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l'chah dodi

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In life as Solomon, Roman was never very expressive. But things have changed, and he’s much more reactive than he used to be. And of course, there’s no one who would know that better than-

“Uwawa, the noises you’re making are so cute~”

He can’t reply with anything but a choked sound. Every time he tries to form words, they only come out as moans. He can hardly be expected to do otherwise, with Sheba’s soft breasts pillowing his cock.

She slides them up and down, enveloping him in warm softness. Every inch of his cock is rubbed against her velvet-smooth skin. Every time he gasps, her ears twitch in clear delight.

“Sh-Sheba, I’m- If you keep going, I-”

Sheba dips her head to lap at the tip of his cock, and that undoes him. He spills over, lines of come standing out boldly against her chest.

She giggles, and scoops some of the come off her skin to bring it to her lips. “Thank you, come again~”