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She remembers how loud it was, how warm her blood felt splattered on the pavement.


There was no pain, only a lingering feeling of being warm yet cold at the same time. 


And then, there was Nothing.



For quite a while, she merely drifted. For days, maybe months or even years. She did not know, nor did she care to find out. She felt indifferent. Uncaring...empty.


And then, from one moment to another, everything changed.


All of a sudden and without any warning, she could feel, and think. She did not know where she was, but what she knew for certain, was that it was different. Perhaps even good. 


She was inside something, a cocoon.


It was warm and strangely comforting. Dark and muted.


She could neither breathe nor move. But she didn’t mind, not really.


Not yet.



She hears humming, it makes her feel safe and protected. She decided that she quite likes the humming.


She hears laughter and wants to join in. She can’t, but that does not stop her from trying.


She kicks, and receives more laughter. She is happy. 


She notices a strange warmth inside of her, it felt...unfamiliar. She was not sure what to make of it yet, so she elects to ignore it and kicks some more. 



As time went on however, something else within her began to fester. An urge. 


It was small at first, barely noticeable, like an itch.


But, the longer she stayed, the bigger the urge got and the harder it became to ignore it. She did not know what was going on and it scared her. 


Bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger-


She could not ignore it any longer. She wanted out! Now!


There was pressure and then cold air.


It hurt.


She screams.