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The Wonderland Theory

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Before she could react her sister took off and was out of sight before Circe could catch up.

“Hello, Miss Circe,” a familiar voice said, “what brings you out?”

Circe looked over and saw Lucien walk towards her.

“We went to dinner with a friend, and my sister has a nasty habit of asking people to film in places,” Circe said. “Needless to say she asked to film at this restaurant and was rejected- and almost kicked out… but I think the owner changed his mind. Because she ran off.”

Lucien chuckled at that, “she’s an energetic and persistent little fool isn’t she?”

“Oh, what makes you say that?” Circe felt annoyance and anger. As sisters they had a free pass on what they could call each other, they could make fun of each other as a joke. So needless to say, Circe hated it when someone else insulted her sister or at least seemed to.

But as she looked up at the professor she saw nothing in his expression or eyes.

Lucien shrugged at her question, “Your sister tends to do anything for her company.”

“That she does.”

Lucien’s expression turned more serious as he said, “You know it’s getting late, you shouldn’t be out and about alone… the same could be said with your sister.”

Lucien held out an arm and added, “let me accompany you.”

“Fine,” she muttered as she took his arm.

Circe’s eyes widen as she saw her sister talking to the last person she expected to see tonight and enter Suvenior with Victor! Circe wanted to storm up to them and drag her sister away but the way Victor looked at her sister as Eva entered the building made her pause.

Even at a distance, Circe saw that Victor looked tired… and he looked somewhat sad. It was an expression that told her that Eva would be safe with him.

“You alright?” Lucien asked.

“Yes,” Circe replied, “just shocked.”

“Well if your sister is in good hands how about I take you home?”

Circe nodded, “I would appreciate that, professor.”

They took a short cut through a park, and Circe jumped away from Lucien as she heard a loud bang as the sky lit up with showers of blazing light.

“Fireworks!” Circe said feeling somewhat excited. She loved fireworks, though she didn’t know why someone was shooting them off now.

“Thank you for the card,” Lucien said as they leaned against the railing, “Minerva said it was from you and everyone else at Miracle Finder.”

More like it was from her sister and anna… Kikki just wanted her name on there because she thinks your hot.

“You know you should be nicer to her,” Circe said, “I don’t know much about grad students, but I’m sure she has other things to do than grade papers for you.”

“I’m just preparing her for the next semester,” Lucien replied, “she needs to get used to it when she has to teach some classes.”

“Still because of the workload you placed upon her she really hates you.”

Lucien laughed at that, “She doesn’t hate me, she just hates some of my students.”

“Regardless of her personal feelings that may or may not be directed to you, you should be nicer to her and help her out instead of leaving Minerva to crash and burn.”

Lucien was silent after that as the fireworks continued. He didn’t speak until it was over.

“So shall we continue on our wa-” 

Lucien was cut off when I voice called out.

“Don’t move!”

Circe’s eyes widened as she saw Gavin, looking angry, and holding a gun. Something put him on edge and Circe was trying to guess what it was… and then saw as he pointed the gun at her.

Eva found her crying on the floor, shaking from crying and fear.

“What happened?” Eva asked as she knelt down and moved her sister’s dyed black away from her face. She never saw her sister like this, and Eva really wasn’t sure what to do.

“I don’t know Gavin pointed a gun at-” Circe tried to explain.

“What!” Eva shouted, “we need to…”

“Gavin saved me!” Circe exclaimed grabbing onto her sister as she tried to get up, no doubt to tell someone that Gavin ‘tried to kill her.’

“What?” Eva asked, get voice getting calmer as worry returned to her face, “what happened?”

“I don’t know… he left before I could ask. It all happened so fast, but I think someone tried to kill me. Gavin managed to shoot the bullet out of the air.”

Circe started to get hysterical as she thought about what would have happened to her.

“Shush…” Eva said, “it’s going to be okay now.”

Circe never cried, not like this. She cried until she fell asleep, Eva’s humming was the last thing she could remember.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Eva asked.

Circe nodded, though she was still a little shaken. She tried to get a hold of Gavin, if he explained what happened then maybe she would feel a little better. 

“I got your favorite drink…” Eva said as she down an iced drink. Eva was about to say more when a voice rang out.

“Your prayers have been answered! I’m here!”

The twins looked to see a familiar man with a huge smile on his face.

“Minor!” Circe called out before anyone could register what happened threw herself at the man, “It’s good to see you.”

Minor went to high school with the twins and was one of Circe’s closest friends… even though he tended to be glued to Gavin’s side.  Now that she thought about it Minor was pretty much the only person Gavin seemed to stand.

Minor was the class clown.

It was good to see him again, “Why are you here?”

“A woman named Anna hired me,” Minor smiled, “this is my first day. She said something about helping you with an assignment.”

“What assignment?”

“You didn’t hear about it? Someone disappeared from our old high school about a week ago. I actually said something about it when I was interviewed, Anna thought that since I knew the area I could lend a hand.”

Eva looked at Circe, “are you-”

She was going to ask her if it was okay to go with Minor when Kikki entered.

“Hey,” She said to Circe, “Anna is wondering if you could interview a new intern. She said something about maybe having her be an assistant editor.”

Circe finally let go of Minor, “looks like I’m being summoned. Please take care of my sister.”

Then she made her way to a conference room and saw Anna talking to a girl with… Pink hair.

“It’s you!” Circe said,

The girl smiled, “I don’t think we were formally introduced, my name is Aelia. I’m a sophomore at Loveland university and I’m here for one of your internships.”