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A Collection of One-Shots

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Ann walks into her living room and spots Chris heavily engaged in vigorous push-ups.

The man's a god at exercise, so he hasn't even broken a sweat, snd she's pretty sure he's on the 1000th one by now. It's a weird phenomenon.

She lays her hand on her protruding belly. She smiles at the evidence at their soon to be first child.

She looks at Chris with concern when she hears a grunt. "You okay?"

He immediately stops to talk to her, sitting cross-legged on his mat. It's something she noticed when they got back together. He'll drop everything to attend to her needs.

"Ann Perkins!" He whips out his trademark finger guns.

She chuckles good-naturedly and her face turns serious. "What's going on?"

"What?" He's face is filled with confusion for a moment before his eyes light up with understanding. "Oh, that? I accidentally ate white bread so I was just burning it off!" He says cheerfully.

"Okay." That sort of explains it. "I think you'll be fine without having to do that."

"Ann Perkins, are you encouraging me to be unhealthy?" He asks, a little shocked.

She can't tell whether or not he's being serious, so she lets out a self-deprecating chuckle. "Not at all. You're in fine shape though, you shouldn't worry so much."

"I have 2.8% body fat, my body's a microchip, A grain of sand could destroy it. My body's a microchip!" He exclaims, as if reminding himself of that fact.

Ann laughs, remembering that day in the hospital when they were first dating and he informed her of this. Ah, memories.

"Well, I'd ask you to have breakfast with me, but it looks like you're still freaking out about the bread."

"I'll eat a lovely salad with you with my self-made dressing."

"And I will eat 12 cheeseburgers and a jar of peanut butter." Ann mutters, rubbing her pregnant belly again in contempt of her increased appetite. "Ooh, do you think we could get pizza too?"

"Why not?" Chris replies, and he jumps up energetically to her.

"How are you not exhausted?" Ann asks in disbelief.

The question goes unanswered when he drapes an arm over her shoulder, and she starts thinking about food again.