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A Bird Call

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Miles was more than ready to just sit down and drink some tea. He had just been in a case that caused more spikes in his stress than spines in Wright’s hair. That comparison alone was indicative of what the prosecutor felt currently. The pressure to do well by a professional assassin or face something unfavorable wasn’t exactly a calming activity. It was pleasant to see Kay again, even if it had been a mere ten days since the Yatagarasu case was closed. But Ms. Nicole Swift was adamant as ever on that interview, and Miles wasn’t going to backtrack on his word. 

“So Mr. Edgeworth, when can I get that exclusive?” Nicole thrust her microphone into the man’s face.

“I will not be available for the next few days more or less,” Miles explained, “Knightly’s trial will be held tomorrow, I’ll need to prepare so I won’t have time.”

Nicole made a displeased face, “Fine, but I’ll get that scoop the day after tomorrow right?”

Miles huffed a tired sigh, “Yes, just tell the prosecutor's office reception you’re here for Edgeworth. And you are absolutely not permitted to see me before noon, understand?”

“Yes sir!” Nicole made a double take at the tape recorder resting at her hip, “I was just making sure that I got that, later Mr. Prosecutor!”

Nicole dashed out of view fairly quickly, a remarkable task seeing as the people from the ceremony were all exiting at the same time. Edgeworth felt himself lighten as if a weight had been taken off his shoulders. But he soon felt the other numerous duties he still had, and he wasn’t one to slack off.

Miles located the “Great Thief” humming happily while sitting on the stage, “Kay, would you inform Gumshoe that I’ll be at my office? I need to work on my case against Knightly.”

Kay smiled, “Sure thing Mr. Edgeworth! And I’m coming along for when you question that Knightly dude, whether you know it or not!”

“They wouldn’t let you within two feet of the detention center if you trailed me suspiciously.” Miles deadpanned.

The girl responded as expected, “Who said I’d be suspicious? I’m the great thief, I’ll steal my way in!”

“I’m not sure you fully grasp the meaning behind that…” Miles turned to leave, “Farewell Kay.”

“Later Mr. Edgeworth!” Kay yelled, she had somehow already gotten off the stage and evaporated into the still present fray of police officers.

Miles was of course noticed as he made his way towards the exit, people seeing him caused quite the stir. The attention got to the point that officers had to escort Miles to his car. Public attention was normalized for Miles at a young age, what with DL-6 and his adoption into the von Karma family. His entire past was fit for a novel, and he was used to the fact he couldn’t escape it. He could run and hide it for as long as he wanted, but the truth is inevitable. 

As Miles drove to his office he kept thinking back to what caused him to alter his view of his position. Phoenix Wright. The man had waltzed back into Miles’ life and turned it upon its head in seconds. It was mostly a blessing, he’d be in prison if Wright hadn’t defended him. And the man wasn’t ever one to give up, the way he fought in the courtroom showed such. It was admirable, and yet Miles still somewhat disliked Wright coming back into the light.

The “unnecessary feelings” weren’t simply unease and uncertainty. That was rectified when he’d chosen to find the truth. The spiky haired man was mad as all hell when Edgeworth retired unannounced. Miles supposed it was his fault, however poetic his departure note may be, it simply caused too many wrong ideas. But the man was never one to hold a grudge, so the two managed to make up fairly quickly. This trait was one of many others that Miles was entranced by, he could list for hours about everything he loved about Phoenix Wright.

He had so many things he wished he could say. But there were so many personal walls that stopped him from even attempting a confession.

The drive to his office felt more quiet than usual. Miles was used to quiet of course, the only way to survive in the von Karma home was through such means. Alas, Miles could never get it to work with Franziska. You either spoke and got whipped or you’d stay silent… and get whipped. He’s taken a big brother role to Franziska despite her addressing him as her “little brother”. It was honestly shocking how tightly knit the two were from an outside perspective. Not that a single person had been around to see such emotional vulnerability being shared between the two.

It struck Miles that he should really call her and ask how she is. If he remembered correctly she was working on dismantling the smuggling ring with the Interpo. After her heartfelt moment in the airport he realized all that he’d done wasn’t enough. He really truly loved his sister, blood related or otherwise, she was another victim of Manfred von Karma’s ruthless ways. And Edgeworth would rather die than let Franziska go through such events again. No matter how much the young woman resisted or resented him.

The prosecutor hadn’t even realized he had parked at his designated spot. His main task now? Don’t get lost daydreaming about siblings or his decade long crush on Phoenix.

But the second Miles stepped into his lavish office, his phone rang from his pocket. A scowl made its way to his face. He wanted to work, not speak, and certainly not make small talk. Without even looking to who could be called he answered the call. He didn’t want to, but if it was important it’d be rude to ignore.

“Miles Edgeworth.” he said plainly.

“Miles? It’s Phoenix, are you alright? I saw everything about-” the man's voice was trembling. He was clearly still shaken up about whatever he wanted to tell Miles.

“Calm down Wright I’m fine,” Miles sighed, “How in the world did you hear about my presence at the scene?”

“I went by the office to drop some case files you left last night.” Phoenix wasn’t calm by any means but the fact he was answering questions was promising. The prosecutor vaguely remembered leaving something behind on a small visit to his friends office. That wouldn’t have been suspect if it wasn’t completely out of the blue. But Miles assumed that Phoenix would chalk it up to his attempts to be more sociable.

“Ah, and did you leave them?” Miles asked, “Or did the office secretary dismiss you?”

“She said I should come back later, told me you went out on the chief prosecutors request.”

“That’s right, but that doesn't explain why you’re aware of what happened.”

“Maya was out with Pearls that day, they were in the park when the plane landed. Maya heard the shots and saw the crowd panic. They got roped in when they tried to leave. Saw the whole thing with de Killer and you…”

Miles felt his heart drop when he heard that. Maya and Pearl had seen something no young adult should see, let alone a child! They had witnessed a man threatening another life to get his way, and had seen “Mr. Edgeworth” go along with it.

“I’m… I’m sorry Wright,” Miles felt the discomfort in his voice, but he didn’t care enough to hide it, “They saw me at a moment of weakness. No, of sheer stupidity! Any lawyer worth his badge could have seen it was de Killer! I’m-”


The scream of his name felt like a spear to the chest. It was loaded with things Miles wasn’t ready to unpack. It felt too close, far too close to be something from a phone speaker. It made Miles turn from his window to see if Wright had miraculously appeared in his office. Alas, that wasn’t the case… so he’d just have to settle with the strikingly strong voice in his phone.

“I’m- shit sorry! I was… ugh,” Phoenix was rambling to himself at this point, “I just got worried, still am honestly.”

Miles felt a small smile creep up on him, happy that Phoenix even cared about him, “I appreciate your concern Wright, I imagine you’re not exactly in a calm state.”

“God not at all,” Phoenix gave a tired chuckle, “I’ve been in a panic for a few hours now...”

“Well then, would you be… free? It’d be ideal for you to bring the files you intended to give me as well. And I’d be happy to offer you some tea, that always helps me when I’m stressed.” Miles was practically sweating as he asked the man. It was ridiculous for sure, but being interested in the man made basic communication much more difficult.

“I’d love that,” Phoenix said, ‘If it’s alright I can be there in like… an hour?”’

“That’s perfect,” Miles grinned, “Until then.”

“See ya then!” Phoenix hung up the call, and Miles realized just what he had done.

Phoenix Wright was coming to his office in an hour. And if he wasn’t nervous before, he was now.