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The Wonderland Theory

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“They told me everything,” Circe said when she saw Gavin leaning against his bike. He didn’t look at her, but he appeared to be bracing himself for something. Circe grew closer, hoping that he would look at her, “Well, mostly everything. They said nothing about what was in the letter.”

Gavin still didn’t look at her.

“ I know that you wanted to say goodbye, but was there anything else?” Circe asked.

“The letter no longer matters,” Gavin finally said after a few moments of silence, “it’s in the past.”

Circe felt an odd pain in her chest. Did he move on? Of course, he did! It’s been years, and guys like Gavin don’t stay single for long.

 Eva was wrong about Gavin loving her.

 “Oh… sorry to bother you,” Circe looked down at her feet as she tried her best to hide her pain, “I thought… nevermind…”

Circe closed her eyes, trying to hold back tears. 

She was surprised to see his feet right in front of hers when she opened her eyes again. But that was nothing compared to the shock she felt when he wrapped his arms around her.

Circe felt Gavin smile against her hair as he asked, “we have our whole future ahead of us, right?”

She looked up right as he leaned down. He kissed her, but it ended too quickly that she couldn’t register it right away.

“Gavin, I-” she started to say.

“I’m sorry! I shouldn’t-”

It was her turn to kiss him.

He was close enough that she could feel him smile against her lips as they pulled away, but it was only for a moment as Gavin leaned back in.

It was a while before Circe realized they were out in the open. Now she wouldn’t have cared if not for two things, the fact that kiss left her begging for more, and she felt Gavin licking her lips in an attempt to make the kiss go further.

Circe knew that her crush on him came back with a vengeance but now… she didn’t expect all those pent-up feelings to hit her full force, and she was begging herself to do something about it. 

Don’t let go of him.

“Gavin,” she said breathlessly as she pulled away, “take me home.”

Gavin looked hurt after hearing those words, “Yeah… I’ll give you a ride home.”

He tried to walk away but she stopped him. How dense was he?

“I meant take me to your place, idiot!” Circe’s face was bright red as she uttered those words. Then she stumbled to find something else to say as she saw the shock in his amber eyes, “ I mean… if you want to… I don’t…God, I must sound like a-”

Gavin cupped her cheeks, making her words trail off, and asked, “are you sure?”

Circe smiled and nodded.

“... sorry about the mess… It’s been a while-” Circe cut off his words but pulling him down to her.

Gavin happily shut up as his lips touched his. Since they were somewhere private, she didn’t stop him from deepening the kiss.

Sadly it ended sooner than Circe wanted as both of them had to break away to breathe.


“Gavin, are you going to keep asking if I’m sure all night?” Circe asked as she pulled at his denim jacket until it fell from his shoulders before moving to his shirt.

“Well, since your acting so edger,” he replied as he helped her pull his shirt off, “no.”

He pretty tore her blouse off in his haste to get it off.

She should be embarrassed, part of her wanted to hide, but those amber eyes of his kept her from moving. She didn’t notice he took off her bra until she saw trailing kisses from her cheek to her chest.

A hand flew onto her mouth as Gavin’s mouth landed on a nipple, an effort to stop the squeaks and moans that flew from her.

“Don’t,” Gavin said as he gently moved her hand away, “I want to hear everything.”

Circe tried to say something, but Gavin’s mouth went right back to her chest and began to kiss down her stomach. Kisses that distracted her so he could undo her pants and slide them down her legs without her noticing.

She didn’t even he did that until he picked her up and her bare legs met the rough material of his jeans. Not like Circe cared in the slightest, especially since what happened next was a blur.

Circe was brought back to the present when her back hit the mattress and felt her panties being pulled down. 

“Gavin,” she breathed when she felt his hands trail up her thighs.

“Yes,” he replied. She shivered when she felt his breath in between her legs. She heard him chuckle at her reaction, and he seemed to love her reactions when he started to touch the part of her that was growing wet for him.

Circe’s back arched when she felt his fingers and mouth play with the bundle of nerves between her legs.

“Gavin… Oh fuck!” she moaned as she threaded her fingers through his hair and pulled him closer to her. She didn’t want him to stop, but as she got close to her peak he pulled away.

“Why did you stop,” she whined at him.

Gavin looked away sheepishly, “I can’t...wait anymore.”

Circe laughed at that, “then come here.”

He turned back to her and lunged forward like an enthusiastic puppy. It didn’t take that much longer for the rest of their clothes to go.

“Wait!” Gavin said breaking away, though before she could get annoyed or commented on why he was stopping again Gavin added, “I don’t have a Condom… I didn’t think…I would get this far.”

“I’m on the pill,” Circe said sheepishly, “so it’s fine. Gavin, I-”

His lips on her cut her off as he positioned himself.

“Are you sure you’re okay with this? With me?” he asked.

Circe nodded, “just… start slow.”

Gavin smiled as he entered her, and sure enough, she flinched in pain at being stretched. He’s a lot bigger than… Oh, fuck!

Circe screamed as he broke her hymen.

“Shush…” he muttered as he kissed away her tears, “I’m sorry… it’ll pass.”

After a few moments, Gavin pulled back, before thrusting his hips forward, causing Circe to flinch a little. But she didn’t tell him to stop. Even with the dull ache between her legs she didn’t want him to stop.

She needed him! The years apart and their mutual feelings through high school, only strengthen that.

Gavin’s hands went to her thighs and made her wrap her legs around his waist causing him to go deeper. Circe moaned as she started to feel the tall tale signs of pleasure. 

Gavin must have realized that because his steady and gentle thrusts started to get rougher as her body begged for more. 

“Faster,” she muttered after a while, she needed more especially when she felt her release start to build up inside of her, “Gavin please, faster… I-”

He did as she commanded groaning when he felt her walls tighten around his cock. Gavin growled as his thrust grew sloppy. He was getting close to.

“Circe,” he muttered as he came inside of her, causing her to let out a loud moan as she reached her own climax.

Breathing heavily Gavin pulled out of her and dropped onto his back. Circe rolled and curled into his side, even though her body protested the movement.

“I don’t think I’m going to be able to walk right in the morning,” she chuckled, then she sighed, “Gavin?”

“Hm?”  he turned his head to her.

“I’m sorry I didn’t say goodbye back then,” she muttered, “it hurt me not to-”

He put a finger to her lips and said, “it doesn’t matter. All the matters is now.”

Gavin threaded his fingers through her hair and kissed her.

“Good night, Circe,” Gavin said after he pulled away.

“Night, Gavin,” She replied.

Unknown PoV

“What the hell? A voice muttered to her computer. As she looked at the screen and saw the invitation that ended up in her mailbox along with some other materials. Stories over Key’s return and the invitation to meet him… or at least that’s what it seemed.

Saeran: did anyone else get this?

The female looked at the message she just sent and waited, but no one answered. Then again this was a hacker's chatroom, they had lots of precautions to protect themselves so sometimes it took a while for an answer to go through.

Helios: I don’t know but this does seem right… I’m guessing you’re going to look into it Pinky?

Oh, how the hacker hated that nickname. But since she used a picture of Saeran from Mystic messenger- and used his name- everyone nicknamed her pinky because of the hair color.

Just like people did in real life...

Saeran: very funny, and of course… how else am I going to look into it? And I’m curious over who has the balls to invite a bunch of hackers and gather them in one place.

Saeran: could be Key… and if this is a chance to see the master in person I’ll take it.

Helios: you may be right about that.

Elsewhere Kiro looked at his computer screen, and with a sigh, he closed it for the night as a bad taste entered his mouth.

Something was wrong… but he didn’t know what.