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The Wonderland Theory

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Trying to stop your twin from committing murder was something Eva didn't think she ever do in her lifetime. 

But then Circe was always hot-headed, especially when it came to her younger twin Evelina- or Eva as she liked to be called.

"I can't believe those assholes!" Circe said, trying to break free of her twin's grip, trying to march right back into the LFG building to bust some heads- preferably Goldman and the mysterious CEO. 

"We can't change their decision," Eva said, "maybe they're right… Miracle Finder has gone downhill since I took over…"

Eva wanted to cry, but she knew that she couldn't. It will make Circe even angrier, and Eva really didn't want to bail her twin out of prison.

Suddenly screams pierced the air.

"OMG, it's him!"


Circe made a sound of annoyance, but she was starting to calm down in her sister's arms, "fangirls."

Circe spat out that word like was poison. 

Eva found that odd because her twin was a fangirl herself- a huge nerd who loved video games and manga. Hypocrite.

Then again, Circe hates people in general, so it didn't surprise Eva to see her annoyance at the girls who were gushing over the singer on one of the screens above them.

Eva reluctantly let her twin go as Circe stopped struggling, but remained close in case she had to grab her sister again.

"Let's just go," Eva sighed, "might as well tell everyone the bad news."

Eva nodded, "do you mind if I take a quick stop first?"

Circe looked at her sister with an odd yet worried expression on her face, but she reluctantly agreed.

"I'll see you later then," Circe said, before walking away but still managed to glare at the LFG building on last time before disappearing into a crowd.

I'm sorry, dad, Eva thought as she went into the convince store. Grabbing some comfort snacks for everyone in the office while trying her best not to cry.

Part of her wished that Circe would have taken over their company, she was much more confident and competent than her twin. 

But you wanted it, Eva wanted to slap herself for being such an idiot. 

Ever since she was a kid, she wanted to take over, she fell in love with her father's studio and the shows he produced.  She tried to continue his legacy after his death, so she tried her hardest to learn as much as she could about running a studio and producing shows.

In the end, none of that mattered. She failed. And what made everything worse, she dragged everyone down. The staff that stayed by her side to continue her father's work, the friends she's met who wanted to help, and her sister. 

Circe could have moved on to bigger things after school. She could have worked on movies instead of…

Eva didn't want to think about it. Thinking about it would just make the tears she was trying so hard to hold back fall from her light brown eyes.  

Eva shook her head before reaching for a bag of chips. Only for her hand to touch the skin, Eva looked over to see a man about her age with blonde hair and a pair of familiar blue eyes.  

He was trying his best to blend in by trying to hide his blonde hair and wearing glasses.

"Ki-" Eva started to say before he covered her mouth with his hand.

"Shush, don't say anything," Kiro said, "I don't want anyone to know I'm here."

"So…" Eva started to say she sat on a bench with Kiro, still not believing that he was right there, "Why…"

"Why the disguise or why did I want the chips?" Kiro interrupted her, guessing what she was going to ask.

"Both," Eva replied.

"To be honest, I just wanted the card inside the bag," Kiro gestured to the unopen bag of chip Eva held, "Plus, it's been a while since I enjoyed some junk food. My agent keeps me on a strict diet, so I don't get to eat a lot of it… or sweets for that matter."

With a smile, Eva opened the bag, handing Kiro the card inside, "Here."

"Thank you! You're an angel!"

Eva giggled at that. That angel comment actually didn't surprise her. She heard it a lot growing up, mostly after people realized that she's nothing like her twin sister.

"Want a chip too?" Eva said, holding one up for him to take, "one chip can't hurt, right?"

Kiro smiled as he took a chip, "you know, Ms. Chips, I never asked for your name? You know who I am, but what about you?"

"I'm Eva, I'm actually-," Eva reached into her bag to take out a business card, "I'm a producer for Miracle Finder, and I wanted to invite you to be a guest on our last show."

Kiro looked sad but took her card, "Miracle Finder is ending? I love that show… and I wish I could have been apart of it, but… I doubt my agent would let me."

"That's okay," Eva said, trying to hide her disappointment. If only she got a superstar like him on their show, then maybe LFG would think twice about defunding them.

"But if you have another show, I would love to appear on that," Kiro said, noticing how Eva's face fell.

"I'm afraid that this might be the end," Eva muttered, "we got defunded, and I'm so close to bankruptcy." 

Eva really wanted to cry, but she really didn't want to not in front of someone.

"Then find someone else to fund you!" Kiro exclaimed.

Eva shook her head, "LFG was the only one who took a chance on us, and they are the biggest financial group…"

"Then convince them not to pull you're funding!"


Kiro stood up, "March right up to them and tell then that they are making a huge mistake."

Eva waited for the light to change, part of her dreading her actions while another demanded that she go back to follow Kiro's advice.

It couldn't hurt anything… Unless it prevents other financial groups from helping us later.

Eva shook her head. If LFG wouldn't touch them, no one else would. 

I can do this, I can do this, She repeated over and over in her mind,  not paying attention to the danger creeping up behind her.

I can- 

Eva felt something on her back as she was pushed right into the street right in front of a speeding car.

Eva closed her eyes and screamed.

Nothing happened. But she felt something odd touching her… hands?

Eva opened her eyes to see a handsome dark-haired man holding her. His lavender eyes imprisoned her brown ones.

"Evolver?" He asked, but it was more to a question to himself.

Eva looked up at him in confusion, then she noticed it. A flower petal that was handing in the air- frozen in time.

"Who are you?" Eva asked, and the man carried her to the other side of the street before setting her down. A familiar sense of deja vu washed over her as he did so.

"Nevermind that," the man muttered, "You should be more careful. I won't be there to save you every time."

The man started to walk away as the world around her resumed.

What just happened?!?

"Who let her in here!" Goldman growled when he saw Eva walk in.

Those words almost made Eva run with her tail between her legs. But she couldn't do that, so with a deep breath, she musted her courage.

"I came to talk to Vic-" 

 Eva started to say but was cut off by someone yelling, "The boss is back!"

Eva looked around, confused as everyone ran around, yelling for files. It was chaotic, but at the same time, they were trying to organize themselves.

The CEO must really be something, Eva thought.

"Why are you still here, Security-" Goldman looked at her like she was the dirt beneath his feet while relishing calling security on her, but his words stopped, and Eva watched as Goldman gulped in fear. 

Everything quieted down, and she heard a familiar and powerful voice ordering people around.

Eva turned around as the man reached her and Goldman.

"Goldman," The man started to say.

"It's you!" Eva called out, she was a lot louder than she meant to be. But sure enough, it was the man who saved her life earlier. 

This man was LFG's CEO, Victor, and Eva couldn't believe it.

Victor stopped and turned to Eva with an annoyed expression on his face.

"What do you want," Victor said to her.

"I want you to reconsider defunding my studio!" Eva replied with a surprising amount of confidence. Confidence that immediately deflated when Victor let out a sigh. 

"Tell me why I should do that?" Victor asked.

"Because…" Eva tried to say, but her confidence was already gone, and the man before her noticed it do. She saw that Victor turned to walk away from her, and she didn't know how she managed, but she yelled out, "I'll make you regret it!" 

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    Circe knew that she shouldn’t have left her sister behind, especially after seeing that defeated look on her face. But she knew better,  comforting Eva would only make things worse. Eva didn’t like to be comforted by others. It makes her think that she lost something.

    Eva was the one who comforted people, not the other way around.

    Circe on the other hand was a different story. They might be identical twins, but they were still different people.

  Eva is like an angel, and naive to a fault. Circe’s twin was also extremely timid at times. 

    Circe needed to become someone who protected her sister from the cruelty of the world, even though it makes her look like a bitch.

    But she couldn’t help with how Eva is feeling now… and Circe hated it! She wanted to go back and knock some sense into the CEO of LFG.

    Circe didn’t notice that was going to just that until her phone rang.

    “Hello,” Circe said when she answered.

    “Do you know where Eva is? She’s not answering her phone at all,” Circe heard Anna say, “Did something happen?”

    “We couldn’t convince them not to defund us,” Circe said, as her anger started to rise again. She really, really wanted to go back and give them a piece of her mind for hurting Eva’s feelings and destroying her dreams, “She said she’s was making a quick stop. She’s probably not answering your calls because she doesn’t want any of you to hear her cry.”

    “I see…” Anna muttered sadly.

    “I’m about ready to go back there and-”

    “Don’t make it worse,” Anna hissed out sharply, “Eva needs you! Don’t do anything stupid, like go to jail, please. With you gone, who would edit our… final show?”


    “No, buts! How about you do something for us, to get your mind off LFG,” Anna said, “Eva said your uncle mention a neuroscientist named Lucien and how he would be a great guest to have on the show. Would you mind talking to him?”

    Circe actually did mind, she hated talking to people. 

    However since Eva in a dark place right now she said, “yes.”


    Now that she thought about it the last time she saw her sister look so sad was when a guy asked Eva to a dance. Sweet and innocent right? Nope, he only asked Eva out to make Circe jealous, however, that didn’t work.

    That guy ended up with a black eye and a busted lip- sadly that was not done by Circe since he ran off before she had a chance to. 

    Circe was pretty sure she knew who did that, however, she was entirely sure why. Maybe he just felt it or that idiot decided to piss off Gavin.

    He stupidly told Circe everything believing she was Eva. Not that she could blame him, She and Eva looked identical all through school. Then in college, Circe dyed her hair black giving a chance for people to tell them apart. Though honestly her personality alone should have told them that she was nothing like sweet little Eva.

    “Miss,” a voice broke her away from her thoughts, “We’re here.”

    “Thank you,” Circe said paying the taxi fare before exiting the vehicle. 

    Circe was already regretting coming here, the students looked at her and it made her a little uncomfortable to be started out.

    Circe tried her best to ignore them as she headed to the science building, almost tripping over her own feet a few times.

    When she was finally inside, Circe took let out a sigh of relief. As she followed the instructions that Anna had sent her-towards the office of Professor Lucien.

    An office that was a pain to find! The numbers were out of order between classrooms and offices, but sure enough, she finally managed to find it- after walking around the building like a lost puppy.

    Circe was about ready to knock, but the door opened up revealing a young researcher in a lab coat. 

    “Yes? Did you need something?” he asked.

    “Yeah, I’m looking for a professor Lucien,” Circe explained, “I was told to ask him to appear on the… the last episode of Miracle Finder.”

    “Miracle finder?” The man asked.

    “Yes-” Circe was going to explain but was interrupted by a female who greeted the young researcher.

    “Professor Lucien,”  The woman said as she walked past.

    Circe looked at the young researcher in shock, damn he’s younger than I thought.

    “Come into my office so we can discuss the show better,” Lucien said gesturing for Circe to come inside.

    “So… will you do it,” Circe said once she entered the room, “It would mean a lot to everyone.”

    “... I actually find the show problematic,” Lucien said, “it’s more fantasy than fact.”

    Well, I tried, Circe thought getting ready to leave.

    “What is the theme for the final episode?” Lucien asked.

    “To be honest I don’t know,” Circe said, “ I didn’t ask. I actually don’t know, usually, I’m not around when they make those decisions. I just put everything together in the end.”

    That’s when they tend to explain the theme… with a few exceptions, Circe was always out of the office when they pick the theme. Not to mention that Anna neglect to mention what the last episode was going to be about.

    “I see…” Lucien said.

    “If you want to come to the studio my sister Eva would explain it more,” Circe said.

    Circe didn’t notice that Lucien growing closer to her until all she could see was his violet eyes. 

    Having someone this close to Circe, brought on this fight or flight feeling in- though based on her current track record when anyone got into her personal space it most likely would be a fighting kind of situation. 

    “But based on the show, you want me to be a consultant and talk about superpowers right?” Lucien asked, “So tell me do you believe in superpowers?”

    “Yes, I think there are things about this world- including humans- that science can’t explain yet,” Circe said, “that includes some “powers” people might have.”

    Lucien raised an eyebrow at that.

    “Oh really,” Lucien said, “it is true that humans are constantly evolving but don’t you think superpowers might be a stretch? The extra abilities that some people might have are just traits- something that goes towards their natural instinct.”

    Circe’s brown eyes looked up at him, looking to see if there was a challenge in those eyes. But there wasn’t anything, his features remained cold and expressionless… except for the slight smirk on his lips.

    What was he thinking?

    “When all else fails humans would always trust their instincts,” Lucien muttered, “... I wonder, what are your instincts tell you?”

    Not to trust you? Circe thought, but she refused to let those words leave her lips. But not trusting him was true, Circe got so used to reading people that something just… it was hard to explain the feeling of mistrust she felt when she came across people like him.

    It was like her nerves went into overdrive and she felt some sort of current in the air, like an electrical one but it was different.

    “My instinct is telling me to punch the hot professor because I don’t like people in my personal space.”

    Lucien chuckled at her words before backing up, just as someone knocked on the door.

    “Umm… excuse me- oh Circe, what are you doing here?” 

    Circe’s eyes widen as she saw her sister on the other side of the door. But she couldn’t help but smile as she saw a new fire in Eva’s eyes.

    “Anna told me to go get the professor,” Circe said, “But she didn’t give me a lot of details so if you would explain it to him.”

    “Would you mind if we discussed in your office?” Lucien said, “I would like to see what I’ll be working with.”    

    Eva smiled and nodded, “That would work with me.”

    Then she turned to her sister and mouthed the words “Thank you.”


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Eva could tell that Circe wanted to say something, because of how weird she's been acting for the last hour.

It all started with those words.

"I'll make you regret it!"

Eva still couldn't believe that she said that! But it worked, she managed to buy them more time to get out of their current predicament. The next show wouldn't have to be there last if they can get more viewers or managed to get their show on the treading page of twitter.

But as she left Victor's office, there was something else on her mind, Eva turned to ask him about it, but he was already busy with the next thing.

Then she got a text from Kikki wondering where  Eva was, and that both her and Anna have been trying to get a hold of Eva "for the last hour."

Eva didn't say anything other than that she would explain later and that she was going to the university to talk to the one and only professor Lucien, only to find that her sister already beat her to it.

And she got him to agree, which excited Eva. Things were starting to look up for the Nightstar company!

Unless I do something that would cause us to crash and burn right before we reach the light at the end of the tunnel.

But she had to there were so many people who were counting on her; Circe, the staff, and Krio where all counting on Eva to succeed.

The professor would help with that. He was interesting, and as Kikki and Anna put it, "easy on the eyes."

Circe didn't like him, Eva could tell. However, that was most likely due to the lack of trust between them.

But right now, Miracle Finder needed someone like him. He was knowledgable about many strange things, even though he himself sounded like he didn't believe in the possibility of those with powers.

He even knew what Evolver meant… Eva thought, she didn't tell him how she heard the word or what happened just a few hours before meeting with him. Eva didn't think Victor would have been happy if she told anyone about it.

"Thank you so much for coming in," Eva heard Anna say, "We'll see you for filming tomorrow."

Lucien nodded to them before leaving… and that's when the others turned to Eva.

"So… what happened with LFG? Circe said that you were upset that they defunded us," Anna said.

"Not to mention that you went MIA!" Kikki added, "We were worried."

"Well, I was going to buy snacks for everyone to eat while I broke the bad news but," Eva paused and smiled, "I found someone who gave me the courage and confidence to go back and give the CEO a piece of my mind!"

Eva looked at Circe, who had a proud light in her eyes.

"And Vic- I mean the CEO said we had one week," Eva said, "I know it's not much, but if we can prove to LFG that we have the audience and are popular enough, they won't pull funding."

"You met the CEO!!! What's he like?" They all said at once.

"Is he as cold as the media makes him out to be?" Circe asked.

Oh yeah, he's an asshole, but the fact that he's willing to give us another chance… maybe he's not as bad as people say. Plus, he's very- No! Bad girl!

"The point is that he's giving us this chance so we can't blow it," Eva explained, "So as long as we make the best show we can and show people that we're worth watching, we can continue on."

"So we have the hot professor for the next episode, so we don't need to prepare anything else," Circe said, "But if we manage to pull this off, we should start looking towards the next week."

Eva smiled at her sister, "Maybe we can try again with the police station? To see if they are willing to talk to us about the strange "wrapping" occurrences that have been happening to people."

"I heard about that. There was a streamer who said that one moment she was in a park and the next an alley. Now she wasn't moving and since it was a live stream… needless to say that people are freaking out."

"I have a connection who might help," Anna said. "At the city news, they'll help us if we help them in return."

"You know I could handle this on my own, right?" Eva was a little annoyed about her twin's overprotectiveness and how Circe demanded that she accompany Eva to the police station. " And you realize I get worried, right?" Circe replied, wrapping her arms around Eva, "What if something happened and you got hurt? Plus, I'm curious about something…"

Eva looked at her sister, now what could make her sister so curious that she wanted to go to the police station? Was it that she wanted to know more about the topic they're covering? If so, that was a first for Circe.

Circe never really left her hole. So to have something that drew her sister out- willingly- it must be something important or interesting.

"Can I help you ladies with something?" an officer. The older man had a friendly smile on his face. However, Eva could tell that the man had no idea why two seemly normal and nice girls would be at a police station.

"Yes, we're with… The city news," Eva said, "We were told to talk to Officer Gavin about a case."

She didn't know why, but there was something familiar about that name? But Eva was sure that she never met this officer Gavin.

Eva looked at Circe and gestured to the camera around her neck, "We were also hoping if we could get some photo's to use."

Then Eva noticed something. Circe was looking at something over the officer's shoulder and… was she smirking? Eva tried to follow her sister's line of sight, but she was too short in her flats.

With a quiet sigh, Eva looked back at the office only to see the look of horror on his face.

"Why?" he said, "I don't know who told you to talk to Gavin, but I advise you to drop the story you want to do. Tell you're supervisor it's not worth it."

"What's wrong with him?" Eva asked as she heard Circe chuckle softly.

"Let's just say that he hasn't been on the force for that long, just transferred here a few weeks back, and he has a pretty bad reputation," the officer said, "I heard he's here because he's the son of one of the higher-ups. A big shoot's boy."

"Who are you calling a big shot's boy?" a voice asked, making the older man jump and quickly turn around.

"Officer Gavin! I- I…I was just talking about… I wasn't talking about you."

Gavin's gold eyes looked at the man incredulously, "Oh, really?"

Eva watched as Gavin crossed his arms over his chest. 

Gavin didn't look like an officer, though that could have been due to the lack of uniform. Because he was wearing jeans and a denim jacket, Gavin looked normal.

I swear I've seen him before, but I can't remember where.

Eva looked at Circe, who looked at the men with amusement as the older officer was still tripping over his words as he tried his best to come up with excuses.

Then the older man just ran off.

"Are you Gavi- Wait, a second!!!" Eva exclaimed as she finally remembered who he was, "But how!"

He may have looked slightly older and leaner, but Gavin didn't really change since high school. 

"Circe did you-." 

"Yes," her sister replied, "I guess after his name was mentioned, and I could see him over that officer's shoulder."

"But he's a cop," Eva said as she remembered how much of a trouble maker Gavin was, how he would beat the other boys up and blackmail people. And when Circe called him out for that blackmail, he put a bloody letter in her desk.

Eva remembered the amusement in Circe's eyes as she looked at it.

"He wants to meet me after school," Circe said, " I wonder why."

"Don't go!" Eva had told her.

"Is that really so hard to believe?" Gavin asked, "Did you think that I would end up in custody instead of on the force?"

"Do you really want to hear that answer," Circe said smugly.

Gavin's eyes narrowed, "Why you."

"She didn't mean anything by that," Eva said, letting out a nervous chuckle, "right, Circe?"

Gavin looked down at her with a look that said, " I don't believe that." Before he resumed glaring at Circe.

"So, we're here…"

"I already know why you're here," Gavin sighed, "Come with me."

"Um… what are you doing?" Eva asked.

"It'll be faster to show one of you instead of explaining everything," Gavin said as he reeved the engine of a motorcycle. 

I'm not getting on that metal death trap.

But do you have to go.

"I'll go," Circe said, "Toss me the other helmet."

"But…" Eva started to say.

"You're scared, and don't you dare say you're not. Plus, motorcycles and skirts don't mix well."

"I'm pretty sure wearing heels don't mix well with bikes either," Eva pouted.

Circe looked down at the plain black heels she was wearing, before saying, "Then switch shoes with me."

Eva looked at her like Circe was insane, but agreed.  Then Circe handed Eva the camera around her neck, muttering something about using her phone if need.

"I'll see you later, okay," Circe said as she climbed on to the motorcycle and wrapped her arms around Gavin as the speed off.

Eva watched them go, and once they were out of sight, Eva started for the direction of their office… and hating every step she took.

How does she walk in these! Eva thought as she tried to walk normally.

Chapter Text

She loved every minute of it, being on the motorcycle. she let out a soft laugh in contentment as she saw everything speed by in a blur.

Then again being near him again might have something to do with those exciting feelings. She never understood why, but Circe had a crush on Gavin. That was another reason she wanted to go with him.

Though she never knew if he actually likes her or hated her- it was hard to tell because he was easily annoyed… so one really didn’t know if Gavin would tolerate them or attack them.

She never got a chance to ask.

And after he graduated, two years before she did, he just left… and that dumb crush had faded. Or so she thought. Circe’s heart was beating like crazy.

Circe knew that it wasn’t from the ride. It was beating just like it did when she tried to talk to him.

Stop it! Circe tried her best to will heartbeat to slow down.

“Are you okay?” Gavin asked. His words making her realize that the ride was over and that she was leaning forward, her weight on her hands as they gripped the seat.

Circe quickly recovered and climbed off, “yeah, I’m fine.”

“She’s this way,” Gavin said, waving for Circe to follow.

“Right!” Circe has to run just to catch up to him, Damn these short legs.

“So, you’re an officer,” Circe said, trying to make some conversation as they walked, mostly because she hasn’t seen him in years and was curious, “What made you want to join the force.”

Gavin kept his mouth shut, but Circe did see his gold eyes shift towards her.

“Oh come on I haven’t seen you in forever,” Circe said, “I’m just curious that’s all.”

Gavin let out a snort, “This coming from the girl who thought I would end up behind bars… why do you care?”

“I don’t,” Circe lied, she was about to say something more as a woman ran up to them.

“Officer Gavin!” she said with a feigned sob, as she threw herself at Gavin- who looked extremely annoyed.

Then the woman noticed Circe and let go of Gavin, and with the most bitchy voice she could muster asked, “Who are you?”

Well here comes my daily need to punch someone, Circe thought as she gave a look of warning to the other girl.

“She’s with the city news.” Gavin said before she had a chance to, “Circe here is helping them do her sister could your experience for the show- are you live-streaming this?”

“Why of course. My fans must always know what’s going on with my life.”

“You’re that streamer Hallow!” Circe said, sounding a lot more shocked than she meant too, “the one who wrapped across town.”

Hallow didn’t look please to hear the shock in Crice’s voice, “Excuse me?”

Gavin ignored Hallow as he went on, “So if you could please shut off the Livestream and talk to her that would be great.”

“Fine!” Hallow grumbled, and appeared to shut off the stream.

“So would you mind repeating your statement you gave to the police…
Circe started to say, but stopped when she heard a robotic voice.

“So the hot cop has a girlfriend pity,” the voice said… It was coming from Hallow’s phone.

Gavin growled, “I mean it turn off your Livestream or I break your phone…”

“I don’t think you’re legally able to do that,” Circe muttered.

“I don’t care.”

But that threat was enough to scare Hallow into completely turning off her phone.

“So is she the only one?” Circe asked as they made their way backed to the parked motorcycle.

“No,” Gavin replied, “But since she captured her experience, it was hard to ignore... She almost got that guy on camera too.”


“All around the city woman have ended up in some dark alleys, not knowing how they got there. The ones survived said they saw a man with a knife coming after them.”

Survived! What does he mean by that.

Gavin noticed her expression and nodded, “While most of them managed to get away, there was some that were found who were stabbed to death.”

Those words made Circe feel sick to her stomach.

“We don’t know why or how it’s possible,” Gavin continued and he looked like he wanted to say more but Circe’s phone started ringing.

… She didn’t recognize the number.

“Sorry,” she said to Gavin before answering, “Hello?”

“Ah good it’s you,” Circe’s eyes went wide as she recognized the voice, Lucien, “Sorry, I got your number from one of your Co-workers. I tried to talk to your sister but her phone was busy…”

“So they gave you my number.”

“Yes… I hope you don’t mind,” Lucien replied, “if you had the time I would like to show you something.”

“Sadly,” Circe said, though that was far from the truth, “I have a prior engagement.”

She didn’t know why but she looked over at Gavin, who gave her an odd look.

“Oh, some other time then?” Lucien asked.

“Maybe,” Circe said, “I have to go.”

She hung up before Lucien could say anything else.

“Who was that?” Gavin ask handing her the helmet.

“He’s going to be a guest on Miracle Finder… but… I don’t know I just have this weird feeling about him,” Circe said. “Eva said it’s because I don’t trust strangers.”

Gavin smirked, as if he was remembering something.

“It’s because-” he didn’t finish

Circe blinked and he was gone… and her surroundings changed.

“Gavin!” Circe called out as she looked around the… alley. Oh no!

Circe started to run to the exit when she saw someone blocking her way. 

“Oh you have to be fucking kidding me!” Circe muttered as the man stalked towards her… pulling out a knife from his coat.

“Gavin!” she screamed out again, but something… something felt strange. It wasn’t the air around her.

But the feeling was gone as fast as it came.

“Circe,” she heard a voice call out, “Runaway and jump!”


Circe did as she was told, she ran… until she reached a dead end.

“What now?” She muttered, “Oh great voice in the sky what should I do next? Die?”

“I told you to jump Circe,” the voice told her.

If I die I’m blaming it all on Gavin and haunting his fine ass! Wait what?

Circe looked behind her to see the psycho with the knife swiftly closing the distance between them.

Acting on pure instinct and fear Circe jumped.

“I got you,” A voice muttered as a pair of arms wrapped around her.

Circe didn’t realize she had closed her eyes until she opened them and saw an orange sky and a pair of lovely gold eyes. Then she realized…

“Oh my fucking gosh!” Circe screamed holding onto the man for dear life, but notice that they weren’t falling, “Wait… how are we floating?”

Gavin didn’t answer as the wind around them shot them forward. Okay, so Gavin is superman… neat. 

It wasn’t long before feet touched the ground again.

“Um, thanks… How can-” Circe was cut off by a loud gasp.


“Eva!” Circe said in equal surprise, not noticing she was still in Gavin’s arms until he let her go- much to Circe’s disappointment.

“Did you,” Eva stumbled on her words, “I came back to get you and I see-” Eva looked at Gavin, “Are you an…”

Eva trailed off, playing with her brown hair like she would so when she couldn’t think of the right words to say.

“Evolver? Yes,” Gavin said.

“How did you know she was going to ask that?” Circe asked him.

“She didn’t look that shocked and she was trying to figure out the best way to ask,” Gavin replied, “But I’m curious how do you know about Evolvers?”

“A professor at Loveland University told her when she asked. Wait! I forgot to ask you about that. Why did you ask him that?”

“I think I got saved by one the other day,” Eva said, “I think someone pushed me into the street and time just… Stopped. The next thing I knew was someone holding me.”

“Victor saved you?” Gavin asked with a mixture of disbelief and shock.

Eva nodded, “he doesn’t seem like the kind of person do to that. But… He still saved me.”

Circe was lost, “Who are you talking about?”

“The CEO at LFG...” Eva muttered, and didn’t want to say it, looked too afraid to say anything. 

 Then again from the look on Circe’s face, she had every right to be scared.

Chapter Text

“Who are you and what have you done with my sister?” Eva asked, earning a glare from Circe as they walked up to their apartment. Noticing how weird her sister has been acting while playing with a new bracelet around her wrist.

It was so cute! Especially seeing the light twinkle in Circe’s brown eyes. 

Out of all the men in the world, Gavin was the only one who made Circe act like that. It was weird, especially since they seemed to argue a lot through high school. In fact, from what Eva saw Circe was the only one who wasn’t afraid of Gavin.

Hence why Circe wasn’t afraid to call him out on things… even though the last time ended with a bloody note telling Circe to met him somewhere.

Eva never knew that they would all see each other again and that her sister would… kiss him. 

Well, it was a kiss on the check. Still, never in a million years would Eva expect her sister do even do that for someone she seemed to hate.

“So.. you want to explain why you left out the fact that you almost got killed this morning!” it was an order, and by the look on Circe’s face as they rode the elevator up to their shared apartment.

“I… I had other things to worry about…” Eva muttered in embarrassment, and for some reason looking back on those events made her face burn and she was pretty sure her pale face turned bright red.

And I ended up threatening the man who saved me, Eva thought, feeling the need to crawl into a hole and never come out.

“Your life is more important than a show,” Circe growled, “What if there wasn’t someone there to save you. What would have happened!”

Eva looked down at her feet, trying not to cry in frustration. Her twin did have a point but still. 

And the weird part of that was looking back on it while she did think that she was going to die horrible, she knew that she was going to be saved. Just like the last time…

“I’m sorry,” Circe after the elevator door opened, “It’s just... I don’t know what I would have done if you got hurt or worse.”

Both of them were silent as they walked through the hall, but once they got to the door to their apartment, Circe quietly said, “I think we both had a near-death experience.”

Eva looked up right as Circe had put the key into the lock.

“Wait, what?!” You too.

“I’m not sure what happened. I was talking to Gavin on the sidewalk and the next thing I knew I was in an alley with a knife-wielding psycho,” Circe muttered, “And Gavin literally flew in to save me.”

Eva’s eyes widened at that, “You gave me crap for almost getting myself killed and you almost died today too!”

Eva glared at her sister as it was her turn to be sheepish.

“Yes, but I had someone who was looking for me,” the anger and fire returned to Circe’s brown eyes. “You didn’t. What if that evil capitalist wasn’t there!”

Evil Capitalist? Well, She’s probably right about that.

“Can we drop this?” Eva said, “I’m tired and I feel like we’re just going to back and forth all night.”

“Fine,” Circe said as she opened the door, but she didn’t go in inside she paused when the apartment next door opened up and a man stepped out.

“Oh, good evening ladies,” a voice said causing both Eva and Circe to look at the man in shock.  

Lucien gave them a soft, and yet strangely cold smile.

“Professor?” Eva asked.

“What are you doing here?” Circe growled, reminding Eva of a human guard dog.

She really needs to figure out how not to hate people when she first meets them.

“I live here,” Lucien answered, “Just moved in. I had no idea you two lived in this building. What a coincidence.”

Lucien wasn’t looking at Eva at all, in fact, his gaze never left Circe. Eva couldn’t begin to describe the look on Lucien’s handsome face.

“Where are you going,” Eva asked.

“Just going to across the street to pick up something to eat,” Lucien answered, finally turning his gaze to Eva, “would you ladies like to join me?”

“Thank you but no,” Circe said as she tried to pull Eva inside the door, “Good night professor.”

“Hey,” Eva called out indignantly, “Circe!”


Eva was nervous as she waited for the page to load.

“It’s going to be alright,” Anna said as she touched Eva’s shoulder, “whatever happens, happens. We did our best, so that has to count for something.”

Eva looked up at her friend and co-worker, “Thank you, Anna.”

“Oh my god!” Kikki exclaimed.

“Holy Shit!” Circe added, “I had no idea that we had someone like him watched the show.”

“Look, Eva, Kiro is a fan of our show.”

Eva looked at the tweet on her screen, seeing Kiro’s original tweet pop up talking about the show and how much he loved it.

“Not only did we get that, but people loved the hot professor we brought it!”

Eva felt her eyes water up as she saw how many people were talking about the show. I did it, dad.

Eva felt Circe’s arms wrap around her as Eva allowed herself to cry. 

“We did it,” Circe said.

Oh, I can’t wait to rub this in Victor’s face! 

“Who the heck is this and why is he calling you Miss Chips?” Kikki asked as she held up Eva’s cell phone.

Eva shrugged before grabbing her phone, “Must have the wrong number.”

She was about to reply when another message popped up.

?: Sorry to contact you out of the blue… I hope you don’t get creeped out but I just wanted to say that the last miracle finder episode was great. If it’s possible can I still appear on an episode?

Eva’s eyes widened as she realized who was texting her.

Eva: Kiro?!

?: Yep! I found your number in the phonebook. So… can I be apart of your show? My agent is willing to talk to you about it this afternoon if you want.

Eva: Yes, where?

Kiro replied with an address and another message 

Kiro: I’ll be on set all day but I already ask the director to let you on the set. And um… could you sneak in some snacks for me? Please, my potato chip princess

Eva: Potato chip princess?

Kiro: :)

Eva: How about pudding? I made some last night to calm me down.

Kiro: why what happened last night.

Eva: I have an older twin sister and she can be… well, a bitch at times to others- she’s too overprotective of me. She dragged me away from a conversation.

Kiro: If you need to vent you can tell me about it later.

“Hey, would you mind if I head out early this afternoon?” Eva asked.

The three women looked at each other looked at her like she was a completely different person.

“I’m going to talk to someone about a possible guest,” Eva said with her hands up, “Oh and I should go to LGF about our funding.”

Circe let out a slight chuckle at the mention of LGF, “I hope that the CEO is mentally slapping himself right now for daring to think about cutting us off.”

I doubt that.


Eva walked off the elevator and looked around for the blonde who invited her. She would have texted him if not for the box in her arms. The box wasn’t heavy but she was clumsy enough to know what if she moved it to one of her hands something bad will happen.

It would be just like Murphy’s Law.

Anything that would go wrong for Eva will go wrong.

Something that would prove to be true as she walked right into a wall… and still managing to drop the box as she fell to the ground.

No! She thought as the box stopped in mid-air. 

“Jeez…” A voice muttered, “do you ever watch where you’re going.”

Eva looked up to see, “You!”

Victor grabbed the box and then… he held out a hand to help Eva up.

“Um…Thank you,” Eva face felt like it was on fire and she didn’t know why! Sure Victor was attractive but he was an asshole, so there was no way he should have caused Eva to react like this.

Victor didn’t answer, in fact, he was still looking down at her like she was an idiot.

Eva sighed and turned her attention to the box and the ruined pudding inside.

“Oh no!” Eva exclaimed, “It’s ruined!”

Victor looked down at the pudding and asked, “What is that monstrosity?”

Eva glared up at the man who had both disgust and amusement in his gaze, “It’s pudding, I make it for a friend.”

“Oh that poor soul,” Victor muttered as a loud voice pipped up.

“Hey! Miss Chips!” the voice said, causing both Eva and Victor to look at each other in shock. Time was still at a stand still so why was Kiro quickly moving towards them.

“I never thought he was an evlover,” Victor said, and with a slight wave on his hand time resumed, “Come to my office later so we can discuss the investment.”

Eva’s wide-eyed stare followed Victor until he was out of sight.

Chapter Text

“He’s not there,” A voice said making Kikki and Circe jump in surprise. The musical voice continued like she didn’t scare the crap out of the two who were trying to stare into Lucien’s office, “the professor went out a half-hour ago.” 

Circe was the first one to turn around to see a pitte girl with pink ombre hair- going from a dull hot pink to this pretty light pink shade.  She also had a doll-like face- that was only accentuated by the pastel makeup and black eyeliner she wore. 

“Damn it,” Kikki muttered, “and we came all this way to thank him.”

“For what?” the girl asked.

“He’s one of the reasons why the last miracle finder episode was a success,” Kikki explained, “Our audience loved him. And once of the reasons why we are able to keep going.”

Circe held up the thank you note that Anna gave her, well after she told Circe to be nice and to stop hating someone before getting to know them.

“I’m sure if you got to know him, you would actually like him,” Anna had said.

We’ll see about that. 

“Funny, I know someone who tried to change the channel when she saw him,” the girl muttered.

Circe couldn’t stop herself from snorting, as she tried to hold back laughter.

“I know where his mailbox is if you want to leave it there? Or maybe his grad student could unlock the door for you,” The girl said, “Follow me!”

“Hey, there Minny!” Circe watched as the girl wrapped her arms around a red-haired woman who seems to be busy grading papers and surrounded by empty coffee cups. She would be extremely pretty if not for the dark circles under her blue eyes- she looked like she hasn’t slept in days.

Not to mention that everything about her looks like she just rolled out of bed and came here. Red hair was in a messy bun that was barely hanging on, her baggy clothes where wrinkled as if they spend the night in a pile on the floor, and her glasses were tilted.

“Gah!” the woman let out in surprise as she dropped her red pen on the floor, “seriously Aelia! you need to stop doing that!”

“Hey, these ladies are wondering if you could unlock the professor’s office,” the pink-haired girl, Aelia, waved her hand so the other woman would look back to see Circe and Kikki, “Oh, meet Minerva, she’s…”

“I’m the grad student he forces to correct papers,” Minerva said, “I have no time to do anything else but read papers that makes me want to rip out my hair.”

Kikki and Circe looked at each other as the redhead went on, “not to mention that he treats me like a lab assistant- if the assistant was Igor!  Gah, I hate him. He gets to go on TV while I’m stuck with…”

“Sorry,” Aelia whispered, “I should have warned you that she doesn’t like Lucien… and that I thought she would be willing to help.”

Minerva sighed and tried to calm down, “I’ll unlock his door. Might be easier, you want to thank him for helping your show right? Plus you don’t want it to be a mistake for another love note and have it end up there.”

Minerva pointed a silver nail at a trash can that was full of paper, “the female students can be petty, only wanted Lucien’s attention on them. They’ll even though away is actual mail- so here I am trying to get it all before they have a chance to but do I get a thank you? No!”

“She really doesn’t like him, does she?” Circe asked Aelia.

“She actually liked him at one point,” Aelia explained, “ was one of the best students last year so he napped her right away, but…well, she thinks that he’s using her so he doesn’t have to do anything but look pretty.”

Circe couldn’t help but to laugh at that, she may like Minerva.

“I hate that stupid face,” Minerva muttered, before turning her attention to Kikki, “Look I know that he helped you once but don’t expect him to do it again.”

Minerva stood up and took a key out of her pocket, making the others pretty much run to catch up to the taller girl.

“Well that was slightly disappointing,” Kikki sighed once they walked outside, “I really wanted to see him.”

“To see if he’ll be on more episodes or because you want something pretty to look at?” Circe asked.

Kikki’s face turned bright red, “can you blame me? It’s such a rarity to see a guy that good look and nice.”

Did she not listen to Minerva? That poor woman looked so tired and angry- that was directed at Lucien. 

“I prefer…” Circe started to say only to almost get run over by a guy on a state board. he had the strangest hair color she ever saw, it was gray but had a bluish tint to it.

“Hey, asshole! Watch where you’re going.” Circe called out, noticing that she wasn’t the only one he almost hit. 

Circe watched as the asshole on the state board scare a poor blonde with thick-rimmed glasses and caused her to drop everything.

“Hey are you alright,” Circe said as she ran to the girl to help.

The blonde looked up a Circe with a terrified expression in her indigo eyes. She quickly gathering everything and running away, leaving a gaping Circe behind. 

What the heck! she’s like a scared little mouse!

But then she noticed something, the blonde looked back at Circe for a split second. Circe swore the girl nodded at her before turn away running in the same direction the guy on the skateboard went.


Chapter Text

It’s always something, Eva thought as she left. The sky was just starting to get dark, Eva didn’t notice how fast time moved as she waited to talk to Kiro’s agent… thought it probably didn’t help that she was mistaken for a part of the crew and like an idiot, she didn’t bother to say anything.

Once she was finally able to sit down with Kiro and his agent, she was told that he could spear on an episode but…

It was always a but with people isn’t it. Eva had tried her best to keep an emotionless face as the agent talked.

“Look Kiro would love to be on your show, but right now we just can’t.  He has tours coming up and we aren’t sure what the future would hold four your show,” the agent explained, though to Eva, it sounded more like excuses, “if you manage to stay on the air for the next few months Kiro would definitely be on your show…”

The conversation ended not long after that. Eva could still see the sadness on Kiro’s face as she thanked them and left.

I was supposed to meet with Victor but...

That could wait until tomorrow right? It wasn’t Eva’s fault that time got away from her and most people would be off of work right now.

Eva didn’t realize until she was at the doors that she had already made her way to LFG. 

She stood at the door for a few moments, debating whether or not she should go in or wait until tomorrow. But he said you have to meet him today... 

I haven’t prepared anything, my proposal is still on my computer. Not done!

“Hey,” a voice said breaking her out of her thoughts, “Are you coming in, or are you just going to stare like a sad, lost puppy.”

Eva looked at Goldman who had come outside.

“You’re here to see Mr. Li right?” Goldman asked.

Mr. Li… Oh, wait he means Victor.

Eva nodded, “I know it’s late but he said to come by later.”

“At the moment… you might actually be a welcomed sight,” Goldman muttered, barely loud enough for her to hear but before she could ask about his words he continued, “Well you know where to find him. Goodnight Miss.”

Then he walked away.

Eva watched him walked away before turning her attention back towards the building. 

Let’s just get this over with, She thought as she went inside.

“Oh good evening miss,” Cindy said with a smile as she walked in, “here to see the CEO, right? Well, be careful he might not be in a good mood.”

“Why?” Eva asked the dark-haired receptionist.

Cindy gave her a disgusted look, “a demon has come to and everyone has been… well, in a bad mood.”

Then the receptionist took Eva’s hands, “So if he says anything to you that hurts your feelings, please don’t take it to heart.”

“Okay,” Eva said as she let go.

“Well, good night Miss Eva,” Cindy said before exiting.

Why do I feel like I’m going to regret coming here?

Eva heard yelling, well a woman angrily yelling at someone. And it was coming from… Victor’s office.

Turn around slowly and run.

Eva didn’t have a chance to do that was the door burst open and a beautiful woman stepped out, and then proceed to storm up to Eva who was a few feet away.

“Who are you? Why are you here?” The woman asked, glaring at Eva. Sizing her up to see if she was a threat… and Eva had no idea why, until Victor decided that was a good time to say something to her.

“Eva,” he said cooly, “you’re late.”

If looks could kill…

Eva really, really wanted to run away and never return.  But she managed to swallow her fear and embarrassment and replied.

“Well,” she started to say but paused for a few moments. Yeah probably wasn’t a smart move. Not only did she look up to see Victor in more casual clothes- while Eva liked the suit this outfit did look good on… crap!

Why am I attracted to the asshole!

Because you like men in suits...

And unless her mind was playing tricks on her Victor did smirk, but it was gone in the blink of an eye.

“Just give me your proposal in the morning,” Victor said once he realized that Eva.exe was not responding, “I’ll take you home.”

That definitely didn’t please the woman who was still glaring at Eva, in fact, she could feel the women’s gaze- it felt like she was trying to melt Eva’s brain with that stare.

“Okay,” Eva said as he walked past, she was about to follow when the woman grabbed her and hissed.

“Listen here, Victor is mine got it!” 

“Eva? You coming?” Victor asked, his voice causing the woman to jump and let go.

“Yes,” Eva said, catching up to him and thankfully leaving the other woman behind.

“You should be nicer to your girlfriend,” Eva said without looking at him, “she seemed angry.”

That was an understatement. That woman was absolutely furious and turned that anger on Eva.

“She’s not my girlfriend,” Victor said as he turned another corner, “We went on a few dates, but that was it. She’s just persistent and getting pissed because I keep refusing her. Frankly, I can’t stand her.”

“Oh,” Eva muttered, for some reason, those words made her heart flutter, “So no girlfriend?”

“Don’t have time for them. Why are you asking about my love life?”

I have no idea, Eva though even though part of her and heartbeat said otherwise. 

“You don’t have time for them? I bet you drive them away because of your personality is so bad,” Eva replied. “I bet you’re telling yourself that to make yourself feel better.”

The car stopped.

“Oh really,” Victor said leaning towards her. He didn’t look annoyed or angry, “And what is my personality like?”

“Oh where to start,” Eva said, “You’re cold and mean. Pretty much your an…”

Eva trailed off finally noticing just how close he was, she could feel his warm breath caressing her checks and she could smell his cologne.  His eyes stayed unreadable but she swore that they kept moving down to her lips.

Eva felt her body shifting closer to his. Part of her screaming about how she can’t kiss a man she barely knew and that she couldn’t believe herself for wanting to kiss him in the first place.

It was like a spell on her, and Eva was doing nothing to fight it. Did she want him to kiss her? Did she want to kiss him? Should she get closer? Pull him closer? Or find the strength to push victor away?

Even as her thoughts ran wild her body remained still.

What was going to happen next? Eva didn’t know as their heads leaned and the distance between their mouths grew closer.

And then her phone rang making Eva jump back.

“Hello?” Eva asked sheepishly, while she tried her best to forget what just happened.

“Oh my god that is you!” her sister yelled that out so loudly that Eva was forced to move her phone away.

“Oh no, there are two of you,” she heard Victor mutter. Victor had recovered a lot faster than Eva did and was now staring at Circe who was glaring at the both of them. 

The phone was close enough to Victor that Circe heard it and flipped him off.  Then she turned her attention back to Eva and gestured to her to get out of the car.

“Um… thank you for the ride,” Eva said, letting out an embarrassed chuckle, “and I’m sorry about her. My Twin can be rather…”

“It’s fine,” Victor interrupted, “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Eva nodded as she opened the door.

“So…” Circe said crossing her arms over her chest, she was going to start interrogating Eva again wasn’t she. Then again what she expect she had a near-death experience and a total “stranger” had given her a ride home, which was out of character for Eva.

Eva gulped.

“Why were you in that car and why did you almost kiss the driver?” Circe asked that in a usually soft voice which freaked Eva out more.

And before she could stop herself Eva replied, “It was late and Victor offered me a ride home and…”

“Hold up! Victor as in the man who almost pulled our funding!”

And the one who saved me yesterday.

“And you almost… wait a second you didn’t…”

“No!” Eva said, her face burning, “what you just saw was just…”

Attraction? At least on her part. Weakness? Maybe. Sexual tension? Impossible!

“I mean I told him that he was going to regret defunding us and he wanted me to prove it by giving us more time,” Eva explained.

“Then what did I just see?” Circe asked, her voice sounding genuine and somewhat worried like she thought there was something more going on.

Oh just me wanting to make out with an attractive man, like a lovesick teenager.

“I don’t know!” Eva could feel frustrated tears well up in her eyes, “I had a long day and I want…”

“Shush,” her twin whispered as she hugged her, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable and almost make you cry.”

Eva hugged her back right as her phone beeped, making her let go of her sister.

Kiro: Sorry about earlier… I didn’t know he was going to say that. 

Kiro: oh and thanks for the snack! It tastes just like the one they make at souvenir!

“Kiro, who is… wait it’s not that Krio is it? When and how?” Circe asked.

“It was a chance meeting? I’m not sure how it happened,” Eva said, “it was a coincidence I swear.”

Her phone dinged again.

Kiro: you need to try Suvenior sometime it’s so good! I can take you tomorrow if you want… and if they’re open.

Eva looked at her sister and he shocked expression.

Eva: Sure… could I bring my sister along?

Kiro: Yeah! The more the merrier.

Chapter Text

“Guy invites you out to eat with him, and you ask to bring you, sister,” Circe muttered, not wanting to admit that she was curious about the idol they were going to meet, “And I’m guessing that you are going to use this as an excuse to ask the owner if you can flim there for a show.”

Eva looked away, which told Circe that is what she was going to do.

“Really?” Circe asked pretending to sound annoyed.

“It’s just… if we showed something with good food that flies under the radar imagine what would happen!”

“I’m pretty sure everyone knows about this place because of the bad service. You read them right, the owner is an absolute ba-”

“Hey, Miss Chips!” A voice called out.

“Kir- ,” Eva started to call back, “Oh wait.”

Circe’s brown eyes widened when she saw a familiar blonde-haired man with bright blue eyes. The idol most girls dreamed about, Kiro. Circe had to agree that Kiro was cute, he wasn’t really her type.

“You must be Miss Chip’s sister,” Kiro said smiling at Circe.

“That’s me,” Circe said lamely, she honestly didn’t know what to say to this guy. He seemed nice, but as Eva and Anna keep saying, Circe didn’t tend to like strangers. Though around Kiro it wasn’t full-on hatred… however, that couldn’t change for the better or worse.

“Circe is a lot the main editor of Miracle Finder,” Eva said, “She’s been so helpful throughout most troubled time and really has stepped up to help!”

Circe knew that Eva didn’t mean anything by it but it still made Circe look down in guilty. Those words made her feel like she didn’t really do anything until the company was holding on by a thin string.

Eva wanted to make her sound interesting to her new friend, and while part of Circe was happy about that there was another that was a bit more reserved.

“Ah that’s so cool,” Kiro exclaimed clasping Circe’s hands, “really Circe you do an amazing job with the episodes! The transitions and everything look so clean.”

Circe’s face turned bright red as her mind went blank, no one has praised her like this- well who wasn’t her twin- ever.

She couldn’t even say thank you.

“Anyways,” Kiro started as he let go of Circe’s hands, “I think they’ll finally open up today! Come on!”

“You know where it is?” Eva asked as they walked, “we looked all over the internet this morning but we couldn’t find the address- not even there hours.”

“Oh that’s because of the boss,” Kiro explained, “from what I understand he only opens up on a whim and that Sevunior is actually a hobby so he doesn’t honestly care if it’s busy or not… frankly, I think he prefers not to be busy.”

Kiro smiled and continued, “I came across it by accident a while ago but it was so good that I keep coming back so I know exactly where to find it. Sadly they don’t open up a lot.”

How could someone run a restaurant and stay in business for that?  Then again Kiro did say that it was the owner’s hobby and not a career.

A picture of a grumpy old man entered Circe’s mind as she pictured what the owner must look like. 

Though for a split second Victor flashed through her mind, she didn’t know the man but after hearing about him from Eva and seeing him last night the thought it did enter her mind. But that was impossible- hence why Circe ended up picturing an older man.

“Hey!” Kiro called out while waving his arms, “Mr. Mils!”

Circe saw a kind looking older man holding a bag of groceries in front of a door and talking to…

It’s that girl again! 

It actually was that girl. Same blonde hair, thick-rimmed glasses, and the same fear of others.

“Hey, Krystal,” Kiro said, “it’s been a while.”

The girl didn’t answer as she continued to hide behind the older man.

Circe saw that Kiro’s face fell as he muttered, “She’s still afraid of me…”

“Sorry,” Mr. Mils said, “She’s usually like that with everyone. Don’t take it to heart. Krystal is just an extremely shy girl.”

Circe gave the girl a soft smile and said, “I’m sorry if I scared you the other day.”

I just wanted to make sure you were alright.

“I’m sure she’s not…” Mr. Mils started to say but stopped when the girl pulled on his sleeve and help up a notepad.

“Can you tell her that I’m sorry for running away?”

“It’s okay,” Circe said as she read the words before Mr. Mils could say anything, “I’m the one who sneaked up on you… I should have tread carefully but that guy…”

Circe noticed that Krystal was writing something else down.

“Sorry I can’t apologize for him… not that he would. But he’s really not that bad… most days”

“You know him?” Circe asked.

The girl’s face turned bright red as she helps up her next set of words, “Yes, he’s my..”

“He’s in some of my classes.”

Well, that was an odd way to talk about a classmate… and was she going to write down a friend or something else? Based on the blush that made her the same color as a peach there was more to that than she let on.

“How are you getting her to ‘talk’ to you?” Kiro asked curiously, “Krystal doesn’t do that often.”

Mr. Mils let out a chuckle, “Krystal tends to judge people on their actions, If you’re nice to her, she’ll end up warming up to you” he looked at Circe, “You gave her a reason to trust you. To communicate with you, Krystal is mute so she doesn’t tend to associate with anyone. So for her to have a conversation with you is amazing, Miss.”

“Oh just call me Circe,” She said, “and I’m not something special, some guy on a skateboard almost hurt her so I wanted to make sure she was okay. She still ran away from me though.”

Krystal pulled on Mr. Mils’s sleeve again.

“Would the owner mind if I worked on some homework?”

“Oh he doesn’t mind, he understands why you tend to come here to study,” Mr. Mils replied with a chuckle, “since you’re quiet so he doesn’t mind at all. In fact, you’re his favorite customer.”

“I highly doubt that. I just don’t annoy him like other people.”

“Come on in,” Mr. Mils said, as he opened the door for them. Circe noticed how quickly Kyrstal went in followed by Kiro who had a huge smile on his face. 

Before Circe herself went in she noticed that Eva stopped Mr. Mils.

“Um... Could I asked the owner something?” Eva asked, “I’m a producer and I was wondering if it was possible to flim here?”

Mr. Mils looked at her with… pity?

“I can ask him but I doubt he’ll let you, also if must warn you to not take photos instead… V- He might end up banning you from here.”

Good thing that I have the camera otherwise she might try to… oh wait she has her phone!

To Circe’s surprised she saw her sister shut it off. Then Eva grabbed her arm and together they walked in.

The inside was pretty small with only a small bar, which Krystal sat out with a laptop in from of her, and about four small tables. 

Kiro sat at one with three chairs acting like a child on Christmas day. He couldn’t sit still. Oh my god, he’s adorable!
They had just sat down when Mr.Mils came out with an odd expression on his face.

“He said no,” Mr. Mils said, “he also wanted you to leave... but I managed to talk him into letting your stay. Sorry, but the boss is a very private person.”

For some reason, Krystal gave out a snort and tried her best to hid the smile on her face. Did she know something or was it something on her computer that made her laugh.

Krystal, you are a very strange girl.

Chapter Text

“Ugh, the nerve of that man!” Eva hissed as they left. Still not believe that she had to clean that kitchen after that delicious meal, all because she asked to film there. She was going to completely drop the subject until Mills had given her the “bill”

Still, it gave her a chance to leave a note behind… begging to film.

Please let my company film here.

I cleaned your kitchen, so could you at least think about it?

Whether it’s yes or no, please give me an answer. You can reach me with this ....

“I see why it gets horrible reviews now,” Circe said as she rubbed her cold hands together. Eva was lucky compared to her sister, who both had to count stuff in the freezer. At least the owner was nice enough to leave a few heavy coats there.

As for the other one, the strange girl, Krystal, she got the easiest task of wiping down tables with Mr. Mills and Kiro. The later left quickly though since he had a few things to do- and really didn’t want his agent to find out where he was.

Mr. Mills was the next one to leave. 

Eva almost didn’t notice the girl who was doing homework in a corner until Krystal started to pack up. The rustling of the papers made Eva jump.

Then she seemed to leave early, but she was still right outside looking like she was waiting for someone. Looking down at her phone to text someone.

“Um…” Eva said softly hoping not to scare the girl, “did you need someone to take you home?”

Krystal looked up at her for a brief second and typed something out on her phone.

“Would you mind?” Krystal held up her phone for them to see, “A friend was supposed to come to get me but… I think she forgot.”

Eva nodded, before turning to her sister, “would it be okay if we take a detour?”

“Not at all,” Circe said.

“Thank you… he doesn’t like me walking around alone at night.”

Eva was going to ask who “he” was and why she needed someone to walk with her. But Krystal was typing something else.

“I don’t live that far from here,” Krystal gestured almost to say this way.

“Wait a damn second,” Circe muttered as they watched Krystal run up to someone, a man with grayish hair holding a skateboard, “It’s that jackass who wasn’t almost knocked us down the other day.”

“The one she said was a classmate of her’s?” Eva asked, then she noticed how Krystal threw herself at him, “...he looks familiar… then again probably not.”

Eva paused as the twins looked at the “couple” before them before adding, “They’re more than classmates… pretty sure by the way they’re acting that they’re more than friends.”

The pair was something that would make you do a double-take, especially when they looked to be polar opposites. Though Eva didn’t know the man in front of her personality she could tell that he had this “bad boy” and “don’t fuck with me” persona. 

Krystal was someone who was kind and sweet, innocent. Someone who had no business being around a guy like that. 

The pair didn’t talk, but the man had an arm around her as he unlocked the door.  

Something flashed into Eva’s head… it was another time, another place, and another boy. A dark-haired boy that was holding her in his arms.

She shook her head as the memory quickly faded.

“Hey!” Eva heard her sister call out, “You should be more careful, you almost ran her over the other day.”

The man finally looked towards them, his amber eyes were full of amusement. 

Wait amber eyes?

He didn’t saw anything as he gently pushed the tinny blonde inside… but he did nod at Eva. Almost like he was saying thank you.

“Tch,” Circe muttered, “Let’s go home.”

Eva was about to follow her as her phone went off.

?: I’ll allow you to film here, but you will only be talking to Mr. Mills.

Eva’s eyes widened at the message, she couldn’t believe that the owner of Souvenir said yes. 

“Eva?” she heard her sister ask.

Eva looked up at her sister and replied, “he said “yes”... we can film at souvenir.”

She couldn’t believe that the owner got back to her so quickly… was he still there?

“I have to go,” Eva said, as she took off running, “go home without me!”

“Eva!” she heard Circe call out but she didn’t stop.

She was out of breath when she reached the restaurant. She got there just as the lights turned off.

Then the door opened and revealed a familiar face.

“Wait!,” Eva exclaimed, “you’re the owner!”

Victor looked at the brunette with an expressionless face as he replied, “Did you really have to run all the way here?”

“I wanted to know… I wanted to know why you said yes and why you don’t want to be shown.”

Victor sighed, and reopened the door, “Come in.”

Eva followed him inside.


The two were silent for the longest time.

“So what got you to change your mind?” Eva asked, finally breaking the silence.

 She thought that he would have thrown the note away when he saw it and ignore her… maybe completely ban her from stepping foot in here ever again.

“It was a persistent little dummy who doesn’t know when to quit,” Victor replied, as he pulled out a chair and beckoned her to sit.  He smiled slightly but it quickly faded so Eva was left questioning if she really saw it or not.

“I’m not a dummy,” she pouted, but he ignored her words.

“I thought about it and thought that there was no harm in letting you come, as long as you stay upfront with Mr.Mills… don’t make me regret my decision.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t.”

The only thing I want you to regret is how you almost pulled out funding you asshole!

“So…” Eva added, “Why did you come back?”

Or was he still here when he forced us to clean up.

“To make sure everything was in one piece,” Victor replied.

“Then why make us clean?” 

Victor shrugged, and then added, “I… I came back to make something.”

Odd, it was like he was too embarrassed to say that. Eva had a feeling that she knew what it was.

“Pudding?” Eva asked, wondering if it was because of a comment Kiro made earlier as he talked about how hers tasted like the one here… Victor’s pudding.

She wasn’t sure about that, Kiro was just being nice. As he spoke there was something that told her that he probably wasn’t talking about her’s… that the pudding she made wasn’t the same one as he ate.

“You switched the pudding I gave to Kiro didn’t you?” Eva asked.

Victor nodded, “he would have hated yours. It was disgusting.”

Eva glared at him, “it did not!”

She stood up, attempting to stand toe to him but when she looked up at him her anger somewhat melted.

“I bet yours tastes just as bad!”

“Childish... but if you want…” he took her hand and dragged her into the kitchen. He let go to open a blast cooler and took out some pudding.

“Try it then, tell me how bad it tastes,” everything about the tone of his voice dared her to say something. To challenge him.

“Fine,” Eva said as she took a bite. She let out a tiny moan as the flavor hit her tongue, then she realized what she did, “that meant nothing, it’s tastes bad.”

“Oh, if it’s so terrible then why are you still eating it.”

“I have to make sure the whole thing tastes terrible,” she lied as she quickly finished it. Disappointed that it disappeared fast. 

“You’re not a very good liar.”

She would have snarky in response but something made her pause. It was his closeness, and it brought her back to the other night. He drove her home and she remembered his breath against her face as his lips drew close to hers. Eva wanted to kiss Victor that night, but thanks to Circe she couldn’t.

She both hated and loved her sister for that.

But Circe wasn’t here right now, and Eva was nothing more than a moth drawn to a flame. She didn’t know why she was so attached to the asshole before her. Sure he was handsome and nice to look at, but there was something else about him that drew her to him.

A memory?

“Eva?” his voice brought her back to the present, “why are you looking-”

Ah, fuck it! She thought before cutting him off.

She quickly pulled her lips away from his and Victor didn’t move or react to it.

“Sorry…” she muttered, “I don’t know what came over me.”

She refused to look at him, and he didn’t say anything about her kissing him. Eva wanted to run out the door and forget about what she just did.

She just kissed a man who was essentially her boss.

“Eva…” he finally said, though his voice was quiet, “I’ll take you home.”

He didn’t say anything or looked at her for the rest of the night. Not even a last glance as he dropped her off.

Eva felt like she was about to cry, but from what she didn’t know. The rejection she felt or her own stupidity. She wanted her sister to wrap her arms around her and comfort her like Circe did when they were kids.

Though those thoughts disappeared when she saw her sister curled up and for once Circe was crying.

Another thing Eva notice was fear in her sister’s eyes.

“What happened?” Eva asked as she knelt down and moved her sister’s dyed black away from her face. She never saw her sister like this, and Eva really wasn’t sure what to do.


Chapter Text

Before she could react her sister took off and was out of sight before Circe could catch up.

“Hello, Miss Circe,” a familiar voice said, “what brings you out?”

Circe looked over and saw Lucien walk towards her.

“We went to dinner with a friend, and my sister has a nasty habit of asking people to film in places,” Circe said. “Needless to say she asked to film at this restaurant and was rejected- and almost kicked out… but I think the owner changed his mind. Because she ran off.”

Lucien chuckled at that, “she’s an energetic and persistent little fool isn’t she?”

“Oh, what makes you say that?” Circe felt annoyance and anger. As sisters they had a free pass on what they could call each other, they could make fun of each other as a joke. So needless to say, Circe hated it when someone else insulted her sister or at least seemed to.

But as she looked up at the professor she saw nothing in his expression or eyes.

Lucien shrugged at her question, “Your sister tends to do anything for her company.”

“That she does.”

Lucien’s expression turned more serious as he said, “You know it’s getting late, you shouldn’t be out and about alone… the same could be said with your sister.”

Lucien held out an arm and added, “let me accompany you.”

“Fine,” she muttered as she took his arm.

Circe’s eyes widen as she saw her sister talking to the last person she expected to see tonight and enter Suvenior with Victor! Circe wanted to storm up to them and drag her sister away but the way Victor looked at her sister as Eva entered the building made her pause.

Even at a distance, Circe saw that Victor looked tired… and he looked somewhat sad. It was an expression that told her that Eva would be safe with him.

“You alright?” Lucien asked.

“Yes,” Circe replied, “just shocked.”

“Well if your sister is in good hands how about I take you home?”

Circe nodded, “I would appreciate that, professor.”

They took a short cut through a park, and Circe jumped away from Lucien as she heard a loud bang as the sky lit up with showers of blazing light.

“Fireworks!” Circe said feeling somewhat excited. She loved fireworks, though she didn’t know why someone was shooting them off now.

“Thank you for the card,” Lucien said as they leaned against the railing, “Minerva said it was from you and everyone else at Miracle Finder.”

More like it was from her sister and anna… Kikki just wanted her name on there because she thinks your hot.

“You know you should be nicer to her,” Circe said, “I don’t know much about grad students, but I’m sure she has other things to do than grade papers for you.”

“I’m just preparing her for the next semester,” Lucien replied, “she needs to get used to it when she has to teach some classes.”

“Still because of the workload you placed upon her she really hates you.”

Lucien laughed at that, “She doesn’t hate me, she just hates some of my students.”

“Regardless of her personal feelings that may or may not be directed to you, you should be nicer to her and help her out instead of leaving Minerva to crash and burn.”

Lucien was silent after that as the fireworks continued. He didn’t speak until it was over.

“So shall we continue on our wa-” 

Lucien was cut off when I voice called out.

“Don’t move!”

Circe’s eyes widened as she saw Gavin, looking angry, and holding a gun. Something put him on edge and Circe was trying to guess what it was… and then saw as he pointed the gun at her.

Eva found her crying on the floor, shaking from crying and fear.

“What happened?” Eva asked as she knelt down and moved her sister’s dyed black away from her face. She never saw her sister like this, and Eva really wasn’t sure what to do.

“I don’t know Gavin pointed a gun at-” Circe tried to explain.

“What!” Eva shouted, “we need to…”

“Gavin saved me!” Circe exclaimed grabbing onto her sister as she tried to get up, no doubt to tell someone that Gavin ‘tried to kill her.’

“What?” Eva asked, get voice getting calmer as worry returned to her face, “what happened?”

“I don’t know… he left before I could ask. It all happened so fast, but I think someone tried to kill me. Gavin managed to shoot the bullet out of the air.”

Circe started to get hysterical as she thought about what would have happened to her.

“Shush…” Eva said, “it’s going to be okay now.”

Circe never cried, not like this. She cried until she fell asleep, Eva’s humming was the last thing she could remember.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Eva asked.

Circe nodded, though she was still a little shaken. She tried to get a hold of Gavin, if he explained what happened then maybe she would feel a little better. 

“I got your favorite drink…” Eva said as she down an iced drink. Eva was about to say more when a voice rang out.

“Your prayers have been answered! I’m here!”

The twins looked to see a familiar man with a huge smile on his face.

“Minor!” Circe called out before anyone could register what happened threw herself at the man, “It’s good to see you.”

Minor went to high school with the twins and was one of Circe’s closest friends… even though he tended to be glued to Gavin’s side.  Now that she thought about it Minor was pretty much the only person Gavin seemed to stand.

Minor was the class clown.

It was good to see him again, “Why are you here?”

“A woman named Anna hired me,” Minor smiled, “this is my first day. She said something about helping you with an assignment.”

“What assignment?”

“You didn’t hear about it? Someone disappeared from our old high school about a week ago. I actually said something about it when I was interviewed, Anna thought that since I knew the area I could lend a hand.”

Eva looked at Circe, “are you-”

She was going to ask her if it was okay to go with Minor when Kikki entered.

“Hey,” She said to Circe, “Anna is wondering if you could interview a new intern. She said something about maybe having her be an assistant editor.”

Circe finally let go of Minor, “looks like I’m being summoned. Please take care of my sister.”

Then she made her way to a conference room and saw Anna talking to a girl with… Pink hair.

“It’s you!” Circe said,

The girl smiled, “I don’t think we were formally introduced, my name is Aelia. I’m a sophomore at Loveland university and I’m here for one of your internships.”


Chapter Text

“If you don’t mind me asking, who did you talk to about this?” Eva asked the group of female students she was talking to.

“That cop over there,” One of them said.

“He’s a detective,” another added.

“The same thing,” the first one hissed.

“No, it’s not!”

“Please don’t fight,” a third one said, getting in between her friends, “it was that guy over there.”

“Gavin?” Eva asked herself as she saw him sitting on a bench, looking down at what appeared to be his phone.

“Gav!” Minor said as he took off running towards him. Gavin heard this and quickly dodged as Minor tried to hug him.

“Minor!” Eva said as she ran after him.

“That was mean, Gavin,” Minor said to the amber-eyed officer.

Gavin sighed before his expression turned serious as he looked at Eva, “Is your sister okay?”

“What do you think,” Eva replied, “she was so scared. She was crying… that was the first time I saw her like that.  You-”

She was about ready to say something else when Gavin cut her off, “I swear I’ll explain everything to her later, but right now, I have a job to do.”

With that, he walked off.

“What happened?” Minor asked.

“He pointed a gun at Circe last night,” Eva explained, “she said he did it to save her. But he refused to tell her why he did that in the first place.”

“You do realize that Gavin would never hurt your sister? So he must have had a pretty good reason to do that.”

“He could have his reasons, but-”

“Gavin would have shot himself first than hurt your sister,” Minor cut her off. He looked so serious as he continued. “He’s loved Circe since high school. He wouldn’t hurt her.”

Eva’s eyes widened at that, but she shook her head and started to laugh sheepishly, “No, he doesn’t. They hated each other in high school. They bickered during lunch, and then there was the time she called him out for blackmailing people.”

Minor shook his head, “No, they didn’t… They... Out of everyone, even me, she was the only one he wanted to say goodbye to. He even said so in the letter. He wanted to tell her goodbye in person.”

“Wait, how do you know about the letter? And how do you know it was… You’re the one who put it inside her desk, didn’t you.”

Minor suddenly looked sheepish as he nodded, “he asked me too. He said it was important to tell her that he was leaving.”

Eva shook her head. She couldn’t believe it, but then she remembers things. The amusement and hope on her sister’s face as she pulled out the letter. Then saw how she acted towards Gavin a few days ago.

Her sister looked happy to see him.

Did Eva make a mistake when she told Circe not to meet him after school? 

That could have been the last time they saw each other, as Gavin left not long after.

“I feel like an idiot.”

“Hey, boss, where are you going?” Minor called after as she started running. She needed to hear the truth from Gavin and apologize for meddling- even if it was to protect her twin.

“Gavin,” Eva called out as she walked through the familiar halls, but there was something that didn’t feel right. 

Eva tried to scream as someone grabbed her, they covered her mouth before she could make a sound… and a few moments later, her vision went dark.

She woke up on the roof. The afternoon sun was bearing down at her, almost like it was telling her to get up and run. Eva tried to run but found herself unable to move- or more to the point, unable to push herself up because her hands were tied behind her back.

She was all alone and most likely too high to scream for help.

Tears started to fall as she realized that she had no one coming for her. No, Victor, to stop time. No, Gavin…

The wind shifted around her as a voice called out, “Eva!”

“Gavin?” she asked, seeing him fly towards her.

Eva expected him to grab her, but instead, he landed on top of her as a gunshot rang out.

Gunshot… Circe… 

Someone was after Eva now?!

“Stay down,” Gavin said before flying off to where the gunshot was coming from.

Eva did as she was told… she laid down waiting, praying for everything to be okay. No matter how hard she tried, something told her that things were not going to be okay.

Everything is going to change going forward.

It seemed like hours passed before Gavin came back and untied her.

“It’s okay,” he said.

“Thank you for finding me,” Eva replied. “I feel like an idiot running off on my own.”

“Minor told me… your lucky I could track you through the wind.” Gavin paused, and he looked away, “I don’t want to think about the possibility of telling your sister that you got hurt. I can’t do that to her.”

“Did you love her?”

“I still do.”

“I’m sorry,” Eva said as she stood.

“For what?” he asked.

Eva looked at him for a moment and answered, “I told her not to meet up with you. I thought that your two hated each other and that you would have hurt her- especially since she caught you blackmailing someone.  Minor helped me realize the error of my ways.”

Gavin chuckled, “Come with me. I want to show you something.”

Eva gave him an odd look, “Why?”

“I figured if I straighten things out and make you less afraid of me, then… you wouldn’t mind too much if…” Gavin’s face turned bright red. His embarrassment made him look boyish and kind of sweet.

“You want to make sure it’s okay to date my sister, right?”

Gavin nodded.

Eva laughed as he lead her from the roof.

They didn’t walk too far, but she paused when she realized where they were. This place… the ramen place everyone liked. But it should be closed up by now, so it surprised her when Gavin pulled out his phone and started talking to someone. 

A moment later, the door opened to reveal the owner… the man Circe and Eva saw Gavin blackmail.

“Hey,” Gavin said, “long time no see.”

The man smiled, “come in! Your usual?”


“And you?” the man asked Eva.


“You’re not the one that likes the spicer stuff, right? You're the one who has a filter… I think I remember what you like,” the man said.

“Yeah,” Eva laughed as she watched the man go back.

Gavin and Eva were about to sit down, but his phone rang, and he walked out to talk.

“Um… can I ask you something?” Eva asked the owner.

“Yes,” he replied.

“Is… is Gavin still blackmailing you.”

The man looked up from their food and started to laugh.

“Your sister asked me something similar a while ago… he isn’t blackmailing us.”

“Then why did you give him money?”

“He saved my son’s life,” The owner said. “I never understood why people think Gavin is such a bad guy; he’s kind and caring. He paid for my son’s medical bills. That’s why I gave him the money.”


“I said that to your sister a long time ago, and she started to cry. Poor girl, she felt so guilty about not saying goodbye to him. She even left a note, hoping that she would see him again.”

Eva felt guilty all over again. She was the only reason why Circe didn’t meet up with Gavin all those years ago.

The owner gestured to a board of notes people would leave for friends or lovers that they were separated from.

And sure enough, there was a note that had handwriting that was as familiar to Eva as her own.

“I’m sorry… I miss you. I want to see you again. I love you.”

“All these people who leave messages for loved ones. Do you know if these notes brought people back together again?” Eva asked.

“Sometimes… why?” the owner carried two bowls of ramen to an empty table.

“I’m the producer for the show miracle finder, and I want to do a segment about your board!”

The man gave her an odd look before saying, “I don’t know… my wife started that, but… I’ll ask her, but I can’t promise anything.”

“That’s fine,” Eva just wanted to do something for her sister. She thought this would be the best way to say sorry for messing up her love life… and show that.

Something flashed into Eva’s mind. 

She caught a glimpse of a dark-haired boy before it was gone. It left her with a sense of longing.

“Are you okay?” Gavin’s voice made her jump as she was brought back to the present.

“I was just looking at the board-” she paused when she saw him read the note Circe left.

“I’ll tell her everything tonight.”

Eva: I’m sorry.

Circe: ???

Circe: what are you sorry about?

Eva: I’m sorry about ruining your chance with Gavin… back in high school. 

Eva: I thought… I misinterpreted his intentions that day.

Eva: I also saw your note at the Ramen place… do you still love him?

Circe: Why are you bring this up now?

Eva: He told me what happened. Everything.

Eva: He wanted to say goodbye to you.

Eva: and last night… he feels so guilty about scaring you but knew it was the only way to protect you.

Eva: He still loves you.

Eva: if you don’t believe me about that, ask Minor about it.

Eva: he wants you to meet him… tonight.

Eva: I think you should go.

Circe: Thank you.


Chapter Text

“They told me everything,” Circe said when she saw Gavin leaning against his bike. He didn’t look at her, but he appeared to be bracing himself for something. Circe grew closer, hoping that he would look at her, “Well, mostly everything. They said nothing about what was in the letter.”

Gavin still didn’t look at her.

“ I know that you wanted to say goodbye, but was there anything else?” Circe asked.

“The letter no longer matters,” Gavin finally said after a few moments of silence, “it’s in the past.”

Circe felt an odd pain in her chest. Did he move on? Of course, he did! It’s been years, and guys like Gavin don’t stay single for long.

 Eva was wrong about Gavin loving her.

 “Oh… sorry to bother you,” Circe looked down at her feet as she tried her best to hide her pain, “I thought… nevermind…”

Circe closed her eyes, trying to hold back tears. 

She was surprised to see his feet right in front of hers when she opened her eyes again. But that was nothing compared to the shock she felt when he wrapped his arms around her.

Circe felt Gavin smile against her hair as he asked, “we have our whole future ahead of us, right?”

She looked up right as he leaned down. He kissed her, but it ended too quickly that she couldn’t register it right away.

“Gavin, I-” she started to say.

“I’m sorry! I shouldn’t-”

It was her turn to kiss him.

He was close enough that she could feel him smile against her lips as they pulled away, but it was only for a moment as Gavin leaned back in.

It was a while before Circe realized they were out in the open. Now she wouldn’t have cared if not for two things, the fact that kiss left her begging for more, and she felt Gavin licking her lips in an attempt to make the kiss go further.

Circe knew that her crush on him came back with a vengeance but now… she didn’t expect all those pent-up feelings to hit her full force, and she was begging herself to do something about it. 

Don’t let go of him.

“Gavin,” she said breathlessly as she pulled away, “take me home.”

Gavin looked hurt after hearing those words, “Yeah… I’ll give you a ride home.”

He tried to walk away but she stopped him. How dense was he?

“I meant take me to your place, idiot!” Circe’s face was bright red as she uttered those words. Then she stumbled to find something else to say as she saw the shock in his amber eyes, “ I mean… if you want to… I don’t…God, I must sound like a-”

Gavin cupped her cheeks, making her words trail off, and asked, “are you sure?”

Circe smiled and nodded.

“... sorry about the mess… It’s been a while-” Circe cut off his words but pulling him down to her.

Gavin happily shut up as his lips touched his. Since they were somewhere private, she didn’t stop him from deepening the kiss.

Sadly it ended sooner than Circe wanted as both of them had to break away to breathe.


“Gavin, are you going to keep asking if I’m sure all night?” Circe asked as she pulled at his denim jacket until it fell from his shoulders before moving to his shirt.

“Well, since your acting so edger,” he replied as he helped her pull his shirt off, “no.”

He pretty tore her blouse off in his haste to get it off.

She should be embarrassed, part of her wanted to hide, but those amber eyes of his kept her from moving. She didn’t notice he took off her bra until she saw trailing kisses from her cheek to her chest.

A hand flew onto her mouth as Gavin’s mouth landed on a nipple, an effort to stop the squeaks and moans that flew from her.

“Don’t,” Gavin said as he gently moved her hand away, “I want to hear everything.”

Circe tried to say something, but Gavin’s mouth went right back to her chest and began to kiss down her stomach. Kisses that distracted her so he could undo her pants and slide them down her legs without her noticing.

She didn’t even he did that until he picked her up and her bare legs met the rough material of his jeans. Not like Circe cared in the slightest, especially since what happened next was a blur.

Circe was brought back to the present when her back hit the mattress and felt her panties being pulled down. 

“Gavin,” she breathed when she felt his hands trail up her thighs.

“Yes,” he replied. She shivered when she felt his breath in between her legs. She heard him chuckle at her reaction, and he seemed to love her reactions when he started to touch the part of her that was growing wet for him.

Circe’s back arched when she felt his fingers and mouth play with the bundle of nerves between her legs.

“Gavin… Oh fuck!” she moaned as she threaded her fingers through his hair and pulled him closer to her. She didn’t want him to stop, but as she got close to her peak he pulled away.

“Why did you stop,” she whined at him.

Gavin looked away sheepishly, “I can’t...wait anymore.”

Circe laughed at that, “then come here.”

He turned back to her and lunged forward like an enthusiastic puppy. It didn’t take that much longer for the rest of their clothes to go.

“Wait!” Gavin said breaking away, though before she could get annoyed or commented on why he was stopping again Gavin added, “I don’t have a Condom… I didn’t think…I would get this far.”

“I’m on the pill,” Circe said sheepishly, “so it’s fine. Gavin, I-”

His lips on her cut her off as he positioned himself.

“Are you sure you’re okay with this? With me?” he asked.

Circe nodded, “just… start slow.”

Gavin smiled as he entered her, and sure enough, she flinched in pain at being stretched. He’s a lot bigger than… Oh, fuck!

Circe screamed as he broke her hymen.

“Shush…” he muttered as he kissed away her tears, “I’m sorry… it’ll pass.”

After a few moments, Gavin pulled back, before thrusting his hips forward, causing Circe to flinch a little. But she didn’t tell him to stop. Even with the dull ache between her legs she didn’t want him to stop.

She needed him! The years apart and their mutual feelings through high school, only strengthen that.

Gavin’s hands went to her thighs and made her wrap her legs around his waist causing him to go deeper. Circe moaned as she started to feel the tall tale signs of pleasure. 

Gavin must have realized that because his steady and gentle thrusts started to get rougher as her body begged for more. 

“Faster,” she muttered after a while, she needed more especially when she felt her release start to build up inside of her, “Gavin please, faster… I-”

He did as she commanded groaning when he felt her walls tighten around his cock. Gavin growled as his thrust grew sloppy. He was getting close to.

“Circe,” he muttered as he came inside of her, causing her to let out a loud moan as she reached her own climax.

Breathing heavily Gavin pulled out of her and dropped onto his back. Circe rolled and curled into his side, even though her body protested the movement.

“I don’t think I’m going to be able to walk right in the morning,” she chuckled, then she sighed, “Gavin?”

“Hm?”  he turned his head to her.

“I’m sorry I didn’t say goodbye back then,” she muttered, “it hurt me not to-”

He put a finger to her lips and said, “it doesn’t matter. All the matters is now.”

Gavin threaded his fingers through her hair and kissed her.

“Good night, Circe,” Gavin said after he pulled away.

“Night, Gavin,” She replied.

Unknown PoV

“What the hell? A voice muttered to her computer. As she looked at the screen and saw the invitation that ended up in her mailbox along with some other materials. Stories over Key’s return and the invitation to meet him… or at least that’s what it seemed.

Saeran: did anyone else get this?

The female looked at the message she just sent and waited, but no one answered. Then again this was a hacker's chatroom, they had lots of precautions to protect themselves so sometimes it took a while for an answer to go through.

Helios: I don’t know but this does seem right… I’m guessing you’re going to look into it Pinky?

Oh, how the hacker hated that nickname. But since she used a picture of Saeran from Mystic messenger- and used his name- everyone nicknamed her pinky because of the hair color.

Just like people did in real life...

Saeran: very funny, and of course… how else am I going to look into it? And I’m curious over who has the balls to invite a bunch of hackers and gather them in one place.

Saeran: could be Key… and if this is a chance to see the master in person I’ll take it.

Helios: you may be right about that.

Elsewhere Kiro looked at his computer screen, and with a sigh, he closed it for the night as a bad taste entered his mouth.

Something was wrong… but he didn’t know what.