which turned into a full blown laugh by the end of it. And suddenly the whole class was laughing at the absurdity of the situation they found themselves in.


“Oi! Half and Half- what drugs are you on?”


“T-T- Todoroki! We talked about this! You can’t accuse everyone of being someone’s child! Though- Denki’s eye shape is pretty similar… ramble ramble ramble -“


“What a mad bouquet of darkness~”


“Ah! Denki twinkles too magnifique for that!”


“Todobroki- Denki is too manly!”


Todoroki nodded his head with a tiny sigh. “You all may not see the truth yet. But you will.”


Aizawa was the only one not laughing. He was still staring at Denki as if expecting him to cough up some reason for what they just saw. 


“Uh- well, you see. My sister she’s-“ Denki needed an excuse. He needed a reason. He needed something. Think Denki- “She uh, she works for the circus! A knife thrower! I come from a family of circus workers and it’s really embarrassing guys… so I don’t really talk about it much.”


Aizawa slowly nodded his head at that with a bit of trepidation. Denki knew it wasn’t a flawless lie but.. but he bought it. Everyone would just chalk it up to weird shit Denki said or did. Like when he didn’t go after Bakugo, or when he said he admired Stain, or when his parent’s phone on record wasn’t correct. Just a series of situations that were unrelated.


They were all unrelated.




“Hey guys! I’m home! Sorry it took me so long, Sero wanted to go get Ramen so we had to go there and then walk back to the dorms so I could sneak out to come here and apparently school me really loves food even though you all know I fucking hate-“


“Denkiiiiiiiiiiiii!” And his speech was cut off by a flying blonde girl jumping onto his chest and knocking him over. A knife was held right to his neck and the smell of peaches and blood overtook his senses.


A small whoosh sound echoed behind him, and the golden eyed girl was being pushed off the golden eyed boy via a bunch of a golden eyed man’s feathers lifting her off. And now his senses were assaulted with cigarette smoke, whiskey, blood, and peaches. 


He loved that shit.


He missed that shit.


“Uh-huh, missed you too sis. Oh! And if anyone from my school calls and asks what you do at the circus, Himi, you’re a fucking knife thrower, and bro- by the way you reek of smoke! Are you fucking Dabi again?- you’re a ringmaster! Fun right?”


His family certainly didn’t look amused, and thus he was tackled by his sister and it wasn’t stopped this time.


But Denki? Denki wouldn’t have it any other way.