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The Wonderland Theory

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“Ugh, the nerve of that man!” Eva hissed as they left. Still not believe that she had to clean that kitchen after that delicious meal, all because she asked to film there. She was going to completely drop the subject until Mills had given her the “bill”

Still, it gave her a chance to leave a note behind… begging to film.

Please let my company film here.

I cleaned your kitchen, so could you at least think about it?

Whether it’s yes or no, please give me an answer. You can reach me with this ....

“I see why it gets horrible reviews now,” Circe said as she rubbed her cold hands together. Eva was lucky compared to her sister, who both had to count stuff in the freezer. At least the owner was nice enough to leave a few heavy coats there.

As for the other one, the strange girl, Krystal, she got the easiest task of wiping down tables with Mr. Mills and Kiro. The later left quickly though since he had a few things to do- and really didn’t want his agent to find out where he was.

Mr. Mills was the next one to leave. 

Eva almost didn’t notice the girl who was doing homework in a corner until Krystal started to pack up. The rustling of the papers made Eva jump.

Then she seemed to leave early, but she was still right outside looking like she was waiting for someone. Looking down at her phone to text someone.

“Um…” Eva said softly hoping not to scare the girl, “did you need someone to take you home?”

Krystal looked up at her for a brief second and typed something out on her phone.

“Would you mind?” Krystal held up her phone for them to see, “A friend was supposed to come to get me but… I think she forgot.”

Eva nodded, before turning to her sister, “would it be okay if we take a detour?”

“Not at all,” Circe said.

“Thank you… he doesn’t like me walking around alone at night.”

Eva was going to ask who “he” was and why she needed someone to walk with her. But Krystal was typing something else.

“I don’t live that far from here,” Krystal gestured almost to say this way.

“Wait a damn second,” Circe muttered as they watched Krystal run up to someone, a man with grayish hair holding a skateboard, “It’s that jackass who wasn’t almost knocked us down the other day.”

“The one she said was a classmate of her’s?” Eva asked, then she noticed how Krystal threw herself at him, “...he looks familiar… then again probably not.”

Eva paused as the twins looked at the “couple” before them before adding, “They’re more than classmates… pretty sure by the way they’re acting that they’re more than friends.”

The pair was something that would make you do a double-take, especially when they looked to be polar opposites. Though Eva didn’t know the man in front of her personality she could tell that he had this “bad boy” and “don’t fuck with me” persona. 

Krystal was someone who was kind and sweet, innocent. Someone who had no business being around a guy like that. 

The pair didn’t talk, but the man had an arm around her as he unlocked the door.  

Something flashed into Eva’s head… it was another time, another place, and another boy. A dark-haired boy that was holding her in his arms.

She shook her head as the memory quickly faded.

“Hey!” Eva heard her sister call out, “You should be more careful, you almost ran her over the other day.”

The man finally looked towards them, his amber eyes were full of amusement. 

Wait amber eyes?

He didn’t saw anything as he gently pushed the tinny blonde inside… but he did nod at Eva. Almost like he was saying thank you.

“Tch,” Circe muttered, “Let’s go home.”

Eva was about to follow her as her phone went off.

?: I’ll allow you to film here, but you will only be talking to Mr. Mills.

Eva’s eyes widened at the message, she couldn’t believe that the owner of Souvenir said yes. 

“Eva?” she heard her sister ask.

Eva looked up at her sister and replied, “he said “yes”... we can film at souvenir.”

She couldn’t believe that the owner got back to her so quickly… was he still there?

“I have to go,” Eva said, as she took off running, “go home without me!”

“Eva!” she heard Circe call out but she didn’t stop.

She was out of breath when she reached the restaurant. She got there just as the lights turned off.

Then the door opened and revealed a familiar face.

“Wait!,” Eva exclaimed, “you’re the owner!”

Victor looked at the brunette with an expressionless face as he replied, “Did you really have to run all the way here?”

“I wanted to know… I wanted to know why you said yes and why you don’t want to be shown.”

Victor sighed, and reopened the door, “Come in.”

Eva followed him inside.


The two were silent for the longest time.

“So what got you to change your mind?” Eva asked, finally breaking the silence.

 She thought that he would have thrown the note away when he saw it and ignore her… maybe completely ban her from stepping foot in here ever again.

“It was a persistent little dummy who doesn’t know when to quit,” Victor replied, as he pulled out a chair and beckoned her to sit.  He smiled slightly but it quickly faded so Eva was left questioning if she really saw it or not.

“I’m not a dummy,” she pouted, but he ignored her words.

“I thought about it and thought that there was no harm in letting you come, as long as you stay upfront with Mr.Mills… don’t make me regret my decision.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t.”

The only thing I want you to regret is how you almost pulled out funding you asshole!

“So…” Eva added, “Why did you come back?”

Or was he still here when he forced us to clean up.

“To make sure everything was in one piece,” Victor replied.

“Then why make us clean?” 

Victor shrugged, and then added, “I… I came back to make something.”

Odd, it was like he was too embarrassed to say that. Eva had a feeling that she knew what it was.

“Pudding?” Eva asked, wondering if it was because of a comment Kiro made earlier as he talked about how hers tasted like the one here… Victor’s pudding.

She wasn’t sure about that, Kiro was just being nice. As he spoke there was something that told her that he probably wasn’t talking about her’s… that the pudding she made wasn’t the same one as he ate.

“You switched the pudding I gave to Kiro didn’t you?” Eva asked.

Victor nodded, “he would have hated yours. It was disgusting.”

Eva glared at him, “it did not!”

She stood up, attempting to stand toe to him but when she looked up at him her anger somewhat melted.

“I bet yours tastes just as bad!”

“Childish... but if you want…” he took her hand and dragged her into the kitchen. He let go to open a blast cooler and took out some pudding.

“Try it then, tell me how bad it tastes,” everything about the tone of his voice dared her to say something. To challenge him.

“Fine,” Eva said as she took a bite. She let out a tiny moan as the flavor hit her tongue, then she realized what she did, “that meant nothing, it’s tastes bad.”

“Oh, if it’s so terrible then why are you still eating it.”

“I have to make sure the whole thing tastes terrible,” she lied as she quickly finished it. Disappointed that it disappeared fast. 

“You’re not a very good liar.”

She would have snarky in response but something made her pause. It was his closeness, and it brought her back to the other night. He drove her home and she remembered his breath against her face as his lips drew close to hers. Eva wanted to kiss Victor that night, but thanks to Circe she couldn’t.

She both hated and loved her sister for that.

But Circe wasn’t here right now, and Eva was nothing more than a moth drawn to a flame. She didn’t know why she was so attached to the asshole before her. Sure he was handsome and nice to look at, but there was something else about him that drew her to him.

A memory?

“Eva?” his voice brought her back to the present, “why are you looking-”

Ah, fuck it! She thought before cutting him off.

She quickly pulled her lips away from his and Victor didn’t move or react to it.

“Sorry…” she muttered, “I don’t know what came over me.”

She refused to look at him, and he didn’t say anything about her kissing him. Eva wanted to run out the door and forget about what she just did.

She just kissed a man who was essentially her boss.

“Eva…” he finally said, though his voice was quiet, “I’ll take you home.”

He didn’t say anything or looked at her for the rest of the night. Not even a last glance as he dropped her off.

Eva felt like she was about to cry, but from what she didn’t know. The rejection she felt or her own stupidity. She wanted her sister to wrap her arms around her and comfort her like Circe did when they were kids.

Though those thoughts disappeared when she saw her sister curled up and for once Circe was crying.

Another thing Eva notice was fear in her sister’s eyes.

“What happened?” Eva asked as she knelt down and moved her sister’s dyed black away from her face. She never saw her sister like this, and Eva really wasn’t sure what to do.