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Using too much magic exhausted Lucette. Munching on some chocolate seemed to help ease some of the discomfort she felt up her left arm due to her working up her magic like that, which makes sense when you think of magic as a muscle and extension of one’s body. 


Lucette makes sure that she doesn't overwhelm her stomach with too many sweets, especially since she was expected to attend dinner tonight and interact with the guests her father was having over. Because whoever they were, they certainly would be quite important if the households frantic need for perfection were anything to go by.


Even her father barely spoke to her this morning at breakfast. Not that he was chatty any other day, but he would usually inquire about her studies and such. All she got out of him this morning were instructions to behave nicely in front of the guests.


Needless to say, she was looking forward to meeting these guests of honor. And not just because Bonnie and Toofy have cooked up some divine sweets for her and Dobby (the unwilling participant) to steal. 


She was glad he was feeling better at least. Physically speaking of course, his mental state on the other hand remains to be seen.


Dobby indulged her for a little a while, but she could quickly tell that he was exhausted so she gave him the entire evening off to hopefully rest.


That and Lucette had things she wanted to do this evening, without her friend being there with her.


The Malfoy library.


A place she had done her best at avoiding these past seven years of her life being here, and only ever really stepped foot in there to pick up some required readings that her tutor would assign for her every two months. Usually, if Lucette has any questions, she would merely ask one of her servants and an answer would be provided. But this wasn't something she was willing to trust someone else with.


She needed to find out what was that contract she was made to sign that day without alerting any suspicions of anyone around the mansion, and in order to accomplish that Lucette would have to convince everyone that this new interest in books was simply the beginnings of a hobby and nothing else.


And in order for that to happen, Lucette would have to start out slow, a small book here and there, something the Malfoy librarian would definitely take notice of but nothing that would be too alarming as to rouse suspicion. A story book, something a child would enjoy, and luckily for her, she knew just the right book for this.


She makes her way up the stairs on the eastern hallway. Completely bypassing and ignoring the moving and talking portraits that were trying to get her attention.


Finally making her way to the top, Lucette opens the, quite frankly, giant wooden door and goes in.


Just as Lucette had expected, the librarian looks up in interest at her unexpected presence.


“Oh my! What a delightfully pleasant surprise this is! Come in, come in!”


“Thank you Mr. Clover.”


No matter. Lucette can make do with this. She went in, and headed straight towards the fictional section and began her search, mindful of Clover’s watchful gaze.


“As always dear, be sure to watch out for any books involving any sorts of magical creatures. Although I doubt there would be any in that particular section,” he calls out from his desk.


Ignoring Mr. Clover’s usual and quite redundant warning, Lucette begins her search. Humming a familiar tune to herself as she scans the shelves for the book.


T.... Ta.... Te... Th..




Triumphantly, she grabs a hold of the book and pulls it out from its shelf.


The Tale of the Three Brothers by Beedle the Bard.