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Who are the flowers for?

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"Who're the flowers for, Shin?" his colleague remarked. He'd been hoping they would go unnoticed. That was too much to ask for, wasn't it? The bouquet sitting on the counter was decorated nicely with flowers of varying pale colors. Considering what he'd been through and how most if not all people around him were aware of it, he was left alone more often than not. Only this girl would make it a daily goal to bother him, it seemed.

The flowers gave her an opportunity, he noted. No more putting flowers where others can see them. After making sure the name card on the bouquet wasn't visible, he responsed without looking her in the eyes "What's it to you?". She giggled maliciously, "Just that I saw you picking them from the garden. Don't think boss would appreciate that, do you?" And he could have sworn no one saw him. He scoffed, putting his hand on his forehead "Why are you like this?" The girl was eager to reply, and with a smile on her face too. "I'm just wondering! You don't talk to anyone, ever. I think it's only natural that I'm curious." Shin thought, no it's not, you just love sticking your nose in other people's business. He was getting more annoyed as the clock ticked away, how he wished their boss would just take that clock down, god it made too much noise. So did she. "C'mon won't you tell me? Is it a girl? I'll tail your bike when our shift ends if you don't tell me now!"

Shin's eyebrows furrowed in frustration and he just wanted to yell, why, why does it matter so much to you? Did she see him as a means of entertainment? Why couldn't a customer just walk in now, so she could shut up even if it's just for a damned second? He had to make something up. "Yeah, it's for a girl. Is that enough?" Tone exhausted, he might as well have said "That should be enough." Unfortunately she took no hints, not that she couldn't, she just loved to ignore them. Her eyes twisted into a shape similar to those of the man with green hair who loved to torment Shin as well, just to a much bigger degree. "Nah, not really! It can't be that bad, I just want a name! I'll stalk her on social media but that shouldn't affect you, all you gotta do is tell me her name!" How her words morphed into quiet giggles.

Shin kept quiet. He wanted to leave and yet he still had half an hour on the clock. If he were to stay quiet til then, this stupid girl would follow him where he'd go. He tried to recollect his thoughts and figure out the best way to go about this. Surely, he could tell her the truth. But when he intended to do so, his throat closed up. He felt this way much more often since he'd left the death game grounds. Many times where he'd so desperately needed to get words, any words out, these lumps were quick to form. His head hurt. "If you really have nothing better to do, you can follow me. I'll really pity you, though." When she beamed right back "Deal!" he sincerely hoped she was just bluffing.

Few customers came and went, fewer of them looking at Shin's face just a second too long. Perhaps they recognized him. Perhaps they felt bad for him. He chose to ignore all and any possibilities. A small man at the back of his mind screamed "They know you! They know everything! They feel so bad for you!" but he managed to fool him that he wasn't listening. Eventually he shut up, and the clocks hands announced his freedom. He gathered up his belongings and grabbed the bouquet in his hands. The cheerful girl passed through the door and called out to him as she did so, "I'll be in my car! Don't make me wait too long~!" Just for a few seconds he wished she would just drop dead. The same small man yelled this time "How awful of you to wish such things! Awful!". He grit his teeth and exit through the same door. He got on his bicycle and placed the bouquet carefully on the basket. Although he tried to not show it, seeing her actually follow her initial plan made him very much distressed. The only option to stop her was to practically beg. He thought to himself, maybe it's better that she learns. Maybe she'll realize she should leave people alone sometimes. He rode and sure enough, she followed. What an eccentric girl, he muttered. That was not a good thing in the slightest.

Just after 5 minutes, he had arrived. They, more accurately. He wanted to see her face at this moment, but had no way of doing so. What did she think? Was she trying to convince herself Shin had stopped for another reason and this isn't the destination? That would be fittingly foolish of her. Shin decided he has the right to make fun of her for a bit. He got off his bicycle with the bouquet held tight in his hand, took just 2 steps and was face to face with her through the window she had lowered. Even he didn't know what his face looked like as he spoke "What's wrong? Don't you want to meet her? Don't tell me you're to shy to meet her! Weren't you gonna stalk her anyway?"

She looked upset. Understandably so. "I'm sorry, Shin." was all she had to say. He didn't have any words to tell her. He wasn't about to reassure her it's okay and he certainly wasn't about to say it's no big deal. I hope she feels worse, an unwanted voice uttered his head.
He just turned around and walked into the graveyard.