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what's for breakfast?

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As a worn-out Wei Wuxian traverses his way through the Cloud Recesses at way-too-early o’clock in the morning, he thought to himself: ‘Huh, maybe Gusu Lan’s unforgiving waking schedule is because of this.’

Now he doesn’t know if this particular observation is because he is barely awake after having fought a bunch of fierce corpses with Wen Ning and the juniors in the far north of Gusu, or if the sudden change of scenery from a boring woodland to towering buildings that he should be accustomed to by now makes too much of a difference. Either way, Wei Wuxian finds the Cloud Recesses more grand and inviting than usual in the break of dawn.

What lies before him is the Library Pavilion, which, in the early morning sun, seemingly emits an otherworldly aura due to the halo of the barely risen sun behind it. The proud magnolia tree beside it appears to be a peerless sentinel, the long branches winding out to the opposite end of the pavilion akin to an embrace. A few disciples have already gathered in the front of the building, muttering silently while holding innumerous amounts of scrolls in their arms.

Ah, yes. That’s the part that Wei Wuxian learned to hate about Gusu Lan and their ridiculous efforts in time management. The fact that you must wake up at the crack of dawn to go to class only to receive a scolding from Lan Qiren himself.

(In his case, though, that’s what normally happens.)

The sound of greetings from the junior disciples practically went inside one ear and escaped the other but Wei Wuxian acknowledged them to the best of his abilities, even if a lopsided smile and a mumbled ‘good morning’ is all that he can provide.

He really needs to get some sleep. How come the jingshi is so far away from the entrance gates?!

At this point, Wei Wuxian badly wants to say fuck it and just pass out on the stone pavement, but his and Lan Wangji’s residence is just a few dozen steps away. Plus, his husband might not like the idea of him working himself to the bone to the point of passing out. Again.

The smell of sandalwood incense gets stronger the closer Wei Wuxian gets to the jingshi’s entrance, he could almost picture Lan Wangji peacefully sleeping on their bed, in that perfect Gusu Lan sleeping position that has been drilled to him since he was young. Wei Wuxian found himself walking faster.

“Er-gege, I’m home.” He says to a sleeping Lan Wangji as takes his boots and outer robes off, ready to jump into bed at a moment’s notice. Wei Wuxian didn’t miss the bowls of food neatly covered on the table, probably left by his thoughtful husband before he went to sleep. His heart clenched at the sight.

He approached Lan Wangji slowly, afraid that he’ll suddenly wake up if he stepped on the wooden floor a little harder.

When Wei Wuxian is now face-to-face with the ethereal sight that is a sleeping Lan Wangji, his breath comes out in a shudder, eyes glazing over the gorgeous sight laid before him. This is a rare view for Wei Wuxian, as he is always the one who oversleeps between the two of them, so he rarely gets to see his husband in this angle.

He takes in the stunning vision while he can, from the slight furrow of Lan Wangji’s brows, probably due to the fact that the warm weight on top of him that he quickly became familiar with is currently absent, the steady rise and fall of his chest, the pair of arms situated on his stomach, and—

The inconspicuous, barely visible rise on the crotch area of Lan Wangji’s white inner robes.

Suddenly, all previous sleepiness in Wei Wuxian’s system is now thrown out of the window, his eyes zeroing in on his husband’s morning wood.

Please disregard all of Wei Wuxian’s previous statements about Gusu Lan’s ruthless sleeping schedule, because if this is the sight that’ll greet him everyday then he wouldn’t mind waking up before sunrise.

He’d even be thankful for it.

“Aiya, Lan Zhan. The things that you do to me.” Wei Wuxian advances even slower this time, just so he could ingrain the image of his beautiful, beautiful husband on the backs of his eyelids. When he arrived at the foot of their bed, he silently took off his second layer of robes and climbed on, inching towards Lan Wangji’s prone lower body.

It’s like his beloved exudes an energy that draws Wei Wuxian in, makes him want to bury his entire being in Lan Wangji’s skin and breathe him in like the world is ending and he’s running out of air. As he crawled closer, he could feel the warmth from Lan Wangji’s body even more, like an invisible pull. Wei Wuxian let himself be lured to the very source of heat.

What greeted him was Lan Wangji’s sex straining through the flimsy material of his inner robes.

He looks up to check if he is awakened but to Wei Wuxian’s surprise, Lan Wangji didn’t even move an inch, unknowing of Wei Wuxian’s devious plans. Slowly, he lowered his hand to touch Lan Wangji’s thighs, groaning at how he could feel the hard muscle underneath two layers of clothes. As Wei Wuxian’s hand traveled up, his lips were quick to follow his path, kissing languidly through the fabric. When he finally reached the small bump in the front of Lan Wangji’s robes, Wei Wuxian gave a tentative lick, right where the head is supposed to be, and was rewarded with a soft exhale from his dear husband.


Wei Wuxian continued to mouth on Lan Wangji’s erection through his robes, deliberately sucking on the tip just so he could feel the cock in his mouth twitch in return. When he removed his lips, a line of saliva connects his mouth to the growing wet spot on Lan Wangji’s crotch.

Feeling a little braver, Wei Wuxian parted the thin inner robe until he could get his hands on Lan Wangji’s skin. It was firm and smooth, just like how he had remembered it, only a little warmer now that his husband is stimulated. Wei Wuxian took the liberty of feeling him up now that Lan Wangji is asleep, because as much as he wants to worship every inch of that breathtaking body like what his husband does to him more often than not, he was always reduced to a whimpering mess embarrassingly quick, just one caress of those jade-like fingers in the right place and Wei Wuxian is already writhing.

Today, though, is an exception. Wei Wuxian gets to touch to his heart’s content.

From Lan Wangji’s long and slender neck littered with faded bruises that never seems to leave his skin due to how often Wei Wuxian marks him up, the string of pinks and purples stretching all the way down to the jut of his collarbone. Lan Wangji can’t blame him, though. That porcelain skin is just begging to be marked.

Wei Wuxian stumbled upon the jagged skin that is Lan Wangji’s burn scar, the symbol of a burning sun eternally engraved on his chest. A sign of devotion. A promise. Wei Wuxian found his own chest hurting, right where his own was located.

He traced the symbol with his lips, each peck on the scarred skin a declaration of love.

While he does so, his impatient fingers managed to tug on one of his husband’s nipple, already pert from being exposed to the cold morning air. A ring of teeth marks surround the dusty bud, so Wei Wuxian leaned down to plant an identical one on the other just because he can. Smiling proudly at his masterpiece, he continued his exploration downwards.

Lan Wangji’s abdominal muscles are by far one of the top things that he will never get tired of touching. One time, his husband had let him rub one off on his toned stomach, and Wei Wuxian had to channel Gusu Lan’s impenetrable self-control just so he could prevent himself from cumming too soon. Needless to say, it was one damn good orgasm.

The firm planes of Lan Wangji’s stomach tenses as Wei Wuxian’s fingers glide through every divot. Entranced, he sucks in a sharp breath and dove right in to follow the path he had made with his lips this time. He was pleasantly rewarded with a shuddered gasp from up above, but when Wei Wuxian tilted his head up to look, his husband still has his eyes closed.

Determined, Wei Wuxian persisted on, now mouthing on the thin path of dark hair leading down to the tent in Lan Wangji’s pants, the wet spot where the head should be now long dried.

With deft fingers, he undoes the strings on his beloved’s pants and gently eased it off of him, marveling at how the impressive cock springs right up to his stomach, already drooling from the earlier stimulation.

Gods. Wei Wuxian doesn’t think he could ever get used to seeing Lan Wangji’s member, even if he encounters it almost every day, and has even brought him immense amounts of pleasure every single time. It’s beautiful, Wei Wuxian’s concupiscent mind supplies after a few seconds. From the engorged head leaking copious amounts of precum, staining his stomach with its lustful sheen, to the wide girth of the shaft, bringing Wei Wuxian pleasant memories of the times when he was stretched open and disheveled in Lan Wangji’s hold.

That will come later. Right now, Wei Wuxian is starving, and his husband’s cock is just the perfect meal for him.

He starts with the dripping head, letting the viscous liquid stain his lips the more he rubs the reddened tip on them. Then he tongues at the little slit on top, lapping at the tiny little hole just to get a thorough taste of his husband’s essence. Lan Wangji finally reacted more than a quiet huff of breath when Wei Wuxian took the length in his mouth, his husband’s hips jerking up in response. But surprisingly, Lan Wangji remained asleep.

Taking this as an encouragement, Wei Wuxian gets to work, swallowing around his husband’s cock like he’s been doing it on a regular basis.

(Well, maybe he is, but that’s neither here nor there.)

The weight of Lan Wangji’s erection inside his mouth is pure bliss, the vein on the underside of it throbbing whenever Wei Wuxian expertly takes it up to his throat. Blood rushing in his ears, Wei Wuxian takes him deeper, deeper until another sound comes from his still sleeping husband, this time louder than before. Wei Wuxian metaphorically patted himself on his back.

Gaining more confidence, he reached down to fondle Lan Wangji’s balls, pausing his ministrations on the swollen cock to take one in his mouth. Wei Wuxian deemed himself successful once again when Lan Wangji’s hips jerked up in response to a particularly hard suck on the base of his dick.

Distantly, Wei Wuxian wonders why Lan Wangji still wouldn’t wake up after all the debauchery that he had done. Hm, maybe the Lans really won’t wake up until five in the morning, after all.

But right now, all of that doesn’t matter. Right now, he has his lovely husband all bared and open for him to savor, to take, and he would never miss this chance in this lifetime or the next one.

Wei Wuxian drinks in the sight like a parched man, eyes raking over Lan Wangji’s naked body when he leaned back to take a look. A thin sheen of sweat paints his chest in an ethereal glow, made more tantalizing by the rays of faint sunlight that occasionally manages to get filtered inside. His cock, still hard and leaking in Wei Wuxian’s hold, gives another twitch as if vying for his attention.

Amused, Wei Wuxian leaned down once again until the tip is mere inches from his lips and lightly exhaled, chuckling in earnest when the entirety of Lan Wangji’s crotch jolted upwards. This, however, caused the head of the cock to prod against his parted mouth, and Wei Wuxian would laugh if not for his impatience to get that dick in his mouth already.

He bobbed his head languidly, making sure he goes all the way down until his nose is settled within the thin patch of hair at the base of Lan Wangji’s member, then he increased his pace, pairing his ministrations with an eager hand playing with the pair of heavy balls.

Wei Wuxian is so hard in his own robes that it almost hurts, but he was determined to make his husband cum first. Another hand sneaked up to stroke the length he couldn’t fit in his mouth, and after a few measure strokes, a thick spurt of liquid shot straight into Wei Wuxian’s mouth, as well as—

“Wei Ying!”

Wei Wuxian was startled by Lan Wangji’s voice that he flinched in surprise, causing the cock to slip out of his mouth and land a few white stripes on his chin and cheeks.

Meanwhile, Lan Wangji stares down at him, now fully awake and panting hard. Wei Wuxian’s dick might have twitched at the sight, but nobody has to know that.

“Lan Zhan, you’re finally awake.” Wei Wuxian nonchalantly flicks a stray hair away from his face, uncaring of the mess of fluids on his face. He knows Lan Wangji likes it. “I was hoping to wake you up with your cock inside me.”

“Shameless.” Was Lan Wangji’s immediate answer. Of course it is. “It’s already five.”

“Ah, the Lans and your sleeping schedule. Can’t even wake up even when your wonderful husband is taking your cock like a champion? I’m wounded, Lan Zhan.”

Lan Wangji, who’s completely used to his woes by now, only stood up and kissed him squarely on the lips and—well, that works too. After all, his husband’s lips work like magic against Wei Wuxian’s, moving in perfect tandem with his own and then Lan Wangji’s pulling away to lick at his own spend on Wei Wuxian’s chin and oh, that is so fucking hot.

He didn’t know that he had unconsciously ground his hips forward until Lan Wangji’s strong hands found purchase on his hips to still his movement. Wei Wuxian whined, high and needy, and his husband immediately knew exactly what he needed.

His robes were stripped off of him in a matter of seconds, leaving him bare and shivering under Lan Wangji’s heated stare. The exhilarating turn of events from being the hungry predator to the hunted prey leaves Wei Wuxian keening excitement. It was now Lan Wangji’s turn to take what’s rightfully his.

But of course, Wei Wuxian wouldn’t back down without a fight.

“Er-gege,” Wei Wuxian purrs. “Are you going to punish me?”

There was no answer from Lan Wangji, so he kept pressing on.

“I just couldn’t help myself, I swear!” Wei Wuxian looks at Lan Wangji’s eyes, then his very inviting lower body, then back up to his eyes. “My dear husband looked so pretty even while he’s sleeping that I can’t help but want to ravish him. Plus,” a quick hand had already found its way on Lan Wangji’s cock, which is now half-hard. Interesting. “he looked so pitiful with this thing bothering him and I knew I had to step up and do something about it. So I did.”

Lan Wangji opens his mouth but—

“I know what you’re going to say. I’m shameless, aren’t I?”

Wei Wuxian gets on all fours and crawls to Lan Wangji’s direction, ever so slowly, making sure that his husband can see everything that he has to offer.

Dark, hooded eyes greeted him, filled with unbridled desire.

“Wei Ying.”

“You can’t blame this husband for wanting to make you feel good.” Wei Wuxian’s hand stroked once, earning a stifled gasp that he didn’t fail to notice but was followed quickly by a halfhearted glare. “After all, we didn’t get to do our everyday activities last night, so I’ll make sure that you get double the service today—woah!”

Next thing he knew, Wei Wuxian is being manhandled until he’s the one lying on their bed and Lan Wangji’s hovering over him like a dangerous animal. He was touched all over, his chest, his stomach, the tops of his thighs, but the one thing that’s badly aching for Lan Wangji’s hands still remain untouched.

Lips came in contact with Wei Wuxian’s sensitive buds and he’s shivering in Lan Wangji’s hold, hips pushing up to get some sort of relief for his own erection but his husband wouldn’t let him, keeps his lower body planted firmly on the bed with a hand on his hip. Wei Wuxian moans when Lan Wangji bit onto the pink nub. Not fair!

There was already a sound of a container popping open from below, and the sensation of a sticky substance dripping on his crotch. Before Wei Wuxian could even open his mouth, a finger has already managed to breach his tight opening, coaxing a drawn-out whimper out of him instead.

“Lan Zhan…”

Lan Wangji wastes no time in preparing him. One finger turned into two, then into three, reaching deep and stretching Wei Wuxian to his limits. The pads of his digits lightly brushed against his sweet spot and Wei Wuxian is screaming, calling out his husband’s name who was quick to muffle his noises with a deep kiss.

When they both parted, he was once again struck by how gorgeous his husband looks, the drops of sweat on his body like glittering jewels, his peerless face carved to perfection, a rare treasure that is all for Wei Wuxian to touch and kiss and love. Blame the romantic in him, but Wei Wuxian wants to cherish this sight in his heart forever.

“Lan Zhan, look at me.”

Bright golden eyes stared back at him, pouring all the feelings that need not be said.

Wei Wuxian tugged Lan Wangji closer to press their foreheads together, whispering as if he is going to unearth an age-old secret. “You’re so cute. I love you, you know that right?” Lan Wangji hums in affirmation and swiped a stray piece of hair to get a better look at him. Wei Wuxian giggles, his heart full. “Just making sure.”

“I love Wei Ying too.” Lan Wangji darts down to kiss his lips, to which he gratefully accepted.  “Always.”

Ah, there it is again.

“Lan Zhaaaaan, I told you to warn me first before saying those kinds of stuff!” Wei Wuxian is defeated, taken down by his own husband. His heart may never recover from this ever again. And his utterly devious husband just has to smile and kiss his burning cheeks. Unfair! “Okay, okay. Lan Zhan, as much as I love you and want to wax poetics about how wonderful you are, my dick is still hard and your fingers are still inside me and if I don’t get fucked in the next sixty seconds I might fall asleep because—fuck!”

In that very moment, Lan Wangji removed his digits and replaced them with his cock, earning a string of curses from Wei Wuxian himself.

Lan Wangji wasted no time fucking him senseless, hitting all the right places as if he hadn’t just been woken up. His brows were scrunched tight in concentration, lips set into a thin line while the rips of his ears are bright red and Wei Wuxian wants to burn this very image at the back of his eyelids, a proof that only him can render the renowned Hanguang-Jun in this state.

Fire burns through Wei Wuxian’s body with every thrust, sending his whole being into overdrive, who only knows about Lan Wangji and the pleasure he gives to him.

It’s amazing. Lan Wangji’s cock pushes deeper the harder he fucks him, reaching places that his fingers couldn’t. Then he does the thing where he angles his hips at just the right position and Wei Wuxian is gone, stars bursting in his eyes as he came untouched.

“Keep… Keep going.” He managed to say despite the immense pleasure washing over him. “Fill me up, fill your husband up with your cum, er-gege.”

Lan Wangji grunts in response and drove his hips faster, deeper inside of him that Wei Wuxian almost blacks out. The wonderful drag of Lan Wangji’s cock against his oversensitive walls is almost too much to bear that it’s bordering on pain but Wei Wuxian still encourages him for more, more, more—

“Wei Ying!” Thick, hot cum was suddenly poured into him, filling Wei Wuxian up like what he asked to. Lan Wangji is biting the skin of his neck, his hold on his waist almost bruising, but Wei Wuxian doesn’t mind. He loves it, loves being marked. Loves showing off how he is Lan Wangji’s and Lan Wangji’s alone.

When the both of them came down from their high, it was Lan Wangji who got up first. Wei Wuxian whined at the feeling of his husband’s cum trickling out of him, but Lan Wangji insists that he clean up.

Now, after a warm bath and a quick bite of food because ‘I know you haven’t eaten dinner, Wei Ying. You need to at least eat something before you sleep.’, Wei Wuxian is tucked into bed in Lan Wangji’s inner robes that he stubbornly stole from his husband’s side of the closet.

Lan Wangji is fixing his forehead ribbon, ready to tackle a day of teaching and sect duties. After he was sure that it’s securely in place, he leaned down to plant a kiss on Wei Wuxian’s forehead, then his lips. “Sleep now, Wei Ying.”

The sun, which has now risen high enough to cast down fully inside their house, forms a halo over Lan Wangji’s form, and Wei Wuxian is mesmerized.

“Good night, Lan Zhan. Thanks for the breakfast.”